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THE ILLUSTRATED ATLAS OF JERUSALEM., Bahat, Dan.  With Chaim T. Rubinstein.  Introduction by Eric Meyers.  Translated by Shlomo Ketko.
1 Bahat, Dan. With Chaim T. Rubinstein. Introduction by Eric Meyers. Translated by Shlomo Ketko. THE ILLUSTRATED ATLAS OF JERUSALEM.
Simon and Schuster, New York, 1990. 
152 pp, 4to (11 3/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0134516427 "Lavishly illustrated with more than 400 color illustrations, the Atlas looks at the history of Jerusalem with maps, drawings, and isometric reconstructions, all updated with the latest archaeological evidence. Jerusalem is perhaps the most interesting city on earth. Sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike, it dates back to at least the third millenium BCE. David made it his capital; Solomon glorified it with his Te mple; it fell to Babylonia in 586 BCE and was rebuilt by Ezra and Nehemiah; it was the city of the Maccabees and of the Herods, and the place where Jesus was tried and crucified. Titus razed its buildings and destroyed the Temple in 70 CE. A f t e r t he revolt of Bar Kochba, the Romans made Jerusalem a pagan shrine. Jerusalem fell to the Crusaders in 1099; in 1187, Muslims, led by Saladin, captured the city and held it almost continuously until the British took control after World Wa r I. Th e B ritish Mandate ended in 1948 when the State of Israel was born. In 1967, Israel reunited the city. Special features in the Atlas include: concise, easy-to-read text; four-color illustrations, maps, drawings, and photos throughout ; de fi nit i ve an d a uthoritative information; selected bibliography of further readings; thorough index; an up-to-date approach, based on the latest findings. For anyone interested in biblical archaeology; geography; Jewish studies, culture, an d his tor y; a nd th e h isto ry and culture of the Middle East, (this book) is certain to be an invaluable resource." Minor bump at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has minor edge wear/wrinkling, small tear aat bottom of spine - archivally taped , v er y lig ht r ubbin g. Ver y Go od+/V ery Good 
Price: 75.00 USD
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1994. 
202 pp, 8vo (8 15/16" H), soft cover. ISBN 0521378877 "This book is concerned with what it was like to be a slave in the classical Roman world, and with the impact of the institution of slavery on Roman society at large. It shows how and in what sense Rome was a slave society through much of its history, considers how the Romans procured their slaves, discusses the work roles slaves fulfilled and the material conditions under which they spent their lives, investigates how slaves responded t o and resisted slavery and argues that, paradoxically, slavery as an institution became more and more oppressive over time under the influence of philosophical and religious teaching. The book stresses the harsh realities of life in slave r y a n d t h e way in which slavery was an integral part of Roman civilisation." Interior - tiny dint to bottom edge of pages up to approx. page 45, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - very minor edge wear at to p/ bo t to m of fr on t hinge, tiny dint to bottom edge of front cover. Very Good+ 
Price: 27.50 USD
BRITANNIA:  A JOURNAL OF ROMANO-BRITISH AND KINDRED STUDIES.  VOLUME 2 1971.  (VOLUME II - 1971.), Branigan, Keith; Brown, P.D.C.; Cleere, Henry; Davies, R.W.; Dunnett, Rosalind; Frere, S.S.; Keppie, Lawrence J.F.; Mann, J.C.; Margary, I.D.; Mattingly, Harold B.; Osborne, P.J.; Reed, Nicholas; Wacher, J.S.; Wainwright, G.J.; Welch, M.G.; Williams
3 Branigan, Keith; Brown, P.D.C.; Cleere, Henry; Davies, R.W.; Dunnett, Rosalind; Frere, S.S.; Keppie, Lawrence J.F.; Mann, J.C.; Margary, I.D.; Mattingly, Harold B.; Osborne, P.J.; Reed, Nicholas; Wacher, J.S.; Wainwright, G.J.; Welch, M.G.; Williams BRITANNIA: A JOURNAL OF ROMANO-BRITISH AND KINDRED STUDIES. VOLUME 2 1971. (VOLUME II - 1971.)
The Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, London, 1971. 
347 pp + 41 b&w plates at rear, large 8vo (9 5/8" H), soft cover. B&w maps, plans, drawings, graphs, tables (some fold-out) + photographic plates. Contents: List of Plates; Lists of Illustrations in the Text; Notes for Contributors; Editorial; Co rrigendum to Vol. I; Pavements and Poverty in the Chiltern Villas; The Church at Richborough; Ironmaking in a Roman Furnace; The Roman Military Diet; The Excavation of the Roman Theatre at Gosbecks; The Forum and Baths at Caistor by Norwich ; L e g i o V III Augusta and the Claudian Invasion; Spoken Latin in Britain as evidenced in the Inscriptions; The Fishbourne Story; The Verulamium (1960) Hoard of 'Barbarous Radiates'; An Insect Fauna from the Roman Site at Alcester, Warwickshire ; T he F if th Y e ar of Agricola's Campaigns; Roman Iron Beams; The Excavation of a fortified Settlement at Walesland Rath, Pembrokeshire; Late Romans and Saxons in Sussex; Roman Building-materials in South-East England; Notes: A Relief of a Rom an o- Bri tis h W arr ior -G od - A Pottery Mould-Fragment from Littlemore, Oxford - A Roman coarse-ware pottery Strainer from Brockley Hill, Middlesex; Roman Britain in 1970: Sites explored - Inscriptions; Reviews; Society for the Promotion of Roma n S tud ies; Ind exes . I nter ior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - slight twist to spine, minor edge wear - very light at bottom of spine, very light bump at three corners - migrates into adjacent pages. Very Good 
Price: 45.00 USD
London Arthur Barker 1966 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Good+ 
196 pp, 8vo (8 11/16" H). B&w illustrations. "From the earliest time man has been fascinated by visions and dreams, and by the discovery that there were men who could, by magical powers, improve a crop or foretell the weather. As civilization grew there were demands for knowledge which would give control over other men or protection from the wiles of enemies. The study of magic and counter magic became important in the policy of states. Later magic was denounced as a work of the Devil, and then the Devil himself was demoted to become a laughing stock. Yet even nowadays there exist in the most advanced nations societies devoted to magical practices, who deal in strange rituals, and promote the interests of their membership against all enemies. A careful study shows that there is a good deal of scientific knowledge involved in the vast and complex network of 'magical' practice today. This book sets out to show some of the main lines of influence which have led to the present traditions. It treats the subject as if if were a tapestry of many strands each of which has a line of origin from which it traverses like a weft thread on the warp of universal psychological experience. This book is a short history of a complex development. It is planned as a groundwork from which the interested reader can advance to further detailed studies." Light wrinkling at bottom of spine, small slight bump at top corner of both boards. Dust jacket has light to moderate edge wear, a few small closed tears, jacket has been laminated for protection and to prevent further deterioration over the center portion (panels, spine and flap-folds). 
Price: 32.50 USD
THE CANAL BUILDERS., Burton, Anthony.
5 Burton, Anthony. THE CANAL BUILDERS.
London Eyre Methuen 1972 413284107 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Good+ 
230 pp, 8 3/4" H. B&w photographs, reproductions, maps. "(T)he story of the men who, in little more than half a century from 1760, created a network of canals that revolutionised transport and represent-ed the greatest achievement in civil engineering in Britain since the Romans. In those few years between the opening of the Bridgewater Canal in 1761 and the coming of the railways early in the nine-teenth century, tens of thousands of men were involved in canal construction. They came from all classes of society - from aristocratic promoters like the Duke of Bridgewater to Irish peasants who came to dig. This book is the first to deal exclusively with the canal builders and to try to place them in the context of the social, economic, and political world of the eighteenth century, and draws skilfuly on contemporary documents, newspapers, pamphlets, and letters." Burton follows the story through the promoters (like Josiah Wedgwood) and the financiers, to the engineers (including Brindley, Telford, Rennie, Jessop & Smeaton) and the 'navvies' who actually did the digging, "from Cornwall to the Highlands of Scotland". Light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, very light edge wear, a few very light rub lines on front board. Dust jacket is price-clipped, has very light edge wear/wrinkling, fading to spine color (title is still dark and legible), two small edge tears archivally taped, minor browning to inside top/bottom edges. 
Price: 15.00 USD
DAILY LIFE IN ANCIENT ROME:  THE PEOPLE AND THE CITY AT THE HEIGHT OF THE EMPIRE., Carcopino, Jerome.  Edited by Henry T. Rowell.  Translated from the French by E.O. Lorimer.  Introduced by Keith Hopkins.
6 Carcopino, Jerome. Edited by Henry T. Rowell. Translated from the French by E.O. Lorimer. Introduced by Keith Hopkins. DAILY LIFE IN ANCIENT ROME: THE PEOPLE AND THE CITY AT THE HEIGHT OF THE EMPIRE.
London Folio Society 2004 Hard Cover Fine Very Good+ Richard Shirley Smith, cover design. 
387 pp, 10" H. Map endpapers, colour plates. "This translation was first published in the USA by Yale University Press in 1940 and in Great Britain by G. Routledge & Sons in 1941. For the present edition, references to outdated secondary source material have been omitted and a new essay on further ready by Keith Hopkins has been added." Chaper headings: Part One - The Physical and Moral Background of Roman Life: The Extent and Population of the City; Houses and Streets; Society and Social Classes; Marriage, Woman, and the Family; Education and Religion. Part Two - The Day's Routine: The Morning; Occupations; Shows and Spectacles; Afternoon and Evening. Book is Fine. Slipcase has minor rubbing. 
Price: 25.00 USD
B.T. Batsford, London, 1988, first edition. 
243 pp, large 8vo (9 7/16" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0713452730 B&w maps, plans, graphs. "....uses 'hard' archaeological evidence to examine the social and economic systems of barbarian Europe in relation to Greco-Roman civilization. B eginning with the settlement of Greek colonists on the French Mediterranean coast in c.600 BC, this is a lucid study of the effects of trade in advance of the frontiers on the barbarian communities beyond. At the same time it is a chronic l e o f t h e march of Greco-Roman civilization across the face of Europe, ending in the great barbarian migrations of the 4th and 5th centuries AD." Heavy bump to top corner of boards and textblock - mainly at front less at rear, one or two pag es w i th t i ny c re a se at top edge, faint soiling mark on top of textblock. Dust jacket is price-clipped, has creasing at top of flap-folds and spine - light edge wrinkling elsewhere, light rubbing - a few very small dints on rear panel. Ve ry Goo d- /Ve ry Go od 
Price: 35.00 USD
SCOTTISH LORE AND FOLKLORE., Douglas, Ronald MacDonald, compiler.
8 Douglas, Ronald MacDonald, compiler. SCOTTISH LORE AND FOLKLORE.
New York Beekman House 1982 0517366037 / 9780517366035 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
368 pp, 8vo (8 1/8" H). B&w illustrations. Contents: Foreword; Introduction; Poetry; Introduction to Folklore; Bairn's Rhymes; Rhymes and Saws on Places; Rhymes about the Weather; The Low Road; Two Tales (The King O' the Cats / The Story of Heather Ale); Thomas the Rhymer; The Waiting Warriors; Language; Names - Anglicized Forms into Gaelic; Days and Months in Gaelic; Clans; Clan Slogans; Appelations to Clans, Families and Towns; Clan Badges; Dyes; Place Names; Battles Fought on Scottish Soil; Land and Water; The Burghs; Ross and Cromarty; Stewartry; Weather; Law; Money and Measures; Proverbs; Toasts; Meat and Drink; Festivals and Quarter Days; A Calendar for Any Year; Fragments; Prose Extracts and Letters; Glossary; Index of Authors; Indes of First Lines; General Index. Minor edge wear, very small corner bumps, light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, Christmas gift inscription on free front endpaper. Dust jacket very light edge wear/wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, slight fading to spine color, minor browning at top edge, light soiling/rubbing on rear panel. 
Price: 15.00 USD
Toronto Groundwood 2003 0888994966 / 9780888994967 First Edition Hard Cover Near Fine Near Fine Linda Wolfsgruber. 
72 pp, 9 3/4" H. Decorated endpapers, colour illustrations. "Long before the Bible and the Koran, before the myths of the Greeks and Romans were set down, the people of Sumer recorded the stories of their gods and kings on cuneiform tablets. The world's oldest epic poem is the 'Epic of Gilgamesh', the tale of a hero who was part god, part man. But just in the past century a thrilling discovery was made - the four-thousand-year-old stories of his powerful sister, the goddess Inanna. Inanna is a goddess who embodies the quest for growth. Her stories tell how she develops from childish inexperiece and youthful exuberance into maturity and gains the powers to create, to destroy and to name. She is a goddess of spunk and wisdom who outwits and defies the powerful, falls in love with the shepherd Dumuzi and, like Gilgamesh, dares to seek immortality. The people of Sumer associated Inanna with the planet Venus - radiant, changeable and mysterious. They worshipped her with awe and adoration. With the guidance of Sumerian scholars, Kim Echlin has produced a moving, sensitive and knowledgeable translation of the Inanna myths. They describe an ancient goddess who was at once a great warrior, lover, nurturer, seeker of knowledge and giver of power - a figure worthy of admiration by people of any age." Very tiny bump on bottom edge of front board. Dust jacket has very minor edge wrinkling. 
Price: 45.00 USD
LIVING HISTORY.  BRASSEY'S MASTER CLASS., Elliot-Wright, Philipp J.C.  Series editor: Tim Newark.
10 Elliot-Wright, Philipp J.C. Series editor: Tim Newark. LIVING HISTORY. BRASSEY'S MASTER CLASS.
Brassey's, London, 2000, first edition. 
144 pp, 4to (11 7/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 1574882775 Profusely illustrated with colour photographs. "....the ultimate how-to book. Taking six of the most popular historical periods, (this book) shows how re-enactors and other hist ory enthusiasts can recreate the uniforms, equipment and life-style of past warriors and their comrades, male and female. The six periods are: Roman; Vikings and Saxons; Medieval; English Civil War; Napoleonic and American Civil Wars; Worl d W a r O n e and World War Two. Re-enactment is a growing hobby in Britain, Europe and the United States, with tens of thousands of people recreating the battles and living quarters of past ages. Every aspect of past living is examined, includ in g t he t a ct ic s and organization of armies, the development of medicine and care for the wounded, the role of women in war and peace, the manufacture and craftsmanship of uniforms and weapons. Step by step master classes show how to recreat e u ni for ms and e qui pme nt , establish authentic camps, and interpret all these activities as both education and entertainment for the general public. An extensive directory of re-enactment societies and suppliers in the United States and Euro pe c omp lete s t his ess enti al b ook for all re-enactors, history enthusiasts and history teachers. The author's authoritative text is accompanied by over 150 color photographs illustrating some of the finest re-enactors in the world." Slight wavin ess to ed ges of t extb lock. Dus t ja cket has minor small wrinkle on front panel. This is a new unreard book. Near Fine/Near Fine 
Price: 20.00 USD
THE CAMBRIDGE CULTURAL HISTORY OF BRITAIN.  VOLUME 1. EARLY BRITAIN.  (FIRST PUBLISHED AS THE CAMBRIDGE GUIDE TO THE ARTS IN BRITAIN: PREHISTORIC, ROMAN, AND EARLY MEDIEVAL.), Ford, Boris, ed.  Jacquetta Hawkes, Peter Salway, Barry Cunliffe, Sheppard Frere, Janet Huskinson, Roger Ling, Richard Bailey, Mildred Budny, Michael Alexander, Martin Biddle, Isabel Henderson, Richard Gem, Christopher Page, R. Allen Brown, Cherry Lavell.
11 Ford, Boris, ed. Jacquetta Hawkes, Peter Salway, Barry Cunliffe, Sheppard Frere, Janet Huskinson, Roger Ling, Richard Bailey, Mildred Budny, Michael Alexander, Martin Biddle, Isabel Henderson, Richard Gem, Christopher Page, R. Allen Brown, Cherry Lavell. THE CAMBRIDGE CULTURAL HISTORY OF BRITAIN. VOLUME 1. EARLY BRITAIN. (FIRST PUBLISHED AS THE CAMBRIDGE GUIDE TO THE ARTS IN BRITAIN: PREHISTORIC, ROMAN, AND EARLY MEDIEVAL.)
Cambridge Cambridge University Press for The Folio Society 1995 Hard Cover Very Good+ No Jacket - (as issued) 
289 pp, 10" H. Bound in full dark blue cloth with title and shield in gold on spine. B&w illustrations and colour plates. Contents: General Introduction / Prehistoric Britain: Stone Age to Iron Age / Roman Britain: The Cultural and Social Setting; Studies in the Individual Arts (Architecture; Verulamium: Social and Artistic Development; The Visual Arts and Crafts; Lullingstone Villa) / Early Medieval Britain: The Cultural and Social Setting; Studies in the Individual Arts (The Visual Arts and Crafts; Old English Literature; Winchester: The Rise of an Early Capital; The Arts of Late Celtic Britain (AD 600-900); Architecture; Music; The White Tower of London) / Appendix: Further Reading / Sources of Illustrations / Index. Minor rubbing on boards. 
Price: 25.00 USD
THE MAKING OF THE ENGLISH GARDENS.  (SUNDAY TIMES), Girling, Richard, ed.  Gardening consultant: Graham Rose.  (Stefan Buczacki, Edward Collins, Gareth Huw Davies, Geoff Hamilton, Arthur Hellyer, Penelope Hobhouse, Brian Jackman, Hugh Johnson, Mary Keen, Hazel Le Rougetel, Charles Lyte, et al.)
12 Girling, Richard, ed. Gardening consultant: Graham Rose. (Stefan Buczacki, Edward Collins, Gareth Huw Davies, Geoff Hamilton, Arthur Hellyer, Penelope Hobhouse, Brian Jackman, Hugh Johnson, Mary Keen, Hazel Le Rougetel, Charles Lyte, et al.) THE MAKING OF THE ENGLISH GARDENS. (SUNDAY TIMES)
London Macmillan 1988 0333482301 / 9780333482308 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
224 pp, 4to (11 1/4" H). Profusely and beautifully illustrated in color with photographs and reproductions. Contents: Editor's Introduction; Taming the Wilderness; Magic, Medicine and Broth; Branches Throughout the World; The Quest for Colour; The Greenhouse Effect; A Natural Romance; One Hundred Historic Gardens to Visit. Small bump to corners of boards, a few tiny dints to bottom edge of front board, very light wrinkling to top/bottom of spine, minor rubbing. Dust jacket has very light edge wear/light edge wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds. 
Price: 27.50 USD
THE DOUBLE TONGUE., Golding, William.
13 Golding, William. THE DOUBLE TONGUE.
London Faber and Faber 1995 0571175260 / 9780571175260 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
165 pp, 8vo (8 5/8" H). "An aged prophetess at Delphi, the most sacred oracle in ancient Greece, looks back over her strange life as the Pythia, the First Lady and voice of the god Apollo. As a young virgin with disturbing psychic powers, Arieka was handed over to the service of the shrine by her parents. She has now spent sixty years as the very medium, the torn mouthpiece, of equivocal mantic utterances from the bronze tripod in the sanctuary beneath the temple. Over a lifetime at the mercy of god and priest and people she has watched the decay of Delphi's fortunes and its influence in the world. Her reflections on the mysteries of the oracle, which her own weird gifts have embodied, are matched by her feminine insight into the human frailties of the High Priest himself, a true Athenian, whose intriguing against the Romans brings about humiliation and disaster. This extraordinary short novel, left in draft at the author's sudden death in 1993, is a psychological and historical triumph. An absolutely convincing portrait of a woman's experience, something rare in Golding's oeuvre, Arieka the Pythia is one of his finest creations." Small bump to top corner of both boards. Dust jacket has very minor edge wear, wrinkling at top of flap-folds - very light edge wear elsewhere, minor rubbing. 
Price: 12.50 USD
Newcastle upon Tyne Frank Graham 1984 0859831779 / 9780859831772 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good Ronald Embleton, R.O.I. 
320 pp, 9 5/8" H. "With well over 400 illustrations, 71 of them in colour, this book describes what the Roman Wall was like when in use. It tells us about the soldiers who built and garrisoned it and the civilians who lived in the towns and villages scattered along its length. Never before has such a grand attempt been made to show in vivid colourful detail the life of Roman Britain. Every building to be found inside the Roman forts and camps has been carefully reconstructed." Previous owner's name stamp at top of front pastedown, minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, a few tiny dents on panels/spine. 
Price: 17.50 USD
B.T. Batsford, London, 1987, first edition. 
210 pp, large 8vo (9 7/16" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0713406070 B&w maps, plans, photographs. "Under the governorship of Agricola (AD 77-84) the Romans extended their conquest of Britain to North Wales, northern Britain and, with the vi ctory at Mons Graupius, to northern Scotland. In this thorough - yet eminently readable - reassessment of the literary, epigraphic and archaeological evidence, William Hanson shows just how this rapid progress was achieved and at the same t i m e c o n s iders how far the governor himself was responsible for the Roman successes. The major theme running through his study is that the exceptionally full literary evidence, in the form of Tacitus' biography of Agricola, should not be g i ve n un du e w ei gh t against the archaeological evidence - particularly as Tacitus was writing about his own father-in-law. Indeed, the book's conclusion is that, contrary to the impression deliberately created by Tacitus, Agricola himself was n ot a maj or fi gur e o f h is day and his achievements in Britain were in no way extraordinary. In particular it shows that the effects of the brief Roman presence in Scotland was negligible. Throughout, Dr. Hanson....uses the latest archaeolo gic al ev iden ce to full adv anta ge in constructing this period of British history under the Romans. In particular, he is able to draw on his experience excavating the important Agricolan site at Red House, Corbridge and the recently discovered Agri col an fort at Elg inhau gh, j ust o uts ide Edinburgh." Previous owner's small stamp on front pastedown, very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket is price clipped, has light rubbing, light edge wrinkling - mainly at top of sp ine, soft cr ease alo ng t op edg e of r ear pa nel. Very Good+/Very Good 
Price: 39.95 USD
Bristol Classical Press, London, 1999. 
99 pp, 8 1/2" H, soft cover. ISBN 1853995584 B&w photographs, drawings. "This survey for the general student looks at the art created for and by the Romans and what they wanted from it. In place of the usual historical outline approach, (it) look s at the subject by genre; the Romans' appreciation of painting, sculpture and the decorative arts, in a society where the majority of work was commissioned, was different from that of the present day. Art for a world without printing or p h o t o g r a p h y to spread visual images meant much more direct contact with the artist and influence by the patron. Drawing on literary sources as well as illustrations from many parts of the Roman world, this survey up to the time of Constan ti ne c on si de rs w ha t Romans hoped to achieve and how far they were successful. Included are suggestions for further study, a bibliography and recommended sites to view the art discussed." Interior - previous owner's small stamp on inside o f f ron t c ove r, fai nt era sed p encil marks on free front endpaper, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - tiny scuff on spine, two soft creases at top corner of front cover - tiny crease at bottom corner. Very Go od 
Price: 20.00 USD
Helicon, (Oxford, England, 1998), Ist edition. 
237 pp, 4to, hard cover in dust jacket. "This book contrasts battle plans with their actual outcome, from the Romans to World War II. Each in-depth battle essay is complemented by original maps, producing a fresh insight into important battles whi ch have, in many cases, dictated the course of history." 18 battles are featured including: Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Alamein, Crecy, Cambrai, Blitzkrieg, Waterloo, Balaclava, Gallipoli, Somme, the Bulge, Austerlitz, Isandlwana, Y p r e s . . . Very minor edgewear to boards. Dust jacket has 1/2" closed tear at bottom of rear hinge, very light edgewear. NF/VG 
Price: 25.00 USD
Basil Blackwood, Oxford, 1937, first edition. 
xi, 46 pp + notes, 7 1/2" H, stiff card covers with attached dust jacket. Contents: Dedication; The King's Grace; From Arbor Low to King Alfred (Arbor Low - Ancient Britons - The Romans in Britain - St Columba and Iona - Exile from Erin - The Pool of Columcille - The English - The Danes - King Alfred); Great Britain and Ireland (The Garden of England - The Homes of England - The Last Levee - Under Which Flag? - The Song of the Mothers - Th' oul' Home in Mona - Old Ireland - The Passing of the Celt); The Seven Seas (The Old Mother - The Motherland - 'Physical Energy' - A Colonist's Farewell); To the Captain (The Right Honourable Stanley Baldwin); Notes. a few tiny soiling marks on inside front hinge, a few scattered tiny light f o x i n g m a rks. Dust jacket has ight to moderate soiling and darkening, small surface paper scuff on front panel, light edge wrinkling. Very Good-/Good 
Price: 20.00 USD
William Collins of London, MCMXXXXIV (1944). 
48 pp, 8 15/16" H, hard cover in dust jacket. 8 colour plates, 25 b&w illustrations. "The British Army, as we know it today, goes back to Cromwell's New Model Army which was formed in 1645 to fight against the Royalists. The soldiers of this army were the original British Redcoats. But British soldiers had been fighting both at home and abroad, long before the 17th century: at Hastings, at Crecy, at Agincourt and before that against the Romans and the Danes. It is the great individ u a l f i g ures which give their character to each succeeding military period: Sidney, Cromwell, Rupert, Marlborough, Wolfe, Moore, Wellington, Roberts: but their greatness is only properly measured against the greatness of their armies - armies c om po se d o f or dinary men who have fought in almost every country in the world, against all manner of odds. As Major Johnston says, 'The British Soldier may lose battles, but the only important war he has ever lost is the war of the American Re vol uti on' - an d the n the victors were themselves of British stock." Area of waviness in middle of pages 41 to end of book - no indication of water damage, minor browning on spine and edges of text block, minor edge wear. Dust jacket has mino r we ar a t to p/b otto m of s pine and flap-folds - light on flap-folds, very light browning on spine and light at top edge, tiny bump/wrinkling at bottom of spine. Very Good-/Very Good 
Price: 12.50 USD
20 Jones, Ken, editor. MILITARY MODELLING. VOLUME 27 NO. 14 1997
Hemel Hempstead Nexus 1997 00264083 Stapled in Wraps Very Good+ 
66 pp, 11 5/8" H. Profusely illustrated with colour and b&w photographs, drawings. Contents: Corsican Light Infantry: Assembling and painting a Nemrod 54mm kit; Flats on Show: British Flat Figure Society's Annual National Meeting; Mount Up: Putting Pegaso's Roman Consul figure on a horse; Big Bad Bear!: Scratch building a large scale German Brummbar assault gun; Bambi's Grown: Building Scale Model Accessories Faun tractor; Reichsbahn Uniforms: Details for modellers of SMI's Faun; Cast It!: First of a two-part feature on mould making and casting at home; Llewelyn the Great: Sculpting one-piece figures; Hornet Malkara: British army anti-tank missile system with scale drawings; A View to a Kill: Modelling a U-boat periscope in half-scale; German Infantry Fliers: Modelling the figures and aircraft; Notice Board: All the latest news for military modellers; Observation Post: The monthly news column for wargarmers; On Parade!: Books Reviewed; Soldier Box: A monthly column for collectors of toy soldiers; Readers' Models: A chance to see your model in colour in the world's leading military modelling magazine; Small Scale Scene: Monthly column for military vehicle modellers; Despatch: Readers' letters; "ATTEN-SHUN!": New products reviewed. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - very minor edge wear. 
Price: 10.00 USD
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