By: Jenson, Latham B. Foreword by W.A.B. Douglas.

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312 pp, oblong 8vo (8" H x 9" D), soft cover. ISBN 1896941141 B&w drawings by the author/artist. "As a boy growing up on the Prairies in the Depression, (the author) dreamed of going to sea, became a sea cadet at HMS Undaunted in Calgary, and in 1938 joined the Royal Canadian Navy as an officer cadet, training with the Royal Navy in Britain until 1941. His wartime service began on HMS Renown in the South Atlantic, searching for the Graf Spee, and off Norway engaging the battleships Scharnh orst and Gneisenau. He lost all his possessions when Renown was damaged by shellfire. He served on HMS Matabele and HMS Hood, leaving that ship weeks before she was sunk with all hands in battle with the Bismarck. Returning to Canada in la t e 1 9 4 1 , he was appointed to HMCS Ottawa, a destroyer on convoy escort duty in the North Atlantic. A year later she was sunk with great loss of life in a battle with German submarines. Jenson was among the lucky ones plucked from the Atlant ic b y a B ri ti sh corvette. He joined HMCS Niagara as executive officer, and in late 1943 briefly commanded the corvette Long Branch before going on to the destroyer Algonquin as executive officer, taking part in raids on German ships, includi ng the T irp itz , a nd being one of the ships to open fire on the shore defences in the invasion of Normandy. Algonquin completed the war raiding German shipping and escorting Allied convoys to Murmansk. The book is illustrated with L.B. Jenson' s l umin ous lin e dr awin gs, as well as sketches and diagrams illustrating uniforms, insignia and so on. His book is a valuable record not only of how ships fought the battles of the Atlantic, but of life on board, where men had to live under d iffi cult cond ition s for week s on end - all seen through the eyes of an energetic and engaging young officer." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - tiny crease at bottom edge of front cover. Very Good+


Author Name: Jenson, Latham B. Foreword by W.A.B. Douglas.

Categories: Military - Naval: World War II, Military - World War II,

Publisher: Robin Brass Studio, Toronto, 2000, reprint.:

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Keywords: World War II, 2, Second, Royal Canadian Navy, RCN, Personal narratives, RN, HMS Renown, Matabele, Hood, Bismarck, Ottawa, Destroyers, Convoys, Niagara, Long Branch, Corvette, Algonquin, Tirpitz, Allies, Murmansk, Submarines, Undaunted, Graf Spee, Sc,