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London Brockhampton 1996 1860198511 / 9781860198519 Reprint Hard Cover Near Fine Very Good+ 
288 pp, large 8vo (9 7/8" H). Profusely illustrated with b&w photographs, maps. "Created in 1918 from the former Royal Flying Corps, the RAF forged its own traditions as it developed the tactics and weap- onry of aerial warfare. It ended the First World War with a strength of 300,000 personnel and 23,000 aircraft, but there was the immediate threat of stringent post-war defence budgets and an Army and Navy that demanded that air power be under their control. The Chief of Air Staff, Trenchard, needed a successful example of the potential of air power in order to guarantee future funding, and it came in the RAF air-policing role in the Near East. The RAF was perhaps the most neglected armed force during the 'appeasement years', despite vocal opposition and foreign militarization. After desperate rearm-ament in both aircraft and ground forces, the RAF stemmed the tide of German expansion in the Battle of Britain. The author devotes one third of the book to the superb record of the RAF throughout the Second World War, acknowledging the problems in command, strategy and aircraft equipment that appeared in all theatres during the fight against the Axis forces. Chapters cover the lean years from 1940 to 1942 with the RAF over-committed on all fronts, through the gradual build-up with improved aircraft and on to the heavy bombing campaign and the final, comprehensive air assault on Germany. The years 1944-1945 mark the high point of RAF history, but the factual framework continues with details of the appearance of jet aircraft, the deployments worldwide as the British Empire evolved into the Commonwealth and the RAF's changing tactical and strategic roles as Britain declined from 'superpower' status. This period also includes an appraisal of the V-bomber force, the slow decline in British research and development, the emergence of the RAF role in NATO and the balance of power during the Cold War. The history of the RAF is fully detailed up to the present as one receding threat causes significant change in the number and type of aircraft needed to face the perceived new problems posed by developing nations." Tiny scuff on bottom of rear board. Dust jacket has minor wear at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, one tiny edge tear, very small dint on rear hinge, two tiny dints on rear panel, minor rubbing. 
Price: 15.00 USD
Airlife, (Shrewsbury, 1992), Ist edition. 
148 pp, 4to (12 1/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. Profusely illustrated with color photos. Contents: Introduction; De Havilland; The DH51; The DH53; The DH60 Moth; DH60G III Moth Major; DH80A Puss Moth; DH82 Tiger Moth; DH83 Fox Moth; DH84 Drag on; DH85 Leopard Moth; DH87 Hornet Moth; DH88 Comet; DH89 Dragon Rapide; DH90 Dragonfly; DH94 Moth Minor; DH98 Mosquito; DH100 Vampire; DH104 Dove; DH106 Comet; DH112 Venom; DH114 Heron; DHC 1 Chipmunk; DHC-2 Beaver; DHC-3 Otter. Small very light stain on front pastedown, slight cigarette odor, light edge wear. Dust jacket has light rubbing, minor edge wear, tiny scuff on spine, one small closed tear, very light edge wrinkling. VG/VG 
Price: 30.00 USD
London Cassell Llustrated 2005 1844034577 / 9781844034574 Soft Cover with Self Flaps Near Fine Andrew Whitson. 
256 pp, 9 1/4" H. B&w illustrations. Contents: Introduction; The Wolf of Badenoch (Scotland); 'Burn the Ladle' - The Witches of Tain (Scotland); The Devil and the Doctor (Ireland); Weir the Waerlock (Scotland); The Woman who Talked with the Fairies and the Witch of Helston (Cornwall); The Magician of Marblehead and his Granddaughter (USA); The Wizard Earl (Ireland); The Fairy Woman of Bodmin (Cornwall); The Demon in the Church (Wales); Witchfinder (Wales); Cruel Coppinger (Cornwall); The Black Sisters of Christiansburg (USA); The Vampire Lady of Rhode Island (USA); 'Burn, Witch, Burn!' (Ireland); Beautiful Nell (USA); The Hollandale Wagons (USA); Select Bibliography; Index. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - very minor edge wear. 
Price: 12.50 USD
FLYPAST.  NO. 103.  FEBRUARY 1990.  (FLY PAST.), Ellis, Ken, ed. (Francois Prins, Alan Curry, Dave Graham, Ken Wixey, Dave SMith.)
4 Ellis, Ken, ed. (Francois Prins, Alan Curry, Dave Graham, Ken Wixey, Dave SMith.) FLYPAST. NO. 103. FEBRUARY 1990. (FLY PAST.)
Key, Stamford, Lincs., 1990. 
62 pp, 11 11/16" H, soft cover (magazine format - stapled in wraps). Profusely illustrated with b&w and color photographs. Contents: Battles for France (Fairey Battle units before Dunkirk); Provost Pair; Heron Phase-Out (Navy retires DH Heron 'bar ges'); Hawker Typhoon (Camm's fighter turned tank-buster); News (B-17 crash report, Vampire is reborn); Register Review (France); Preservation Project ('Killer Cat'); Type Report (Mustang); Flying-boats of the RAF (Supermarine); American C l a s s i c s ( S tinson Trimotors); Airfield (Burnaston); Preservation News Album (Chino); FlyPost (Hurricane background, TSR.2 hulks), etc. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - minor edge wear/wrinkling, very li gh t we ar a t t op /b ottom of spine, very light rubbing and date stamp on rear cover, minor browning to edges of textblock. VG 
Price: 10.00 USD
FLYPAST.  NO. 120.  JULY 1991.  (FLY PAST.), Ellis, Ken, ed. (Larry Milberry, Robbie Shaw, Roy Humphreys, Dave Allport, Jeremy Collins, Don Middleton, Colin Dodds.)
5 Ellis, Ken, ed. (Larry Milberry, Robbie Shaw, Roy Humphreys, Dave Allport, Jeremy Collins, Don Middleton, Colin Dodds.) FLYPAST. NO. 120. JULY 1991. (FLY PAST.)
Key, Stamford, Lincs., 1991. 
87 pp, 11 11/16" H, soft cover (magazine format - stapled in wraps). Profusely illustrated with b&w and color photographs. Contents: Flight 777 (KLM Flight 777 shot down June 1943); Vampire Returns (Canadian F.3); Ventura (Lockheed's Ventura famil y); Gustav Airborne (Benson Messerschmitt); Final Salute (8 Squadron - Shackleton); Diamond Nine - Go! (Tiger Team); Fifty Year Deadline (Night Fighter Preservation Team Mosquito); Day Tripper; News (Shackletons go to auction....Peter Newb e r r y k i l l e d....Junkers think-in....); Year of the Lancaster ('Mickey' flew with 617 Squadron); Government Surplus ('demobbed' aircraft); Originators (Schneider Trophy races); Airshow 91; Pilot's View (Dragon Rapide), etc. Interior - clean a nd t ig h t wi th n o previous ownership marks. Exterior - minor edge wear, very light wear at top/bottom of spine, small liquid stain on rear cover - migrates into last pages, minor browning to edges of textblock. VG 
Price: 10.00 USD
New York Ace Mass Market Paperbacks Very Good Cover art by Vito DeVito (1,2,4-6), F. Gambino (3, 7), Paul Robinson (9), Jamie Murray (Quincey Morris). 
The first seven volumes of "The Vampire Files", plus volume 9, plus "Quincey Morris, Vampire" (not part of this series, but vampire-related) - 9 books in total. 6 3/4" H. Book 1. Bloodlist - 200 pp, 1990 1st printing, ISBN 0441067956 - "I've always had a weak spot for strange ladies. One very beautiful girl had even warned me that she was - get this - a vampire. But did I listen? No. Well, before you know it, I'm being chased by an ugly thug with a gun, and a bullet blasts its way through my back, and - believe it or not - nothing happened. I survived! How? You guessed it. I, Jack Fleming, ace reporter, had been transformed into - a vampire! Which has its advantages. You never die, you never grow old, you sleep all day, and best of all - you can hunt down your own murderer." Book 2. Lifeblood - 202 pp, 1990 5th printing, ISBN 0441847765 - "As nosferatu go, I'm basically a nice guy. Sure, I need a little blood now and then, but I never meant to hurt anyone. Too bad some people don't feel the same about me. Now I've got a bunch of crazy vampire-hunters on my trail, armed with crosses, silver bullets, and sharp wooden stakes. How did they find out about me? Why are they - pardon the expression - out for my blood? I don't know, but I'm going to get some answers even if it kills me - again." Book 3. Bloodcircle - 202 pp, 1990 6th printing, ISBN 0441067174 - "As a vampire, I have a number of handy skills - I can hypnotize mortals, walk through walls, and shrug off bullets like insults. The one thing I haven't been able to manage, so far, is to find the woman who made me what I am. Until now. Her trail has led me to the palatial estate of a wealthy widow - and a two hundred-year-old gigolo with a taste for young blood. He claims not to know where my long-lost lady is - or who is trying to kill me - but then again, you can never trust a vampire." Book 4. Art in the Blood - 195 pp, 1991 1st printing, ISBN 0441859453 - "(W)hen the career of a talented young artist is fatally cut short, I know I won't sleep easy in my coffin until I find the killer. But the world of high art - with its big money, bigger egos, and expensive forgeries - makes even bloodsucking seem simple. And safer. Dead artists can live forever. An undead detective may not be so lucky - ." Book 5. Fire in theBlood - 198 pp, 1991 3rd printing, ISBN 0441859451 - "Even the dead have to work for a living. This time, a priceless heirloom bracelet's been stolen from the wealthy Sebastian Pierece. And guess who's been hired to find it? Pierce has plenty of hard cash, a soft heart - and a hot-blooded daughter named Marian. Marian has big eyes for yours truly - and a very jealous boyfriend. And me? I have a night job I can really sink my teeth into." Book 6. Blood on the Water - 199 pp, 1992 2nd printing, ISBN 044185947X - "There's a new crime boss in town and he's gunning for a vampire. So are the police. Lucky me. What's worse, my thirst for the red stuff is getting out of control. I'm not sure what scares me mroe: the mob - or the darkness gnawing at my gut. When Chicago gets this hot, even a vampire can get burned." Book 7. A Chill in the Blood - 327 pp, 1999 1st PB printing, ISBN 0441006272 - "(B)eing a vampire with morals is no midnight stroll on the streets of post-prohibition Chicago. In the city of sin, the gangs still rule - and they're on the brink of an all-out war. Neither crooks nor cops care how much blood, innocent or otherwise, flows during the fight. But Jack does. Caught between the local hoods and the boys from New York, Jack has to stop the battle before it starts. But how much of his remaining humanity will he have to give up to do it?" Book 9. Lady Crymsyn - 410 pp, 2001 1st PB printing, ISBN 0441008739 - "(Jack) has made a good bit of money cleaning up the streets of post-prohibition Chicago - enough to realize his long-time dream of owning a nightclub where a man can get a legal drink, and where Jack's songbird girlfriend can headline the floor show. But renovations on the speakeasy come to a crashing halt when workmen discover the skeletal remains of a woman's body - clad in a distinctive red dress - walled up in the basement. Jack may have become a creature of the night, but he's still a man with a strong sense of justice. And he won't rest until he finds out who killed the lady in red - even if it means resurrecting secrets the mob would kill to keep buried." Plus: Quincey Morris, Vampire - 336 pp, Baen Publishing 2001 first printing, ISBN 0671319844 - "Rough and ready Texan Quincey Morris thrust his Bowie knife into Dracula's heart, bringing an end to the quintessential battle between the living and the Un-Dead. It also brought an end to Quincey as he bled his life away into the chill earth of Transylvania. Or so he thought. Waking to the night, surrounded by ravenous wolves, he finds himself plunged into his greates adventure yet: life beyond life - as a vampire. To survive, he must quickly adapt to his dark change. At the hands of his savage mentor it's a hard, painful process, but Quincey is determined to escape the wilderness and return to his grieving friends. However, Professor Van Helsing has convinced them that the only good vampire is a dead one. Seen as an acolyte of their greatest enemy, can Quincey persuade them to accept his change, or will a lifetime of friendship end in bloody betrayal? And for whom?" Interiors - one book with a large stamp from bookstore on first page, two books with light browning on inside of covers, three books with very light browning on inside of covers and one book on pages, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exteriors - edge wear varies from minor to light, two books with a very light spine crease, three books with slight spine lean, one book with light rubbing on covers. 
Price: 45.00 USD
Canada John Gordon 1963 First Edition Stapled in Wraps Very Good Claude Rousseau. 
104 pp, oblong (10 7/8" H x 13 1/2" D). B&w drawings. Inside of front cover has reproductions of signatures with a tissue overlay giving typed versions. Inside the rear cover, a tissue overlay gives reproduction signatures and typed versions over a drawing of the Trans-Canada Trophy. Bilingual text (English/French). "This book portrays the common and better known types of aircraft flown by Canadian military pilots during more than 50 years of war and peace. It includes the major types flown by Canadian airmen in the Royal Flying Corps, the Royal Naval Air Service and the Royal Air Force in the First World War; the first Canadian air services, the Canadian Aviation Corps of 1914, and the Canadian Air Force of 1918-1919; the post-war Air Board and C.A.F.; the Royal Canadian Air Force and Civil Government Air Operations Directorate in the inter-war years; the Royal Canadian Air Force, Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Navy in the Second World War; and the new types brought into service int he past 15 or 20 years." Interior - a few pages with small wrinkle at top edge, slight browning to edges of transparent free endpapers, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - light edge wear, light browning to rear cover, small area of surface paper loss at top of rear hinge. 
Price: 19.00 USD
VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE. 6 BOOKS FROM THE CLAN NOVEL SERIES: TZIMSCE / GANGREL / SETITE / RAVNOS / GIOVANNI / ANTHOLOGY.  (WORLD OF DARKNESS.), Griffin, Eric; Fleming, Gherbod; Ryan, Kathleen; Achilli, Justin; Wieck, Stewart (editor); Baugh, Bruce; Hatch, Robert; Dansky, Richard.
8 Griffin, Eric; Fleming, Gherbod; Ryan, Kathleen; Achilli, Justin; Wieck, Stewart (editor); Baugh, Bruce; Hatch, Robert; Dansky, Richard. VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE. 6 BOOKS FROM THE CLAN NOVEL SERIES: TZIMSCE / GANGREL / SETITE / RAVNOS / GIOVANNI / ANTHOLOGY. (WORLD OF DARKNESS.)
Clarkston, GA White Wolf Mass Market Paperbacks Very Good+ John Van Fleet, cover art. 
Five assorted Clan Novels from the World of Darkness "Vampire: The Masquerade" series plus the Anthology - six books in total, each approx. 7" H. 1. Tzimisce - 273 pp + excerpts of two other novels, 1999 first printing, ISBN 1565048024 - "For hundreds of years Camarilla vampires have preserved the Masquerade - an intricate dance of deception, misdirection and manipulation that conceals their nocturnal predations from mortal eyes. Now, the Sabbat are about to crash their party." 2. Gangrel - 271 pp + excerpts, 1999 second printing, ISBN 1565048032 - "Ramona and her friends have learned this much: What they don't know can kill them - and will, if given a chance. Their watchword: beware! Beware of other vampires - the Sabbat's conscienceless killers. Beware the unknown - a monstrous creature with the oozing, pulsating Eye. Beware supernatural terrors that stalk the wild places. Beware even themselves, for in the blink of an eye their own bloodlust can take control." 3. Setite - 278 pp + excerpts, 1999 first printing, ISBN 1565048040 - "In an antique shop in Manhattan Hesha finds a clue to a prize that has eluded him for lifetimes - the Eye of Hazimel. By dawn, all he has fought to achieve over centuries of vampiric existence is slipping from his grasp. Little does the Setite realize that his chance encounter in New York is a strand of the same web that bring the Eye into the hands of one of his own agents, only to be lost again. But is anything truly chance in the shadowy world of the Kindred?" 4. Ravnos - 265 pp + excerpts, 2000 first printing, ISBN 1565048083 - "Khalil Ravana has always been a lightweight, a drifter, a thief with not status and no power - until now. Chance saved him from a storm in Calcutta that annihilated his clan, and now chance has placed him in the center of another storm - this one in New York City, near the deadly Kindred battles for possession of the Eastern United States. For once, Khalil's sticky fingers give him the upper hand. Armed with secrets, a hidden ally, a burning thirst for revenge, and a hostage he saves from death, this Rom is going to take everyone else in New York City - Camarilla and Sabbat alike - for all he can get, including the blood of his elders." 5. Giovanni - 287 pp, 2000 first printing, ISBN 1565048261 - "Benito Giovanni has disappeared. Enter Chas Giovanni Tello, Mob strong-arm and part of the New World Giovanni. Chas finds himself ordered to Las Vegas, where he meets the Old World scion of the necromancers' clan, Isabel, who shares his interest in locating the missing Benito." 6. Anthology - 288 pp, 2000 first printing, ISBN 1565048768 - "More fascinating than the events of the Clan Novel series are the characters. The wily Victoria; the cool and calculating Hesha; the new Prince of New York, Calebros; the mad prophet Anatole; the brooding and dedicated Theo; and all the other characters featured in the original series. These thirteen characters form the basis of the all-new stories of this anthology. And who better to tell their stories than the authors of the Clan Novels? All of the authors of the original series have contributed to this anthology. With the addition of fine stories by two other authors as well, readers may peer even deeper into the shadows of the World of Darkness and find answers to some of the mysteries not resolved in the series itself." Interiors - "Gangrel" has approx. 1" piece missing from bottom of last page, "Setite" has corner crease on pages 39 to 42, otherwise all books are clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exteriors - very minor edge wear, a few tiny light corner creases on some books - "Anthology" has crease at top corner of rear cover that migrates into the last few pages. 
Price: 50.00 USD
THE SHILLING SHOCKERS:  STORIES OF TERROR FROM THE GOTHIC BLUEBOOKS., Haining, Peter, editor.  (Isaac Crookenden, Sarah Wilkinson, Dr Nathan Drake, et al.)
9 Haining, Peter, editor. (Isaac Crookenden, Sarah Wilkinson, Dr Nathan Drake, et al.) THE SHILLING SHOCKERS: STORIES OF TERROR FROM THE GOTHIC BLUEBOOKS.
Victor Gollancz, London, 1978. 
183 pp, 8vo (8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0575024178 6 b&w illustrations. "The Shilling Shockers came about in the great days of the Gothic novels, at around the turn of the nineteenth century, many of which were enormously long three-d eckers. In those days, before copyright existed, such titles....were plagiarised and abridged by hacks into what were known as 'Bluebooks', paper-covered pamphlets retailing at between 6d and 1s....when the supply of three-decker Gothic no v e l s r a n thin, a good trade was done in Bluebooks comprising original short stories in the macabre field. It is on these short stories that Peter Haining has largely drawn for this collection....The book has a general introduction which expl ai ns t he de ve lo p ment, success and eventual demise of the Bluebooks, and in addition each story is introduced with details of its provenance and other relevant information." Contents: The Vindictive Monk: Or, The Fatal Ring; The Mysterious Nov ice : O r, C onv ent of t he Grey Penitents; Captive of the Banditti: A Terrific Tale Concluded; The Spectre Mother: Or, the Haunted Tower; The Life and Horrid Adventures of the Celebrated Dr Faustus; The Old Tower of Frankenstein; The Bride o f th e Is les: A Ta le F ound ed o n t he Popular Legend of the Vampire; The Lunatic and His Turkey: A Tale of Witchcraft; The Severed Arm, Or, The Wehr-wolf of Limousin; Five Hundred Years Hence!; Bibliography. Faint cigarette odor, very light br ownin g to edges of te xtblo ck, t iny b ump at tbottom of spine, light wrinkling at top of spine, tiny bump to bottom corner of both boards. Dust jacket has minor edge wear and very light edge wrinkling, very light rubbing, light browning at top of fl ap-fo lds. Very Goo d/Very Good 
Price: 20.00 USD
THE COUNTESS., Johns, Rebecca.
10 Johns, Rebecca. THE COUNTESS.
New York Crown 2010 0307588459 / 9780307588456 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
285 pp, large 8vo (9 1/2" H). "In this riveting dramatization of Erzebet Bathory's life, the countess tells her story in her own words, written to her only son - a final reckoning from his mother in an attempt to reveal the truth behind her downfall. Countess Bathory describes her upbringing in one of the most powerful noble houses in Hungary, recounting in loving detail her devotion to her parents and siblings as well as the heartbreak of losing her father at a young age. She soon discovers the price of being a woman in sixteenth-century Hungary as her mother arranges her marriage to Ferenc Nadasdy, a union made with the cold calculation of a financial transaction. Young Erzebet knows she has no choice but to accept this marriage even as she laments its loveless nature and ultimately turns to the illicit affections of another man. Seemingly resigned to a marriage of convenience and a life of surreptitious pleasure, the countess surprises even herself as she ignites a marital spark with Ferenc through the most unromantic of acts: the violent punishment of an insolent female servant. The event shows Ferenc that his wife is no trophy but a strong, determined woman more than capable of managing their vast estates during Ferenc's extensive military campaigns against the Turks. Her naked assertion of power accomplishes what her famed beauty could not: capturing the love of her husband. The countess embraces this new role of loving wife and mother, doing everything she can to expand her husband's power and secure her family's future. But a darker side surfaces as Countess Bathory's demand for virtue, obedience, and, above all, respect from her servants take a sinister turn. What emerges is not only a disturbing, unflinching portrait of the deeds that gave Bathory the moniker 'Blood Countess', but an intimate look at the woman who became a monster." Remainder dot on bottom of textblock near spine, light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, tiny bump on top edge of front board. Dust jacket has some areas of light edge wrinkling, light rubbing. 
Price: 15.00 USD
11 Keesey, Pam, editor. (Charlee Jacob, Suzy McKee Charnas, Judy Brewer, Renee M. Charles, Steve Eller, Ursular K. Le Guin, Paul Allen, Thomas S. Roche, Barbara J. Ferrenz, Jeremy E. Johnson, Tom Piccirilli, Pamela J. Jessen, Mari Hersh-Tudor, et al.) WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WEREWOLVES: TALES OF BLOOD, LUST AND METAMORPHOSIS.
Pittsburgh Cleis Press 1996 1573440574 / 9781573440578 First Edition Soft Cover Very Good- 
167 pp, 8 7/16" H. "Like the femme fatale, the female werewolf is dangerous and alluring, often using her sexuality to destroy men. But while the vampire employs seduction to capture her prey, the werewolf is most often associated with raw lust and animal instinct. Her desires literally turn her into an animal. From the editor of 'Daughters of Darkness' and 'Dark Angels', (this book) features tales by: Ursula K. Le Guin, Renee M. Charles, Suzy McKee Charnas, Melanie Tem, Charlee Jacob, Thomas S. Roche, and more!" Contents: Introduction; Permafrost; Boobs; Moon Running; A Model of Transformation; The Final Truth; The Wife's Story; Teamwork; Sisters of the Weird; The Change; Euphorbia Helioscopia; The Hound of God; Visitation; A Wilder Truth; Breaking the Circle; Wilding; About the Authors; About the Editor. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - very light edge wear/rubbing, one small corner crease on front cover, tiny corner crease on rear cover, thin shallow dint to top of textblock. 
Price: 12.00 USD
12 Kwitz, Mary DeBall. (Illus. by Stella Ormai.) THE BELL TOLLS AT MOUSEHAVEN MANOR.
Scholastic, New York, (1991), Ist edition. 
125 pp, 8vo, HC in dust jacket. B&w illus by Stella Ormai. Minabell Mouse must protect the secret of a tiny flask holding a mysterious liquid from Count von Flittermouse, a shapechanging vampire bat who will stop at nothing to obtain it! Dust jac ket has light edgewear/wrinkling. NF/VG 
Price: 15.00 USD
13 McQuarrie, John. Foreword by LGen David Huddleston. CANADIAN FIGHTER PILOT: A LEGACY OF COURAGE AND DEDICATION.
Toronto McGraw-Hill Ryerson 1992 007551480X / 9780075514800 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good 
224 pp, 4to (12 1/4" H). Profusely illustrated with colour photographs. "(F)ocusses on Canadian fighter pilots beginning in the years following World War II as the de Havilland Vampire ushered them into the jet age. We will take you quickly through the Golden Age of the legendary Canadiar Sabre and on to the Century series which includes the Canadian designed CF-100, the CF-101 Voodoo, and the classic CF-104 Starfighter. Our move to the present day Canadian Air Force begins with a glimpse at the process of training fighter pilots. Then it's on to a tour of the three bases where Canadian Air Force figher squadrons live. The CF-18 Hornet is Canada's front-line fighter and its beauty will dominate the pages of this book. But it will not be just cold steel. You will see a lot of people herein. While many of them will be pilots you will discover that it is the ground crews that keep the jets flying. In their own words you will learn a little something about their thoughts and the way they go about their business. The world of the fighter pilot is big, dynamic and stunningly beautiful so the emphasis is on the imagery. The words are there to season and complement the photographs." Book very slightly cocked, very light wear at corners. Dust jacket has some minor edge wear, two small tears archivally taped, minor edge wrinkling, some minor edge browning, minor rubbing. 
Price: 27.50 USD
New York Harmony 2088 0307381129 / 9780307381125 Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good+ Patricia Wynne. 
325 pp, 9 1/2" H. B&w drawings. "(Z)oologist Bill Schutt takes readers on an entertaining voyage into the world of some of nature's strangest creatures - the sanguivores. Using a sharp eye and mordant wit, (he) makes a remarkably persuasive case that vampire bats, leeches, ticks, bed bugs, and other vampires are as deserving of our curiosity as warmer and fuzzier species are - and that many of them are even worthy of conservation. He takes us from rural Trinidad to the jungles of Brazil to learn about some of the most reviled, misunderstood, and marvelously evolved animals on our planet: vampire bats. Schutt also tracks the history of medicinal leech use. Once employed by the tens of millions to drain perceived excesses of blood, today the market for these ancient creatures is booming once again - but for very different reasons. Among the other blood feeders we meet are bed bugs, or 'ninja insects' (and he) also details our dangerous and sometimes deadly encounters with ticks, chiggers, and mites (the latter implicated in Colony Collapse Disorder - currently devastating honey bees worldwide). Then there are the truly wierd - vampire finches. And if you thought piranha were scary, some people believe that the candiru (or willy fish) is the best reason to avoid swimming in the Amazon. Enlightening, alarming, and appealing to our delight in the bizarre, 'Dark Banquet' peers into a part of the natural world to which we are, through our blood, inextricably linked." Very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, tiny dent on bottom edge of rear board. Dust jacket has minor edge wrinkling. 
Price: 15.00 USD
RAF GATE GUARDS., Simpson, Jim and Darling, Kev, compilers.
15 Simpson, Jim and Darling, Kev, compilers. RAF GATE GUARDS.
Airlife, Shrewsbury, 1992, first edition. 
203 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 1853101664 B&w photographs. "There are few airbases that do not possess a gate guard - an old aircraft, usually positioned near the gate of the base and 'up a pole' in an attempt to portray the normal flying attitude of the aircraft. Enthusiasts in the United Kingdom are particularly lucky that the RAF has such a positive attitude towards the preservation and maintenance of the often historic aircraft in its care. Ranging from WWII f ighters and bombers - Spitfires, Hurricanes, Shackletons and Lancasters - to more recent sophisticated jet aircraft such as the English Electric Lighning, Jaguar and Phantom; these aircraft represent a living piece of RAF history." Arranged a l p h a b e tically by airbase for 1991, with a section on former RAF Gate Guards and Selected Individual Histories. Very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light to moderate edge wear/wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and fl ap f ol ds , li gh t rubbing. Very Good/Very Good- 
Price: 20.00 USD
FLYPAST.  NO. 25.  AUGUST 1983.  (FLY PAST.), Twite, Mike, ed.  (Peter Norris, Bruce Robertson, Peter Moran, K M Molson, J B Cynk, Ken Ellis, Jeff Ethell.)
16 Twite, Mike, ed. (Peter Norris, Bruce Robertson, Peter Moran, K M Molson, J B Cynk, Ken Ellis, Jeff Ethell.) FLYPAST. NO. 25. AUGUST 1983. (FLY PAST.)
Key, Stamford, Lincs., 1983. 
60 pp, 11 11/16" H, soft cover (magazine format, stapled in wraps). Profusely illustrated with b&w photographs, 4 pages color. Contents: Preservation News; Fotopost (Java and Malaya, 1946); Flight of the Vampire (Vampire T.II); Airfield Archaeolog y (Heston airfield, near London); For the Record (Short Bomber in WWI); The Last Flight of LK171 (last sad flight of a supply-drop Halifax - Norway); Aviation Archaeology; Air Show '83; Museums of the World (Canadian National Aviation Muse u m , O t t a w a ); The British Warplane in Polish skies (British aircraft in service with Polish Air Force after 1918); Preservation Project; North American's First Fighters (NA BC-1 and A-27). Interior - minor browning to pages, otherwise clean a nd t i gh t wi th n o previous ownership marks. Exterior - minor edge wear to covers, light wear on spine, very light rubbing on rear cover, very small light stain at bottom of front cover, light browning to edges of textblock. VG 
Price: 10.00 USD
A TASTE OF BLOOD WINE., Warrington, Freda.
17 Warrington, Freda. A TASTE OF BLOOD WINE.
Pan, London, 1993, first paperback printing. 
581 pp, mass market paperback. ISBN 0330328468 "1923. Madeline Neville watches as her father fills Parkland Hall for her 18th birthday party. Among them is his handsome new research assistant Karl - the man she has already decided will be her hu sband. Her sister Charlotte has generously agreed to stand aside. Until she sees Karl....For Charlotte, it is the beginning of a deadly obsession. As their feverish passion grows, Karl faces the dilemma he fears the most. For Karl von W u l t e n d o r f is a vampire. And only by deserting Charlotte can his passion for her blood be conquered...." Interior - bookstore stamp on first page, tear on page 521 archivally taped, tiny edge tear (archivally taped) and small piece missi ng a t to p co rn er o f pages 519/520 - doesn't effect the text, pages browning very lightly, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - very light edge wear, small crease at corners, faint creases on spine, very light b row nin g to ed ges of te xtb lo ck, minor scuffs on fore-edge of textblock. Very Good- 
Price: 12.50 USD
Clarkston, GA White Wolf 1995 Mass Market Paperbacks Very Good 
First two volumes of the 'Masquerade of the Red Death Trilogy' - 7" H. 1. Blood War - 292 pp, ISBN 1565048407 - "For ten thousand years a race of immortal vampires has waged a secret war to control mankind. Beings of incredible supernatural potency, they are driven by a lust for power - and human blood. They are the Kindred. Though mortal, the enigmatic detective Dire McCannan knows a great deal about these undead. So does Alicia Varney, one of the world's wealthiest women. They are two wild cards in a global game of chess that has lasted for over one hundred centuries. But now a new player has entered the fray. Known only as the Red Death, he controls forces that make even the Kindred tremble. Who is this mysterious avatar of blood? And is his appearance the first sign that Gehenna, the dread apocalypse for both humans and vampires, is about to being?" 2. Unholy Allies - 378 pp, ISBN 1565048415 - "The Red Death, a powerful vampire thousands of years old, has made a blood bargain with monstrous fire creatures from another dimension. With their aid and the support of the Order of Dreadful Night, he plots to rule the world as Master of the Undead. The only two people who can stop the Red Death are Dire McCann and Alicia Varney. To do this, they must find the one vampire who knows the key to the Red Death's identity. But time is running out - and the Red Death will do anything to destroy them." Interiors - very light browning to pages of volume 1, store stamp and old price on first page of volume 2, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exteriors - light browning to edges of text block of volume 1, light edge bumping at bottom of front cover of volume 1, very small crease at top/bottom corner of covers. 
Price: 15.00 USD
Clarkston, GA White Wolf 1998 1565048903 / 9781565048904 Mass Market Paperback Very Good+ Jason Felix, cover art. 
376 pp, 7" H. Volume 3 only. "(A) desperate battle rages in the Horizon Realms, the mystic dimensions that surround Earth. The mages of both the Nine Traditions and the Technocracy are under attack by a mysterious willworker who calls himself Heylel Teomin, the Ascension Warrior. Already, two Horizon Realms have been obliterated, and now others are under attack. But Heylel's most potent threat is a seductive offer that kindles the fires of revolution in younger mages. Only a small band of unlikely allies stands against the Ascension Warrior. If they fail, mankind is doomed. For though Teomin may promise a bright new dawn, his triumph means an eternity of endless night!" The final novel of the Horizon War trilogy, based on the best-selling games, Mage: The Ascension and Vampire: The Masquerade. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - very minor edge wear/wrinkling. 
Price: 20.00 USD
Shrewsbury Airlife 1989 1853100579 / 9781853100574 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
170 pp, 11 7/8" H. "(P)rovides detailed histories of the development and operational service of each of the aircraft types that entered serviced with the Fleet Air Arm after the end of the Second World War. It also includes all the naval aircraft that reached prototype stage but, for various reasons, failed to enter service. With the aircraft featured in chronological order, based on their in service date, 'Fly Navy' provides a progressive history of the post war Fleet Air Arm. It describes the roles the various types have played in the many campaigns around the world, ranging from Korea through Suez to the Falklands, that have occurred since the end of the Second World War. (C)ontains nearly 200 superb b&w photographs, usually showing the aircraft in their correct environment. In addition, there are excellent three view scale drawings of each of the aircraft types." Light edge wear, very small bump to top corner of boards, book is very slight cocked. Dust jacket has light wrinkling/creasing - mainly at top edge and at bottom of spine, light rubbing, one very small edge tear archivally taped. 
Price: 20.00 USD
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