By: Bremmer, Francis, Editor.

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111 pp, 12" H. Color photographs, drawings, b&w drawings, diagrams. Opens with a dedication and photograph of President Kennedy, followed by a sequence of color illustrations of spacecraft of the period. Text "Nuclear Rocket Spacecraft for Manned Exploration of Mars" is followed by b&w drawings. "The Astronauts" section begins with a color group shot of "The Mercury Seven", followed by full page color head shots of each astronaut. Next is "The Nine" (group shot / head shots) and "The Fourteen" (group shot / head shots). "Space Launchings From October, 1957 through December, 1964" (Source: Goddard Space Center) lists information under the headings: Object / Code Name / Catalogue Number / Source (primarily US, USSR) / Launch / Nodal Period / Inclination / Apogee Km. / Perigee Km. / Decay. "Weather Satellite Record" gives information under the headings: Satellite / Launch Date / Lifetime / Inclination / Pictures Taken. "Major NASA Milestones" follows, covering 1959 to 1964. A thirteen page section on "Launch Vehicles" gives technical data and a scale drawing of each of the major launch vehicles used for the United States' Space Effort. The next section covers 14 'noteworthy' U.S. Satellites, with technical data for all 14 and illustrations for 13 (there is no drawing of the San Marco). An Appedix provides information on some of the illustrations and brief biographical details for the astronauts. Interior - slight cracking of spine between pages 30/31, but pages holding firmly, small light stain in caption of picture on page 41, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - 1 1/2" dia area of light waviness on rear cover - migrates back into pages to approx. page 85 (my have been caused by slight dampness, but no watermarks), a 3" x 1" area of tiny light foxing marks on front cover, slight browning at top edge of both covers, minor soiling on covers, light bump at bottom of spine, small crease at bottom corner of both covers


Author Name: Bremmer, Francis, Editor.

Illustrator: Roy Scarfo, Paul Rossi, et al.

Categories: American History & Travel, Science & Technology,

Publisher: Amherst, Wisconsin, Palmer Publications: 1965

Binding: Soft Cover

Book Condition: Very Good-

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Keywords: Space Exploration, NASA, Space Flight, Gemini, Mercury, Apollo, United States, Atlas Booster, Agena, Titan Booster, Spacecraft, launch Sequence, Rockets, Astronauts, Nuclear Rocket Spacecraft, Manned Exploration, Mars, General Electric, LEM, Lunar Exploration Module, Malcolm Scott Carpenter, Leroy Gordon Cooper, John Herschel Glenn, Virgil Ivan Grissom, Gus Grissom, Walter Marty Shirra, Alan Bartlett Shepard, Donald Kent Stayton, Neil Armstrong, Frank Borman, Charles Conrad, James A. Lovell, James McDivitt, Elliot See, Thomas Stafford, Edward H. White, Edwin Aldrin, William Anders, Charles Bassett, Alan Bean, Eugene Cernan, Roger B. Chaffee, Michael Collins, R. Walter Cunningham, Donn Eisele, Theodore Freeman, Richard F. Gordon, Russell Schweickart, David R. Scott, Clifton C. Williams, Goddard Space Flight Center, Sputnik, Vanguard, Explorer, Pioneer, Discoverer, Space Capsules, Probes, Ranger, Friendship, Cosmos, Aurora, Oscar, Alpha, Vostok, Mariner, Alouette, Lambda, Omicron, Upsilon, Telstar, Centaur, Elektron, Saturn, Ariel, Weather Satellites, Tiros, Nimbus, Launch Vehicles, Atlas-Agena, Juno, Little Joe, Mercury-Atlas, Rocketdyne, Propulsion, Mercury-Redstone, Sperry Rand, Pratt and Whitney, General Dynamics, Chance Vought Corporation, Thiokol Chemical, Hercules Powder, Allegany Ballistics, Douglas Aircraft, North American Aviation, Aerojet General, Scout, Thor-able Star, Thor-Agena, Lockheed, Bell Aerospace, Oso, Echo, Syncom, Ogo, Nimbus, San Marco, Technology, Mid 20th Century.,