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THE QUIET FIELDS., 'BB'.  Illustrated by D.J. Watkins-Pitchford.
1 'BB'. Illustrated by D.J. Watkins-Pitchford. THE QUIET FIELDS.
Michael Joseph, London, 1981, first edtion. 
206 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0718120396 Charming b&w illustrations. "There is a growing need for the 'quiet fields' in this noisy, restless world. Mercifully, they can still be found by the country-lover and naturalist . This book tells of a year spent deep in the countryside, beginning when the year is young, when trees and hedges are bare to the winter winds, and on through the spring, summer and autumn, to winter once again. Whatever the season of t h e y e a r t h ere is always something to see in the countryside, even when the 'quiet fields' are sheeted with snow. There are the winter migrants - the wildfowl of the wet places, the delicate fieldfares and redwings - who come to Britain to e sc ap e t he b it t er t emperatures of their native lands. 'BB' also describes the advent of the spring migrants, which bring such intense joy to the naturalist that he even had to surrender his studio to a swallow family, which honoured him wi th a v is it and tw o l us ty bro ods of young. And the arrival of frogs at his Big Pond, the first for years, was a red-letter day in his calendar. There is still magic and a sense of peace in Britain's woods and fields. This book sets out to p rov e it , a nd the illu stra tio ns by D .J. Watkins-Pitchford echo exactly the spirit of the writing...." Minor very soft crease, faint pencil erasure marks and previous owner's embossed blind stamp on free front endpaper; small light crease at b otto m cor ner of half -titl e pag e; v ery mino r edge wear; minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has one small closed tear, one tiny tear, light edge wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, very light rubbing, mi nor s oiling , sm all area of de lamina tion at b ottom of front panel at flap-fold, a few tiny dints on hinges - mainly rear hinge. Very Good/Very Good 
Price: 100.00 USD
2 Adams, Robert. Cover art by Ken Kelly. TRUMPETS OF WAR. HORSECLANS #16.
New American Library of Canada / Signet, Scarborough, Ontario, 1987, 2nd printing. 
223 pp, mass market paperback. ISBN 0451147154 "The High King Zastros and his evil witch queen had finally met their match when they'd challenged Milo Morai and his Confederation Army to battle. Yet with the menace of Zastros destroyed, the Confe deration faced a still greater challenge - for in his mad campaign, Zastros had drained the very lifeblood from his kingdom of Southern Ehleenoee. Only chaos now reigned there, as bandits, killers, and bands of renegade warriors roved the land, s l a ughtering all who opposed them. Milo had pledged to bring peace back to this devastated realm. But could his former enemies, now become allies, be trusted to live by Confederation law in their troubled lands? Or did traitors wait to betray Mi lo 's warriors to a terrible doom?" Interior - bookstore stamp on first page, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - light edge wear, faint crease on spine, corner crease on front cover, soft crease at bottom of f r ont hi nge area. Very Good- 
Price: 10.00 USD
3 Alexander, Bevin. HOW GREAT GENERALS WIN.
Avon, New York, 1995. 
320 pp, 7 7/8" H, soft cover. ISBN 0380724367 B&w photographs, maps. "Undaunted by Hannibal's elephants, Scipio Africanus ordered his outnumbered cavlary to charge directly toward the massive beasts - and, by doing so, saved Rome. Stonewall Jack son struck like l ightning throughout the Shenandoah Valley, with occasional feints toward Washington - and so frustrated a numerically superior Union Army. Despite few resouces and even less support from the German High Command, The 'Desert F o x ' , Erwin Rommel, cond ucted one of the most spectacular and successful campaigns in military history. In wars throughout the centuries, the fortunes of great armies have turned on surprise tactics and audacious maneuvers brilliantly conceiv ed b y un co n ventional officers. In this remarkable work, acclaimed historian Bevin Alexander examines some of the most astonishing campaigns and engagements of all time - providing a uniquely insightful look at the battlefield genius of Napole on, Sh er man , L aw rence of Arabia, Mac Arthur, and other military strategists who transformed rout into victory time and time again." Interior - minor browning to pages, otherwise clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - mi nor edge we ar. Ver y G ood 
Price: 10.00 USD
4 Angelucci, Enzo and Matricardi, Paolo. Illustrations by Pierluigi Pinto. COMBAT AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR II, 1943-1944. POSTER BOOK.
Military Press, New York, (1988). 
63 pp, folio (15 1/4" H), soft cover. ISBN 0517665794 Profusely illustrated with full and double page 3-view drawings, b&w photographs. Brief histories of each aircraft and technical details. This volume: Nakajima Ki-84; Yokosuka D4Y; Mitsubishi J2M; Mitsubishi Ki-67; Nakajima B6N; Grumman F6F; Douglas A-26; Vought F4U-1D; Curtiss SB2C; North American B-25; Bell P-63; Lavochkin La-5; Northrop P-61; Ilyushin Il-2M3; Focke Wulf Fw.190 D-9; Junkers Ju.88 G-7a; Messerschmitt Me.163; S u p e r m a r i n e Spitfire Mk.XIV ; Avro Lancaster Mk.II; Hawker Tempest; Fairey Barracuda; Bristol Beaufighter Mk.X. Interior - small bump at top corner of pages up to page 22, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - v er y mi no r ed ge wear. Very Good+ 
Price: 20.00 USD
MEN AT ARNHEM., Angus, Tom.
5 Angus, Tom. MEN AT ARNHEM.
Leo Cooper, London, (1977), reprint. 
208 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0850522153 B&w maps, organization chart. "Tom Angus sets out to apportion no blame, nor does he seek to analyse the reasons for the failure of the operation. His aim is simply to describe w hat it was like to be a 30-year old company commander during those eight days in hell. For obvious reasons, the characters are not all drawn straight from life. The names are changed and he does not specify the units concerned. But the e v e n t s h e describes did happen just where and when and how he describes them; so if this is not a conventional work of military history nor is it by any means fiction. It is a remarkable and intensely moving account of one of those great mi li ta ry t ra ge d ie s w hich only the British seem able to turn into triumphs, and as a book it certainly triumphs over all conventional accounts of that blood-drenched sacrifice that was the Battle of Arnhem. It is also the finest evocation of an inf ant rym an' s w ar to b e published for many years and will become a classic in its field." Previous owners small stamp on front pastedown, very tiny bump to bottom corners of boards. Dust jacket has light wrinkling at top of spine, small gh ost stic ker mark on fro nt f lap . VG+/VG 
Price: 25.00 USD
DICTIONARY OF HAMILTON BIOGRAPHY.  VOLUME I.  (ORIGINS TO 1875)., Bailey, Thomas Melville, editor-in-chief.
6 Bailey, Thomas Melville, editor-in-chief. DICTIONARY OF HAMILTON BIOGRAPHY. VOLUME I. (ORIGINS TO 1875).
Dictionary of Hamilton Biography, Hamilton, (1981). 
244 pp, small 4to (10 1/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. Map endpapers. ISBN 0969102305 B&w illus. "The 331 biographies in volume I reflect the history of both the city and the surrounding region. The only firm criterion for inclusion was that the subject at some point in his life lived in the Hamilton area. The biographies reveal the early communities of the bay and the escarpment from early settlement, through war and rebellion to the emerging community of the mid and late ni n e t e e n t h century. The figures included represent a broad cross-section of life: politicians, clergy, merchants, settlers, actors, artists, and even criminals. These, then, are the men and women of the region's fascinating past." An A-Z c ov er in g Ha mi lt on biography from its origins to 1875. Light wrinkling at bottom of spine, minor edge wear, light browning to illustration pages, tiny light stain on fore-edge of textblock. Dust jacket has small chips and tears at top/bottom of spi ne an d f lap -fo lds , light to moderate soiling/rubbing - moderate on rear flap-fold, old tape residue on inside bottom of spine. Very Good/Good- 
Price: 37.50 USD
Outline Press, London, (1990) 
127pp., lg 8vo (9 3/4" H), soft cover. ISBN 1871547075 Story of Canada's top scoring fighter pilot of World War I. In the ranks of allied air aces, Billy Bishop officially stands third, behind Frenchman Rene Fonck (75 victories), and Irishman Mic k Mannock (73 victories). As it is, he was the highest scoring Canadian and with 79 "unofficial" victories to his credit, may have been second only to the war's leading ace, Manfred von Richthofen. Interior - small area of water staining o n i n s i d e fore-edge of front cover, tiny crease at bottom edge of two pages, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - small area of water staining on fore-edge of front cover, very minor edge wear, book is lightly c oc k ed , mi no r ru b bing. Very Good- 
Price: 10.00 USD
THE DESERT GENERALS., Barnett, Correlli.
8 Barnett, Correlli. THE DESERT GENERALS.
William Kimber, London, 1960, second edition. 
320 pp, large 8vo (9 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. Map endpapers, b&w photographs, maps/battle plans. "The first portrait is of Sir Richard O'Connor, who won the fantastic victories over Graziani's Italians in 1940. The author shows that th e credit for the daring and unorthodox planning is due to O'Connor and not to Wavell; he puts forward a convincing argument to show that Tripoli could have been taken - and the North African campaign ended - in February, 1941, if the Prime Mi n i s t e r had not diverted forces to Greece. Of Sir Alan Cunningham, first commander of 8th Army, there is a picture of imaginative insight. The author shows that the crisis in the 'Crusader' battle of November, 1941, was caused by twenty years o f ne gl ec t a nd traditionalism, although the brunt fell on Cunningham, then a sick man. In Sir Neil Ritchie, next 8th Army commander, the author sees personified the characteristics of the Establishment - rigidity, social charm and professiona l c on ser vat ism . H e shows how Ritchie was beaten in the summer battles of 1942 by the dynamism of German leadership. With 8th Army in danger of complete collapse, the C.-in-C., Sir Claude Auchinleck, took over direct command in order to try t o sa ve the Midd le E as t a nd its vital oil. In the next few weeks he won a great but never officially acknowledged victory in the First Battle of Alamein. The author believes that this was the true turning point of the war, making possible the ' Torch ' l andi ngs i n Fre nch Nor th Africa. Auchinleck's reward was dismissal - as, the author shows, a political scapegoat. Although Field-Marshal Montgomery has recounted his own story, there is another side to it, told here for the first tim e. Th e au thor discus ses th e pl ans f or Montgomery's first victory of Alam Halfa which had been made by Auchinleck and his officers; he submits that the Battle of Alamein was not impeccably handled, and that Rommel's escape afterwards was not o wing to rain , but to the hesita nt, ' broad front' pursuit - the very error of which Montgomery was to accuse Eisenhower in 1944." Previous owner's small bookplate and small light stain on front pastedown, light browning to edges of text block, minor w rinkli ng at top/bott om of sp ine, o ne pag e with tiny edge tear and crease. Dust jacket has wear/wrinkles/tiny chips at top/bottom of hinges and flap-folds, small surface paper loss at top of spine, light browning on spine and flap-fold s, two ed ge tear s with creases - old tap e repai r, one tiny edge tear, light wear on flap-folds. Very Good/Very Good- 
Price: 17.50 USD
Bodley Head / Army Records Society, London, 1986, first edition. 
456 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0370307380 "The events at the Curragh Camp near Dublin on 20/21 March 1914, and the drama continued in London over the following nine days, have a special significance in British military his tory. The outline of the story is well enough known: Brig.-General Hubert Gough and fellow-officers in the 3rd Cavalry Brigade threatened to resign rather than implement what seemed to them a policy of coercing Ulster into accepting Irish H o m e R u l e ; Gough secured a written guarantee from J.E.B. Seely, Secretary of State for War, that the army would not be so employed; Asquith's Liberal cabinet, however, repudiated the guarantee, which led Seely to resign, along with the Chie f o f th e I mp er ia l General Staff Field Marshal Sir John French and the Adjutant General Lt-General Sir John Spencer Ewart. Although sometimes erroneously referred to as a 'Mutiny', the Curragh Incident does remain one of the very few occasion s in mo der n ti mes wh en th e army asserted itself in face of the civil power in peacetime....The Incident has hitherto generally been seen in terms either of a Liberal plot to coerce Ulster or of a military plot to thwart the democratic process. By emp hasi si ng the wide r i mpa ct of the Incident on the army, this selection of original documents illuminates a number of aspects that have gone unremarked. The army's increasing concern that it might be drawn into civil war in Ulster is ill u str ated , and th e a ccep ted v ersi on o f events in Ireland and London is shown in a new light. New evidence shows the impact of the Curragh Incident on the army outside Ireland, and on the Royal Navy's attitude. The common assumption that A sq uith 's as suming the off ice o f Secr etary of S tate for War on 31 March 1914 closed the Incident is shown here to be false - the morale of the army and the officer corps continued to be affected by the Incident and its aftermath right up to th e out break of the Great War. (Thi s book) throw s impo rtant new light both on British militay history and the ever present Irish 'problem'." Previous owner's small stamp on front pastedown, very light browning to pages, tiny stain on fron t hi nge, b ump to top of spine and r ear hin ge area, two ti ny ligh t marks on rear board, light browning to edges of textblock. Dust jacket has small color surface paper loss (scuff) with tiny perforation and heavy creasing at top of rear hi nge/s pine ar ea - mi nor edge wrinkl ing els ewhere, minor rub bing. V ery Good -/Very Good- 
Price: 36.00 USD
OUR INTELLECTUAL STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS / 'ENGLISH-CANADIAN LITERATURE' / 'FRENCH-CANADIAN LITERATURE., Bourinot, John George; Marquis, Thomas Guthrie; Roy, Camille.  Introduction by Clara Thomas.
10 Bourinot, John George; Marquis, Thomas Guthrie; Roy, Camille. Introduction by Clara Thomas. OUR INTELLECTUAL STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS / 'ENGLISH-CANADIAN LITERATURE' / 'FRENCH-CANADIAN LITERATURE.
University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1973. 
489 pp, 8vo (8 7/16" H), soft cover. "These three works, displaying marked differences in purpose, tone, and effect, are all classics of Canadian literary and cultural criticism. John George Bourinot was a man of letters, an Imperialist, and a bic ulturalist, who was confident of his knowledge of the Canadian identity and felt it to be his public mission to align reality with his own personal vision. Writing in 1893 to the elite represented by the members of the Royal Society, he d e s c r i b e d h is work as 'a monograph on the intellectual development of the Dominion', describing 'the progress of culture in a country still struggling with the difficulties of the material development of half a continent'. Two decades later , Th om as G ut hr ie Ma rquis and Camille Roy wrote what were, in contrast, specialized assignments, contributions to the compendium history, 'Canada and Its Provinces' (1913). Addressing a far larger audience, and treating a vastly enlarged bod y of Can adi an lit era tur e , t heir work comes much closer to contemporary scholarship, with greater clarity, organization, and sheer bulk of information, but with the loss of some of the charm and assurance of Bourinot's wide sweep. In further co ntr ast to B our inot 's d eter mi ned biculturalism and will to unity, Roy and Marquis' essays display vivid differences in the emotional allegiances and convictions of the founding cultures. Marquis starts by asking the question, 'Has Canada a vo ice of h er ow n in lite ratur e dis tin ct f rom that of England?'; Roy treats French-Canadian literature in its Roman Catholic contexts." Interior - one small dog-ear crease, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - l ight to m oderat e bro wning, light brown ing on sp ine and on rear cover, light browning on top of textblock. Very Good- 
Price: 12.50 USD
THE 10th ROYAL HUSSARS (PRINCE OF WALES'S OWN).  FAMOUS REGIMENTS SERIES., Brander, Michael.  Introduction by Lt.-General Sir Brian Horrocks.
11 Brander, Michael. Introduction by Lt.-General Sir Brian Horrocks. THE 10th ROYAL HUSSARS (PRINCE OF WALES'S OWN). FAMOUS REGIMENTS SERIES.
Leo Cooper, London, 1969, first edition. 
137 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. B&w photographs, reproductions. "Brigadier Humphrey Gore, who raised the 10th Dragoons in 1715, and General Sir David Dawney, Colonel in 1969, each had a son in the regiment, as also did many of t he Colonels between them, including King Edward VII, for such close family relationships at all levels were a feature in the Tenth, with the same names appearing generation after generation. Hence in a very intimate way the regiment has al w a y s b e e n 'Proud of Their Man'. The Tenth has also always been notable for the Cavalry Spirit, that elusive quality, which has nothing to do with horses, implying light-hearted dash and daring, pride in discipline combined with independence o f mi nd an d ju dg ement, the ability to assess odds quickly and take instant and correct decisions, enduring courage and leadership. It was noticeable before Warburg in 1760 in Major Davenport's letters. It was there before they became the Pr inc e of Wal e s's O wn Hus sars and the smartest regiment in the British Army. It was there at Waterloo, when they led the decisive charge of the day, and right down through the years and the campaigns it has always been evident. Whether in intr oduc in g p olo to Eng lan d, or d eveloping new tactics in battle, the Tenth was always in the lead. In the Boer War, when they exchanged gay uniforms for khaki, in the 14-18 War, when they fought amost entirely dismounted, in the 39-45 War, when they ha d co nver ted to t anks , a nd th rough every change of role since, these qualities remained unaltered, epitomised in the regimental saying 'Once a Tenth Hussar, always a Tenth Hussar', and in their pride as 'The Shiners', outshining all others ." Inclu des t he m usic f or th e Re giment al March Past. Faint cigarette odor, minor browning to pages, book is slightly cocked, light browning to edges of textblock, two tiny corner creases, light wrinkling ast top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket is price clipp ed, h as wrin kling at to p/botto m of spine and flap-folds, moderate browning on spine and flap-folds - light elsewhere, a few tiny tiny tears at top/bottom of spine, light soiling/rubbing on rear panel. Very Good/Good 
Price: 22.50 USD
SCOTTISH AND BORDER BATTLES AND BALLADS., Brander, Michael.  Musical arrangements by Jimmie Macgregor.
12 Brander, Michael. Musical arrangements by Jimmie Macgregor. SCOTTISH AND BORDER BATTLES AND BALLADS.
Seely Service, London, 1975, first edition. 
300 pp, large 8vo (9 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0854221050 Music notation, maps. "....(selects) a number of the better-known (Scottish ballads) and place(s) them in their historical setting. Each ballad is introduced by an account of the events which led to its composition and accompanied by a map of the battle where appropriate. There then follows the words of the ballad and the tune or tunes to which it is sung, arranged by Jimmie Macgregor. To aid the unenlightened Sasse nach, those words which are only used north of the border have been translated. It is hoped that in this way the ballads themselves may become more meaningful to more people and that those who live or travel in Scotland will find the book o f u s e w h en visiting the battlefields which gave birth to so many of the ballads." Note: music notation is not provided for all ballads. Previous owner's small stamp on front pastedown, one minor corner bump. light wrinkling at bottom of s p in e, mi no r s oi li ng on bottom of textblock. Dust jacket has light edge wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine, minor rubbing. Very Good/Very Good 
Price: 25.00 USD
Swan Hill, Shrewsbury, 1997. 
144 pp, small 4to (10 3/16" H), soft cover with self-flaps. ISBN 1853108154 Profusely illustrated with colour photographs, b&w drawing, diagrams. "(Explores) the psychology of the horse as a basis for its schooling and also sets valuable guidelin es for the initial and later training for the rider. The section on school movements and (Brandl's) detailed exposition of the rider's aids is exemplary, but even more notable is the author's supporting theme of mental and physical relaxat i o n l e a d i ng to harmony between horse and rider. It adds a further dimension to the riding disciplines and sets this book apart from its contemporaries. Also included are chapters on jumping training, eventing and hunting, as well as a part ic ul ar l y pe rc ep ti ve study of the art of Western horsemanship, in which the author discusses the relationship between the Californian system and the classical European school." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Ex ter ior - mi no r e dge we ar, minor rubbing. Very Good+ 
Price: 15.00 USD
F-15 EAGLE., Braybrook, Roy.
14 Braybrook, Roy. F-15 EAGLE.
Osprey, London, 1991, first edition. 
128 pp, 11 7/8" H, hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 1855321491 Profuesly illustrated with colour photographs. "Built to counter the seemingly invincible Soviet MiG-25 Foxbat, the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle has proven to be more than a match for any 'red' fighter interceptor for over 15 years. Carrying the all-seeing Hughes AN/APG-63 radar inside its massive radome, the interception capabilities of the Eagle have been matched only by its US Navy rival, the F-14 Tomcat. Although a large ae roplane, the Eagle is incredibly agile, with plenty of power from its twin afterburning Pratt & Whitney F-100 tubrofans. These allow a pilot to exploit the F-15 Eagle's suberb in-flight characteristics to the fullest extent. Entering frontline s q u adron service with the USAF's Tactical Air Command in late 1974, the F-15 has gone on to equip no less than six tactical fighter wings based in the USA, and one apiece in Germany and Japan. Five Air National Guard units also bolster the fron t li ne r anks with earlier version of the mighty Eagle. All USAF operators of the potent F-15 are graphically featured in this stunning volume. A chapter on the rarely illustrated Japanese Air Self-Defence Force complements the star-spangled F-1 5s ." Mi nor edge wear, small faint erasure mark at top of free front endpaper. Dust jacket has very light rubbing, some areas of light wrinkling at top edge. Very Good-/Very Good 
Price: 17.00 USD
THE NEW YORK TIMES GREAT LATIN SONGS., Broderick, Richard, ed.  Introduction by Jose Feliciano.
15 Broderick, Richard, ed. Introduction by Jose Feliciano. THE NEW YORK TIMES GREAT LATIN SONGS.
Quadrangle / New York Times Book Co., New York, 1974. 
288 pp, 12" H, soft cover. Spanish/English lyrics. Scored for piano with guitar chord names. Over 50 songs, including: Adios Vida Mia; Babalu; Brazil; Cose, Cose, Cose; La Cucaracha; Frenesi; Feliz Navidad; Gay Ranchero; Guadalajara; Granada; Mia mi Beach Rumba; Lisbon Antigua; Malaguena; Magic is the Moonlight; Maria Elena; My Adobe Hacienda; Perfida; Say "Si Si"; Vaya Con Dios; Tico-Tico; etc. Interior - faint cigarette odor, slight bump at top corner of pages, otherwise clean an d t i g h t w ith no other ownership marks. Exterior - soft corner creases on front cover, light edge wear, browning to edges of textblock, light creases on rear hinge area, 1 1/2" scuff mark on rear cover, light rubbing. Very Good- 
Price: 27.50 USD
Seaver / William Morrow, New York, 1982, first edition. 
(213) pp, 4to (11 1/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0688012167 Profusely illustrated with b&w photographs. "Here are Patricia McBride and Peter Martins of the New York City Ballet; Anthony Dowell, Natalia Makarova, Alexander Godunov, Cynth ia Gregory, Fernando Bujones, and Martine Van Hamel of the American Ballet Theatre; and Patrick Dupond and Ghislaine Thesmar of the Paris Opera Ballet. You will see them behind the scenes and in pictures that record the fleeting moments of g r e a t p e rformance which dancers must perpetually re-create. Their biographies, based on personal interviews....display the individuality of each of them, which is as striking as the passion they share for their difficult art. By juxtaposin g t he p ub li c a nd private sides of these stars of contemporary ballet, 'Ten Dancers' doubly illuminates the art. After seeing Pierre Petitjean's photographs, no one can watch these or even other dancers without a sharply heightened sense of w hat th ey bri ng to ea ch dazzling appearance on the stage." Dust jacket has been price clipped, has areas of light edge wrinkling - mainly at top of spine and bottom of rear panel, minor edge wear, one tiny tear with crease, minor rubbing, mi nor bro wnin g a t to p o f f laps . Near Fine/Very Good 
Price: 35.00 USD
Editions la palette, Montreal, 1987. 
237 pp, 4to (12" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 2980106003 B&w and colour illustrations. Bilingual text (French/English). Showcases the work of 52 Quebec artists, giving brief biographies. Francesco Alberti, Gilles Archambault, Leonard Bas que, Andre Bertounesque, Normand Boisvert, Yvette Boulanger, J. Marcel Bourbonnais, Patricia Bourque, Serge Brunoni, Albert Buscio, Christian Deberdt, Littorio Del Signore, John Der, Maurice Domingue, Robert Dupont, Lucie Fournier, Helmut G e r t h , J o s eph Giunta, Francine Gravel, Monique Harvey, Richard Hetu, Vladimir Horik, Normand Hudon, Lise Jourdenais, Louise Kirouac, Pierre Labrecque, Claude Langevin, Michel Lapensee, P. Tex Lecor, Michel Leroux, Douglas Manning, Monique Mer ci er , Pa tr i ck M un eret, Pauline Paquin, Francoise Pascals, Claude Picher, Jacques Poirier, Marcel H. Poirier, Gaston Rebry, Philippe Richard, Alan Richardson, Gilles Seguin, Benoit Simard, Solange St-Pierre, Armand Tatossian, Claude Theberge, Ti bor K . T hom as , L oui s T remblay, Pierrette Trudel, Pierre Turgeon, Mario Verdon. Very light wrinkling at bottom of spine, very minor wear at top/bottom of spine and at corners. Dust jacket has very minor wear at bottom of front panel, mi nor wrin kli ng a t bo tto m of spi ne, very light rubbing, two shallow dints on front hinge. Near Fine/Very Good+ 
Price: 75.00 USD
Chruchill Livingstone, Edinburgh, 1974, first edition. 
519 pp + fold-out maps at rear, 448 pp + maps at rear (1 fold-out), large 8vo (9 3/8" H), hard covers in dust jackets - 2 volume set. Volume One - ISBN 0443010668, Volume Two - ISBN 0443011222 B&w photographs, reproductions, maps (some fold-out), tables. Errata slips tipped in at page 5 (Volume 1) and pages 209 & 220 (Volume 2). "An account of the Army Medical Department, from the time of the institution of the Standing Army in 1660 to the formation of the Royal Army Medical Corps in 1898. " Contents: Volume 1 - The New Model Army; The Standing Army; The War of Spanish Succession; The War of Austrian Succession; The Seven Years' War; The American War of Independence; The Army Medical Board; French Revolutionary Wars I (1793 - 1 7 9 8 ) ; F r ench Revolutionary Wars II (1812-1814); Peninsular War I (1808-1811); Peninsular War II (1812-1814); Waterloo; Both East and West; Director General Sir James McGrigor; Asia and Africa (1824-1853); Appendices. Volume 2 - Crimean W ar I ( 18 54 -1 85 6 ); C rimean War II (1854-1855); Crimean War III (1855-1856); The Era of Reform; Asia and Africa (1857-1868); Reorganisation; Asia and Africa (1873-1896); Egypt and Sudan (1882-1898); Adminstration in India; Royal Army Medical Co rps ; A rmy He alt h; Mi lit ary Medical Writers; Notable Medical Officers; Appendices. Volume One - a few faint finger and minor soiling marks on boards, previous owner's small stamp at top of front pastedown. Dust jacket has very light rub bing , mi nor edge wri nkli ng. V olum e Tw o - previous owner's small stamp at top of front pastedown, small light ink smudge in text of pages 240 & 241 - doesn't affect legibility. Dust jacket has very light rubbing and light edge wrinkling - mainl y at top of sp ine a rea. VG+ /VG+ & VG +/VG 
Price: 250.00 USD
THE INNISKILLING DIARIES 1899-1903.  1st BATTALION, 27th ROYAL INNISKILLING FUSILIERS IN SOUTH AFRICA., Cassidy, Martin.  Foreword by Brigadier W.J. Hiles.
19 Cassidy, Martin. Foreword by Brigadier W.J. Hiles. THE INNISKILLING DIARIES 1899-1903. 1st BATTALION, 27th ROYAL INNISKILLING FUSILIERS IN SOUTH AFRICA.
Leo Cooper, Barnsley, 2001, first edition. 
252 pp, large 8vo (9 7/16" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0850528240 B&w plates, maps. "One hundred years ago, the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, along with many other British regiments, were fighting a desperate campaign many thousands of mi les from their native land. The Second Boer War tested the resolve and resources of what was then the mightiest Empire in the world. A succession of reverses raised the real spectre of defeat at the hands of the Boers; an unthinkable humi l i a t i o n . The depth of public interest and concern felt at the time is reflected in continual fascination in this conflict. Thus Martin Cassidy's careful editing of the graphic diaries of three members of the Regiment's 1st Battalion (two o ff ic er s an d on e p rivate soldier) is to be greatly welcomed. Through the differing angles of these fine accounts we witness not just the drama of battle but the harsh conditions that the British troops had to endure. To read first-hand record s o f t he ex tra or din ar y deeds such as those performed at Inniskilling Hill and the Relief of Ladysmith is a privilege that will mean much to those closely associated with the Regiment and to all with an interest in military history." Tiny bum p at top of sp ine. V ery min or wrinkle at top of spine. Near Fine/Near Fine 
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Osprey, London,1994, reprint. 
96 pp, 9 3/4" H, soft cover. ISBN 1855322854 Profusely illustrated in colour and b&w with photographs, reproductions, maps/battle plans, uniform studies. Contents: Descent to War - 1806; Plans and Preparations: Prussian War Plans - Napoleon's Op erational Plan; 'The Battalion Square' in Action; The Opposing Commanders: The French Commanders in 1806 - Prussian Commanders in 1806; The Opposing Armies: The Grande Armee of 1806 - The Prussian and Saxon Armies of 1806; The Battle of Jen a : T h e B a ttle Opens at Jena - The Struggle for Rodigen - The Blunders of Marshal Ney - Jena, The Coup de Grace; Auerstadt: The Growing Battle for Hassenhausen - The French Advance; Aftermath and an Accounting: An All-Out Exploitation - An Arm y El i mi na te d - A n Incomplete Achievement; The Battlefields Today; Chronology; A Guide to Further Reading; Wargaming Jena-Auerstadt. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - clean and bright. Near Fine 
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