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London HarperCollins 1999 0002243555 / 9780002243551 First Edition Hard Cover Near Fine Very Good+ 
464 pp, 9 1/2" H. "Quicksilver is part romance, part psychologicl thriller. Richly evocative and subtly erotic, it gives a fascinating insight into the myth of the werewolf. Raised in exile as an English gentleman trying to forget a tragic past, Ned Malise wanted only to be left alone with his music, his rich daydreams and his love for Marika. But at the age of thirty-three, he suddenly began to turn into a wolf. Or so it seemed in 1638, when werewolves were still tried and hanged like witches. On the run from hunters with dogs, Ned takes refuge with the woman he has loved from a distance all his life, who must herself in turn make a terrifying decision. Then Ned finds that rescue can be even more horrifying than execution. Set in England and Holland, in a world where medieval superstition still warred with the emerging experimental sciences of the Age of Reason, (it) moves from court intrigue to back-street quacks, from the healing power of music to the deadly hunger of intellectual ambition. From the horror of Ned's first unravelling by his Wolf, by way of one of the strangest yet most satisfying love stories seen outside myth, it propels the reader to an astonishing but exhilarating end - (and) stretches our understanding of the beast that lurks in man." Dust jacket has very light edge wrinkling. 
Price: 15.00 USD
SEBASTIAN OR RULING PASSIONS., Durrell, Lawrence.  Jacket art by David Gentleman.
2 Durrell, Lawrence. Jacket art by David Gentleman. SEBASTIAN OR RULING PASSIONS.
Faber and Faber, London, 1983, first edition. 
202 pp, 8vo (8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0571131115 "This is the fourth in Lawrence Durrell's current sequence of novels, following 'Contance', which was short-listed for the Booker Prize. What Mr Durrell calls his 'quincunx' can now b e seen emerging as an Avignon quintet, more and more recognizably linked with the themes and characters of 'The Alexandria Quartet'. In 'Sebastian' the locale is principally Geneva, picking up from the close of 'Constance', and as the sto r y u n f o l d s what were enigmas become revelations, and what seemed brilliant patchwork becomes a cunning woven tapestry. The relationship of Constance and Affad is under threat, and they realize they are heading for a fearful crisis; while h er p r of es si on al p ra ctice as a clinical psychiatrist involves her in the patient healing of an autistic child = her lover's son - and the handling of a dangerous criminal psychopath. These intertwined episodes are as full of tender insight nd el ec tri fyi ng mel odr ama as anything Mr Durrell has ever written." Two small faint soiling marks on top of textblock. Dust jacket has very light edge wear, tiny hole and light wear at top of rear flap-fold. Very Good+/Very Good 
Price: 15.00 USD
New York Ace 1st Printings. Mass Market Paperbacks Very Good Cover art by Larry Elmore (1-3) and Angus McBride (4). 
The first 4 books in the Night-Threads series - 6 7/8" H - all are first printings. 1. The Calling of the Three - 248 pp, 1990, ISBN 0441580858. "Magic bright and dark swept through the land of Zelharri, claiming the Duke's life in a pool of Hell-Light. Now his son Aletto and daughter Lialla fear for the future of their people. Their murderous uncle has married their mother to steal the throne from Aletto. His only hope to reclaim it is by gathering powerful allies through the magic of the Night-Threads. A magic his sister barely controls. Three ordinary people have been summoned from a place called Earth, in a land known as California: Jennifer, a hard-working junior lawyer who doesn't believe in magic - Robyn, her hard-drinking, hard-living sister - and Robyn's son, Chris, a high school senior with a level head and a smart mouth. These three have been chosen to fight in a dangerous battle of unbelievable magic. A magic they must believe in - or die." 2. The Two in Hiding - 294 pp, 1991, ISBN 0441580866. "Strange and wondrous rumors spread through the kingdom of Rhadaz concerning the young duke Aletto and his sister Lialla, fled from the household of their uncle Jadek, who had ruled the land of Zelharri since the suspicious death of his brother years before. They traveled, it was said, with three outlanders who claimed to be from a place called Earth: a beautiful woman named Jennifer, who had become apprentice to Lialla in the use of the magic of the Night-Threads; the young man known as Chris, who was teaching the weakling Aletto odd but effective ways of fighting. And, it was whispered, the third was an older woman who had the gift of shapeshifting. A talent rare - and dangerous." 3. One Land, One Duke - 324 pp, 1992, ISBN 0441580874. "Whispers of magic and intrigue reached Podhru, grand capital of Rhadaz. It was said that Aletto, rightful duke of Zelharri, sought to reclaim the throne stolen from him. And that the warrior Dahven had escaped the doom prepared for him by his treacherous brothers. For too long has the Emperor stood apart from the conflict, but now the people cry out for 'One Land, One Duke'. The time for hiding is over. At last, the healing power of the Night-Threads stands against demonic Hell-Light while the destiny of all who live hangs in the balance. And three ordinary visitors from Earth must use their newfound talents - as sorceress, shapeshifter, and soldier - to rescue a world that is now even their own. 4. The Craft of Light - 280 pp, 1993, ISBN 0441580882. "Four years have passed, and the three (visitors from Earth) have settled into a comfortable routine. But for Lialla, the outcast duchess of Zelharri, life is a maze of unseen dangers and deadly perils. Her secret powers of Hell-Light are fierce and fearsome; yet they are the very powers that will determine her fate." Interiors - one book with heavy browning to inside of covers, books have either very light or light browning to pages, otherwise clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exteriors - three books with very light creases on spines, one book with three very small corner creases, slight lean to spines, light browning to some edges of text blocks, light edge wear to most covers, one book with a tiny number stamped on bottom of text block. 
Price: 20.00 USD
Basingstoke Macmillan 1996 033365028X / 9780333650288 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good- 
177 pp, 8 3/4" H. "Around the world, fantasy writers are drawing more and more from ancient Welsh mythic tales and folklore. What is the secret of their timeless appeal? (The author) examines the contemporary retelling of the old Welsh stories and explores the way they treat the deepest and most urgent of all human needs - the need to belong. She discusses fantasy novels by popular authors such as Lloyd Alexander, Madeleine L'Engle, Alan Garner and Stephen Lawhead. Historical romances have fantasy elements too - such as those by Sharon Penman, Edith Pargeter and Barbara Erskine. Arthurian literature and films are also reviewed in a discussion of the Celtic notion of the hero and its importance, on a personal level, for the individual reader." Contents: Introduction: Welsh Myth and the Sense of Belonging; Eternal Triangles and the Cycles of Myth; Reconstructing the Present from the Stories of the Past; Children from Dysfunctional Families: Instruments of Mythic Healing; The Place of the Pig-Keeper: To Know Oneself; Arthurian Novels and the Spirit of the Welsh Place; Belonging and the Right of Possession: Children's Novels; Welsh Myth in Historical Novels; The Film Hero and Welsh Mythology; Myth, Theology and Belonging; Notes; Index. Light wrinkling at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light edge wrinkling, very light edge wear, very light rubbing, two small areas of tiny scuffs at bottom of spine. 
Price: 50.00 USD
New York ROC First printings. Mass Market Paperbacks Very Good Cover art by Daniel Horn (1) and Judy York (2-5). 
The first five volumes of "The Witches of Eileanan" series, 6 3/4" H. 1. The Witches of Eileanan - 411 pp, 1998, ISBN 0451456890 - "On the Day of Reckoning, the witches of Eileanan were outlawed - and violations of the new order were punishable by death. Eileanan's Great Towers, once meccas of magic and learning, were left in ruins. And now, the entire land trembles in fear. Yet deep in the mountains, in the shadow of Dragonclaw, a young girl is being tutored in the old ways. Ignorant of her past, uncertain of her future, the foundling Isabeau will soon be forced down a dangerous path of prophesy, conspiracy and magic. It is a world where dragons possess the key to ancient mysteries - where a lost prince will discover a strange and wondrous destiny - and where the ultimate battle between good and evil will be waged." 2. The Pool of Two Moons - 557 pp, 1999, ISBN 0451456904 - "It has been sixteen years since the Day of Reckoning, when magic and witchcraft were outlawed throughout all of Eileanan. And though rumors say that she is dead, the Arch-Sorceress Meghan o' the Beasts still lives. Traveling with her are the true heir to the throne, and the red-haired warrior Iseult. Their fates are woven together in a quest to bring magic back to the land." 3. The Cursed Towers - 544 pp, 2000, ISBN 0451456912 - "(T)he Righ, Lachlan the Winged, overturns his dead brother's decrees against witchcraft. But sixteen years of hatred and superstition have cloaked Eileanan in darkness. And though he has won the power of the Lodestar, Lachlan's rule is challenged by a mere babe - and a civil war erupts. The flame-haired twins - Iseult the Scarred Warrior and Isabeau the apprentice-witch - must go their separate ways. Iseult to fight side by side with her husband, Lachlan. Isabeau to the Cursed Towers, to master her powers - and find the family she has never known." 4. The Forbidden Land - 403 pp, 2001, ISBN 0451458281 - "After her adventures with the League of the Healing Hand, Finn the Cat finds life at Castle Rurach boring. Snowbound for the winter and faced with the prospect of being molded into 'Lady Fionnghal' by her mother, she pines to be on the battlefront with her father against the sea demons. But Finn's talents are needed elsewhere. Summoned by the Righ, Lachlan the Winged, she must embark on a perilous journey into the Forbidden Land. Imprisoned in the Black Tower is a rebellious prophet whose beliefs have made him an enemy among his own people. Now Finn must help rescue the one whose words can free a land enshrouded in darkness." 5. The Skull of the World - 385 pp, 2002, ISBN 0451458699 - "Isabeau the witch longs to rejoin her sister and her home in these uncertain times, but she must first complete one last task for her teachers. To find her true purpose in life, she must reach the Skull of the World and listen to the silent words of the White Gods. Few survive. But those who do are changed forever. Now, when she does return home, she does so with an extraordinary gift. But when Margrit of Arran decides to take advantage of Lachlan's absence by kidnapping his son and heir to the throne, Isabeau must learn to use her gifts in the face of evil - and overcome her enemy once and for all." Interiors - vol. 1 has a small piece missing at top edge of first page and one dog-ear crease, very light browning to inside of covers of vols. 1 & 2, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exteriors - very light edge wear, one or two tiny corner creases, two faint creases on spine of vol. 5. 
Price: 27.50 USD
Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, (1998), Ist printing. 
192 pp, 4to (11 1/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 1560987944 Profusely illustrated with b&w and color photos and drawings. "Among the Mande-speaking groups dispersed throughout much of West Africa, certain artists - including potters and l eatherworkers - form a spiritually powerful social class in which gender determines craft specialization. Ceramic water jars and cooking pots are made only by the wives and female relatives of blacksmiths. Leather objects such as knife shea t h s , a m ulet cases, and, more recently, western-style shoes and bags are produced by male leatherworkers. While these objects display features common to those of other West African groups, the manner in which they are produced has remained dis ti nc tl y M an de . Analyzing the work of Mande potters and leatherworkers, (the author) argues that studying craft technologies in addition to object styles is essential to reconstructing the art heritage of an ethnically complex region. Drawing on ar cha eo lo gic al and historical evidence as well as her field research in Mali, she shows how tools and practices such as potters' use of convex molds and leatherworkers' adherence to specific knife blade shapes serve to distinguish the good s ma de b y Ma nde ar tist s f rom those of neighboring groups. She also discusses the pride the potters take in their healing and spiritual knowledge, and the sense of difference between craftsmen who specialize exclusively in leatherworking and those who doubl e as bar ds an d mu sicians. Examining the roles of Mande leatherworkers and potters in the rise and fall of empires, the development of trans-Saharan trade networks, and the spread of Islam, Frank questions the 'one-tribe, one-st yle' i nterp retati ons t hat h ave do minat ed studies of West African art. Focusing on two traditions that have been little studied, (this book) explores the complex, shifting relationships among the identities of Mande craftspeople, the objects they cr eate, and the techn ologie s they use." Minor edge wear, minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, barcode label on rear paste-down. Dust jacket has minor edge wear, light edge wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine and top of rear panel . very l ight r ubbing. Very G ood+/Ve ry Good 
Price: 30.00 USD
7 Gibson, Morris. A DOCTOR'S CALLING.
Vancouver Douglas & McIntyre 1986 0888945213 / 9780888945211 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good+ 
224 pp, 9 1/4" H. "In this anecdotal recounting of his boyhood years, his experiences in medical school, where he met his wife Janet, also a doctor, and his service in the armed forces during World War II and after, Morris Gibson shows what life is like for a doctor at large. He is a man devoted to healing, whether in England, or in a foothills town in Alberta, a western province of Canada. With his family, he makes his way with skill and intuition, curing when he can, listening and learning when he cannot. He recalls simple people in complex situations, the amazing effects of medical break-throughs, tragedy and triumph. And all is told in his original voice, that of a man who learns not only by seeing his patients as individuals as unique as their medical problems, but by applying his skill as a doctor to a changing world." Minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has some very minor edge wrinkling, minor rubbing. 
Price: 15.00 USD
AIKINS OF THE U OF T MEDICAL FACULTY., Godfrey, Charles.  Inscribed.
8 Godfrey, Charles. Inscribed. AIKINS OF THE U OF T MEDICAL FACULTY.
Codam, Madoc, Ontario, 1998. 
341 pp, 8vo (9" H), soft cover. ISBN 0968422608 B&w plates. INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR ON TITLE PAGE. "(E)xplores the many factors which led to the establishment of the Medical Faculty, University of Toronto in which William Thomas Aikins played a leading role. Through the maelstrom of medical politics in the second half of the nineteenth century in Canada, W.T. Aikins emerges as the calm, steadfast leader who eventually triumphed over all obstacles and brought the University of Toronto Medical Faculty into being. To accomplish this, it was necessary to organize Ontario physicians, raise the competence and standing of medical practitioners and guide medical teaching through a crisis of faith, a revolution of physiology and a plethora of epistemologies of healing. His success set the stage for the initial wave of medical excellence in the province, which lead to the magnificent accomplishments of the first quarter of the twentieth century." Interior - soft bump at bottom edge of pages 323 to end of book, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - soft crease at bottom edge of rear cover. Very Good 
Price: 27.50 USD
FOLK DANCE OF EUROPE., Jaffe, Nigel Allenby.  Inscribed.
9 Jaffe, Nigel Allenby. Inscribed. FOLK DANCE OF EUROPE.
Folk Dance Enterprises, Skipton, 1990, first edition. 
344 pp, large 8vo (9 7/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. B&w illustrations. INSCRIBED ON DEDICATION PAGE: TO ALLEN AND MARGARET WITH BEST WISHES FROM NIGEL. 15th AUGUST, 1990." ISBN 0946247145 Contents: Foreword; Introduction; Ethnic and histo rical background; A little mythology; Circles and chains; Swords, hoops, garlands and sticks; Morris, Christians and Moors, and other battles; Guisers, hobby-animals and mummers; Couple dances and threesomes; Women's and men's dances; Weddi n g s ; M a y p oles, fires and spirits; Seasonal, work and animal dances; Church, healing, ecstasy and death; Country dance and dancing masters; Conclusion; Appendices: The sun, the moon and the dance; Flamenco; Musical instruments; Leading festiv al s; A ck n ow le dg em ents; Bibliography; Index. One page with a tiny corner crease, light wrinkling at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has some areas of light edge wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, spine color is moderate ly fad ed. V er y G ood +/V ery Good- 
Price: 125.00 USD
ARS MEDICA:  ART, MEDICINE, AND THE HUMAN CONDITION.  PRINTS, DRAWINGS, AND PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE PHILADELPHIA MUSUEM OF ART., Karp, Diane R.  (Ben Bassham, Mimi Cazort, Martha Chahroudi, Frima Fox Hofrichter, John Ittmann, Ellen Jacobowitz, Ann Percy, Kimerly Rorschach, Darrel Sewell, Aaron Sheon, Faith H. Zieske.)
10 Karp, Diane R. (Ben Bassham, Mimi Cazort, Martha Chahroudi, Frima Fox Hofrichter, John Ittmann, Ellen Jacobowitz, Ann Percy, Kimerly Rorschach, Darrel Sewell, Aaron Sheon, Faith H. Zieske.) ARS MEDICA: ART, MEDICINE, AND THE HUMAN CONDITION. PRINTS, DRAWINGS, AND PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE PHILADELPHIA MUSUEM OF ART.
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, 1985. 
231 pp, 4to (11 1/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0812279530 Profusely illustrated in b&w and color. "In an age of laser surgery and artificial organs, it is easy to forget that many medical treatments have been successfully administered f or millennia and that previous eras also had their startling medical developments and discoveries: circulation of the blood, vaccination, anesthesia, and public sanitation, to name but a few. The more than 140 works in this volume convey a v i t a l p i cture of the history of anatomy and medicine since the fifteenth century as well as the artists' reactions to the human condition in its myriad states of health and illness, from birth to death. Arranged into four thematic sections - A na to my ; H ea le rs; Disease, Disability, and Madness; and The Cycle of Life - these images are from the Ars Medica Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which includes over 1,100 prints, drawings, photographs, and rare books. Among th e w ork s r epr es en ted ar e prints by Rembrandt, Lucas van Leyden, Durer, Hogarth, Goya, Sloan, and Rauschenberg; drawings by Batoni, Tiepolo, and West; and photography by Muybridge, Eakins, and Smith." Large Christmas gift inscription and f ain r er ased pen cil mar ks on f ree front endpaper, two small light soiling marks on half-title page, light edge wear to boards, light soiling to bottom edge of boards. Dust jacket has light to moderate edge wear/wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap- fold s, a fe w tin y te ars at top of spine. Very Good/Very Good- 
Price: 75.00 USD
Lester & Orpen Dennys, Toronto, 1986, first edition. 
216 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0886191343 "One spring morning in 1815, in the highlands of Scotland where spirits and witches are a fact of life and the ancient feast of Beltane is still celebrated, fifteen-year-old Mary U rquhart hears her beloved cousin Duncan calling her to join him - from three thousand miles away in Upper Canada. Yet his call is so urgent that Mary sets off alone across the ocean to find him, braving the sea-voyage to Quebec, and makin g h e r w a y up the St. Lawrence until she finally comes to Hawthorn Bay on Lake Ontario - only to discover that Duncan is dead, and that her aunt and uncle have moved on. Mary is not just alone in this frightening land of primeval forests - sh e i s al so mi su nd e rstood by the practical Yankees who have settled in the district, and who distrust her powers of 'second sight' and her Gaelic belief in ghosts and witches. For despite Duncan's death, Mary still hears his voice calling her to j oi n h im. Bu t a s s he battles threatening dark forces and fights for her survival, Mary unexpectedly finds friendship - with cheerful Patty and little Henry, with Owena, the quiet Indian who recognizes the healing powers in her, and with Lu ke - s o ve ry d i ffer ent from 'D uncan the black' enthralling historical tale of mystery and love." By the author of 'The Root Cellar'. Very light browning to edges of textblock, minor edge wear to boards, minor wrinkling at top/bott om o f s pine . Du st ja ck et ha s ve ry mi nor edge wear, light edge wrinkling - mainly at top/ spine and flap-folds. Very Good/Very Good 
Price: 15.00 USD
Macmillan of Canada, Toronto, 1978. 
220 pp, 8vo (8 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0770517013 "A thousand years before Marco Polo, a young woman from Rome makes the journey along the Silk Road to China: her name is Mariana, and she is a skilled jeweller who also posseses th e gift of healing. It is this gift, given by the god Apollo, that moves the Chinese ambassador to kidnap her. The despairing Mariana finds herself taken by ship, horse, camel and foot across a vast area of the ancient world: from the soph i s t i c a t e d Rome of Marcus Aurelius, across northern Mesopotamia to the haunted ruins of Babylon; through Samarkand, the Tarim Basin, to the Taklamakan desert, and at last, after many dangerous encounters, to a China threatened by civil war, an d a pr in ce o nl y Mariana can save....(this book) evokes a long-vanished society in fascinating detail and against this brilliant background, exquisitely described, (Nichols) as written a striking tale that speaks from the ancient civilization s i n a voi ce tha t i s u tt erly contemporary." Book slightly cocked, faint watermark at bottom of both boards and spine, tiny bump at bottom of rear hinge. Dust jacket has minor edge wear/wrinkling - tiny piece of laminate missing at top of spi ne. V er y Go od- /Ver y Go od 
Price: 10.00 USD
London Thames & Hudson 1996 0500016666 / 9780500016664 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
224 pp, 9 3/4" H. B&w drawings. "From the original Celtic site of the castle at Tintagel, passing through the sacred forest of Broceliande in Brittany and on to the monastery of Scelig Mhichil off the coast of Ireland, Nigel Pennick takes us on an exhilarating spiritual and historical tour of the Celtic holy places of Europe. He delves into the mystery and lore behind the power of sacred trees and stones; springs and wells as places of healing; holy mountains as centres of geomythic energies; sacred caves; holy islands; sanctified earthworks and cities; paths and trackways; places for demons and supernatural beings; the visible instances of the divine in hidden temples; and the holy places of the Celtic saints. Through these themes, supported by a wide-ranging gazetteer of sites, he reveals the continuing importance of the Celtic tradition to us today." Minor wrinkle at bottom of spine, light fading to color on half of the top of the text block, two small wrinkles on free rear endpaper. Dust jacket has very light edge wear/wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, two small edge tears - taped, minor browning at top edge of flaps, very light rubbing. 
Price: 15.00 USD
BATH., Smith, R.A.L.
14 Smith, R.A.L. BATH.
London B.T. Batsford 1945 Second Edition, revised. Hard Cover Very Good Very Good Paul Fripp, et al, photographs. 
118 pp, 8 3/4" H. Top edge red, pictorial/map endpapers. B&w and colour plates, b&w map. A look at the social, architectural and literary history of the English city of Bath. Contents: A Note on the Author; Foreword; Acknowledgment; Bath Panorama; Roman Bath; Medieval Bath; Tudor and Stuart Bath; The Bath of Beau Nash; The Bath of Smollett and Sheridan; The Bath of Jane Austen; Epilogue; Bibliography; Index. 3/8" x 1" piece missing from top corner of half-title page, two pages with a tiny light stain. Dust jacket has general light toning, light browning on spine, one very small edge tear, minor edge wear/wrinkling, protected in a mylar sleeve. 
Price: 15.00 USD
New York Bell 1989 0517688336 / 9780517688335 Reprint Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good+ 
176 pp, 9 3/16" H. "Magic, in one form or another, was believed to be instrumental in curing human beings of physical and mental disease until the dawn of modern medicine. (This) is a compendium of the history and folklore of magical healing practices throughout recorded time. Topics covered include healing by incantations and touch, Anglo-Saxon herb lore, traditional healing herbs, plants of the devil and plants dedicated to saints, magic girdles, magical stones, healing horns, sympathetic healing, and the psychological effects of magic in healing. This collection of folklore and anecdotes sheds light on practices that are little-known today. Transplantation of disease - or the transference of the ailment from the victim to a neutral object, was one common means of healing. A cure for a 'crick-in-the-neck' or a cut was to twist a piece of willow around the affected part in order to draw the pain away; persons suffering from toothache were recommended to bite the first fern they came across and then bury it. An herbal drink to cure a man possessed by devils was specified to be drunk from the church bell; treatment for typhus fever consisted of incantations accompanied by a brew of herbs: feverrue, ram's fall, fennel, and waybread. The Druids attributed marvelous powers to mistletoe, and a liquid distilled from mistletoe and water was said to protect against the evil spells fo witches and sorcerers. Although science has superseded magic in the medical arts, magic remains a potent alternative force today. The role of magic in the science of healing is of significant interest to historians, scientists, and practitioners of magic alike, and in 'Magic and Healing', C.J.S. Thompson has given us a fascinating history of magical powers and healing practices." Dust jacket has very minor edge wrinkling, slight color offset on inside of spine. 
Price: 12.00 USD
University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1998. 
323 pp, 8vo (9" H), soft cover. ISBN 0802079172 "In this book Wayne Warry argues that self-government can be realized only when individuals are secure in their cultural identity and can contribute to the transformation of their communities. (He) draws on his reasearch among Nishnawbe communities, as well as on the reports and recommendations of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples. Case studies are used to illustrated the proceses of community development and cultural revitalization that are essential precursors to self-government. Warry's notion of 'community healing' involves efforts to rebuild the human foundations for self-governing Aboriginal societies. The book analyses key areas such as health care and the judicial and political systems where Aboriginal peoples are engaged in practical everyday struggles to improve their communities. Central to these Aboriginal approaches to change is the need for holistic solutions to complex social problems. The sear c h f o r t h ese solutions is set against the broader political environment, which includes Euro-Canadian assumptions, government, policy, and post-colonial practices. (It) also addresses the nature of applied social scientific research in Abori gi na l c om mu n it ie s and the need for collaborative, culturally appropriate research methods." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - minor rubbing. Very Good+ 
Price: 27.50 USD
London New English Library 1981 0450048802 / 9780450048807 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good - Very Good- 
382 pp, 8 3/4" H. "The Black Monk of Pontefract began disturbing the Pritchard family in 1966. Bangings in the night, objects flying across rooms, and a mysterious black-robed figure, whose appearances became more and more frequent. The police, the local MP and the vicar were all witness to the extraordinary happenings which continued to plague the household, and all attempts to exorcise the presence were met with mockery. In this definitive work (Colin Wilson) examines the recorded evidence of this and other famous poltergeists. Cases of hauntings have been recorded since ancient Greece and Rome. Poltergeist means 'banging ghost', because of their habit of making loud noises and throwing objects around. This book is not about Black Magic. But it is about the strange forces that surround us, and of which most of us are totally unaware. These forces may make us feel uncomfortable and may even terrify us, but there is not point in closing our eyes to them." Chapter headings: Professor Lombroso Investigates; Possession is Nine Points in the Law; Cases Ancient and Modern; The Black Monk of Pontefract; Fairies, Elementals and Dead Monks; The Black Magic Connection; Ghost Hunters and Ghost Seers; Speculations and Conclusions. A few very tiny light stains on title page, a 1"x3/4" area of surface paper loss at top corner of front pastedown - paper is glued to top corner of free front endpaper, small bump/wrinkle at bottom edge of pages 300 to 328, very small remainder mark on bottom of text block - migrates into bottom edge of some pages, minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, one tiny corner bump, very minor foxing on top of text block. Dust jacket is price-clipped, has light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, light browning - mainly top edge and on spine, tiny dent on rear panel, very light rubbing. 
Price: 15.00 USD
IRISH FAIRY AND FOLK TALES., Yeats, W.B., edited and selected by.  (William Butler Yeats.)
18 Yeats, W.B., edited and selected by. (William Butler Yeats.) IRISH FAIRY AND FOLK TALES.
New York Barnes & Noble 1993 0880290730 / 9780880290739 Reprint Hard Cover Very Good Very Good+ 
416 pp, 8 1/4" H. B&w illustrations. "W.B. Yeats included almost every sort of Irish folk tale in this marvelous compendium of fairy tales and song which he collected and edited for publication in 1892. Here are tales of the chilling wail of the Banshee, whose cry portends death, and of the fish-tailed Merrow, whose beautiful women spurn their green-haired husbands for handsome local fishermen. There are bewitched puddings, lost wishes, fairies, changelings, Leprechauns, ghosts, giants, devils and kings that touch our souls and fire our imagination. Not coincidentally, it is in the weath of symbol within Irish folklore that Yeats found the key to his personal and individual mythology - the muse of his poetic genius." The stories are gathered under the headings: The Fate of the Children of Lir; The Trooping Fairies (The Fairies / Changelings / The Merrow); The Solitary Fairies; Ghosts; Witches, Fairy Doctors; Tyeer-Na-N-Oge; Saints, Priests; The Devil; Giants; Kings Queens, Princesses, Earls, Robbers. Tiny faint in mark at bottom edge of pages 258 & 263, very tiny tear and faint ink mark at bottom edge of pages 259 to 262, minor wrinkling at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has some very minor edge wrinkling and very minor rubbing. 
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