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1 Asquith, Stuart. NEW MODEL ARMY 1645-60. OSPREY MEN-AT-ARMS SERIES 110.
Osprey, London, (1997), reprint. 
40 pp, + 8 pages of colour plates by Chris Warner, large 8vo (9 3/4" H), soft cover. B&w drawings, photos, maps throughout text. Covers: Origins of the New Model; Organization; Uniforms and Equipment; Weapons, Army Life; Campaigns; The Commonweal th. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - clean and bright. VG+ 
Price: 10.00 USD
ARMS & ARMOUR OF THE SAMURAI.  (ARMOR.), Bottomley, I. and Hopson, A.P.
2 Bottomley, I. and Hopson, A.P. ARMS & ARMOUR OF THE SAMURAI. (ARMOR.)
Bison, London, 1988, first edition. 
192 pp, 4to (12 1/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 086124415X Profusely illustrated in colour and b&w with photographs, reproductions, drawings. "A member of the aristocracy, from the tenth century the Samurai was primarily a mounted archer . This is reflected in the light, lamellar yoroi armour which left the right arm free for drawing his bow. Helmets were simple, with leather neckpieces. Battle began with an exchange of arrows, and was followed by a series of hand-to-han d c o m b a t s among champions who relied on the sword. The long wars of Kusonoki and Ashikaga produced several changes in the nature of warfare. Fighting in wooded, mountainous countryside, hand-to-hand combat came into its own. The bulky yor oi wa s su pe rc ed ed by the lighter, less constricting do maru and the no dachi, a longer version of the naginata (glaive), was introduced. The renowned Samurai cult of the sword began in this period. The Samurai's most ornate and elaborate ar mou r da te s f rom th e T oku gawa era, and was probably not intended for use in actual battle. The long development of arms and armour in the Samurai's 700-year history is fully detailed in this handsome volume. Illustrated with over 300 photo grap hs , (i t) will be a we lcom e ad dition to the libraries of all military enthusiasts." Small bump to top of front hinge, two tiny corner bumps, slight bump to bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light edge wear, moderate edge wrinkling - mainl y at top edge , l ight rub marks , tin y scu ff at bottom of spine, scattered light foxing marks on inside top edge, small light soiling marks and tiny surface paper pull on inside surface of rear panel. Very Good/Very Good- 
Price: 95.00 USD
3 Bradley, Rebecca. (Signed). THE LADY IN GIL SERIES. 1. LADY IN GIL. 2. SCION'S LADY. 3. LADY PAIN. 3 VOLUMES.
Victor Gollancz, London, (1996, 1997, 1998), Ist editions. 
288 pp, 320 pp, 336 pp, 8vo, hardcovers in dust jackets. BOOKS 1 AND 2 ARE SIGNED ON TITLE PAGE. "For more than seventy years the magical statue of the Lady in Gil has lain hidden as the island kingdom groans under the barbed heel of the accursed Sherank ..." Tigrallef, a memorian more at home with manuscripts than swords, finds he must become a hero to rescue his people. With the aid of the 'Lady in Gil' he succeeds, but there is a price to pay for the Lady's help...The "protects Tig against sickness, danger and the ravages of time, (but) it wages a constant war of attrition against his mind and soul..." Tiny bumps to top corners and bottom of spine of Book 2. Dust jackets have minor edge wear/rubbing, two tiny imperfections in laminate of front cover of Book 2, some light impressions (no color loss) to Book 3. VG+/VG+ 
Price: 100.00 USD
BRITANNIA:  A JOURNAL OF ROMANO-BRITISH AND KINDRED STUDIES.  VOLUME XIX - 1988.  (VOLUME 19 - 1988.), Brodribb, Gerald; Cleere, Henry; Darling, Margaret J.; Jones, Michael J.; Dix, Brian; Taylor, Steven; Donaldson, G.H.; Farley, Michael; Henig, Martin; Taylor, John W.; Harbottle, Barbara; Fraser, R.; Burton, F.C.; Jackson, D.A.; Tylecote, R.F.; et a
4 Brodribb, Gerald; Cleere, Henry; Darling, Margaret J.; Jones, Michael J.; Dix, Brian; Taylor, Steven; Donaldson, G.H.; Farley, Michael; Henig, Martin; Taylor, John W.; Harbottle, Barbara; Fraser, R.; Burton, F.C.; Jackson, D.A.; Tylecote, R.F.; et a BRITANNIA: A JOURNAL OF ROMANO-BRITISH AND KINDRED STUDIES. VOLUME XIX - 1988. (VOLUME 19 - 1988.)
The Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, London, 1988. 
549 pp + 32 b&w plates at rear, large 8vo (9 5/8" H), soft cover. B&w maps, plans, drawings, diagrams, graphs, tables (some fold-out) + photographic plates. Contents: Editorial; Notes for Contibutors; The 'Classis Britannica' Bath-house at Beaupo rt Park, East Sussex; Early Settlement at Lincoln; Excavations at Bannaventa (Whilton Lodge, Northants.), 1970-1; Signalling Communications and the Roman Imperial Army; A Hoard of Late Roman Bronze Bowls and Mounts from the Misbourne Valley , n e a r A m ersham, Bucks.; The Westgate Road Milecastle, Newcastle upon Tyne; Two New Romano-British Iron-working Sites in Northamptonshire - A New Type of Furnace?; The Gallic Chronicle Restored: A Chronology for the Anglo-Saxon Invasions and th e E nd o f R om an Britain; Study of Metallography of some Roman Swords; Excavation of an Iron Age and Roman Enclosure at Werrington, Cambridgeshire; Discharge Certificates of the Roman Army; 'Prata Legionis' in Britain; A Mosaic from Boughspr ing R oma n V ill a, T ide nha m, Gloucester; Notes: Imperial Sceptre Heads in Roman Britain - The Date of the 'Celtic' Field Systems on the Berkshire Downs - A Bronze Object from Lamyatt Beacon - Amphora Stamps from Fishbourne - Two Busts from Li ttle cot e - The Rich bor oug h Fo nt: Some Additional Structural Detail - Probable Roman Road from Barnsley Park, Glos. to Cirencester; Roman Britain in 1987: Sites Explored - Inscriptions; Reviews; Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies; Inde xes. Int erio r - previ ous owne r's s mall stamp on inside of front cover, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - book is cocked with concave spine, light edge wear, faint creases on spine. Very Good- 
Price: 45.00 USD
New York Del Rey / Ballantine Very Good Michael Whelan (1-6, 8, 10), Gino D'Achille (9, 11). 
10 volumes of the 11 volume "Martian Tales" aka "Mars Novels" or "Barsoom Series" - volumes 1-6 and 8-11, approx 7" H. **Please Note: Volume 7. A Fighting Man of Mars, is NOT included in this group.** Volumes 9 & 11 are Ballantine publications, all others are Del Rey. 1. A Princess of Mars - 159 pp, 1980, 14th printing, ISBN 0345278348. "Suddenly projected to Mars, John Carter found himself Captive of the savage green men of Thark. With him was Dejah Thoris, lovely Princess of Helium. And between them and rescue lay a thousand miles of deadly enemies and unknown dangers." 2. The Gods of Mars - 190 pp, 1981, 70th printing, ISBN 0345278356. "After the long exile on Earth, John Carter finally returned to his beloved Mars. But beautiful Dejah Thoris, the woman he loved, had vanished. Now he was trapped in the legendary Eden of Mars - an Eden from which none ever escaped alive." 3. The Warlord of Mars - 158 pp, 1992, 24th printing, ISBN 0345324536. "Far to the north, in the frozen wastes of Polar Mars, lay the home of the Holy Therns, sacred and inviolate. Only John Carter dared go there to find his lost Dejah Thoris. But between him and his goal lay the bones of all who had gone before." 4. Thuvia, Maid of Mars - 158 pp, 1992, 22nd printing, ISBN 0345339932. "When unknown raiders seized Thuvia, Princess of Ptarth, the chief suspect was Carthoris, son of the Warlord of Mars. Yet only Carthoris could rescue the woman who had spurned his love." 5. The Chessmen of Mars - 220 pp, 1979, 10th printing, ISBN 0345278380. "Held captive by grotesque bodiless heads, Princess Tara of Helium was rescued by a warrior who dared not reveal his name. But escape led the daughter of the Warlord of Mars into even more loathesome peril - as the prize in a bloody game of living chess." 6. The Master Mind of Mars - 160 pp, 1979, 9th printing, ISBN 0345278399. "Former Earthman Ulysses Paxton served Barsoom's greatest scientist, until his master's ghoulish trade in living bodies drove him to rebellion. Then, to save the body of the woman he loved, he had to attack mighty Phundahl and its evil, beautiful ruler." 8. Swords of Mars - 191 pp, 1985, 17th printing, ISBN 0345329562. "Disguised as a mercenary warrior, John Carter sought to break the power of the Assassins of Zondanga. Spying on their councils, the Warlord discovered a plot to kidnap his beloved Dejah Thoris. But it was too late to save her. She as already in space, on the way to Thuria, Barsoom's nearer moon!" 9. Synthetic Men of Mars - 160 pp, 1973, 6th printing, ISBN 34523586X125. 10. Llana of Gathol - 191 pp, 1985, 17th printing, ISBN 0345324439. "Out of Barsoom's frozen north, an army descended to pillage the red planet's proudest cities. Their crazed leader, the brutal Hin Abtol, stole the woman he craved. That was Hin Abtol's fatal mistake - for Llana of Gathol was blood kin to John Carter, Warlord of Mars." 11. John Carter of Mars - 157 pp, 1973, 3rd printing, ISBN 345235886125. Contents: Introduction; John Carter and the Giant of Mars; Skeleton Men of Jupiter. Interiors - three volumes with a bookstore stamp on side of front cover, most books have light browning to pages and to the inside of the covers, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exteriors - light edge wear - a little more at top/bottom of some spines, three volumes have a corner crease on one cover - migrates slightly into adjacent pages, three volumes have a slight lean to the spine, one volume with a spine crease, three volumes have a small stamp mark on bottom of text block, two volumes have a small price sticker on front cover, two volumes have a small chost sticker mark on front cover, most text block edges have light browning. 
Price: 40.00 USD
Garden City, New York Doubleday 1972 First Edition Very Good Very Good- Betty Fraser. 
107 pp, 9 7/16" H. B&w illustrations. "In the model Ainu village on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, Old Ekashi is one of the few storytellers who can remember the drama and excitement of ancient customs, legends and magic. Toko and Haruko beg their grandfather to repeat their favorite tales of Kamui, the Great-and-Important God, who sent lesser gods from the Sky Country to teach, protect and guide the Ainu people. Although Ekashi's eyes twinkle as he explains why the lark never flies very high, why the Ainu have no books and why the sparrow has only one dark spot on her beak, he doest not reveal just how much of his fabulous accounts of myth and folklore he really believes." Contents; People from the Sky; A-E-Oina, the Demon, and the Tattle-tale Dog; Animals from Heaven; "Good-by, Dear Little Bear God"; The Hungry Time; Yoshi-Tsuni, Brave Warrior from Japan; The Old Man on the Mountain; The Frog's Tattoo; The Mad Dancers of Upo-Pou-Shi; The One-Eyed Monster; Fox Magic; Pan'ambe and Pen'ambe; The Bats of Ru-Pe-Shi-Pi; The Golden Mare; Flying Sword; Two Terrible Fish; The "Little People". 3" line of glue residue on free front endpaper, browning on inside hinges. Dust jacket has been price-clipped, has light to moderate edge wear/wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, very light edge browning/foxing, light browning on spine, two small edge tears, very light general soiling, small soiling stain at bottom of front flap-fold. 
Price: 17.50 USD
HarperPrism, (New York, 1999), Ist edition. 
406 pp, lg 8vo, (9 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. Cover art by Matthew Stawicki. "Cefwyn's dream of a united Ylesuin and a love match with Ninevrise is threatened by ambitious lords and narrow religionists to whom all magic is evil. The 'spa rrows' of Elwynor are gathering on the border, pitiful refugees from the gathering storm. And Tristen must take up the sword and the Sihhe magic he has forsworn. For he is destiny's own, created a combatant in a far older and more fearso m e c o n f l i c t than any ever imagined by mere mortal man." Very light wrinkling at bottom of spine - minor at top of spine. Dust jacket has minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. This is a new, unread book. Very Good+/Very Good+ 
Price: 15.00 USD
8 Dean, Pamela C. Cover art by Dawn Wilson (1) and Dean Morrissey (2 & 3). SECRET COUNTRY TRILOGY. 1. THE SECRET COUNTRY. 2. THE HIDDEN LAND. 3. THE WHIM OF THE DRAGON. 3 VOLUME SET.
Ace, New York, (1985, 2nd/1986, Ist/1989, Ist printing). 
293 pp, 202 pp, 328 pp, - mass market paperbacks - 3 volumes. "The Land of Unicorns was just an imaginary place...They'd made it up one day while enacting a fantasy role-playing game, and filled it with sorcerous creatures, enchanted swords, and dragon kings. Then they found the sword under the hedge, and the Secret Country became all too real. The magic was real, the swords drew real blood, and the Dragon King was their sworn enemy..." Interiors - pages browning lightly, otherwise clean and tight with no previous ownership marks, Exteriors - light edge wear, spines flat and uncreased. VG 
Price: 55.00 USD
Abelard-Schuman, London, 1970, reprint. 
160 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. B&w drawings. "In words, and in the author's own profuse and graphic drawings, the soldier is depicted in a long parade from the disciplined spearmen of the Egyptian Pharaohs through the legions o f Rome, the medieval horseman and archer and the Spanish pikeman to the Continental Army that George Washington forged from his sharpshooting countrymen. We learn about the soldier's daily life - his kit, arms, pay, food, and living condi t i o n s i n a nd out of action over a period of mroe than 3,000 years. European and American armies, developed by a long process of evolution, are brought to the late 18th century; the high point of the age of the individual, professional, volu nt ee r so ld i er ." T iny bump to top corner of boards, minor soiling on top of book, tiny foxing mark on fore-edge of textblock. Dust jacket is clipped at top/bottom of front flap, has light edge wrinkling, moderate to heavy rubbing - mainly o n s pin e and at c orn ers . V ery Good/Good 
Price: 10.00 USD
10 Fosten, Bryan, text and color plates by. Series editor, Martin Windrow. WELLINGTON'S INFANTRY (1). OSPREY MILITARY MEN-AT-ARMS SERIES 114.
Osprey, London, (1990), reprint. 
40 pp + 8 pp color plates, large 8vo (9 3/4" H), soft cover. Profusely illustrated with b&w photos, reproductions, 8 pages of color plates (uniform studies). Contents: Composition of the Infantry; Commanders and Staff; Establishment; Army Life; Organization; Weapons and Equipment; Movements and Drill; Regimental Distinctions. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - very minor edge wear, minor browning to covers, small closed tear (taped) at bottom front corner, minor rubbing. VG- 
Price: 10.00 USD
New York Simon & Schuster 2006 978074326280 First Edition Very Good Very Good 
221 pp, 8 11/16" H. B&w maps, photographs. "Early in the first century B.C. a Greek philosopher named Posidonius began an ambitious and dangerous journey into the little-known land of the Celts. A man of great intellectual curiosity and considerable daring, (he) traveled from his home on the island of Rhodes to Rome, the capital of the expanding empire that had begun to dominate the Mediterranean. From there he planned to investigate for himself the mysterious Celts, reputed to be cannibals and savages. His journey would be one of the great adventures of the ancient world. Posidonius journeyed deep into the heart of the Celtic lands in Gaul. There he discovered that the Celts were not barbarians but a sophisticated people who studied the stars, composed beautiful poetry, and venerated a priestly caste known as the Druids. Celtic warriors painted their bodies, wore pants, and decapitated their foes. Posidonius was amazed at the Celtic women, who enjoyed greater freedoms than the women of Rome, and was astonished to discover that women could even become Druids. He returned home and wrote a book about his travels among the Celts, which became one of the most popular books of ancient times. His work influenced Julius Caesar, who would eventually conquer the people of Gaul and bring the Celts into the Roman Empire, ending forever their ancient way of life. Thanks to Posidonius, who could not have known that he was recording a way of life soon to disappear, we have an objective, eyewitness account of the lives and customs of the ancient Celts." Light browning to top of text block, very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has some areas of light edge wrinkling - mainly on rear panel, minor rubbing, two very small dents on front hinge. 
Price: 15.00 USD
New York Ace 1991 Very Good Royo, cover art. 
First 4 books of the "Hawk & Fisher" series - 6 3/4" H. 1. Hawk & Fisher: 213 pp, 1990 2nd printing, ISBN 0441584179 - "They're the battle-scarred crimebusters of a never-ending urban war - Hawk rules the streets by broadsword. Fisher cracks down on toughs with the deadly dagger that she wields with unflinching skill. Their merciless beat is the rough town misnamed Haven - a dark and murderous place overrun with spell-casters, demons, and thieves. Ready money will buy anything in their town. Anything except justice. That requires a magic touch. 2. Winner Takes All: 201 pp, 1991 1st printing, ISBN 0441142915 - Every city has its favorite blood sports. Some cities prefer the traditional cruelties of bearbaiting or cockfights, while others indulge their baser appetites with gladiators and arenas. The city port of Haven gets its thrills with the dirtiest bloodiest sport of all. Politics." 3. The God Killers: 187 pp, 1991 1st printing, ISBN 044129460X - "On the Street of Gods, in the center of the city of Haven, the Beings of Power come and go. They are real and unreal, both and neither. They inspire worship and fear. The Street is theirs and theirs alone. And now, someone or something is killing them, one by one. Hawk and Fisher are on special assignment, on a street where none of the laws of nature apply - and very few of Haven's." 4. Wolf in the Fold: 186 pp, 1991 1st printing, ISBN 0441318355 - "Every family has its black sheep. But the wealthy MacNeils of Haven have a terrorist in their bloodline - with an emphasis on blood. Hawk and Fisher are quick to learn that even high society has its share of lowlifes, and they plan to go undercover to expose the criminal. But the skeletons they find in the closet might be their own." Interiors - books 1 & 4 have light to moderate browning on inside of covers, otherwise books are clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exteriors - light edge wear, book 4 has two tiny corner creases some light browning to edges of text blocks, book 2 has a faint spine crease. 
Price: 15.00 USD
13 Harris, Deborah Turner. Cover art by Don Maitz (1 & 2) and Daniel Horne (3). THE CALEDON SAGA. 3 VOLUME SET. 1. CALEDON OF THE MISTS. 2. THE QUEEN OF ASHES. 3. THE CITY OF EXILE.
Ace, New York, (1994,1995, 1997), Ist printings. 
402 pp, 448 pp, 365 pp, mass market paperbacks - 3 volumes. B&w maps. "For decades, the last scions of the Dunladry have languished in luxurious exile, growing soft and weak in the comforts of the Feyan court. Now their highland home cries out for its rulers - Duncan, with his virgin blade, and Mhairi, his sister - to lead the clans in a struggle for freedom from the usurping tyrant. But their battle is no ordinary one of sword and steel. For the priest-servants of the usurper have the very forces of darkness at their command. In the first test of his sword against a shape-shifting demon, the young king falls...And the fate of the empire lies in the hands of Mhairi, who must answer the call of her woman, as warrior, and as queen!" Interiors - two creases to first page in book 1, small book store stamp and old price on first page of book 2, soft corner crease to top of pages 329 to end of book 3 and light browning to inside of covers of book 3, other wise clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exteriors - light edge wear, soft crease down rear cover of book 3, spines flat with two very faint creases on book 3. VG 
Price: 20.00 USD
FOLK DANCE OF EUROPE., Jaffe, Nigel Allenby.  Inscribed.
14 Jaffe, Nigel Allenby. Inscribed. FOLK DANCE OF EUROPE.
Folk Dance Enterprises, Skipton, 1990, first edition. 
344 pp, large 8vo (9 7/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. B&w illustrations. INSCRIBED ON DEDICATION PAGE: TO ALLEN AND MARGARET WITH BEST WISHES FROM NIGEL. 15th AUGUST, 1990." ISBN 0946247145 Contents: Foreword; Introduction; Ethnic and histo rical background; A little mythology; Circles and chains; Swords, hoops, garlands and sticks; Morris, Christians and Moors, and other battles; Guisers, hobby-animals and mummers; Couple dances and threesomes; Women's and men's dances; Weddi n g s ; M a y p oles, fires and spirits; Seasonal, work and animal dances; Church, healing, ecstasy and death; Country dance and dancing masters; Conclusion; Appendices: The sun, the moon and the dance; Flamenco; Musical instruments; Leading festiv al s; A ck n ow le dg em ents; Bibliography; Index. One page with a tiny corner crease, light wrinkling at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has some areas of light edge wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, spine color is moderate ly fad ed. V er y G ood +/V ery Good- 
Price: 125.00 USD
15 Jones, Ken, editor. MILITARY MODELLING. VOLUME 26 NO. 12. DECEMBER 1996.
Hemel Hempstead Nexus 1996 00264083 Very Good - 
74 pp, 11 5/8" H. Profusely illustrated with colour and b&w photographs, drawings. Contents: Early Americans: Two easy miniature figure conversions; La Haie Saint: Building the famous French farmhouse for the latest Sharpe TV series; Two Ravens and Four Bears: Scratch build a Plains Indian figure; A Polished Diamond: Assembling Scale Model Accessories 1:35 scale Diamond-T tank transporter kit; Swords of the Scottish Highlanders: The history of claymores and basket-hilted broadswords; Bersaglieri: Build a 120mm Italian Bersaglieri officer using Verlinden Productions miniature academy figure; Spanish Knight: An easy 120mm figure conversion to the Verlinden Productions figure; The International Model Show: Military competition classes and entry form; Notice Board: All the latest news for military modellers; Despatch: Readers' letters; Readers' Models: A chance to see your model in colour in the world's leading military modelling magazine; Observation Post: The monthly news column for wargarmers; On Parade!: Books Reviewed; Soldier Box: A monthly column for collectors of toy soldiers; Small Scale Scene: Monthly column for military vehicle modellers; "ATTEN-SHUN!": New products reviewed. Interior - clean and tight. Exterior - minor edge wear, two very small edge tears on covers that migrate into a few pages - archivally taped. 
Price: 10.00 USD
STUKA PILOT HANS-ULRICH RUDEL:  HIS LIFE STORY IN WORDS AND PHOTOGRAPHS., Just, Gunther.  Translated from the German by David Johnston.  Foreword by Pierre Clostermann.
16 Just, Gunther. Translated from the German by David Johnston. Foreword by Pierre Clostermann. STUKA PILOT HANS-ULRICH RUDEL: HIS LIFE STORY IN WORDS AND PHOTOGRAPHS.
West Chester, PA Schiffer 1990 0887402526 / 9780887402524 Very Good Very Good 
278 pp, 4to (11 1/4" H). Profusely illustrated with b&w photographs, reproductions. "Hans-Ulrich Rudel was called 'the Eagle of the Eastern Front'. This pastor's son from Silesia, born in 1916, Colonel and last Commodore of the successful Stuka squadron 'Immelmann', was the only soldier in World War II to receive the highest German decoration for bravery. The Golden Oak Leaves with Swords and Jewels to the Knight's Cross recognized his unique number of superlative achievements. With 2530 combat missions and his total of successes, unbeaten in all times and nations, he stands far in the front of the world's renowned aerial aces. In low-level attacks, often in the heaviest defensive fire, in his slow 'Cannon-bird' he destroyed 519 Soviet tanks - 17 of them on a single day! On the list of scores achieved by this Stuka combat pilot, who became a living legend to the soldiers of the Eastern Front, there stood at war's end, among others, 1 battleship, 1 cruiser, 1 destroyer, 70 landing craft and nine attested aircraft, plus hundreds of motor vehicles, numerous artillery, anti-tank and anti-aircraft postions, as well as armored convoys and bridges. Twelve comrades - six Stuka crews - were saved by him from capture or death. When he tried to rescue another crash-landed crew from Russian territory in 1944, he was taken prisoner, fled with a bullet in his shoulder, covered some 50 kilometers through the Soviet hinterlands, and reached the German lines again. Shortly after this audacious, exhausting flight, the wounded man was flying in combat again. Shot more than thirty times by ground fire - but never once by a fighter plane - wounded five times, the fervent sportsman took a direct anti-aircraft hit on the Odor front and lost his right leg. Just six weeks later the 'Bravest of the Brave', as the soldiers also called him, was flying again despite being forbidden to ---" This is a heavy book and may require extra postage, depending on destination. Small bump at three corners, very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light wrinkling and minor wear at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, very light rubbing. 
Price: 40.00 USD
London Osprey 1994 0850456797 / 9780850456790 Reprint. Very Good Colour plates by Ron Volstad. 
48 pp, 9 3/4" H. B&w photographs, drawings, 8 pages of colour illustrations. Contents: Introduction; Headgear, Coats; Other Uniform Items; Zouave and Chasseur Uniforms; Accoutrements; Weapons; The Plates. Interior - small Christmas notation, date and signature in pencil on title page; otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - soft corner crease on rear cover, minor corner wear, minor rubbing. 
Price: 10.00 USD
London Osprey 1992 0850452082 / 9780850452082 Reprint. Very Good+ Colour plates by Michael Youens. 
40 pp + 8 pp plates, 9 3/4" H. B&w photographs, drawings, 8 pages of colour illustrations. Contents: Introduction; The Men and their Regiment; The Infantry Regiment; Personal Equipment; Weapons and Insignia; The Artillery; The Cavalry; The Technical Corps; The Medical Service; Corps Insignia; The Plates. Interior - small Christmas notation, date and signature in pencil on title page; otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - minor corner wear, minor rubbing. 
Price: 10.00 USD
19 Kingsland, P.W. and Keable, Susan. Illustrations by Peter Henville and Malcolm McGregor/ BRITISH MILITARY UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT, 1788-1830. VOL. 1.
Guinness Button, London, 1971. 
Unpaginated (48 pp.), 16 3/4" H, hard cover (bright red boards with gold lettering on front board) - no dust jacket. Profusely illustrated with b&w photographs, reproductions, drawings + 8 full-page colour uniform studies printed on 1 side of page only. Contents: Series 1. The Light Cavalry 1798 1855. No. 1 General Officer of Hussars; No. 2 3rd Light Dragoons 1821. Series 2. The Household Division 1750 1970. No. 2 Royal Horse Guards 1814; No. 1 Horse Grenadier Guards 1788. Series 3. The Highland Corps. No. 1 The 42nd Regiment Black Watch 1814; No. 2 The 92nd Regiment Gordon Highlanders. Series 4. The Rifle Regiments. No. 2 The 60th Regiment Kings Royal Rifle Corps 1824; No. 1 The Rifle Brigade. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - very light rubbing on boards, very small bump and tear at bottom of spine, tiny dint on bottom edge of boards. VG+ 
Price: 50.00 USD
A HISTORY OF THE UNIFORMS OF THE BRITISH ARMY.  FROM THE BEGINNINGS TO 1760.  2 VOLUME SET., Lawson, Cecil C.P.  Foreword by the Marquess of Cambridge, G.C.V.O.
20 Lawson, Cecil C.P. Foreword by the Marquess of Cambridge, G.C.V.O. A HISTORY OF THE UNIFORMS OF THE BRITISH ARMY. FROM THE BEGINNINGS TO 1760. 2 VOLUME SET.
London Peter Davies 1940 First Editions Good No Jacket Cecil C.P. Lawson, drawings. 
2 volume set, 10" H. Maroon cloth with gilt lettering on spines. Colour frontispieces, b&w drawings throughout. Volume I. - 213 pp, 1940 first edition - Contents: Foreword; Author's Notes and Acknowledgements; List of Illustrations; Introductory; Infantry; Marine Regiments; The Scottish Army; Independent Highland Companies; Scots Regiments in Foreign Service; Appendix: Notes on Uniforms from Various Contemporary Sources; Cavalry; Appendix: References to Cavalry; Colours (Standards and Guidons / Badges of the Foot Guards / Badges of the Coldstream Guards); Artillery; General Officers; Militia: Trained Bands, Honourable Artillery Company; Scots Militia; Jersey Militia; Bibliography; Index. Volume II. - 276 pp, 1941 first edition - Contents: Author's Note and Acknowledgements; List of Illustrations; George I. Infantry; George II. Infantry; Marine Regiments, 1739-1748; Regiments Raised for the '45; George II. 1750; Infantry Bands, 1740-1760; Highland Regiments, c.1714-1760; Scots Corps in Foreign Service; Scottish Regiments in the Service of France; Colours of Irish Regiments in French Service; Infantry Coats, etc. from Clothing Book, 1742; ditto from Morier's Paintings, c.1750; Appendix: Millan's List, 1749 / Infantry References from Warrants, etc. / Regulations for the Colours, Clothing, etc., of Foot and Cavalry, etc.; Cavalry, 1715-1760; Cavalry Kettle Drummers and Trumpeters; Appendix: Facings and Housings from Millan's List / General View of Differences and Distinctions, etc. / References from Lists, Contracts, etc.; Saddlery; Colours, 1714-1760; Cavalry Standards; Artillery and Engineers; General Officers, 1715-1760; Honourable Artillery Company, 1714-1760; Volunteer Corps, 1745; English Militia, 1758-1760; Militia Colours; Jersey Militia, 1714-1760; Irish Militia and Volunteers; Royal Hospitals; Salutes and Morning Ceremonial; Hanoverian Regiments; Hanoverian Artillery; Colours and Standards; Bibliography; Index. Light toning to page margins in vol. I, very light browning to page margins in vol. II, very light browning to pastedowns, browning to fore-edge and bottom of text block of both volumes, vol. I maroon colour is slightly lighter, colour on top of text block of vol. II is faded and there is a water stain at at the spine, light to moderate edge wear, wrinkling at top/bottom of spines, several small corner bumps, some areas of slight foxing/colour fading on front boards, some small areas of colour loss at fore-edge of rear board of vol. I. 
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