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New York Signet / New American Library Mass Market Paperbacks Very Good- Ken Kelly 
15 volumes from Robert Adams' "Horseclans" series - an incomplete set (volumes 1-8, 10-13, 15-17). The original series consisted of 18 volumes (plus two short story anthologies by various authors). ***Please note: this grouping does not include volumes 9, 14 & 18 - "The Witch Goddess", "A Man Called Milo Morai" and "Clan of the Cats"*** 1. The Coming of the Horseclans - 199 pp, 1982 6th printing. "After two hundred years of searching for other immortals, the Undying High Lord Milo Morai has returned to the Horseclans to fulfill an ancient prophecy and lead them to their destined homeland by the sea. But in their path wait the armed might of the Ehleenee and an enemy even more treacherous - the Witchmen - pre-Holocaust scientists who have survived the centuries by stealing other men's bodies to house their evil minds and who have in their hidden stronghold the means of destroying all who will not beome their willing slaves." 2. Swords of the Horseclans - 180 pp, 1981 8th printing. "For seven hundred years, the Undying High Lord Milo has been building his Confederation, leading the Horseclans slowly across the lands once known as the United States, absorbing city-states and nomadic tribes alike, some by peaceful means, some by the sword. But now his enemies have banded together into an army far larger than Milo can muster. Led by an ancient and evil intelligence, this wave of unstoppable destruction is thundering swiftly down upon the Confederation forces." 3. Revenge of the Horseclans - 181 pp, 1982 4th printing. "The Thoheeks of Morguhn is dying, and his eldest son Bili has been summoned home to claim his inheritance after years of soldiering in the Middle Kingdoms. Yet Bili's reign could end before it begins. For the old Ehleen nobility and the priests of the ancient religion are planting the seeds of rebellion, swearing to wrest back from Bili and his fellow Horseclansmen the lands and wealth that once was theirs." 4. A Cat of Silvery Hue - 166 pp, 1979 8th printing. "Led by Lord Milo the Undying One, a twentieth-century mutant gifted with immortality, the men of the Horseclans are slowly reuniting the continent through the strength of their swords and their very special mental talents. Yet the Ehleenee, too, have dreams of power - dreams that have led them into a full-scale religious war of conquest. To overcome these fanatical marauders, Lord Milo must call upon his very best (to) save civilization from destruction." 5. The Savage Mountains - 164 pp, 1980 5th printing. "Before the Confederation forces lie the Armehnee Mountains, the home of savage tribes that constantly raid the lowlands, bringing with them destruction and death. But Milo's forces are about to face an even more dangerous enemy. For the Witchmen have long been at work in the mountains. And unbeknownst to Milo, his troops are marching into much more trouble than they bargained for - trouble that could spell the end of the Confederation!" 6. The Patrimony - 184 pp, 1980 4th printing. "Long live the Thoheeks! But who will this new leader of Sanderz-Vawn be? For although young Horseclansman Tim Sanderz, exiled long years ago, has come to reclaim his rightful inheritance, his stepmother wants to see her own Ehleen son as ruler in Vawn. And before Tim's half-brother Bili of Morguhn and the Undying High Lord Milo can send troops to his aid, Tim's Hall has become an armed camp where Ehleen battles Horseclansman with cunning, treachery, and sword-swinging might." 7. Horseclans Odyssey - 241 pp, 1981 2nd printing. "(The Horseclansmen) must rescue several of their children from kidnappers and teach their enemies the price of harming any people of the clans. But the path to both vengeance and their long-lost home will lead them down a treacherous road and straight into a sword-swinging battle with two powerful armies - a war in which there can be only one victor left alive." 8. The Death of a Legend - 185 pp, 1981 2nd printing. "When the Witchmen caused the earth to move and called forth the fires from the mountain's inner depths, the Moon Maidens, Ahrmehnee, and Thoheeks Bili's troops barely escaped with their lives. Driven by the flames into territory said to be peopled by monstrous half-humans, Bili was forced to choose between having the dangers of nature gone mad or fighting the savage natives on their own ground. But before he could decide, his troops were spotted by the beings who claimed this eerie land as their own and would use powereful spells of magic and illusion to send any intruders to their doom." 10. Bili the Axe - 185 pp, 1983 2nd printing. "With the help of powerful inhuman allies, Prince Byruhn has persuaded Bili and his warriors to delay their return to Confederation lands and join in his campaign against the deadly invading army that threatens to destroy New Kuhmbuhluhn. But even as Bili and his warriors rally to the Kuhmbuhluhners' aid, the forces of the Witchmen are on the move again." 11. Champion of the Last Battle - 201 pp, 1983 2nd printing. "The day of prophecy has come at last - the time for Bili and Prince Byruhn to rally their troops for the final defense of New Kuhmbuhluhn. But even as the people of the kingdom flock into their great stone city and Bili's warriors take up their posts on the walls, the Skohshuns are building new weapons of destruction to storm the fortress. And within the very castle grounds stalks a creature of nightmare, striking down the defenders one by one in a reign of bloody terror that may prove far more deadly thatn the enemy at their gates." 12. A Woman of the Horseclans - 197 pp, 1983 4th printing. "Shunned by her own folk as a creature of Evil, Bettylou Hanson found an instant welcome among the people of the Horseclans. Young, healthy, intelligent, and gifted with powerful mindspeak potential, she was everything Milo Morai's people looked for in a clan member. But even Milo himself couldn't have foreseen the powerful role Bettylou was to play in the future of the Krooguh clan. For the frightened girl who Tim Krooguh had rescued from certain death was destined to become a living legend among the Kindred, a fighter whose courage would rouse the clans against a foul and dangerous foe." 13. Horses of the North - 253 pp, 1985 1st printing. "Within time, some of (the Horseclan's) laws changed or were forgotten but there remained one that must never be broken - 'Kindred must not fight Kindred!' Yet now, clans Linsee and Skaht were on the brink of a bloodfeud that could spread like prairie fire throughout the Horseclans. Could even Milo smother the sparks of hatred before they blazed up to destroy all of the Horseclans?" 15. The Memories of Milo Morai - 221 pp, 1986 1st printing. "Milo Morai now journeyed with a select band to explore unknown territory. Perhaps days or weeks ahead, Milo would discover an untouched ruin of the Old Ones, a veritable treasure-trove of rare metals and trade goods to enrich the Horseclans. More than dead ruins awaited Milo and his valiant band of hunters. For on the trail they now rode lurked nightmare creatures hungering for the blood of man. And at the end of the road waited heirs to a legacy of violence which might claim the men and women of the Horseclans as the final victims in a war that should have ended hundreds of years ago." 16. Trumpets of War - 223 pp, 1987 2nd printing. "The High King Zastros and his evil witch queen had finally met their match when they'd challenged Milo Morai and his Confederation Army to battle. Yet with the menace of Zastros destroyed, the Confederation faced a still greater challenge - for in his mad campaign, Zastros had drained the very lifeblood from his kingdom of Southern Ehleenoee. Only chaos now reigned there, as bandits, killers, and bands of renegade warriors roved the land. Milo had pledged to bring peace back to this devastated realm. But could his former enemies, now become allies, be trusted to live by Confederation law in their troubled lands? Or did traitors wait to betray Milo's warriors to a terrible doom?" 17. Madman's Army - 222 pp, 1987 2nd printing. "Sending some of his most trusted agents before him, backed by those doughty warriors, the Horseclansmen, Milo hoped to see the decimated kingdom (of Zastros) rapidly reorganized into a thriving realm. But neither he nor any of his allies had bargained for the evil hidden within the very heart of the land's new government - an evil fueled by Milo's most ancient and hated enemies, an evil that might well destroy all of Southern Ehleenohee and become a dread weapon against the Confederation itself!" Interiors - most books have light browning to pages - several have moderate browning, the inside of the covers range from light to moderate browning with one or two having heavy browning, vol. 13 has a few pages with a very small crease at the top corner, otherwise volumes are clean and tight. Exteriors - vol. 13 has a small bump at bottom of front hinge, vol. 8 has a 1" dent/light scuff on rear cover, vol. 7 has a 1" edge tear on rear cover archivally taped, vol. 3 has a very small edge tear on rear cover archivally taped, vols. 3 & 13 have a slight crease on front hinge, light edge wear, vol. 17 has date stamp on bottom of text block, 5 vols. have light lean to spine, vol. 10 has two spine creases, vol. 1 has light fading to spine colour, volumes have very light exterior soiling and rubbing. 
Price: 95.00 USD
London Viking 2012 0670917559 / 9780670917556 Hard Cover Near Fine Very Good+ 
466 pp, 9 1/2" H. B&w photographs, floor plans, map, family tree. "At 6 a.m. on 21 April 1940 John, the 9th Duke of Rutland, and one of Britain's wealthiest men, ended his days, virtually alone, lying on a makeshift bed in a dank, cramped suite of rooms in the servants' quarters of his own home, Belvoir Castle. For weeks, as his health deteriorated, his family, his servants - even the King's doctor - had pleaded with him to come out, but he had refused. After his death, his son and heir, Charles, the 10th Duke of Rutland, ordered that the rooms be locked up and they remained untouched for sixty years. What lay behind this extraordinary set of circumstances? (The author) unravels a complex and compelling tale of love, honour and betrayal, played out in the grand salons of Britain's stately homes at the turn of the twentieth century, and on the battlefields of the Western Front." Dust jacket has minor edge wrinkling, minor rubbing on rear panel. 
Price: 20.00 USD
FIGHTER PILOT.  A SELF-PORTRAIT BY GEORGE BARCLAY., Barclay, George.  (Edited by Humphrey Wynn.)
3 Barclay, George. (Edited by Humphrey Wynn.) FIGHTER PILOT. A SELF-PORTRAIT BY GEORGE BARCLAY.
London Kimber 1976 071830294X / 9780718302948 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good- 
224 pp, lg. 8vo (9 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 071830294X B&w photos. "This is the outstanding story of a Royal Air Force Volunteer Reservist who flew in the Battle of Britian and kept an exciting day-to-day diary of his experiences. Later, shot down over Northern France, he evaded capture and made his way home through Spain and Gibraltar with the help of the French Resistance Workers and the Allied escape organization. Again he wrote a vivid account of his exploits, but was unable to complete it because after a few months in the UK on fighter operations he was sent off to the Middle East in command of a squadron. There, after only a few weeks he was shot down and killed over El Alamein when leading his pilots on an operation on the evening of 17th July 1942. He was 22." Light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, tiny foxing marks on top of text block. Dust jacket has light rubbing, light edge wrinkling - moderate at top/bottom of spine, very small tear at top of front flap-fold - archivally taped, a few line indentations on front panel. 
Price: 27.50 USD
THE DESERT GENERALS., Barnett, Correlli.
4 Barnett, Correlli. THE DESERT GENERALS.
William Kimber, London, 1960, second edition. 
320 pp, large 8vo (9 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. Map endpapers, b&w photographs, maps/battle plans. "The first portrait is of Sir Richard O'Connor, who won the fantastic victories over Graziani's Italians in 1940. The author shows that th e credit for the daring and unorthodox planning is due to O'Connor and not to Wavell; he puts forward a convincing argument to show that Tripoli could have been taken - and the North African campaign ended - in February, 1941, if the Prime Mi n i s t e r had not diverted forces to Greece. Of Sir Alan Cunningham, first commander of 8th Army, there is a picture of imaginative insight. The author shows that the crisis in the 'Crusader' battle of November, 1941, was caused by twenty years o f ne gl ec t a nd traditionalism, although the brunt fell on Cunningham, then a sick man. In Sir Neil Ritchie, next 8th Army commander, the author sees personified the characteristics of the Establishment - rigidity, social charm and professiona l c on ser vat ism . H e shows how Ritchie was beaten in the summer battles of 1942 by the dynamism of German leadership. With 8th Army in danger of complete collapse, the C.-in-C., Sir Claude Auchinleck, took over direct command in order to try t o sa ve the Midd le E as t a nd its vital oil. In the next few weeks he won a great but never officially acknowledged victory in the First Battle of Alamein. The author believes that this was the true turning point of the war, making possible the ' Torch ' l andi ngs i n Fre nch Nor th Africa. Auchinleck's reward was dismissal - as, the author shows, a political scapegoat. Although Field-Marshal Montgomery has recounted his own story, there is another side to it, told here for the first tim e. Th e au thor discus ses th e pl ans f or Montgomery's first victory of Alam Halfa which had been made by Auchinleck and his officers; he submits that the Battle of Alamein was not impeccably handled, and that Rommel's escape afterwards was not o wing to rain , but to the hesita nt, ' broad front' pursuit - the very error of which Montgomery was to accuse Eisenhower in 1944." Previous owner's small bookplate and small light stain on front pastedown, light browning to edges of text block, minor w rinkli ng at top/bott om of sp ine, o ne pag e with tiny edge tear and crease. Dust jacket has wear/wrinkles/tiny chips at top/bottom of hinges and flap-folds, small surface paper loss at top of spine, light browning on spine and flap-fold s, two ed ge tear s with creases - old tap e repai r, one tiny edge tear, light wear on flap-folds. Very Good/Very Good- 
Price: 17.50 USD
New York Clarkson Potter 2013 0307718344 / 9780307718341 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good- 
309 pp, 8 1/2" H. "In the winter of (1970), more or less coincidentally, six iconic culinary figures, including Julia Child, James Beard, and M.F.K. Fisher, found themselves together in the South of France. They cooked and ate and talked late into the night about the future of food in America, the meaning of taste, and the limits of snobbery. The pioneering food writer M.F.K. Fisher had arrived on an ocean liner, traveling in grand style. The already iconic Julia Child, star of the television show 'The French Chef', was returning to her vacation home, La Pitchoune, wondering just how 'French' she wanted to be. Simone Beck, Child's coauthor of the seminal 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking', was there, too, at her family's estate. James Beard, meanwhile, was working on his most ambitious book, 'American Cookery', while enrolled at a nearby diet clinic. And the reclusive chef Richard Olney, whose first book, 'The French Menu Cookbook', had just been published, was living in Provence and pointing the way to a new kind of culinary bohemianism. Here were America's leading voices in the food world - joined by renowned cookbook editor Judith Jones - all converging in Provence, and yet, incredibly, some were meeting for the first time. Drawing in large part on M.F.K. Fisher's detailed journals and letters, her grandnephew has re-created what is in retrospect a pivotal moment - when the democratization of cooking and taste became part of the national conversation in America. His dramatic retelling of those few weeks in the hills above the Cote d'Azur conjurs conversations and meals, arguments and unspoken rivalries." Light wrinkling at bottom of spine, several very small dents on bottom edge of boards. Dust jacket has minor edge wrinkling, patches of very light browning, a few very small light stins on fron panel, faint liquid mark at top 2" of front flap fold. 
Price: 15.00 USD
ALONE IN THE SKY., Batten, Jean.  Drawings by L.R. Williams.  Foreword by J.M. Ramsden.  Dust jacket art by Lynn Williams.
6 Batten, Jean. Drawings by L.R. Williams. Foreword by J.M. Ramsden. Dust jacket art by Lynn Williams. ALONE IN THE SKY.
Shrewsbury Airlife. 1979 0906393019 / 9780906393017 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good + Very Good 
190 pp, 8vo (8 13/16" H). B&w photographs, drawings. "Jean Batten is one of the great names in aviation history. She was born in New Zealand in 1909, a few weeks after Louis Bleriot flew the English Channel, and qualified for a flying licence at the London Aero Club in 1930. (This book) tells the story of (her) early life and of all her famous flights. The vivid descriptions of these flights, made nearly 50 years ago, highlight the hardships and dangers faced by the early aviators. Quite alone she flew immense distances in record times and in the most basic of aeroplanes. Not only did her flights create time records, but they also blazed the trail for the modern airline routes. The book is based on her earlier work 'My Life' 1938, but thoroughly revised and lengthened by the author without losing its period feel. Now, to a new generation of readers, used to sophisticated jet travel, her achievements will seem incredible. (A) gripping story of skill and courage written by one of the last great pioneer aviatiors." Minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, two tiny corner bumps small faint erased pencil marks at top of free front endpaper. Dust jacket has been price-clipped, minor edge browning, minor wrinkling at top/bottom of hinges and flap-folds, minor rubbing. 
Price: 17.50 USD
SPITFIRE:  THE CANADIANS., Bracken, Robert.  Foreword by A.V.M. J.E. "Johnnie" Johnson.
7 Bracken, Robert. Foreword by A.V.M. J.E. "Johnnie" Johnson. SPITFIRE: THE CANADIANS.
Erin, Ontario Boston Mills Press 1995 1550461486 / 9781550461480 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good Ron Lowry. 
160 pp, 4to (12 1/4" H). Profusely illustrated with b&w photographs (most copied from the veterans' own albums), color profiles by Rob Lowry, and technical drawings. "The result of nine years of research and over two hundred interviews with former Spitfire pilots and ground crew from across Canada, (this book) is a momentous collection of personal memories and wartime aviation history. The stories are told with complete candour, in the pilots' and crew members' own words. Full of priceless historic photographs and intimate first-hand accounts, 'Spitfire: The Canadians' is perhaps the most important wartime aviation book published in many years." Minor colour loss at top of free front endpaper due to pencil erasure, book slightly cocked, tiny dint on top edge of front board, light waviness to edges of text block. Dust jacket has been price-clipped on front flap, light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine - slight at top/bottom of flap-folds, two soft creases on spine, minor rubbing. 
Price: 55.00 USD
SPITFIRE:  THE CANADIANS., Bracken, Robert.  Foreword by A.V.M. J.E. "Johnnie" Johnson.  Artwork by Ron Lowry.
8 Bracken, Robert. Foreword by A.V.M. J.E. "Johnnie" Johnson. Artwork by Ron Lowry. SPITFIRE: THE CANADIANS.
Erin, Ontario Boston Mills Press 1995 1550461486 / 9781550461480 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good Ron Lowry. 
160 pp, 4to (12 1/4" H). Profusely illustrated with b&w photographs (most copied from the veterans' own albums), color profiles by Rob Lowry, and technical drawings. "The result of nine years of research and over two hundred interviews with former Spitfire pilots and ground crew from across Canada, (this book) is a momentous collection of personal memories and wartime aviation history. The stories are told with complete candour, in the pilots' and crew members' own words. Full of priceless historic photographs and intimate first-hand accounts, 'Spitfire: The Canadians' is perhaps the most important wartime aviation book published in many years." Top corners of both boards are bumped. Dust jacket has creasing at top of flap-folds, minor edge wrinkling elsewhere. 
Price: 50.00 USD
THE SAVAGES ON GALE ISLAND., Brereton, D. Katherine.
9 Brereton, D. Katherine. THE SAVAGES ON GALE ISLAND.
Spring Books, London, n.d. 
204 pp, small 8vo (7 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. Pictorial endpapers, colour frontispiece, b&w illustrations. One of 'The Halcyon Library' series. "The 'Savages on Gale Island' are the Rocksavage twins, Thom and Grizelda, who are to spend a few weeks on this remote island to recover from an attack of measles. The children are delighted with the island itself, but become even more excited - and somewhat bewildered - when they find themselves involved with gypsies, professor s , m y s t e r ious strangers and all kinds of puzzling goings-on, in a race for an unknown goal. Their natural curiosity and great common sense lead the two children to discover a strange secret passage running beneath their castle home; a myste ri ou s l ik en es s be tween someone long gone from Gale Island and someone recently installed there; and many other seemingly unconnected mysteries....Perhaps the strangest feature is the series of metal discs which Grizelda finds as the hunt pro gre sse s and wh ich sh e lea rns to interpret as a progress report of her rivals!" Minor browning to pages, slight fading to spine color and at edges of boards, darkening and tiny stain on top of textblock. Dust jacket has moderate edge wear, l ight edg e wrin klin g, a few s mall chips and tiny tears, light soiling, two light creases on spine, a few tiny dints andn tiny scuff on front panel, light browning on inside. Very Good-/Good+ 
Price: 15.00 USD
SOPWITH SNIPE.  WINDSOCK DATAFILE 46., Bruce, J.M.    Foreword by R.L. Rimell.  Drawings by C.A. Owers.
10 Bruce, J.M. Foreword by R.L. Rimell. Drawings by C.A. Owers. SOPWITH SNIPE. WINDSOCK DATAFILE 46.
Albatros, Berkhamsted, 1994. 
36 pp, 11 5/8" H, soft cover (stapled in wraps). ISBN 0948414618 Profusely illustrated with b&w photographs, technical drawings/plans, colour profiles. "The Sopwith Snipe is firmly lodged in the minds of most WWI aeroplane enthusiasts due to the epic one-sided combat fought by Major William Barker on October 27 1918 in which he brought down four Fokker D.VIIs, an action that resulted in a well-earned Victoria Cross for the Canadian pilot. The Snipe had few other opportunities for glory; No .43 Squadron was the first unit to be equipped and made its first Snipe patrol on September 23 1918. Within five weeks nearly 100 Snipes were in France and No.208's Camels were in the process of being replaced by Snipes as the Armistice was dec l a r e d. In the immediate post-war period Snipes served with a dozen RAF Squadrons, 532 being recorded on charge by 1921, and the type soldiered on until 1928 when it was officially declared obsolete. Despite its necessarily limited role in the fi rs t ai r war the Snipe has been a popular choice for modellers and subject of at least two previous monographs and a nubmer of magazine articles. The 46th DATAFILE, however, offers the most comprehensive selection of illustrations on the type y et pub li she d in one volume and contains a great deal of information hitherto unrecorded." Interior - small soft bump at top/bottom corners of text block, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - small soft crease at c orn ers of cove rs. Very Good 
Price: 30.00 USD
AFTER THE WAR., Bruce, Jean.
11 Bruce, Jean. AFTER THE WAR.
Don Mills, Ontario Fitzhenry & Whiteside 1982 0889025878 / 9780889025875 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
192 pp, square large 8vo (9 1/4" H x 9 1/4" D). B&w photographs. "The immigrants who came to Canada in the ten years following the Second World War settled in a booming land with many new jobs to fill. The immigrants' reasons for coming here and their experiences in the new society were as varied as their own backgrounds. First were the war brides, some married after only a few weeks of courtship; there were refugees and displaced persons from e astern Europe and Russia; there were British and Dutch farm families, and thousands of others looking for a fresh start far from battle-scarred Europe. Then in the fifties came the Asians and blacks. Jean Bruce, herself an immigrant, tells through hundreds of in-depth intervies across Canada of these people as they fulfilled their dreams, and dispelled fears while establishing new roots. She has ranged the country in selecting photos from churches, ethnic organizations, private albums, the Public Archives, and diverse libraries and museums. In dealing not only with the immigrant experience, but also with changing attitudes towards immigration within Canadian society, (she) has raised issues which will continue to be important and controversial. But most importantly, she has created a portrait of Canada at a vibrant period in its history, a period which was to change the face of the nation forever." Very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, minor edge wear. Dust jacket has light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, light rubbing, light browning. 
Price: 19.95 USD
THE WILD PLACE., Cockett, Mary.  Illustrated by Margery Gill.
12 Cockett, Mary. Illustrated by Margery Gill. THE WILD PLACE.
Oliver & Boyd, London, 1968, first edition. 
103 pp, small 8vo (7 7/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. B&w illustrations. "Seven little cottages stood in a row. They were shabby, but they were the homes of seven families. The seven families were dismayed when they heard that their homes wer e soon to crumble before the Council's bulldozers to make room for blocks of flats. What was to happen to them? And what would become of their gardens? It was a while before the seven cottages stood empty. Old Mr Rayner was the last to g o , b u t e ven before he moved the gardens were a wilderness through lack of care. It was many weeks before Mr Rayner could persuade himself to return to see how the new flats looked. He was amazed to find the cottages still standing, and eve n mo re am az ed to find that the wild, overgrown gardens behind them were not deserted...." Several pages with large dog-ear creases, 3/4" high letter "P" written in ink on page 23, minor browning to pages, very light edge wear, small bump at b ot tom of spi ne and at top corner of front board, tiny line dint on front cover, very light browning to edges of textblock. Dust jacket has light edge wear/wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, one 1" closed tear and a few t iny tea rs a n d ch ips , st i cke r pull on rear panel, light water stain at bottom of front flap-fold. Good+/Good+ 
Price: 35.00 USD
ATHENE, GODDESS OF WAR:  THE CANADIAN WOMEN'S ARMY CORPS - THEIR STORY., Conrod, W. Hugh.  Foreword by Colonel Margaret (Eaton) Dunn.
13 Conrod, W. Hugh. Foreword by Colonel Margaret (Eaton) Dunn. ATHENE, GODDESS OF WAR: THE CANADIAN WOMEN'S ARMY CORPS - THEIR STORY.
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Writing and Editorial Services 1983 0969149204 / 9780969149200 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Good+ Mary Lamb. (Mary Lamb-Bobak.) 
397 pp, 9" H. B&w photographs, drawings, reproductions. "(This) is a history, but it's also a love story, an unexpected unveiling of the first days of women's liberation in Canada, and a retrospective look at how more than 21,000 Canadian women convinced a federal government, a reluctant Army and a doubting Canadian public that they not only had the right to serve their country in time of war, but could be of valuable assistance as well." Minor edge edge wear/winkling at bottom of spine, faint 1" scuff on rear board. Dust jacket has light edge wear/wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine; flap-folds and front hinge; two light scuff marks on rear panel. 
Price: 20.00 USD
Toronto Champlain Society 1995 0969342543 / 9780969342540 Limited Edition Hard Cover Near Fine 
cix, 463 pp, (xxiii), large 8vo (9 1/2" H), red cloth with gold lettering/banding/emblem on spine (no dust jacket - as issued). Top edge gilt. Limited edition of 1250 copies, this copy unnumbered. B&w illustrations, 3 maps (2 double-page). "This volume contains nearly complete transcriptions of the extant journals kept by John Franklin during his expedition to the unknown northern coast of the North American continent in the years 1819 to 1822. Only a few abstracts and tables of observations from the extant journal books have been excluded, and they, for the most part, are available in the appendices to Franklin's published 'Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea in the Years 1819, 20, 21, and 22'. The present volume also includes transcriptions of a selection of correspondence written during the preparation for and execution of Franklin's first expedition. While most of the letters included here were written by Franklin, some were written by other correspondents to Franklin. A few highly selective pieces were neither written nor recieved by Franklin, but bear special relevance to letters that Franklin wrote. The Introduction provides short biographies of some of the men involved, and then establishes an historical context in which to situate the 1819-22 expedition. The sources of the various documents are next identified, followed by an attempt to understand what brought about the deaths of 11 out of 20 men under Franklin's leadership." Some minor wrinkling to fore-edge of some pages. 
Price: 80.00 USD
15 Delve, Ken. D-DAY: THE AIR BATTLE.
Ramsbury Crowood Press 2004 1861267045 / 9781861267047 Revised and Enlarged Edition. Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
192 pp, 10" H. Profusely illustrated with b&w photographs, reproductions, maps/plans. "6 June 1944 saw the Allied invasion of occupied Europe - one of the riskiest military operations of World War Two. The part played by air power in the success of the operation was crucial. This was the greatest concentration of striking power ever seen: 12,000 combat aircraft. Fighter-bombers such as the P-47 Thunderbolt and Hawker Typhoon bombed, strafed and rocketed tactical targets with great accuracy, while strategic bombers, escorted by hundreds of fighters, targeted bridges, marshalling yards, coastal guns and military stores. Other aircraft flew sophisticated decoy operations and hundreds of transports dropped paratroops or released gliders. In this, the only full-length book on the subject, Ken Delve examines the air campaign from the pre-invasion bombing strategy that prepared the battlefield to the massive air effort that accompanied the actual assault and the air umbrella during the vital weeks following the landings. Originally published in 1994, (it) has been substantially enlarged, re-illustrated and completely reset (providing) comprehensive coverage of this vital air campaign." Small bump at top of front hinge. Dust jacket has light wrinkling at top of front hinge. 
Price: 15.00 USD
MAIDEN VOYAGES;  TALES OF YOUNG SEAMEN.  VINDI BOYS' FIRST TRIPS TO SEA., Derham, Roy, arranged and edited by.  Inscribed.
16 Derham, Roy, arranged and edited by. Inscribed. MAIDEN VOYAGES; TALES OF YOUNG SEAMEN. VINDI BOYS' FIRST TRIPS TO SEA.
Buckingham Baron 2002 0860236714 / 9780860236719 Limited Edition Soft Cover Very Good+ 
211 pp, 8vo (8 13/16" H). Number 528 of a limited edition. INSCRIBED ON LIMITATION PAGE, "WITH BEST WISHES, ROY DERHAM". B&w illustrations. "Twelve weeks with TS 'Vindicatrix' prepared young lads for a life at sea, but not for the first trip - on liner, coaster, collier or cargo boat, cruise ship, tanker or tramp steamer. Often bullied, invariably seasick; cold, wet, hungry and initially miserable, most matured to become old hands - stewards, cooks or sometimes Master. Others swore never to go to sea again, and over four hundred lost their young lives for their country. Many became Distressed Seamen, yet survived. Some were torpedoed, sometimes more than once; some found themselves in prison camps. Others sailed to exotic places and met strange people. A few jumped ship and several fell overboard. Some were pushed. Most of them had strange experiences, saw far flung lands, and made lifetime friends. Many fell in love with the sea while some hated it but it earnt the respect of them all. Most express few regrets and all those in this book remember it well - that first trip as a graduate Vindi-boy, untried, uncertain and just a little afraid. This is the sum of the maiden voyages of over fifty Vindi-boys, who learnt their trade with the old lady of Sharpness between 1939 and 1966." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - spine very slightly cocked, very minor edge wear. 
Price: 45.00 USD
FLYPAST.  NO. 71.  JUNE 1987., Ellis, Ken, ed.  (Geoffrey Jones, Francois Prins, Don Middleton, Michael Irvin, Stuart Howe, William Jesse, Arthur Pearcy, Stuart McKay, Malcolm Fillmore, Robbie Shaw, Jeremy Collins, Dave Smith.)
17 Ellis, Ken, ed. (Geoffrey Jones, Francois Prins, Don Middleton, Michael Irvin, Stuart Howe, William Jesse, Arthur Pearcy, Stuart McKay, Malcolm Fillmore, Robbie Shaw, Jeremy Collins, Dave Smith.) FLYPAST. NO. 71. JUNE 1987.
Key, Stamford, Lincs., 1987. 
71 pp, 11 11/16" H, soft cover (magazine format - stapled in wraps). Profusely illustrated with b&w and color photographs. Contents: Castrol Challenge; Kermit opens up (Kermit Weeks' Florida Air Museum); Pathfinder (Don Bennett); Airspeed (Oxford aircraft manufacturer); Tunes of Glory (Pierce McKennon, 4th Fighter Group); Convair Survivors (Convair twins); Chalk's Seaplanes (Chalk's International Airline); News (P-38 Lightning); Airshow 87; Type Report (C-47s of SAAF, Moths); Aviation Archae ology (wrecks in highlands); Register Review; Museums of the World (Turkey); Preservation Project (Invader); Airfield (Chester, home of the HS.125), etc. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - minor edge w e a r , v e r y light wear at top/bottom of spine, very light rubbing on rear cover, tiny tear with crease on rear cover, minor browning to edges of textblock. VG 
Price: 10.00 USD
Philadelphia John C. Winston 1912 Hard Cover Good Margaret G. Hayes and Jane Allen Boyer. 
175 pp, 9 3/4" H. Copyright 1912. Blue cloth with gilt lettering on spine, colour illustration with black lettering on front board. Colour frontispiece, black/white/red illustrations throughout. Mary Frances's mother is ill and for three weeks, she must take over kitchen duties. The little girl is helped and instructed by the Kitchen People (animated utensils) - the Tea Kettle, Big Iron Pot, Coffee Pot, Auntie Rolling Pin, Toaster Man, Potato Masher, Frying Pan, et al, as she progresses through increasingly difficult recipes. Beginning with plain toast, buttered toast and milk toast, she continues on through baked apples, thimble biscuit, gingerbread cookies and rice, on to boiled mutton, walnut kisses, sponge cake, Queen of Hearts tarts, salad dressing and beefsteak, among others. In addition to her duties, she prepares a meal for a tramp, has a kitchen party for her dolls and a candy pull, as well as learning to set the table and fold napkins. In addition to teaching cookery, this book is an interesting window onto the life of a young American girl at the beginning of the twentieth century. Light browning to front endpapers and preliminaries, light foxing on frontispiece (mainly on back) and on adjacent pages, two 1" tears in front inside hinge, soft crease fown free front endpaper, creases and tiny tears/chips at fore-edge of frontispiece, a few small edge tears (archivally taped) and wrinkles on some pages up to page 13; moderate to heavy browning to pages 174, 175 and free rear endpaper; water stain at top corner of page 175, archivally taped edge tear on page 100, small surface paper pull on page 31 and opposite on page 30 - text not legible, moderate browning to edges of text block, water stain at fore-edge of rear board, wrinkling and wear at top/bottom of spine and corners - light edge wear elsewhere, small white stain on front board. Book protected in a stiff mylar sleeve. 
Price: 75.00 USD
19 Gibson, Edwin, Major and Ward, G. Kingsley. Introduction by Major F.A. Tilston VC. Foreword by Field Marshall the Lord Bramall. COURAGE REMEMBERED: THE STORY BEHIND THE CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE OF THE COMMONWEALTH'S MILITARY CEMETERIES AND MEMORIALS OF THE WARS OF 1914-1918 AND 1939-1945.
Toronto McClelland and Stewart 1989 0771087861 / 9780771087868 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Good+ 
282 pp, 10" H. B&w and colour photographs. Map endpapers. "In the Beach Cemetery, Anzac, on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey lie the remains of Private John 'Simpson' and his donkey, Duffy. For three weeks, until they both were killed on 19 May, 1915, Simpson (whose real name was Kirkpatrick) and Duffy moved wounded men from the front lines to the army hospital a mile away. Two young brothers, Major P.K. Kennedy and Major D.P. Kennedy of Guelph, Ontario, fought side by side in France during World War II. They died in battle within two days of each other in September 1944. Their remains lie in the Calais Canadian War Cemetery, one of 2,500 cemeteries built and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. John Simpson and the Kennedys are among the 1,750,000 Commonwealth citizens who lost their lives during the two World Wars of the 20th century. These men and women now lie in the immaculate cemeteries of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, located in 140 countries as far flung as Belgium, Papua New Guinea, and India. (This) is the definitive guide to these cemeteries and to the almost 200 war memorials constructed by the Commission." Previous owner's signature, place and date in ink on free front endpaper; minor wrinkling at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light edge wear, light to moderate edge and hinge wrinkling/creasing, light rubbing, several wrinkles in laminate, two tiny edge tears archivally taped. 
Price: 15.00 USD
EVER-READY EDDIE., Haywood, Carolyn, written and illustrated by.
20 Haywood, Carolyn, written and illustrated by. EVER-READY EDDIE.
New York William Morrow, New York, (1968), 45 printing. 1968 Hard Cover Very Good Good+ 
192 pp, large 8vo (9" H). Charming b&w vintage drawings by author. "Never are (Eddie's) talents more needed than the time his school first holds an election for student council. With unrestrained gusto, the children jump into the campaign , and for two weeks electoral madness sweeps the classrooms. Athough Carolyn Haywood is at her funniest as she writes of these doings, the story is also one of character. Voting for the right (person) is more important than voting for a friend, and Eddie discovers the truth the hard way. Readers will love him and his creator all the more." Minor bumping to edges of boards, light wrinkling to top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light edge wear/rubbing, minor soiling, light to moderate wrinkling at edges, three small closed tears, silver Morrow Eagle Library Edition label (3" x 3/4") across bottom of spine (This is NOT a library book - no stamps, pockets, etc.), protected in mylar sleeve. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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