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London J.M. Dent & Sons Very Good Very Good 
226 pp, 6 7/8" H. No publication date, but an early edition as there is no mention of the First World War. Map endpapers, decorated title page. Profusely illustrated with colour and b&w maps, plus 10 plates depicting coins. "(T)he present volume deals with the countries of Asia, whose history and geography, and whose possibilities great and grave, are alike reflected in the maps and charts that follow. When Queen Elizabeth (I) granted to certain merchants of London a charter that gave them a roving commission to trade in the East Indies, she could not foresee the immense developments that were to rise from that adventurous commerce between east and west. The successive maps of India with their frontier changes mark the gradual advance of an old world toward the new one knit by powerful mutual ties to the Isle of Britain; and recently we have seen what it is to be hoped will open a greater era for those regions, marked by a return to the old captial of Delhi, and a resuming of ancient rites which first gained their symbolism in those lands. But Asia, as Japan has taught us and as China will undoubtedly teach us again, has her own destiny to bear out, apart from our European interests and politics; and it is in that aspect we need to study her on the lines laid down and made clear and positive in this volume. It is not the military records, the charts of mutinies and battle-fields, interesting as they are, which are alone important; but those showing the conditions, physical and climatic, of the country; the dispersion of the tongues, the sites of the old religions, the wealth and tillage of the earth with its fruits, grain and minerals, its rice fields and tea plantations; the prevalance of rain, sun and trade-winds; and the course of the sea-roads that affect its human and industrial life...In this Asian Atlas, of small dimensions as it requires to be to fit its pocket, Irkutsk in the north, 'far Mandalay', the details of the East and West Indies, the route of Marco Polo, coasts like the Carnatic, towns like Lucknow and Cawnpore, Lhasa, 'the Forbidden City' of Tibet, and Matsuye, the old capital of Idzumo, which Lafcadio Hearn describes, all have their record." Includes "A Brief Survey of the Coinages of Asia from the Earliest Times to the Present Day" by J. Allan, "A Gazetteer of Towns and Places in Asia having an Historic Interest" and an Index. Slight fading to spine color, small are of minor color loss on top of text block, very light browning to edges of text block, minor edge wear, small dplit in paper of front inside hinge, browning to pages 110/111 due to laid in newspaper clipping, slight browning to free endpapers - tiny foxing mark on front endpaper. Dust jacket has very light edge wear, light fading to spine and flap-fold color, small tear at botom of spine, very tiny white mark on front panel. 
Price: 25.00 USD
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1985, first edition. 
343 pp, large 8vo (9 1/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0226135799 "Combining literary criticsm with psychology, sociology, and the history of ideas, (this book) offers a fresh approach to the often-asserted connection between Puritanism and the rise of the English novel. Its premise is that the Christian myth, far from serving as a simple, unified background to fiction, was paradoxical and full of potential conflicts, and that these were particularly vivid in the Puritan ima g i n a t i o n . The extraordinary power of Puritan psychology rests in the control it granted Providence over the individual. Yet as a basis for fiction, Puritanism confronted a paradox that is the central theme of Damrosch's study - the tensio n be tw ee n fi ct io ns that confess themselves to be fictional and the Puritan faith in human life as a narrative invented by God....Damrosch holds that the eighteenth-century novel was preeminently a novel of ideas, not simply illustrating or al lu din g t o i de as but te sti ng them and fighting with them. As such, individual masterpieces found unique solutions to shared cultural problems. They demand to be understood from within, even while an attempt is made to trace their historical de velo pmen t. Acc ord ingl y, D amro sch examines a series of major works in detail. After surveying Puritan ideas about the self, time, and language, he considers two very different modes of Puritan narrative: Milton's 'Paradise Lost' and Bunya n's autob iogra phy and all egori es. Damro sch then explores the transition to secular narrative in eloquent discussions of Defoe's 'Robinson Crusoe', Richardson's 'Clarissa', and Fielding's 'Tom Jones'. A glance at Sterne's 'Tristram Shandy' co nclu des th e book , wi th re flect ions o n th e futu re of the novel in an age when providential pattern could no longer be asserted as synonymous with literary design." 1" faint line indentation on fore-edge of textblock. Dust jacket moderate w rinkl ing and a few tiny tears/ chips along t op ed ge, lig ht edge wear wrinkling at bottom of spine. Very Good+/Very Good- 
Price: 30.00 USD
PAUL NASH: THE MASTER OF THE IMAGE, 1889-1946., Eates, Margot.
3 Eates, Margot. PAUL NASH: THE MASTER OF THE IMAGE, 1889-1946.
John Murray, London, 1973. 
156 pp, 4to (11 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. B&w and colour reproductions, b&w photographs. "Paul Nash was always a leading and often a controversial figure in modern English art. His complete integrity of vision, his sturdy individualism and his remarkable ability to evoke the indwelling spirit of his subject - a quiet woodland scene, a menacing prehistoric site, a strange 'objet trouve' or 'monster' bombers on the ground or in the air - set him somewhat apart from his contemporarie s. In its later phases his work was marked by a degree of intuitive vision which may well explain why he never adhered closely to any school or sought to found one himself. Despite this apparent isolation, or perhaps even because of it, his co n t r i bution to the art of the twentieth century was both vital and unique. No full scale study of his life and work has appeared for nearly twenty years and the Paul Nash Trustees felt that the time had come for a reappraisal of his achievement. Th ey a ccordingly invited Margot Eates, who had edited the 'Paul Nash Memorial Volume' and knew him well towards the end of his life to undertake this new, fully illustrated monograph. In it she traces Paul Nash's artistic development in relatio n to hi s b ackground and personality, and in a long appendix has attempted the difficult task of producing a workable chronology covering over one thousand of his recorded paintings and drawings." Slight musty odor to pages, small light dust mar k on b otto m of text block, a few tiny light marks on top of textblock, small heavy dent on front board - migrates lightly into first few pages. Dust jacket has light wrinkling on spine and parts of rear panel, small closed perforation on front p an el, l ight edge wrinkling at top edge, light wear/wrinkling with tiny tears/chips at top of hinges and flap-folds, rear panel color has light to moderate fading, slight browning and soiling. Very Good-/Very Good- 
Price: 75.00 USD
Paris Terrail 1995 287939080X / 9782879390802 Very Good 
223 pp, 4to (11 13/16" H). 164 colour reproductions. "Gauguin, the leading figure of the Pont-Even group, inspired the Nabis through his influence on the young painter Paul Serusier. In the Breton village where they spent the summer of 1888, Serusier, under Gauguin's direction, painted a landscape in pure colours that verged on the abstract. When they returned to Paris and showed the picture to their friends, Maurice Denis, Vallotton, Vuillard and Bonnard, the effect was so magical that it became known as 'The Talisman'. The painting was at odds with the academic teaching of the time and they saw it as a veritable revelation; hence the name 'Nabis' from 'Nebiim', Hebrew for prophet. (This book) traces the genesis of this revelation in the context of a survey of the intellectual and artistic climate in Paris at the turn of the century, a period that also embraced Symbolism, Japonism, and the originality of a group of artists whose common characteristic was the will to apply the modernist ideal in every art form, including poster design, theatre programmes and stage sets." This is a heavy volume which may require extra postage, depending on destination. Interior - very light rub line on first few pages, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - very light rubbing, small corner crease and soft crease on rear cover. 
Price: 35.00 USD
THE CAMBRIDGE CULTURAL HISTORY OF BRITAIN.  VOLUME 1. EARLY BRITAIN.  (FIRST PUBLISHED AS THE CAMBRIDGE GUIDE TO THE ARTS IN BRITAIN: PREHISTORIC, ROMAN, AND EARLY MEDIEVAL.), Ford, Boris, ed.  Jacquetta Hawkes, Peter Salway, Barry Cunliffe, Sheppard Frere, Janet Huskinson, Roger Ling, Richard Bailey, Mildred Budny, Michael Alexander, Martin Biddle, Isabel Henderson, Richard Gem, Christopher Page, R. Allen Brown, Cherry Lavell
5 Ford, Boris, ed. Jacquetta Hawkes, Peter Salway, Barry Cunliffe, Sheppard Frere, Janet Huskinson, Roger Ling, Richard Bailey, Mildred Budny, Michael Alexander, Martin Biddle, Isabel Henderson, Richard Gem, Christopher Page, R. Allen Brown, Cherry Lavell THE CAMBRIDGE CULTURAL HISTORY OF BRITAIN. VOLUME 1. EARLY BRITAIN. (FIRST PUBLISHED AS THE CAMBRIDGE GUIDE TO THE ARTS IN BRITAIN: PREHISTORIC, ROMAN, AND EARLY MEDIEVAL.)
Cambridge Cambridge University Press for The Folio Society 1995 Very Good+ No Jacket - (as issued) 
289 pp, 10" H. Bound in full dark blue cloth with title and shield in gold on spine. B&w illustrations and colour plates. Contents: General Introduction / Prehistoric Britain: Stone Age to Iron Age / Roman Britain: The Cultural and Social Setting; Studies in the Individual Arts (Architecture; Verulamium: Social and Artistic Development; The Visual Arts and Crafts; Lullingstone Villa) / Early Medieval Britain: The Cultural and Social Setting; Studies in the Individual Arts (The Visual Arts and Crafts; Old English Literature; Winchester: The Rise of an Early Capital; The Arts of Late Celtic Britain (AD 600-900); Architecture; Music; The White Tower of London) / Appendix: Further Reading / Sources of Illustrations / Index. Minor rubbing on boards. 
Price: 25.00 USD
New York Bantam 1999 0553105442 / 9780553105445 First Edition Very Good+ Very Good- 
227 pp, large 8vo (9 1/2" H). B&w drawings, map. Contents: Preface; Acknowledgements; A Map of the People and Myths of Africa; Guidelines for the Pronunciation of African Words; List of Watermarks; List of Illustrations and Table; Voices of the Ancestors; The Hero with an African Face; Myths of Death and Resurrection; The Soul's High Adventure; The Heart of the Sacred Warrior; The Way of the Master Animals; The Goddess of Africa; Orishas: Mysteries of a Divine Self; Myths at the Beginning and End of Creation; Closing the Sacred Circle; Endnotes and Permissions; Bibliography; Art Credits; Index; About the Author. "African myths convey the perennial wisdom of humanity: the creation of the world, the hero's journey, our relationship with nature, death, and resurrection. From the Ashanti comes the moving account of the grief-stricken Kwasi Benefo's journey to the underworld to seek his beloved wives. From Uganda we learn of the legendary Kintu, who won the love of a goddess and created a nation from a handful of isolated clans. The Congo's epic hero Mwindo is the sacred warrior who shows us the path each person must travel to discover his true destiny. Many myths reveal the intimacy of human and animal spirits, and Ford also explores the archetypal forces of the 'orishas' - the West African deities that were carried to the Americas in the Africa diaspora." Minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has minor edge wrinkling, minor rubbing, 3" light knife score mark on spine. 
Price: 17.50 USD
A COMPLETE GUIDE TO HERALDRY., Fox-Davies, Arthur Charles.
7 Fox-Davies, Arthur Charles. A COMPLETE GUIDE TO HERALDRY.
New York Gramercy 1993 Fifth Printing Very Good Very Good Graham Johnston, Herald Painter to the Lyon Court. 
647 pp, 9 1/4" H. Profusely illlustrated with b&w drawings, photographs, colour plates. "(A) thorough explanation of the rules governing the establishment and use of coasts of arms which includes an extraordinarily detailed compendium of the individual elements and designs in the coats of arms of England and Scotland. Because every representation has a specific meaning, based on recognized historical interpretation, Fox-Davies has divided the book into chapters on such symbols as beasts, birds, trees, flowers, crests, crowns, coronets, badges, and mottoes. The inheritance pattern of each heraldic symbol is described and there is an explanation of what happens when one noble family intermarries with another and the coats of arms must be combined.." Very light browning to page margins and edges of text block, minor edge wear. Dust jacket has minor wrinkling at top/bottom of hinge and flap-folds, minor browning on inside edges. 
Price: 20.00 USD
Etobicoke Prospero 1999 1552678458 / 9781552678459 Near Fine Very Good 
128 pp, 10 1/4" H. Colour and b&w photographs, drawings. "In Ojibway tradition, mothers and grandmothers netted tiny circular cobweb-like charms from willow and sinew. These delicate charms were not meant to last but were intended to protect newborn children from 'everything evil, just as a spider's web catches and holds everything that comes in contact with it'. The beauty of dreamcatchers is reflected in their symmetry and natural accents. For generations, they have been crafted by making a hoop out of fresh wood, and then weaving a web inside the circle of deer sinew or colored thread. The unbroken strand of web/sinew is symbolic of eternity. Good dreams are also helped into the sleeper's dream world by feathers and colored beads that are attached at the bottom of the web. Careful attention is paid to leaving a hole in the middle of the web; if this is neglected, healthy dreams cannot find their way through to the dreamer." Contents: The Ojibway People; The Legend of the Dreamcatcher; Dreamcatchers and Children; The Dream Quest; Contemporary Issues - The Spiritual Legacy of Dreamcatchers; How to Make a Dreamcatcher; Notes and Bibliography; Index. Tiny dint on top edge of rear board. Dust jacket has light edge wrinkling, one very small edge tear archivally taped, a few tiny dints on hinges. 
Price: 22.50 USD
9 Inglefield, Eric. Illustrated by Tony Mould. Consultants: William G. Crampton, David J. Lally. FLAGS.
Kingfisher, (London, 1983), revised edition. 
125 pp, small 8vo (approx. 7 3/4" H), card covers. Profusely illustrated in color with reproductions, maps, drawings. "An up-to-date identification guide to the flags of the nations of the world. The introduction looks at the history of flags, flag design, heraldry and symbolism, with basic information on the parts of flags and how to identify them. The individual flags of different nations and states are illustrated in colour, each accompanied by an account of its history and main features." Interior - very small corner crease on two pages, otherwise clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - minor edge wear, flat uncreased spine. VG+ 
Price: 10.00 USD
TOOLS FOR TANTRA., Johari, Harish.
10 Johari, Harish. TOOLS FOR TANTRA.
Destiny, Rochester, Vermont, (1986). 
136 pp, 4to (11" H), soft cover. B&w drawings, color plates. "Harish Johari, accomplished artist, sculptor, Tantric practitioner and scholar, travelled throughout India in search of ancient examples of the primordial yantras. In 'Tools for Tantra' he has re-created their exact colors and proportions along with step-by-step instructions for the accurate construction, coloring, and use of yantras. Traditional Hindu practices associated with yantras are also fully elaborated; among these are meditation and visualization techniques, as well as methods of attuning with bodily, seasonal, and astrological cycles. A physiological understanding of these disciplines and their effects on the central nervous system is discussed in detail, reaffirming the link between the Eastern Tantric explanation of phenomena and the evidence presented by Western scientific research. Johari also includes a full description of authentic Tantric ritual as a tool for attuning with the world of symbol and nature. The combined powers of ritual, yantras, and the other practices delineated by the author enable us to go beyond the normal framework of consciousness to an altered state in which the experience of Tantra can be realized." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - light rubbing to glossy covers, light fading to top 1/8" of spine and part of rear cover, several lines of discoloration (darker) across rear cover - from printing process, spine flat and uncreased, two very small corner creases. VG 
Price: 17.50 USD
University of Washington Press, Seattle, 1973, 2nd printing. 
264 pp, 8vo (8 3/16" H), hard cover (grey cloth with silver lettering on spine) - no dust jacket. ISBN 0295951451 Publications of Asia of the Institute for Comparative and Foreign Area Studies Number 21. Contents: Part I: Before 1917 - Tradition / Transition. Part II: 1917-37 - The Pioneers / The Formalists / The Symbolists. Part III: 1937-49 and After - The War Period and the Rise of "Proletarian" Poetry / Poetry after 1949. Bibliography; Index. Free front endpaper is glued t o f r o n t p astedown, previous owner's bookplate on verso of free front endpaper, previous owner's chop (stamp) on half-title page with slight ink offset on free endpaper. Very Good- 
Price: 12.50 USD
12 Martine, Roddy. THE SECRETS OF ROSSLYN.
Birlinn, Edinburgh, 2006, reprint. 
200 pp, large 8vo (9 1/8" H), soft cover. ISBN 184158438X Colour photographs. "Ever since its creation in the mid fifteenth century, Roslyn Chapel has cast a mesmerising spell over all who have visited it. Nestling in an exquisite glen barely se ven miles from the centre of Edinburgh, it exudes an extraordinary atmosphere, serene yet charged, as if it holds the secret of some vast, unearthly mystery. Almost 600 yers after its creation it remains an enigma that continues to confoun d a n d i n t rigue thousands of people, inspiring stories of The Knights Templar, the Holy Grail and a myriad of esoteric beliefs. Now, with the film of Dan Brown's best-selling 'The Da Vinci Code', Rosslyn is set to capture the imagination of c ou n tl es s o th er s. In this book, Roddy Martine sifts through mounds of unfounded conjecture and fantasy to make sense of it all. (This) is the only book that lets the facts speak for themselves, showing ultimately that the truth is no less a maz in g t han f ic tio n." S mall bump to top corner of pages and covers, soft crease at top corner of rear cover, three very tiny dints on front cover. Very Good- 
Price: 17.50 USD
13 McKendry, Ruth. Foreword by Dr. William E. Taylor, Jr. Photographs by Blake McKendry. Patterns by Lucy Anne Holliday. QUILTS AND OTHER BED COVERINGS IN THE CANADIAN TRADITION.
Toronto Discovery 1979 2nd Printing Very Good Very Good Photographs by Blake McKendry. 
240 pp, 4to (12 1/4" H). A beautiful book, covering not only the subject of bedding, but the social history that surrounds the artifacts. Chapter headings: Immigrants and Imports:The Loyalists and After; Making Cloth at Home; The Bedstead; Bed Furniture; The Feather Bed; Blankets, Sheets and Pillowcases; Quilts, Counterpanes and Coverlets; The Fabrics Used in Making Quilts; Sets, Borders and Batts; Quilt Names; Symbolism in Quilts; Dates, Origins and Styles; Epilogue; A Gallery of Traditional Quilts; Notes; Glossary of Terms; Acknowledgements; Bibliography; Index. 118 colour plates and 336 b&w plates by Blake McKendry "form a lavish gallery of nineteenth century North American textiles". Very light wrinkling amd minor wear at top/bottom of spine, a few tiny dents on bottom edge of boards, tiny scuff on rear board. Dust jacket has light edge wrinkling, light wear at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, light rubbing, small tear at top of spine and a 2" tear at bottom of rear flap-fold archivally taped. 
Price: 27.50 USD
14 Noppen, Luc and Deschenes, Gaston. With Claude Tibault, Jocelyn Saint-Pierre, Maurice Pellerin, Gilles Gallichan, Marc-Andre Bedard, Maurice Belley, Francine Brousseau, Denis Castonguay, Jean-Pierre Labiau, Rene Villeneuve, Helen Ziarko, et al. QUEBEC'S PARLIAMENT BUILDING: WITNESS TO HISTORY.
Quebec Gouvernement du Quebec 1986 2551087864 / 9782551087860 First Edition Very Good Very Good 
204 pp, 12" H. Profusely illustrated in b&w and colour with photographs, architectural drawings, reproductions. Contents: Preface; Quebec's Parliament Today: the Institution and the Building; The Shaping of Parliamentary Institutions (The Formative Years: the Parliament of Lower Canada / An Impossible Union: Parliament in the Mid 19th Century); Building the House of Parliament ( Choices: a Site, an Architect, Design / Quebec's Construction Project of the Century / Function and Symbolism: Interior Organization and Decoration / Parliament in its New House); The Golden Years: a Work to be Completed (Parliamentary Life in the Golden Years / The Setting / A Panorama of History / An Art Workshop); Of Reform and Restoration (A Monument Reborn / Parliament and the Quiet Revolution); Where the Media Converge (The Library of the National Assembly / The Press Gallery in the Early 20th Century / The 'Journal des debats'); Bibliography; Illustration Credits. One small and one tiny corner crease, slight wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has minor edge wear, light rubbing, wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds. 
Price: 25.00 USD
HOPI POTTERY SYMBOLS., Patterson, Alex.  (Alexander M. Stephen.)
15 Patterson, Alex. (Alexander M. Stephen.) HOPI POTTERY SYMBOLS.
Boulder, Colorado Johnson 1994 1555661203 / 9781555661205 Very Good 
272 pp, 8vo (9" H). Profusely illustrated with b&w drawings, color plates. "Alexander M. Stephen, a self-taught anthropologist and an associate of Indian trader Thomas Keam, lived among the Hopi during the late nineteenth century. Having excellent rapport with the tribal elders, Stephen asked them the meaning of symbols on the pots he was collecting for Keam and recorded these interpretations in a catalogue entitled 'Pottery of Tusayan: Catalogue of the Keam Collection'. This manuscript is printed here in its entirety for the first time and is illustrated from the Keam collection, which is now housed at the Peabody Museum, Harvard University. Alex Patterson then incorporates Stephen's interpretations and cultural stories into a unique alphabetically arranged guide to the eighty-four symbols on the collected pots." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - small bump/crease with tiny tear at fore-edge of rear cover - archivally taped. 
Price: 30.00 USD
THE ROAD OF LIFE AND DEATH:  A RITUAL DRAMA OF THE AMERICAN INDIANS., Radin, Paul.  Foreword by Mark van Doren.  (Jasper Blowsnake.)
16 Radin, Paul. Foreword by Mark van Doren. (Jasper Blowsnake.) THE ROAD OF LIFE AND DEATH: A RITUAL DRAMA OF THE AMERICAN INDIANS.
Princeton, New Jersey Princeton University Press 1991 0691019169 / 9780691019161 Reprint Very Good+ 
345 pp, 9" H. "In this transcription of the Medicine Rite, the most sacred ritual of the now vanished Winnebago Indians, anthropologist Paul Radin captured a poetic source of profound importance to the understanding of mystical experience. Performed by medicine men upon the initiation of a member to their cult, this secret rite recapitulated the mythic origins and heroes of the Winnebago while integrating those present with the ancestral forces. The rite imparted not only knowledge about life, death, and rebirth within the community, but also insights into our potential, as human beings, of living with genuine dignity on this earth. (This book) offers an authentic rendering of these prayers and ceremonial procedures and guides readers in appreciating their rich symbolism. This text, recorded in 1908 through an interpreter, is the recollection of Jasper Blowsnake, a former medicine man hesitant to commit the once mortal sin of repeating the Medicine Rite. In the introduction Radin describes the events surrounding Blowsnake's recitation and sets the rite within its historical context. We learn that Winnebago medicine men attempted to find in the rite a refuge place for their tribe members, disoriented by their obsession with war and threatened with annihilation." Inside - previous owner's chop mark (stamp) on free front endpaper, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - tiny scuff on rear cover. 
Price: 20.00 USD
Regency Press, London, 1991. 
266 pp, large 8vo (9 3/16" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0721208061 Pictorial endpapers, b&w photographs, reproductions. "The Raj and the Empire are endlessly interesting, but unappreciated is how great a part in the Imperial drama was play ed by the English public school, the gentlemen's clubs, and the Masonic lodges. 'The real secret of the Empire', P.J. Rich claims, 'was its passionate love of secrets and ritual - and of the splendid Imperial mumbo jumbo that owed more to Eto n t h a n Waterloo ever did'. His provocative discussion of the old boys' totems and taboos should infuriate both the schools' critics and defenders. This entertaining and highly original book explores why and how the British ruled a large part o f t he w or ld . Dr. Rich relates the history of education to developments in the sciences, such as theories of chaos and Rupert Sheldrake's hypothesis about morphic resonance. He is interested as well in the study of 'ritology' and in reconsider at io ns of Imp eri alism, which he views as a surrogate for an old boy 'religion' employing a symbolism 'that would make any High Churchman blush'. Those puzzled as to why 'so few governed successfully so many for so long' will find that Paul Rich ha s s urp ris ing answ ers." Book very slightly cocked, small bump at corners of boards and at top of rear hinge area, light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, very light edge wear, tiny dint on bottom edge of front board, tiny light stain on fore -edg e of fre e fr ont endpa per. Dust jacket has light edge wear/wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, two tiny chips. Very Good-/Very Good 
Price: 45.00 USD
MICHAEL ROBINSON:  THE SPIRIT AND THE SMOKE., Robinson, Michael.  Foreword by Mimi Gely.  Essay by Carol Podedworny.
18 Robinson, Michael. Foreword by Mimi Gely. Essay by Carol Podedworny. MICHAEL ROBINSON: THE SPIRIT AND THE SMOKE.
Thunder Bay Thunder Bay National Exhibition Centre and Centre for Indian Art 1985 09205390902 Very Good Michael Robinson. 
48 pp, 8" H x 9" D. B&w photographs, b&w and colour reproductions. The catalogue of the exhibition. Contents: Foreword; Introduction; The Spirit and the Smoke; Footnotes; Catalogue of Works; Poetry Section; Biography; Bibliography; Catalogue Production. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - small sticker mark and a faint line indentation on rear cover. 
Price: 15.00 USD
Deneua & Greenberg 1980 0888790260 / 9780888790262 Very Good Good 
265 pp, large 8vo (9 1/4" H). Colour plates, b&w photographs. "(R)ecords the customs and traditions that enhanced the three formerly separate Canadian forces - the army, the navy and the air force. With the integration of these forces over ten years ago, many customs are changing and new traditions being established. (This book) sets out to preserve the heritage which served the men and women of Canada's armed forces so well for so long and which plays an important part in building morale and the sense of purpose that is so essential to the spirit of the Service." Contents: The Salute; The Mess; Dining in the Mess; More Mess Customs; Words and Expressions; Mourning Observances; Some Service Customs; Mascots; Launching and Commissioning of HMC Ships; Some Distinguishing Marks; Music and Verse; Flags and Colours; Appendix - Calendar of Anniversaries Observed by the Canadian Armed Forces. Place, date and signature in pencil on one preliminary page; light browning to edges of text block; minor edge wear; ghost sticker mark on free front endpaper. Dust jacket has light colour fading, some scattered colour offset from boards on inside surface, light browning on inside, light edge wear/wrinkling, several small edge tears - one with old tape repair, now in a mylar cover. 
Price: 25.00 USD
20 Silver, Kenneth E.; Parke-Taylor, Michael; Blondil, Nathalie; Kostenevich, Albert. Prefaces by Matthew Teitelbaum, Guy Cogeval, Mikhail Piotrovsky, Robert Kaszanits. VOYAGE INTO MYTH: FRENCH PAINTING FROM GAUGUIN TO MATISSE FROM THE HERMITAGE MUSEUM, RUSSIA.
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 2002. 
224 pp, 4to (11" H), soft cover with self-flaps. ISBN 1894243234 Profusely illustrated in colour and b&w. The catalogue of the exhibition. "This book demonstrates how two strains of influence - the resurgence of Classicsim and the impact of 'pri mitivism' on Western culture - provide links between Symbolism, Post-Impressionism, Fauvism and the birth of Modernism. Certain polarities generated by these two different strains - tradition versus innovation, Western versus non-Western c u l t u r e , t he timelessness of myth versus the experience of modern life - were driven by ideas that developed formalist parallels. This can be seen in the struggle between the figurative and abstract in art, and in the contrast between the pa st or al i dy ll a n d the contemporary landscape...." Contents: Prefaces; 'Invitation to the Voyage', poem by Charles Baudelaire; New Spirits and Sacred Springs: Modern Art in France at the Turn of the Century; The Myth of the Midi: Landscape a s E art hly Pa rad ise ; F in d e Siecle Nostalgia and Primitivism: Ancient Brother or New Man?; Sergei Shchukin and Ivan Morozov: Two Legendary Collectors; Maurice Denis and Pierre Bonnard: The Morozov Decorative Paintings in the Hermitage Collec tion ; Ca talo gue; Sel ecti ve B ibl iog raphy; Index of Artists; List of Illustrations; Picture Credits. Tiny tear/crease archivally taped at top edge of leaf 117/118, minor soiling on bottom of textblock. Very Good+ 
Price: 45.00 USD
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