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COMPANION TO NARNIA., Ford, Paul F.  Foreword by Madeleine L'Engle.
181 Ford, Paul F. Foreword by Madeleine L'Engle. COMPANION TO NARNIA.
San Francisco Harper & Row 1980 0062503405 / 9780062503404 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good - Lorinda Bryan Cauley. 
315 pp, 9 1/2" H. B&w drawings, maps. "A complete, illustrated guide to the themes, characters, and events of C.S. Lewis's imaginary world." "Beginning anywhere - with a character, an object, an overview, a theme - readers can pursue a thread of inquiry as far as they wish with this simple-to-use, comprehensive system of cross-references. No matter how familiar you may be with the saga of Narnia, this magical 'Companion' will lead you to a fuller understanding and appreciation of the treasures - hidden as well as overt - enriching these now-classic tales. Paul Ford brings careful scholarship and contagious enthusiasm to his research. He examines classical, scriptural, and literary references; unearths the origins of crucial terms and concepts; and provides insight into the symbolic and thematic threads that amplify and unify the series. Ford is also able to shed light on the influence of events in C.S. Lewis's life upon the composition of the 'Chronicles' - for example, the curious matter of the 'disappearance' of the Dark Island in the differing British and American editions of 'Voyage of the Dawn Treader'. The thoughtful, informative, lively entries invite casual perusal while affording the serious student a refreshing and satisfying key to what has been termed 'the allusive subtext' of the seven books - that valuable substrata of psychological, philosophical, and spiritual ideas that inform and enhance these stories." Very small stain on fore-edge of text block, small bump at top edge of spine, very small remainder mark (red star) and very tiny dent on bottom of text block. Dust jacket is price-clipped, has edge wear at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds - very light edge wear elsewhere, one very small edge tear with crease, protected in a paper-backed mylar sleeve. 
Price: 20.00 USD
New York Del Rey / Ballantine Mass Market Paperbacks Very Good Darrell K. Sweet (1-4), cover art. 
Seven of the first eight books of the 'Pip and Flinx' series - 6 7/8" H. ***Please note: "For Love of Mother-Not" is not included in this grouping - it would be book 1 or book 5, depending on whether you are reading in publication or chronological order.*** 1. Tar-Aiym Krang - 251 pp, 1983 8th printing, ISBN 034530280X. "The planet (Moth) attracted unwary travelers, hardened space-sailors, and merchant buccaneers - a teeming, constantly shifting horde that provided a comfortable income for certain quick-witted fellows like Flinx and his pet flying-snake Pip. With his odd talents, the pickings were easy enough so that Flinx did not have to be dishonest - most of the time. In fact, it hardly seemed dishonest at all to steal a starmap from a dead body that didn't really need it anymore. But Flinx wasn't quite smart enough. He should have wondered why the body was dead!" 2. Orphan Star - 234 pp, 1977 20th printing, ISBN 0345324498. "His birth had been shrouded in mystery, and all Flinx knew of himself was that he'd been abandoned by those who had spawned him. Raised by Mother Mastiff in the marketplace of Drallar, Flinx eventually discovered that his unknown parents had bequeathed to him a curious legacy - a legacy of extraordinary mental powers that were both an incalculable asset and a most dangerous liability. (It) would lead him - and his potent protector, the minidrag Pip - into the clutches of one of the most depraved and powerful men in the galaxy - on to a harrowing search for the truth about his birth - and out of one world into another on his most dangerous adventure ever." 3. End of the Matter - 246 pp, 1987 7th printing, ISBN 0345334655. "Flinx set out for Alaspin, the ruggedly primitive homeplanet of his flying snake. There he hoped to find the giant man with the gold earring who somehow held the key to Flinx's mysterious past and to the strange powers he possessed. Chasing down his heritage was trouble enough, but Flinx didn't know what real trouble was until he realized that the Qwarm - a deadly assassin squad - were three steps behind him with a contract to kill." 4. Bloodhype - 249 pp, 1977 2nd printing, ISBN 0345258452150. "Bloodhype was the most dangerous drug in the galaxy. It caused instant addiction, followed by an excruciatingly slow death, and there was no known - or unknown - antidote. Supposedly the drug had been totally eradicated from the humanx galaxy years before. At least that's what everyone thought. But somehow, mysteriously, that dreadful substance was back in circulation on Repler and threatening to wreak havoc throughout the known galaxy. Someone, somewhere was secretly manufacturing Bloodhype, but nobody seemed to know where or who!". 5. Flinx in Flux - 324 pp, 1988 12th printing, ISBN 0345343638. "(When Flinx and Pip) found an unconscious young woman on a riverbank deep in the jungles of Alaspin, Flinx wasn't surprised. Nor was he shocked to learn that the woman, Clarity Held, was a brilliant scientist, abducted from a remote outpost on inhospitable Longtunnel by a group of fanatic assassins. Flinx could see no harm in returning Clarity to her base before continuing on his way, but he was tired of solving other people's problems. He had his own life to get back to. So he was unprepared for the emotional effect the beautiful Clarity had on him. But while Flinx fought to deal with his unexpected dilemma, the assassins were still at work. They would do anything to stop the research on Longtunnel and would kill anyone or anything that got in their way." 6. Mid-Flinx - 346 pp, 1996 2nd printing, ISBN 0345406443. "(An) evil rich man was out to kidnap the minidrag for his personal zoo, and Flinx and Pip were on the run again - this time into uncharted space, on a random course they hoped would foil their pursuers. They found more than they bargained for when they landed on Midworld, a verdant planet covered by an immense jungle, hosting an incredible variety of plant and animal life - all of it unknown and all of it deadly. And now they were in real trouble. Their hiding place was in danger of discovery, and their only hope lay with this bizarre and untamed planet - if it didn't kill them first!" 7. Reunion - 342 pp, 2002 1st printing, ISBN 0345418689. "Usiing his enhanced empathic abilities, Flinx finesses his way into a top-secret security installation on Earth. Once there, he bamboozles a sophisticated AI program into releasing classified information about the Meliorare Society, the sect of renegade eugenicists whose experiments with human beings had horrified the civilized universe more than twenty years ago. After all, as one of the few Meliorare experiments to survive, Flinx has a right to know about his past. Especially since his telepathic powers seem to be evolving. The question is, evolving into what? The excruciating headaches afflicting Flinx with increasing frequency make him wonder if he will be alive to find out." Interiors - most books have light to moderate browning to inside of covers, most books have minor to very light browning to pages, otherwise clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exteriors - two books with some tiny corner creases, one book with one 1" corner crease, four books with some light spines creases, one book with light sun fading to spine colour, three books with light spine lean and one with very light spine lean, all books have very light edge wear, very light browning to some edges of text blocks. 
Price: 35.00 USD
THE POWER OF TWO: CARL BREWER'S BATTLE WITH HOCKEY'S POWER BROKERS., Foster, Susan.  With Carl Brewer.  Foreword by Stevie Cameron.
183 Foster, Susan. With Carl Brewer. Foreword by Stevie Cameron. THE POWER OF TWO: CARL BREWER'S BATTLE WITH HOCKEY'S POWER BROKERS.
Bolton, Ontario Fenn 2005 1551682893 / 9781551682891 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good+ 
341 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H). B&w photographs. "One of the most compelling figures ever to lace on a pair of skates, Carl Brewer was a gifted skater and stickhandler, renowned for his ability to control the pace of a game and to goad opponents into costly errors. His talents made him an NHL all-star and one of the cornerstones of a Toronto Maple Leaf dynasty. But he was also a loner playing a team game, a free spirit in an era when players were expected not to make waves. Teammates and management alike wrote him off as an eccentric, an enigma. At what should have been the peak of his career, he abandoned the game, embarking on a lifelong search for meaning in his life. Along the way he met Susan Foster, and together they would discover the purpose. (This is) the story of how Carl and Susan successfully battled the hockey establishment over the issue of player pensions. Together they uncovered fraud, corruption and betrayal of trust, ultimately helping bring down the powerful Alan Eagleson." Previous owner's place, date and signature on free front endpaper. Dust jacket has very minor edge wrinkling. 
Price: 20.00 USD
A COMPLETE GUIDE TO HERALDRY., Fox-Davies, Arthur Charles.
184 Fox-Davies, Arthur Charles. A COMPLETE GUIDE TO HERALDRY.
New York Gramercy 1993 Fifth Printing Hard Cover Very Good Very Good Graham Johnston, Herald Painter to the Lyon Court. 
647 pp, 9 1/4" H. Profusely illlustrated with b&w drawings, photographs, colour plates. "(A) thorough explanation of the rules governing the establishment and use of coasts of arms which includes an extraordinarily detailed compendium of the individual elements and designs in the coats of arms of England and Scotland. Because every representation has a specific meaning, based on recognized historical interpretation, Fox-Davies has divided the book into chapters on such symbols as beasts, birds, trees, flowers, crests, crowns, coronets, badges, and mottoes. The inheritance pattern of each heraldic symbol is described and there is an explanation of what happens when one noble family intermarries with another and the coats of arms must be combined.." Very light browning to page margins and edges of text block, minor edge wear. Dust jacket has minor wrinkling at top/bottom of hinge and flap-folds, minor browning on inside edges. 
Price: 20.00 USD
St Catharines, Ontario Vanwell 1997 1550680463 / 9781550680461 First Canadian Edition Hard Cover Near Fine Fine Barry Weekley, wraparound cover art. 
143 pp, large 8vo (9 7/8" H). Profusely illustrated with b&w photographs, reproductions, drawings, maps, color plates. "(A) detailed analysis of von Richthofen's last flight in which he pursued a Sopwith Camel across the Allied front line, and which ended in a mortal wound from a single bullet. The study is complemented by 3-D maps, photos and diagrams, from which the reader can easily follow the events and understand more readily what occurred, when, and how. There are also numerous images of the Morlancourt Ridge and Somme Valley areas, then and now, over which the events of that momentous day were played out." Tiny dent on bottom edge of front board. Dust jacket has very faint rubbing. 
Price: 20.00 USD
St Catharines, Ontario Vanwell 1997 1550680463 / 9781550680461 First Canadian Edition Hard Cover Fine Very Good+ Barry Weekley, wraparound cover art. 
143 pp, large 8vo (9 7/8" H). Profusely illustrated with b&w photographs, reproductions, drawings, maps, color plates. "(A) detailed analysis of von Richthofen's last flight in which he pursued a Sopwith Camel across the Allied front line, and which ended in a mortal wound from a single bullet. The study is complemented by 3-D maps, photos and diagrams, from which the reader can easily follow the events and understand more readily what occurred, when, and how. There are also numerous images of the Morlancourt Ridge and Somme Valley areas, then and now, over which the events of that momentous day were played out." Book is Fine. Dust jacket has a tiny dent on the spine, very minor wrinkling at top/bottom of flap-folds. 
Price: 17.50 USD
HarperCollins, New York, 1993, book club edition. 
601 pp, large 8vo (9 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0060182229 B&w photographs, maps/battle plans. "(S)hows how inspiringly spontaneous and superficially haphazard Rommel's style of leadership could be: 'Rommel believed that war is a re ckless, untidy business, and that the habits of mind of a methodical manager are alien to what is required'. Instead, his hallmarks were boldness of manoeuvre, ferocity of attack, and tenacity in pursuit. These were the qualities he display e d i n h is great battles in the North African desert; they were, David Fraser demonstrates, evident from his earliest battles in the First World War to his last, defending Fortress Europe from the Allied invasion of 1944....Rommel reached a posi ti on in w h ic h he almost inevitably became embroiled in politics. When he realized that the Allied invasion was going to succeed, he realized also that the only way to save Germany was somehow to negotiate a peace settlement. He tried to pres ent Hi t ler - to wh om he had always been devoted, and who had always shown him a particular respect and affection - with the military realities: he was branded a defeatist and ignored. But his opinions, and his apparent links (meticulously dis cuss ed b y Fras er) wi th t he Stauffenberg plotters of July 1944 - one of them, under interrogation, mentioned Rommel as a possible head of post-Hilterian Gemany - condemned him is the eyes of the Fuhrer he had served so loyally. He was offered the c hoice o f tri al b y a Peopl e's Court - a sham of course - or suicide, a state funeral and protection for his family. He chose the latter. Rommel is not, to David Fraser, a flawless hero: his failings as well as his genius are recorded here . But he ha d t hat in stinc t fo r batt le and leadership which set him apart from his contemporaries and places him among the great commanders." Light browning at bottom edge of rear board, very light wrinkling at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has lig ht rubb ing on rear panel , lig ht wrin kling at top/bottom of hinges and flap-folds, tiny tear with wrinkles at bottom edge of rear flap. Very Good/Very Good 
Price: 15.00 USD
UNDIPLOMATIC NOTES: TALES FROM THE CANADIAN FOREIGN SERVICE., Freifeld, Sidney.  Illustrated by Susan Macartney.
188 Freifeld, Sidney. Illustrated by Susan Macartney. UNDIPLOMATIC NOTES: TALES FROM THE CANADIAN FOREIGN SERVICE.
Hounslow Press / Anthony R. Hawke, Willowdale, Ontario, 1990. 
194 pp, large 8vo (9 1/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0888821263 B&w illustrations. "Behind formal negotiations are events sometimes too hilarious (and human) for academic histories. Beneath serene exteriors are people, who, from time to time, are clowns. And often, the expectations of dignity and protocol only serve to heighten the antics. From his 30-year career, Sidney Freifeld - at various desks at headquarters and in various embassies, up through the ranks, to ambassador - recollects some of these tales. He has gleaned others from colleagues or 'unofficial' files. Among the treats in (this book): Castro's table manners at an impromptu dinner; The circus of incivility created by the arrogance of the Ceausescu clan and their entourage; Calls in the night to deal with Moscow's howling cats; Australian VIPs lost in the bowels of the Chateau Laurier; A Canadian embassy held at gun-point, by a Canadian; and Poetry to protest External's policy on decorations. Legations run like military outposts, the needs of beavers in transit, and the exchange of diplomatic notes over a baseball game are more subjects for 'Undiplomatic Notes'. And for the uninitiated there are some useful chapters on what really, really, goes on." Previous owner's label on front pastedown, bump to bottom edge of pages, small bump to top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Very Good-/Very Good+ 
Price: 15.00 USD
189 Fromm, Bella. Foreword by Judith Rossner. Introduction by Frederick T. Birchall. BLOOD AND BANQUETS: A BERLIN SOCIAL DIARY.
New York Birch Lane / Carol Publishing 1990 1559720557 / 9781559720557 Book Club Edition Hard Cover Near Fine Very Good 
338 pp, large 8vo (9 1/4" H). "Bella Fromm (a Jewish reporter) wrote a social column for a liberal Berlin newspaper. Attending luncheons, teas and dinners during the 1930's 'Frau Bella' met everybody of importance and gauged accurately what each person counted for in the developing storm. Among the many German leaders she knew wre General von Hindenberg, Franz von Papen, Goebbels, Goering, Himmler, filmaker Leni Riefenstahl and countless other political and social figures. In this secret journal, smuggled out piecemeal before she left Germany, Fromm describes her experiences and conversations with this cast of characters that would soon play shocking roles in Hitler's Third Reich. The gossip, dark secrets and Nazi maneuverings she discovered or intuited - but never reported in her column - appear here with startling immediacy." Minor wrinkling at top/bottom of hinges. Dust jacket has light fading to color on rear hinge/spine area. 
Price: 14.00 USD
Vanwell, St. Catharines, Ontario, [1988]. 
564 pp, large 8vo (9 1/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. B&w photos, maps, reproductions. "...a gripping personal account about the Second World War. From The Royal Military College, Wartime Training Centres, through Sicily and Italy with the Eighth Army, and finally to Holland, Sydney Frost brings together a fascinating and absorbing story. He tells it exactly 'as it was' and we see what it all meant - at the time - to this gallant young officer. With sensitivity and percepton he records the gamut of emotions through courage to sorrow to triumph that became the reality of a fighting soldier's life. And through it all runs the consuming passion for his Regiment (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry) - his home." Dust jacket has very minor rubbing. Fine/NF 
Price: 27.50 USD
London Andre Deutsch 1980 0233971963 / 9780233971964 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good Peter Rush. 
96 pp, 8 1/16" H. B&w illustrations. "Can you fall through a hole in the water? How do you make Purple Cow Pudding? Can you remember someone who doesn't exist? Why shouldn't a wool mill be run by sheep? Why isn't the sky yellow and spring flowers blue? How do you get the fattest woman in the world out of a cottage that is almost smaller than she is? You'll find all the answers in these stories about Emily, who has some strange adventures or says she does. You may not believe in what falls on her from the sky (her sisters didn't) and it surely can't be true that she shouts out Martian words in her sleep, but can you explain away that mysterious little yellow van? Or the fact that the village under the sea is really there on the map? As well as ghosts and dreams there are lots of ordinary things in this book, like building a beach bonfire or mending a car's fan-belt. Peter Rush's line drawings beautifully reflect the subtle mixture of fantasy and solid reality which is so important a part of these stories." Contents: The Extraordinary Wool Mill; Beach Menu; The Little Yellow Van; Pegglara Pellew; The Hole in the Water; Forgotten; Cold Feet; The Fattest Woman in the World; 'They're Coming!'; A Spring Walk. Small stamp mark on title page, slight color fading to top edge of boards and spine. Dust jacket has been price-clipped, has minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, light browning - mostly at edges. 
Price: 15.00 USD
AMONG THE FLOWERS:  THE HUA-CHIEN CHI., Fusek, Lois, translator.
192 Fusek, Lois, translator. AMONG THE FLOWERS: THE HUA-CHIEN CHI.
Columbia University Press, New York, 1982. 
232 pp, large 8vo (9 3/16" H), soft cover. ISBN 0231049870 " 'Among the Flowers', the 'Hua-chien chi', was compiled about 940 by Chao Ch'ung-tso, a minor official at the court of the Later Shu. The majority of the eighteen poets represented in th is anthology were natives of the state of Shu, in what is now Szechuan Province, during this turbulent period. 'Among the Flowers' marks the emergence of a new and subsequently very influential genre in Chinese poetry, the lyric tz'u. For m a l l y , t h e tz'u is a text set to a musical compostion; thematically, the tz'u is a poetry of sensuous appeal. The 'flowers' of the title are the courtesans and singing girls who are the center of interest in this poetic world. Love - in it s ma ny a sp ec t s - is the common subject of the lyrics collected here; love is evoked in a consistent and highly nuanced pattern of imagery." Interior - previous owner's chop (stamp) on first page, otherwise clean and tight with no other owners hi p m ark s. Ex ter io r - minor rubbing, minor edge wear, minor corner curl. Very Good 
Price: 25.00 USD
THE BATTLE OF BROOKLYN 1776., Gallagher, John J.  Foreword by James Dingeman.
193 Gallagher, John J. Foreword by James Dingeman. THE BATTLE OF BROOKLYN 1776.
Sarpedon, New York, 1995. 
206 pp, large 8vo (9 1/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 188511902X B&w photographs, reproductions, maps/battle plans. "It is not often realized that in Brooklyn, New York, for a few tense hours in 1776, the fate of the entire United States hung by a thread. An American defeat, the Battle of Brooklyn has been all but neglected in our collective memory for what it earned with the blood of its participants - honored status as one of history's great battles. Besides being the largest cl ash of the Revolution, in terms of both troops and casualties, the action at Brooklyn (sometimes called 'The Battle of Long Island') brought the fledgling American republic to the brink of disaster. At the height of the fighting, only the va l i a n t s acrifice of one regiment - the Marylanders - staved off a catastrophe. The British army, meanwhile, executed a three-pronged surprise assault with admirable professionalism. The wilds of Brooklyn became a killing ground for the Britis h an d He ss i an troops who were able to begin the war convinced the colonials would not be able to stand against their onslaught of bullets and steel. While a drama of rare instensity on its surface, the Battle of Brooklyn also holds a larger si gn ifi ca nce : t he Ki ng's men did not invade Brooklyn to face other kings' men; they were sent to fight a population. Rules of engagement were uncertain and passions for and against the rebellion ran high. When the smoke cleared at Brooklyn, i n 1 776, th e mo dern ag e of 'democratic warfare' had begun....The Battle of Brooklyn was a victory for the British Empire. But contained within the triumph was a demonstration of the type of American resolve and courage that would eventually r esul t in inde pende nce f or t he Un ited States." Faint cigarette odor. Dust jacket has minor rubbing, tiny tear at top of spine, crease at top edge of rear flap, barcode label on inside of rear panel. Very Good+/Very Good 
Price: 15.00 USD
194 Gandy, M., editor. (Roland Pietsch, Bernard Austerberry, Edward Crawford, Anne Bulley, Frank Hardy, Charles Kidd, Stephen Murray, Anthony Joseph, John M Clarke.) GENEALOGISTS' MAGAZINE. MARCH 2001. VOL. 27 NO. 1. JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY OF GENEALOGISTS.
Society of Genealogists, London, 2001. 
48 pp, 9 5/8" H, soft cover (stapled in wraps). Contents: A boyhood at sea - The records of the Marine Society at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich; Officers who figured in action at sea - The story of the Royal Navy's accountant branch; The York Rangers and slave registers at the PRO; Country ships and free mariners in Bombay; Almanacs in the SoG library; Baron Ward; A late nineteenth century Cambridgeshire parish: Who worked when, at what? (Downham); Sources of Jewish genea l o g y i n t h e SoG: An overview; Brookwood Cemetery 'Midst Surrey pines'. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - minor wear at top of spine. Very Good+ 
Price: 10.00 USD
BLACK MAY., Gannon, Michael.
195 Gannon, Michael. BLACK MAY.
HarperCollins, New York, 1998, first edition. 
492 pp, large 8vo (8 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0060178191 B&w photographs. "In May 1943, Allied sea and air forces won a stunning, dramatic, and vital victory over the largest and most powerful submarine force ever sent to sea, sin king forty-one German U-boats and damaging thirty-seven others. It was the forty-fifth month of World War II, and by the end of May the Germans were forced to acknowledge defeat and recall almost all of their remaining U-boats from the major t r a f f i c lanes of the North Atlantic. At U-Boat Headquarters in Berlin, despondent naval officers spoke of 'Black May'. It was a defeat from which the German U-boat fleet never recovered. 'Black May' is a triumph of scholarship and narrativ e , an i mp or ta nt work of history, and a great sea story. (The author) has done enormous research and produced the most thoroughly documented study ever done of these battles. In his compelling historical saga, the people are as significant as t he te chn ica l i nfo rmation. Given the strategic importance of the events of May 1943, it is natural to ask, How did Black may happen and why? Who or what was responsible? Were new Allied tactics adopted or new weapons employed? This book ans wer s th ose ques tion s an d many others. Drawing on original documents in German, British, U.S., and Canadian archives, as well as interviews with surviving participants, Gannon describes the exciting sea and air battles, frequently taking th e re ader insi de t he U- boats them selves, aboard British warshps, onto the decks of torpedoed merchant ships, and into the cockpits of British and U.S. aircraft. Throughout, Gannon tells the Black May story from both the German and Allied pers pecti ves, often using the a ctual words of captains and crew. Finally he allows the reader to 'listen in' on secretly recorded conversations of captured U-boat men in POW quarters during the same incredible month, giving intimate and moving acces s to t he th oughts and e motions of se amen t hat is unparalleled in naval literature." Light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, small slight bump at top edge of front board and at top of rear hinge, minor browning at some edges, short remainder mark on botto m of te xt bloc k. Dust jacket has mi nor edge wear/wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, three small marks (color pencil) on inside surface. Very Good/Very Good+ 
Price: 17.50 USD
THE RIDDLE OF THE TITANIC., Gardiner, Robin and Van der Vat, Dan.
196 Gardiner, Robin and Van der Vat, Dan. THE RIDDLE OF THE TITANIC.
Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London, 1995, first edition. 
312 pp, large 8vo (9 7/16" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0297815288 Pictorial endpapers, b&w plates. "Why did Captain Smith accelerate in uniquely treacherous weather towards an exceptionally dangerous ice-field of which he had been warned many times? In t he disaster that followed more than 1,500 people died while barely 700 were saved. This book lays bare as no other the full scope of Smith's astonishing accident record and explores his motives - and the pressures on him - anew. W hat caused the hol e near the bow? The notorious iceberg cracked the plates for 300 feet along the ship's side, but the hole looks more like an explosion. Why is the position of the wreck - pinpointed by the latest technology - irreconcilabl e w i t h the Titanic's SOS calls? The authors conclude that the apparently ruthless American disaster hearings covered up the role of the ship's true owner, the arch-capitalist J.Pierpont Morgan; that the apparently dispassionate British enquiry , d om in at ed by an insider-deal ing Attorney-General, whitewashed a complacent government; and that White Star covered up its own gross negligence by bribing key witnesses. And what of the wreck itself? Here the mystery deepens. When Dr Rober t Ba lla rd - w ho first located the Ti tanic in 1895 - explored the wreck a year later he found the bulkhead not shown on any plans. The most diligent searches have since failed to trace the imposing stern nameplate with its embossed letters eight ee n i nche s h igh. T he authors have gone so far as to explore the breathtaking idea that the Titanic was replaced by her sister-ship, the seriously damaged Olympic, in a plot to recover the huge losses she ran up. The results are tantalising." T hree heav y bu mps a t to p of boards at spine, wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, light water mark at fore-edge of rear board. Dust jacket has moderate wrinkling at top of spine and hinges, light water mark on inside of rear flap-fold. Good+/ Very Good - 
Price: 15.00 USD
KAISER BILL., Garrett, Richard.
197 Garrett, Richard. KAISER BILL.
Wayland, (Hove, 1978), first edition. 
96 pp, 8vo (8 5/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. Profusely illustrated in b&w with photographs, reproductions, map. "Commonly blamed as the man who started World War I, Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany is often seen as a tough aggressor; a man, as Bismarck might have said, 'of blood and iron'. As leader of the world's strongest army, he wielded great power. When, at the beginning of this century, he built up an almost equally strong navy, it seemed as if nothing could stop Germany's advances. But was he really the strong man of popular legend? Richard Garrett argues that, behind the stern appearance and the flamboyant moustache, Kaiser Bill was a failure. He believed that God had appointed him Emperor of Germany and that God would tell him what to do. His talent for making enemies was enormous. He had grown up as a spoilt child with a wide knowledge of many things and a deep understanding of almost nothing; and yet his arrogant faith in himself never faltered. This is the story of the effect of one man on thirty years of world history, culminating in a monstrous clash of arms and ending in the quietness of exile. Out of the story a picture of the real man emerges, and the events which led up to the disaster are put in to their true perspective. Was it the Kaiser, more than anyone else, who unwittingly prepared the way for Hitler? This book may suggest an answer." Dust jacket has very light edge wrinkling, very light browning, small corner crease on front flap. VG+/VG 
Price: 12.50 USD
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1998, First edition. 
274 pp, 8vo (8 5/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. "...four interrelated novellas that explore Mind, Matter, and God. In the first novella, Gass redefines Descartes' philosophy. God is a writer in a constant state of fumble. Mind is represented by a housewife who is a modern-day Cassandra. And Matter is, what (and who) else but the helpless and confused husband of Mind. In the novella that follows, the concept of salvation is explored through material possessions - a collection of kitsch - as a traveling salesman is slowly lost in the sheer surfeit of matter in a small Illinois town. In another, Gas explores the mind's ability to escape. A young woman growing up in rural Iowa finds herself losing touch with the physical world as she loses herself in the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop. And in 'The Master of Secret Revenges', God appears in the form of Descartes' evil demon, Lucifer, as Gass chronicles the life of a young man named Luther and his development from his devilish youth to his demonic adulthood. A profound exploration of good and evil, philosophy and action, filled with the wit and style that have defined the work of William Gass." Tiny faint mark on bottom of textblock. Dust jacket has very minor rubbing. NF/NF 
Price: 17.50 USD
Simon & Schuster, New York, 2005, first edition. 
291 pp, large 8vo (9 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 074325080X The author's first novel. "From the oldest known court transcripts in history, Egyptologists have long known about the mysterious death of Ramses III, involving intrigue, am bition, greed, and crimes of passion on a huge, though hidden, scale. In (this book), Brad Geagley takes this event - a struggle that nearly brought ancient Egypt to its knees - as the backdrop for a story that is every bit as captivating a s t h e d i stant civilization it resurrects. At the heart of the novel is Semerket, the so-called Clerk of Investigations and Secrets, a detecive half-paralyzed by problems of his own, with a reputation for heavy drinking and tactless behavior t ow a rd s th e g re at, the powerful, and the holy, a kind of Sam Spade of the ancient world, deeply (and dangerously) addicted to the truth. Hard-bitten, deeply flawed, he is retained by the authorities to investigate what is considered an ins ign ifi ca nt mu rde r of an elderly, insignificant Theban priestess. They fail to inform him, however, that they don't expect him to solve the case. In fact, they don't want him to...." A few tiny marks on free rear endpaper, minor wrinkling as t to p/bo tto m o f s pine , min or edge soiling. Dust jacket has some minor edge wrinkling. Very Good+/Very Good+ 
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Macmillan, New York, (1967), 2nd printing. 
328 pp, 8vo, hard cover in dust jacket. "One day in 1955, Time magazine reported that a 'homosexual underworld' had long operated in the staid, solid city of Boise, capital of Idaho...Ten years later, Gerassi finally had the chance to go to Boise and find out (what a town does when such a scandal erupts). He discovered that, indeed, there had been a homosexual underworld, that scores of teen-agers had been involved, that the whole population of Boise had been deeply affected, and that the panic it generated revealed Boisian's mores, psychoses, and attitudes. As Gerassi probed deeper and deeper, he also found that the true causes of the scandal involved politics and economics as much as personal idiosyncrasies and personal ambitions..." 3/4" x 2" light stain/rub in margin of page 139 - from manufacturing process. Dust jacket has minor edge wear, very light rubbing, light edge wrinkling, tiny dent on front hinge. VG/VG- 
Price: 20.00 USD
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