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New York Tempo / Grosset & Dunlap Mass Market Paperbacks Very Good Boris Vallejo cover art. 
Books 1,2,3,4 & 6 of this Flash Gordon series. 6 3/4" H. **Lacks Book 5: Citadels Under Attack.** Book One: Massacre in the 22nd Century - 202 pp, 1980, ISBN 0448129639 - "Sent on a mission to investigate the mysterious reappearance of the Interstellar Exploration ship GOODHOPE, Colonel Flash Gordon and his companions, Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov discover much more than they had bargained for. Stranded in deep space, the trio find themselves drawn against their will into a war of the worlds which has lasted thousands of years - and which threatens the very existence of the planet Earth." Book Two: War of the Citadels - 203 pp, 1980, ISBN 0448172151 - "Sent on a rescue mission by the leaders of planet Earth, Flash Gordon and his companions find themselves involved in an intricate war plan which threatens the existence of the entire universe. Each step they take propels them further into the complex plots and counterplots of two warring worlds." Book Three: Crisis on Citadel II - 197 pp, 1980, ISBN 0448172313 - "Stranded in deep space, Colonel Flash Gordon and his companions discover themselves in the middle of a centuries-old battle for supremacy over the universe. Manipulated by a war-crazed android and unsure of who is friend and who is foe, they must struggle to find a way to stop the bloodshed before all life - including that on their home planet, Earth - is annihilated." Book Four: Forces From the Federation - 210 pp, 1981, ISBN 044817233X - "Returning home to earth after discovering an alien race of warriors who are bent on taking over the world, Flash Gordon and his companions find themselves caught in a web of intrigue. Declared outlaws by the very people they had come to warn, they must find a way to protect the earth from its destroyers and to survive." Book Six: Citadels on Earth - 200 pp, 1981, ISBN 0448172542 - "An ancient civilization, whose primary object is the making of war, descends upon the planet earth. In order to save his home from total destruction, Flash Gordon returns to earth only find himself arrested for murder - and treason. As the people of his planet divide into factions, Flash must maneuver to save the earth from total destruction." Interiors - light toning to pages and inside of covers, books One and Two have a fre small and tiny corner creases, book Tgree has a very small light stain on inside of front cover and on first page, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exteriors - light toning to edges of text blocks, light edge wear, books Four and Six have slight lean to spine, three books have very light spine creases, two books have one or two creases on front cover some very light rubbing on covers. 
Price: 35.00 USD
THE VIETNAM WAR:  DAY BY DAY., Bowman, John S., general editor.  Introduction by Fox Butterfield.
2 Bowman, John S., general editor. Introduction by Fox Butterfield. THE VIETNAM WAR: DAY BY DAY.
Mallard, New York, 1989. 
224 pp, 4to (12 1/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0792450876 Profusely illustrated with color and b&w photographs, maps. "....a detailed chronological account of this 'Thirty Years War' of the twentieth century. It traces the history of t he war from its earliest nineteenth-century origins to its gloomy aftermath in the 1980s. In so doing, it not only illuminates the interplay of policies, personalities, motives and strategies that shaped the war, but also the web of diplo m a t i c , p o l itical, social and ethical conflicts to which it gave rise and which, in the end, had such an important bearing on its outcome. It reveals, too, the many apparent paradoxes that political and military historians will ponder for y ea rs t o co me : h ow , for example, high-technology warfare foundered in conditions of primitive guerrilla, or how the United States lost the war psychologically at the very moment of the U.S. forces' greatest military success. Carefully resear che d, min ut ely de ta ile d, il lustrated with hundreds of historical photographs, many in color, and with maps by the celebrated miltitary cartographer Richard Natkiel, (this) is both a fascinating recapitulation of the war, exactly as the world exp eri ence d i t, a nd a n i mpor tan t w ork of reference for laymen and scholars alike." Dust jacket has light rubbing, minor edge wrinkling. Near Fine/Very Good 
Price: 20.00 USD
3 Boyer, Elizabeth H. Cover art by Tim Hildebrandt. THE BLACK LYNX.
Del Rey / Ballantine, New York, 1993, first printing. 
315 pp, mass market paperback. ISBN 0345375939 " 'Master, I have failed....' Illmuri, the apprentice wizard gave his report. The Skylding clan had been destroyed, their treasure lost forever. Only Skyla, the witch-girl, was left alive - at the mercy of her own rampant magic and a clan of vengeful enemies. The Dark Elves had triumphed. Old Eyjarr took the discouraging news calmly. Hadn't he seen defeat before, in other lives, in strand after strand of the Web of Life? But he knew that if he could thwart the curse of the Dark Elves even once, the infernal curse would finally disappear from all the strands, for all time. The trick, Eyjarr assured his astonished pupil, would be to learn from their mistakes - and to search again for the one, improbable strand where a couple of clever wizards could cheat an implacable fate...." Interior - very light browning to pages and inside of covers, otherwise clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - minor ed g e w e a r . Very Good 
Price: 10.00 USD
Byron Preiss Mutimedia, N.P., 1995. 
CD-Rom in Pictorial box. "Journey to Mars, the mysterious red planet, to embark on an urgent mission that could influence the future of the Earth or cost you your life. Explore the Martian city to uncover the secrets of the mysterious extinction of the Martians and the settlers from Earth. Rumors abound of sightings of Martians and of a potent Martian object that could have a major effect on Earth. But do the Martians still exist? Or are they just illusions? Find the key in the lost Martian archives and unlock the secrets of a lost world! * High resolution 3-D graphic adventure game with fully-animated characters and original music score! * Includes free Martian Chronicle hints and tips for all levels of players ! * Includes direct link to Martian Chronicles World Wide Web Hints and Tips site!" System requirements: Any Macintosh or Power Macintosh with a 68030/25 Mhz or better processor; 13" or larger color monitor (256 colors with 640 x 480 resolution); 8 MB RAM; Macintosh-compatible double speed CD-ROM drive or faster; System 7.0 or later; Quicktime 2.1 or later (included on this disc); Indeo video (include on this disc). Box and CD-ROM have been opened but disc has not been used . Box has light edge wear/rubbing, and some light creasing. VG 
Price: 20.00 USD
Toronto Stoddart 1992 0773726497 / 9780773726499 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good+ 
228 pp, 8vo (9 1/4" H). B&w photographs. "(R)eveals there was much more to the scrubbing of the sophisticated Arrow than design flaws, cost overruns and obsolescence, the reasons given by federal government officials to justify their decision. Clearly, step-by-step, using never-before-released documents concerning the Arrow, Campagna details a political web of intrigue among the Tory government, the Canadian and American military, and the CIA." Previous owner's name, date, signature and place in unk on free front endpaper; minor wrinkling at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has minor edge wrnkling, tiny dent on front hinge, light toning to edges of front flap. 
Price: 15.00 USD
Toronto Stoddart 1992 0773726497 / 9780773726499 First Edition Hard Cover Near Fine Near Fine 
228 pp, 8vo (9 1/4" H). B&w photographs. "(R)eveals there was much more to the scrubbing of the sophisticated Arrow than design flaws, cost overruns and obsolescence, the reasons given by federal government officials to justify their decision. Clearly, step-by-step, using never-before-released documents concerning the Arrow, Campagna details a political web of intrigue among the Tory government, the Canadian and American military, and the CIA." Minor wrinkling at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has minor edge wrinkling. 
Price: 18.00 USD
THE DARK TWIN., Campbell, Marion.
7 Campbell, Marion. THE DARK TWIN.
London Turnstone 1973 0855000058 / 9780855000059 First British Edition Hard Cover Very Good- Good- Jacket design by Roy Tunnicliffe. Inscribed By Author
256 pp, 8 3/4" H. Inscribed on half title page: "To Suzanne / with best wishes from / Marion Campbell". "The old man knows death is near. He has travelled a long road since he was simply Drost, son of no man, the only child of Malda, the Middle Priestess. From the warmth of the consecrated Hearth he was taken with the King's son to undergo the cruel schooling of the priests of the New Way. From childhood his life had been ruled by his duty as the Dark Twin to share with the treacherous Ailill the onerous burden of kingship. He had been sustained by the wisdom of the Old Way during his trials at the hands of the priests, in the combat and dancing by which he proved his manhood, and through the web of intrigue pervading the lives of his people. But when the bitter time came for commitment to a princely marriage he felt only the pang of loss. For always, breaking through his dreams, there was someone for whom his whole being yearned - someone who was his other half from past time and for all time. Yssa. 'You'll wed young and widow young and it will be more of her making than yours,' said the Old One. And so it happened. Now Drost is about to die and urgency grips him. He must forge the chain of memory to link his spirit with the lost sould of Yssa. Each link must ring true if they are to find their way. Marion Campbell has woven the strands of this complex and moving saga with consummate skill. It is all there: the lore of ancient Britain, the layers of symbolic meaning, the experience of strength struggling against evil and secret knowledge. This love story as old as time will strike a resposive chord in everyone alive to the pervading reality of eternal myth." Some scattered tiny marks of silver ink from spine title on exterior of book - mainly on spine. Dust jacket has light to moderate edge wear/wrinkling with a few tiny chips and tears with creases, light scuffing and rubbing marks - mainly on spine and rear panel, light browning at top edge. 
Price: 25.00 USD
THE WHITE DOE., Church, Richard.
8 Church, Richard. THE WHITE DOE.
London Heinemann 1968 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good John Ward R.A. 
185 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H). B&w illustrations. "There is a tangled web of personal relationships between Tom the woodman's son, Billy Lander the son of the squire and boorish Harold Sims who causes trouble between them. Tom makes friends with a girl in a snowstorm, only to find she is Harold's sister. A crisis is reached when Tom and Harold confront one another during Christmas festivities at the Hall. But while these human problems trouble Tom he has another absorbing interest: the doe in the woods who comes and goes unpredictably with her mate and later with her fawn. It is a threat to the fawn which brings the latent hostility between the boys to a climax. The life of the seasons, in forest and by the seashore, plays a vivid part in this drama of suspense and final triumph of character." Small crease at bottom corner of half-title page, small scuff at top of rear board with very light trailing rub mark down board. Dust jacket has very light edge wear/wrinkling, one very small tear and several tiny chips. 
Price: 12.50 USD
Toronto University of Toronto Press 1993 0802074618 / 9780802074614 First Paperback Edition. Soft Cover Very Good+ 
275 pp, 8vo (9" H). "Anne Shirley is the best known of a memorable group of heroines created by Lucy Maud Montgomery, a group that includes Emily Byrd Starr, Valancy Stirling, and Pat Gardiner. These characters are at the centre of Epperly's book, the first full-length critical study of all L.M. Montgomery's fiction. Epperly contends that Montgomery was a master of the romance genre, and through her use of literary allusions, repetitions, irony, and comic inversions she deftly manipulated the normal conventions of romance novels. By studying the fictional biographies of the heroines and their pursuit of romance, Epperly question the ways romance shapes what we consider valuable in our imaginings and experience. A book written for L.M. Montgomery fans and scholars." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - very minor edge wear, clean and bright. 
Price: 20.00 USD
Etobicoke Prospero 1999 1552678458 / 9781552678459 Hard Cover Near Fine Very Good 
128 pp, 10 1/4" H. Colour and b&w photographs, drawings. "In Ojibway tradition, mothers and grandmothers netted tiny circular cobweb-like charms from willow and sinew. These delicate charms were not meant to last but were intended to protect newborn children from 'everything evil, just as a spider's web catches and holds everything that comes in contact with it'. The beauty of dreamcatchers is reflected in their symmetry and natural accents. For generations, they have been crafted by making a hoop out of fresh wood, and then weaving a web inside the circle of deer sinew or colored thread. The unbroken strand of web/sinew is symbolic of eternity. Good dreams are also helped into the sleeper's dream world by feathers and colored beads that are attached at the bottom of the web. Careful attention is paid to leaving a hole in the middle of the web; if this is neglected, healthy dreams cannot find their way through to the dreamer." Contents: The Ojibway People; The Legend of the Dreamcatcher; Dreamcatchers and Children; The Dream Quest; Contemporary Issues - The Spiritual Legacy of Dreamcatchers; How to Make a Dreamcatcher; Notes and Bibliography; Index. Tiny dint on top edge of rear board. Dust jacket has light edge wrinkling, one very small edge tear archivally taped, a few tiny dints on hinges. 
Price: 22.50 USD
VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE. 6 BOOKS FROM THE CLAN NOVEL SERIES: TZIMSCE / GANGREL / SETITE / RAVNOS / GIOVANNI / ANTHOLOGY.  (WORLD OF DARKNESS.), Griffin, Eric; Fleming, Gherbod; Ryan, Kathleen; Achilli, Justin; Wieck, Stewart (editor); Baugh, Bruce; Hatch, Robert; Dansky, Richard.
11 Griffin, Eric; Fleming, Gherbod; Ryan, Kathleen; Achilli, Justin; Wieck, Stewart (editor); Baugh, Bruce; Hatch, Robert; Dansky, Richard. VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE. 6 BOOKS FROM THE CLAN NOVEL SERIES: TZIMSCE / GANGREL / SETITE / RAVNOS / GIOVANNI / ANTHOLOGY. (WORLD OF DARKNESS.)
Clarkston, GA White Wolf Mass Market Paperbacks Very Good+ John Van Fleet, cover art. 
Five assorted Clan Novels from the World of Darkness "Vampire: The Masquerade" series plus the Anthology - six books in total, each approx. 7" H. 1. Tzimisce - 273 pp + excerpts of two other novels, 1999 first printing, ISBN 1565048024 - "For hundreds of years Camarilla vampires have preserved the Masquerade - an intricate dance of deception, misdirection and manipulation that conceals their nocturnal predations from mortal eyes. Now, the Sabbat are about to crash their party." 2. Gangrel - 271 pp + excerpts, 1999 second printing, ISBN 1565048032 - "Ramona and her friends have learned this much: What they don't know can kill them - and will, if given a chance. Their watchword: beware! Beware of other vampires - the Sabbat's conscienceless killers. Beware the unknown - a monstrous creature with the oozing, pulsating Eye. Beware supernatural terrors that stalk the wild places. Beware even themselves, for in the blink of an eye their own bloodlust can take control." 3. Setite - 278 pp + excerpts, 1999 first printing, ISBN 1565048040 - "In an antique shop in Manhattan Hesha finds a clue to a prize that has eluded him for lifetimes - the Eye of Hazimel. By dawn, all he has fought to achieve over centuries of vampiric existence is slipping from his grasp. Little does the Setite realize that his chance encounter in New York is a strand of the same web that bring the Eye into the hands of one of his own agents, only to be lost again. But is anything truly chance in the shadowy world of the Kindred?" 4. Ravnos - 265 pp + excerpts, 2000 first printing, ISBN 1565048083 - "Khalil Ravana has always been a lightweight, a drifter, a thief with not status and no power - until now. Chance saved him from a storm in Calcutta that annihilated his clan, and now chance has placed him in the center of another storm - this one in New York City, near the deadly Kindred battles for possession of the Eastern United States. For once, Khalil's sticky fingers give him the upper hand. Armed with secrets, a hidden ally, a burning thirst for revenge, and a hostage he saves from death, this Rom is going to take everyone else in New York City - Camarilla and Sabbat alike - for all he can get, including the blood of his elders." 5. Giovanni - 287 pp, 2000 first printing, ISBN 1565048261 - "Benito Giovanni has disappeared. Enter Chas Giovanni Tello, Mob strong-arm and part of the New World Giovanni. Chas finds himself ordered to Las Vegas, where he meets the Old World scion of the necromancers' clan, Isabel, who shares his interest in locating the missing Benito." 6. Anthology - 288 pp, 2000 first printing, ISBN 1565048768 - "More fascinating than the events of the Clan Novel series are the characters. The wily Victoria; the cool and calculating Hesha; the new Prince of New York, Calebros; the mad prophet Anatole; the brooding and dedicated Theo; and all the other characters featured in the original series. These thirteen characters form the basis of the all-new stories of this anthology. And who better to tell their stories than the authors of the Clan Novels? All of the authors of the original series have contributed to this anthology. With the addition of fine stories by two other authors as well, readers may peer even deeper into the shadows of the World of Darkness and find answers to some of the mysteries not resolved in the series itself." Interiors - "Gangrel" has approx. 1" piece missing from bottom of last page, "Setite" has corner crease on pages 39 to 42, otherwise all books are clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exteriors - very minor edge wear, a few tiny light corner creases on some books - "Anthology" has crease at top corner of rear cover that migrates into the last few pages. 
Price: 50.00 USD
Bantam, Toronto, (1981, 3rd/1981, 2nd/1981, Ist). Mass Market Paperbacks 
199 pp, 181 pp, 198 pp, - 3 volumes. "Jan Kulozik is one of Earth's privileged elite. A brilliant engineer, he enjoys all the blessings of a 23rd-century civilization which survived global collapse and conquered the stars. Then he meets Sara, the beautiful, desirable agent of a rebel underground dedicated to smashing the iron rule of Earth's masters. She shows him a sordid world he never dreamed existed! And suddenly Jan has to choose - between slaves and masters. His choice plunges him into a web on intrique, assassination and betrayal that will lead him to death - or to the stars." Interiors - approx. last thirty pages of Book 3 have waviness to edges and light watermark to margin, otherwise books are clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exteriors - minor edge wear, light soiling to rear cover/spine of Book 3, spines are flat with some minor wrinkling (not affecting text). VG/VG/G+ 
Price: 15.00 USD
St. Martin's, New York, 1996. 
192 pp, large 8vo (9 15/16" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 031214895X Profusely illustrated with b&w and colour photographs, reproductions. "(T)races the evolution of firearms from the earliest medieval 'hand cannons' to the high technology weapons of today. From matchlock and flintlock to the caseless cartridge; from muzzle-loading to multiple-barreled machine guns; from powder and ball to the modern self-contained cartridge, every major milestone is discussed and illustrated. All t he key inventions that changed the face of warfare, and therefore of the world, are featured here and graphics used to demonstrate how they function. Every major inventor from Puckle and Ferguson, through Pauly, Colt, Mauser, Luger, Browning a n d G a rand has his place in this story and the importance of their contributions to history are highlighted." Small remainder mark on bottom of text block, tiny dint on bettom edge of boards. Dust jacket has light wrinkling along top edge - m od er at e a t top edge of rear flap, tiny dint on front hinge, very light rubbing. Near Fine/Very Good+ 
Price: 22.50 USD
Abacus, (London, 1999), Ist Abacus printing. 
428 pages, Paperback. "Egypt, 1922: the Valley of the Kings. After years of fruitless labour, the archaeologist Howard Carter discovers a mysterious tomb, sealed and marked with a terrible curse. But what is the nature of the tomb's deadly secret? And what is the web of strange connections spreading back through millenia, to the very heart of Egypt's fabulous past?" A new interpretation of the incredible discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb and the curse surrounding it - who were the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs - were they really gods...what is the basis of the Osiris legend? Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - clean and bright. NF 
Price: 15.00 USD
LORD BROCKTREE:  A TALE OF REDWALL., Jacques, Brian.  Illustrated by Fangorn.
15 Jacques, Brian. Illustrated by Fangorn. LORD BROCKTREE: A TALE OF REDWALL.
Hutchinson, London, 2000, 2nd printing. 
370 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0091768772 B&w map, drawings. "Salamandastron, ancestral home of the Badger Lords, is under threat from an enemy whose power would seem to be absolute and whose evil knows no bounds. Ungatt Trunn can make the stars fall from the sky, the very earth shake underfoot, and with a horde of vermin as numerous as the leaves in autumn, the wildcat appears unstoppable. The mountain's defences are weak. Who can save it now?....Brian J a c q u e s ' masterful storytelling spins a web of high adventure that will entral the readers from the first page to the last." One page with tiny corner crease, light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, tiny dint on top edge of rear board. Dus t ja ck et h as v er y light edge wear/wrinkling, minor rubbing. Very good+/Very Good+ 
Price: 15.00 USD
THE SHINING PYRAMID., Machen, Arthur.  (pseudonym of Arthur Llewelyn Jones.)  Introduction by Vincent Starrett.
16 Machen, Arthur. (pseudonym of Arthur Llewelyn Jones.) Introduction by Vincent Starrett. THE SHINING PYRAMID.
Chicago Covici-McGee 1923 Limited Edition Hard Cover Good+ Wallace Smith, one b&w plate. 
241 pp, 9 1/2" H. Black cloth with paper label bearing author's name on spine, gilt title and eye design on front board, top edge gilt. Peach and pink endpapers reproducing a pattern of stones and repeating the eye design from the front board. Number 482 in a limited edition of 875 copies. Following Starrett's Introduction is a b&w plate by Wallace Smith with spider web-patterned overlay. A book plate designed by Miguel Covarrubias for Donald S. Freidl (?) is affixed to the front pastedown. Contents: The Shining Pyramid; Out of the Earth; The Spagyric Quest of Beroaldus Cosmopolita; The Priest and the Barber; The Splendid Holiday; The Lost Club; A Wonderful Woman; In Convertendo; The Hidden Mystery; The Martyr; The Art of Dickens; Unconscious Magic; Happiness and Horror; Ars Artium; Realism and Symbol; Paganism; Education and the Uneducated; New Lamps for Old; Mandatum Novissimum; "Sad Happy Race"; The Capital Levy; Drake's Drum. Some loss of cloth at top of spine along with some fraying and tiny tears, tiny tears and wrinkling at bottom of spine, corners of boards are lightly bumped - transfers to some adjacent pages, many pages are unopened, light browning to fore-edge and bottom of text block, light edge wear, small faint liquid mark on front board, some small air bubbles under cloth at bottom edge of both boards, 2" x 1/4" browned paper tag on fore-edge of page leaf 107/108 with corresponding piece missing at fore-edge of page leaf 101/102 - caused when opening pages, a few varying size light scuff marks on rear board. 
Price: 95.00 USD
Edinburgh Mainstream 1995 1851587047 / 9781851587049 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good 
416 pp, large 8vo (9 3/8" H). B&w photographs. "(W)hat little is generally known of (Robert Service's) life is vague and full of contradictions. Now, after years of research and retracing Service's lifetime of wandering, James Mackay has unravelled this web of half-truths and enigmas to produce a fascinating, definitive biography. (I)llustrated with many superb rare photographs, (this book) is a welcome insight and necessary read for all Service admirers." Tiny stain on half-title page, minor bump to top and bottom of rear hinge. Dust jacket has light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, very minor rubbing, tiny dent on front hinge. 
Price: 22.50 USD
18 Marston, Edward. THE RAILWAY DETECTIVE.
Allison & Busby, London, 2004, reprint. 
261 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0749006331 "London, 1851. The London to Birmingham mail train is robbed and derailed, injuring the driver and others aboard. With the opening of the Great Exhibition at hand, interest is mo unting in the engineering triumphs of the railways, but not everyone feels like celebrating. Planned with military precision, this crime challenges the new Police Force to its limits and leads Detective Inspector Robert Colbeck to discover a ta n g l e d web of murder, blackmail and destruction. As the momentum gains pace, Colbeck closes in on the criminal masterminds. But just as the police begin to think the villains are within their grasp, events take an unexpected turn - Madeleine An dr ew s, t he beautiful daughter of the injured train driver, becomes an unwilling pawn in the criminals' game. In a final race against time, good and evil, new and old, are pitted against each other. But will the long arm of the law be quick eno ugh ? (Th is) is an action-packed dip into murky 1850s London. Full of historical detail, unexpected twists and memorable characters, (it) is a mystery that will surprise you at every turn." Remainder mark on bottom of text block - migrates sligh tly in to p age margin. Dust jacket has very minor edge wrinkling and rubbing, remainder mark on bottom edge of flaps. Very Good/Very Good 
Price: 15.00 USD
AMONG THE SHADOWS:  TALES FROM THE DARKER SIDE., Montgomery, L.M. (Lucy Maud).  Edited by Rea Wilmshurst.
19 Montgomery, L.M. (Lucy Maud). Edited by Rea Wilmshurst. AMONG THE SHADOWS: TALES FROM THE DARKER SIDE.
Toronto McClelland & Stewart 1990 0771061552 / 9780771061554 Hard Cover Good Good+ 
310 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H). "It may be a truth almost universally acknowledged that L.M. Montgomery wrote tales of sweetness and light, but there are also darker strands woven through the web of her work. The (19) stories collected here have been chosen to illustrate this 'darker side'. Drunkards, petty thieves, embezzelers, murderers, and adulterers are her characters, people whose weaknesses she depicts faithfully but compassionately. Here too are Montgomery's supernatural stories, reflecting one of the obsessions of her time: the belief that the power of love could last beyond death." Contents: Introduction; The Closed Door; Davenport's Story; The Deacon's Painkiller; Detected by a Camera; From out the Silence; The Girl at the Gate; The House Party at Smoky Island; The Man on the Train; The Martyrdom of Estella; Min; Miriam's Lover; Miss Calista's Peppermint Bottle; The Old Chest at Wyther Grange; The Red Room; A Redeeming Sacrifice; The Redemption of John Churchill; Some Fools and a Saint; The Tryst of the White Lady; White Magic; Editorial Note; Acknowledgements; Other Books by L.M. Montgomery. Light waviness due to dampness at top half of fore-edge of textblock - faint watermark across fore-edge and in margin of some pages, faint watermark on bottom half of rear board, light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, minor rubbing. Dust jacket has minor rubbing, minor edge wrinkling, area of light dampness on bottom half of rear panel. 
Price: 20.00 USD
HIGH WATER., Reeman, Douglas.
20 Reeman, Douglas. HIGH WATER.
Arrow, London, 1980, reprint. 
256 pp, mass market paperback. ISBN 0099079003 "With his own boat, the motor-yacht Seafox, former naval officer Philip Vivian had hoped to earn a living free from the petty restrictions of everyday life, close to the sea he loved. Now, however, h is dream is threatened by financial difficulties. So when a profitable - if legally dubious - proposition is put to him by an old naval comrade-in-arms, Vivian is willing to listen. But what starts out as a harmless adventure soon turns i n t o s o m e t hing altogether more sinister. And Vivian finds himself trapped in a treacherous web of violence and crime, dangerously torn between his stubborn sense of past loyalties and his duty to a society he has always despised." Interior - v er y l ig ht b ro wning to pages, otherwise clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - minor edge wear, faint crease down spine, old price label on rear cover. Very Good 
Price: 20.00 USD
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