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London Arthur Barker 1966 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Good+ 
196 pp, 8vo (8 11/16" H). B&w illustrations. "From the earliest time man has been fascinated by visions and dreams, and by the discovery that there were men who could, by magical powers, improve a crop or foretell the weather. As civilization grew there were demands for knowledge which would give control over other men or protection from the wiles of enemies. The study of magic and counter magic became important in the policy of states. Later magic was denounced as a work of the Devil, and then the Devil himself was demoted to become a laughing stock. Yet even nowadays there exist in the most advanced nations societies devoted to magical practices, who deal in strange rituals, and promote the interests of their membership against all enemies. A careful study shows that there is a good deal of scientific knowledge involved in the vast and complex network of 'magical' practice today. This book sets out to show some of the main lines of influence which have led to the present traditions. It treats the subject as if if were a tapestry of many strands each of which has a line of origin from which it traverses like a weft thread on the warp of universal psychological experience. This book is a short history of a complex development. It is planned as a groundwork from which the interested reader can advance to further detailed studies." Light wrinkling at bottom of spine, small slight bump at top corner of both boards. Dust jacket has light to moderate edge wear, a few small closed tears, jacket has been laminated for protection and to prevent further deterioration over the center portion (panels, spine and flap-folds). 
Price: 32.50 USD
PAPER STAYS PUT:  A COLLECTION OF INUIT WRITING., Gedalof, Robing, editor.  Mary Panegoosho, Akeeko, Leah Idlout, Markoosie, Eepilk, Alootook Ipellie, John Weetaluk, Anthony Apkark Thrasher, John Ayaruaq, Charlie Patsauq, Peter Pitseolak, Ohokto, Leonie Kappi, Kiakshuk, Nuligak, Mrs. Louis Tapatai, et al
2 Gedalof, Robing, editor. Mary Panegoosho, Akeeko, Leah Idlout, Markoosie, Eepilk, Alootook Ipellie, John Weetaluk, Anthony Apkark Thrasher, John Ayaruaq, Charlie Patsauq, Peter Pitseolak, Ohokto, Leonie Kappi, Kiakshuk, Nuligak, Mrs. Louis Tapatai, et al PAPER STAYS PUT: A COLLECTION OF INUIT WRITING.
Edmonton Hurtig 0888301812 / 9780888301819 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good - Alootook Ipellie. 
172 pp, 9 1/4" H. B&w illustrations. " 'By ear we forget, but paper says put' - this was how one Inuk, the heir of an oral cultural tradition, summed up the importance of a written literature. Over the past few decades, Inuit writers have responded with enthusiasm to the challenges and opportunities provided by a written language. This anthology fills a significant gap in bringing together, for the first time, a selection of Inuit writings that are often not easily available to readers in the South. The stories, poems, essays, plays, memoirs, and songs included in this book draw the reader irresistibly into the world of the Inuit, to share their memories and their hopes, their joy and their grief, their anger and their laughter." Contents include: The Little Arctic Tern, the Big Polar Bear; A Spring Seal Hunt; So You Want to Kill an Eskimo; The Whale and the Char; The Giant Bear; Marble Island; Akulak the Shaman; Blood-thirsty Enemies; Medicines of the Past; The Half-Fish; Nipikti the Old Man Carver; I Make My Living by Carving; A Story of Starvation; Remembering Old Times; In the Spring When the Sun Never Sets; Story of Inukshuk; The Faithless Wife; We Must Have Dreams, etc., etc. Very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, tiny dent on bottom edge of front board. Dust jacket has light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and top edge of rear flap, light soiling and rubbing, one tiny edge tear archivally taped, some areas of very light browning on front flap and on front panel. 
Price: 15.00 USD
3 Jack, Donald. Forewords by Pierre Berton and Martin M. Hoffman, M.D. ROGUES, REBELS, AND GENIUSES: THE STORY OF CANADIAN MEDICINE.
Toronto Doubleday Canada 1981 0385155751 / 9780385155755 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
662 pp, 9 1/4" H. B&w photographs, reproductions. "(A) lively and absorbing account of more than 400 years of medicine in Canada, from the Indian shamans to the present day. Canadian doctors have made an enormous contribution to world medicine - their achievements range from the discovery of insulin to the development of the cobalt bomb. And the famouse names are here: Grenfell, Archibald, Osler, Bethune, Penfield, Selye, Banting. But, as Pierre Berton points out in his foreword, (this) is 'more than a history of Canadian medicine: in a curious way it is also a history of the Canadian nation. In his monumental examination of the place of doctors in our history, Donald Jack makes it clear that since Cartier's day medical men have been bound up in the development of the country - not only as practitioners but also as politicians, explorers, gadflies, soldiers, community leaders.' The author brings to his subject not only a depth of research but a novelist's eye for the dramatic, the humorous, and the eccentric. The medical men and women who appear in these pages, 'in their furs and shirtsleeves, bloodstained frock coats and sterilzed gowns, tell an intensely personal story of triumphant response to challenge; triumphant not least because their lives affirm the supreme value of the individual ego'." Wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, minor rubbing. Dust jacket has light edge wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine, light rubbing, slight browning to top/bottom edges. 
Price: 20.00 USD
New York Universe Books 1974 0876631871 / 9780876631874 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good - Very Good- 
86 pp, 11 5/8" H. B&w and colour illustrations. "Ever since the beginning of time, man has wondered about the meaning and behavior of the sun and moon. He has carefully observed their cycles and realized their importance for his own survival. The close contact with nature that ancient man enjoyed made him more conscious of their presence, whether he lived in a place constantly warmed by the sun or in a bitter cold world where the sun seemed far away. Ancient men tried to explain the meaning of this mysterious phenomenon in stories closely related to their own lives and religious beliefs. The Hindu people of India thought that the sun was a red man with four arms in a golden chariot. For the Egyptians, the sun was a great watchful eye. The North American Indians said that the moon was a great ball of light tossed into the sky by a clever creature called Raven. The Eskimos believed that the moon was a powerful hunter who often stood in front of his igloo. These stories, called myths, are handed down from generation to generation, and celebrate the great mystery of life. They are loved because of their beauty and power and also for what they tell us about people of other cultures. In 'Sky Gods', myths from India, Egypt, Africa, Japan, China, the Eskimos, and the Indians of North and South America are lucidly retold and illustrated with stunning photographs of art and artifacts from the various cultures. There is a common message behind all these stories. Although the masks, paintings, statues, and other works of art also vary - some are relatively simple, others are highly sophisticated - yet they all contain clues to a deeper understanding of the beauty and mysteriousness of the universe." Two large diagonal creases on free rear endpaper, light stain along bottom edge of rear board, very small light stain on top edge of front board, one soft corner crease. Dust jacket has been price-clipped, has light to moderate edge wear - mainly at top/bottom of spine, light rubbing and two light scuff lines on rear panel, small stain at inside bottom edge of rear panel, one small edge tear. 
Price: 15.00 USD
NORVAL MORRISSEAU:  RETURN TO THE HOUSE OF INVENTION., Morrisseau, Norval.  Preface by Robert Houle.  Essays by Donald C. Robinson and Dr. Joseph Weinstein.
5 Morrisseau, Norval. Preface by Robert Houle. Essays by Donald C. Robinson and Dr. Joseph Weinstein. NORVAL MORRISSEAU: RETURN TO THE HOUSE OF INVENTION.
Toronto Key Porter 2007 1552637263 / 9781552637265 Second Printing Hard Cover Very Good Very Good- Norval Morrisseau. 
160 pp, 12 1/8" H. Profusely illustrated with colour reproductions of Morrisseau's striking artwork. "In three essays, and the quotations that accompany the paintings, we learn about Morrisseau's approach to his work and the important historical and cultural influences that shaped his art. He tells us, in his own words, about his travels to the dream-like House of Invention, his source of inspiration for both content and colour. (W)e learn of the myths and legends of his ancestors, which had a profound influence on his brush, and how they relate to his work. The book now contains some of the most complex and colourful paintings the artist has ever produced and is complemented by an essay by Donald C. Robinson, in which he describes the painter's unique approach to the physical act of painting, and explains how Morrisseau has developed as a master technician and colourist despite having little formal training." Contents: Foreword; Collecting Norval Morrisseau; Preface; Travels to the House of Invention; Paintings; Tales of Copper Thunderbird; Norval the Born Artist; Chronology; Bibliography; Acknowledgements; Index. Tiny minor bump at bottom of both hinges, two small areas of several tiny shallow dents on front panel and one separate tiny shallow dent on the front panel. Dust jacket has light edge wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, two small areas of several tiny shallow dents on front panel and one separate tiny shallow dent on the front panel, very light rub lines on panels - four resulting in shallow line indentations, 1" tear at top of front hinge - archivally taped. 
Price: 150.00 USD
New York William Morrow 1995 0688146007 / 9780688146009 First American Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
398 pp, 9 1/2" H. B&w illustrations. "In May 1595, a hundred Englishmen - 'gentlemen, soldiers, rowers, boat-keepers, boys, and of all sorts' - rowed up a river in South America in search of the lost golden city of El Dorado. They were led by Sir Walter Ralegh, forty years old, ready to hazard his fading reputation on this doomed gamble. Four hundred years later Charles Nicholl follows their trail into the strange terrain of this enduring international obsession. The journey begins with Ralegh's curious 'charte' in the British Museum and leads through the labyrinthine delta of the Orinoco River and up into the rugged Guiana highlands of southern Venezuela, the setting of Conan Doyle's 'The Lost World'. A night with a Warao tobacco shaman, an encounter with the jungle-hermit Laime, bush pilot Jimmy Angel's stories of earlier days, life in the shantytowns of the region's gold diggers - these color and deepen the book's intense recollection of that original Elizabethan expedition. In this vivid reconstruction, Nicholls blends historical scholarship with idiosyncratic reportage in a unique and fascinating mix." Very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has some light wrinkling at top of spine and top edge, slight fading to some of the spine and front hinge colour. 
Price: 15.00 USD
Toronto Dundurn Soft Cover Near Fine Joe Silvey and John Mantha. 
58 pp, 86 pp - 2 volumes 9" H. Spirit Quest (ISBN 9781550028317 - second printing, 2009 - b&w illustrations by Joe Silvey) - "Told in the tradition of rich Coast Salish legend, Diane Silvey recounts the adventures of teenaged twins Kaya and Tala as they journey into the British Columbian wilderness confronting fish and fowl, beast and phantom, on their mission to retrieve a sacred box which symbolizes the spirit of their people. They encounter wolverines, snakes and sharp-toothed fish of the deep as well as ferocious hawkmen and the evil spirits of the underworld as they and their mystical friend Y push ahead on the back on an eagle." Time of the Thunderbird (ISBN 9781550027921 - first printing, 2008 - b&w illustrations by John Mantha) - "Kaya and Tala are on a new mission to discover why the children from a village in British Columbia have disappeared. Earth dwarves are being blamed for the missing children, but the twins are sure they're not at fault. Something very sinister has happened, so the sister and brother set out with Yaket, their friend and companion, to rescue the kidnapped children. Along the way they undergo a series of tests and meet a mysterious owl, a talking rock, a cedar ogre, Aixos, the most ferocious of all sea serpents, and the Thunderbird himself!" Interiors - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exteriors - clean and bright. 
Price: 22.50 USD
Signet/NAL, (Scarborough, Ontario, 1987, 2nd printing/1988, 2nd printing/1989, 2nd printing). 
253 pp, 252 pp, 253 pp, paperbacks - 3 volumes. "Halberd, Viking swordsman and shaman in the Dream World, had seen a vision he could not deny, his brother Valdane slain at the hands of his own cursed wife. And now, Halberd and his giant warrior companion must take up the quest for bloody vengeance in a distant land. No one but a Dream Walker like Halberd could hope to avenge his brother's honour and so he left his Viking homeland behind, sailing through unknown seas in search of the dreaded witch, only to face the perils of storms, angry gods, warriors enslaved in death - and the immortal minions of Hel!" Interiors - Book 1 has previous owner's initials and date at top of first page, store stamp at bottom of first page, Book 2 has large dog ear at top of page 21 - otherwise books are clean and tight. Exteriors - light edge wear, small areas of surface paper loss at top back corner of Book 3 and at top of spine of Book 1, Book 3 has soft creases/wrinkles to front cover, spines are flat and uncreased. VG 
Price: 20.00 USD

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