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New York Signet / New American Library Mass Market Paperbacks Very Good- Ken Kelly 
15 volumes from Robert Adams' "Horseclans" series - an incomplete set (volumes 1-8, 10-13, 15-17). The original series consisted of 18 volumes (plus two short story anthologies by various authors). ***Please note: this grouping does not include volumes 9, 14 & 18 - "The Witch Goddess", "A Man Called Milo Morai" and "Clan of the Cats"*** 1. The Coming of the Horseclans - 199 pp, 1982 6th printing. "After two hundred years of searching for other immortals, the Undying High Lord Milo Morai has returned to the Horseclans to fulfill an ancient prophecy and lead them to their destined homeland by the sea. But in their path wait the armed might of the Ehleenee and an enemy even more treacherous - the Witchmen - pre-Holocaust scientists who have survived the centuries by stealing other men's bodies to house their evil minds and who have in their hidden stronghold the means of destroying all who will not beome their willing slaves." 2. Swords of the Horseclans - 180 pp, 1981 8th printing. "For seven hundred years, the Undying High Lord Milo has been building his Confederation, leading the Horseclans slowly across the lands once known as the United States, absorbing city-states and nomadic tribes alike, some by peaceful means, some by the sword. But now his enemies have banded together into an army far larger than Milo can muster. Led by an ancient and evil intelligence, this wave of unstoppable destruction is thundering swiftly down upon the Confederation forces." 3. Revenge of the Horseclans - 181 pp, 1982 4th printing. "The Thoheeks of Morguhn is dying, and his eldest son Bili has been summoned home to claim his inheritance after years of soldiering in the Middle Kingdoms. Yet Bili's reign could end before it begins. For the old Ehleen nobility and the priests of the ancient religion are planting the seeds of rebellion, swearing to wrest back from Bili and his fellow Horseclansmen the lands and wealth that once was theirs." 4. A Cat of Silvery Hue - 166 pp, 1979 8th printing. "Led by Lord Milo the Undying One, a twentieth-century mutant gifted with immortality, the men of the Horseclans are slowly reuniting the continent through the strength of their swords and their very special mental talents. Yet the Ehleenee, too, have dreams of power - dreams that have led them into a full-scale religious war of conquest. To overcome these fanatical marauders, Lord Milo must call upon his very best (to) save civilization from destruction." 5. The Savage Mountains - 164 pp, 1980 5th printing. "Before the Confederation forces lie the Armehnee Mountains, the home of savage tribes that constantly raid the lowlands, bringing with them destruction and death. But Milo's forces are about to face an even more dangerous enemy. For the Witchmen have long been at work in the mountains. And unbeknownst to Milo, his troops are marching into much more trouble than they bargained for - trouble that could spell the end of the Confederation!" 6. The Patrimony - 184 pp, 1980 4th printing. "Long live the Thoheeks! But who will this new leader of Sanderz-Vawn be? For although young Horseclansman Tim Sanderz, exiled long years ago, has come to reclaim his rightful inheritance, his stepmother wants to see her own Ehleen son as ruler in Vawn. And before Tim's half-brother Bili of Morguhn and the Undying High Lord Milo can send troops to his aid, Tim's Hall has become an armed camp where Ehleen battles Horseclansman with cunning, treachery, and sword-swinging might." 7. Horseclans Odyssey - 241 pp, 1981 2nd printing. "(The Horseclansmen) must rescue several of their children from kidnappers and teach their enemies the price of harming any people of the clans. But the path to both vengeance and their long-lost home will lead them down a treacherous road and straight into a sword-swinging battle with two powerful armies - a war in which there can be only one victor left alive." 8. The Death of a Legend - 185 pp, 1981 2nd printing. "When the Witchmen caused the earth to move and called forth the fires from the mountain's inner depths, the Moon Maidens, Ahrmehnee, and Thoheeks Bili's troops barely escaped with their lives. Driven by the flames into territory said to be peopled by monstrous half-humans, Bili was forced to choose between having the dangers of nature gone mad or fighting the savage natives on their own ground. But before he could decide, his troops were spotted by the beings who claimed this eerie land as their own and would use powereful spells of magic and illusion to send any intruders to their doom." 10. Bili the Axe - 185 pp, 1983 2nd printing. "With the help of powerful inhuman allies, Prince Byruhn has persuaded Bili and his warriors to delay their return to Confederation lands and join in his campaign against the deadly invading army that threatens to destroy New Kuhmbuhluhn. But even as Bili and his warriors rally to the Kuhmbuhluhners' aid, the forces of the Witchmen are on the move again." 11. Champion of the Last Battle - 201 pp, 1983 2nd printing. "The day of prophecy has come at last - the time for Bili and Prince Byruhn to rally their troops for the final defense of New Kuhmbuhluhn. But even as the people of the kingdom flock into their great stone city and Bili's warriors take up their posts on the walls, the Skohshuns are building new weapons of destruction to storm the fortress. And within the very castle grounds stalks a creature of nightmare, striking down the defenders one by one in a reign of bloody terror that may prove far more deadly thatn the enemy at their gates." 12. A Woman of the Horseclans - 197 pp, 1983 4th printing. "Shunned by her own folk as a creature of Evil, Bettylou Hanson found an instant welcome among the people of the Horseclans. Young, healthy, intelligent, and gifted with powerful mindspeak potential, she was everything Milo Morai's people looked for in a clan member. But even Milo himself couldn't have foreseen the powerful role Bettylou was to play in the future of the Krooguh clan. For the frightened girl who Tim Krooguh had rescued from certain death was destined to become a living legend among the Kindred, a fighter whose courage would rouse the clans against a foul and dangerous foe." 13. Horses of the North - 253 pp, 1985 1st printing. "Within time, some of (the Horseclan's) laws changed or were forgotten but there remained one that must never be broken - 'Kindred must not fight Kindred!' Yet now, clans Linsee and Skaht were on the brink of a bloodfeud that could spread like prairie fire throughout the Horseclans. Could even Milo smother the sparks of hatred before they blazed up to destroy all of the Horseclans?" 15. The Memories of Milo Morai - 221 pp, 1986 1st printing. "Milo Morai now journeyed with a select band to explore unknown territory. Perhaps days or weeks ahead, Milo would discover an untouched ruin of the Old Ones, a veritable treasure-trove of rare metals and trade goods to enrich the Horseclans. More than dead ruins awaited Milo and his valiant band of hunters. For on the trail they now rode lurked nightmare creatures hungering for the blood of man. And at the end of the road waited heirs to a legacy of violence which might claim the men and women of the Horseclans as the final victims in a war that should have ended hundreds of years ago." 16. Trumpets of War - 223 pp, 1987 2nd printing. "The High King Zastros and his evil witch queen had finally met their match when they'd challenged Milo Morai and his Confederation Army to battle. Yet with the menace of Zastros destroyed, the Confederation faced a still greater challenge - for in his mad campaign, Zastros had drained the very lifeblood from his kingdom of Southern Ehleenoee. Only chaos now reigned there, as bandits, killers, and bands of renegade warriors roved the land. Milo had pledged to bring peace back to this devastated realm. But could his former enemies, now become allies, be trusted to live by Confederation law in their troubled lands? Or did traitors wait to betray Milo's warriors to a terrible doom?" 17. Madman's Army - 222 pp, 1987 2nd printing. "Sending some of his most trusted agents before him, backed by those doughty warriors, the Horseclansmen, Milo hoped to see the decimated kingdom (of Zastros) rapidly reorganized into a thriving realm. But neither he nor any of his allies had bargained for the evil hidden within the very heart of the land's new government - an evil fueled by Milo's most ancient and hated enemies, an evil that might well destroy all of Southern Ehleenohee and become a dread weapon against the Confederation itself!" Interiors - most books have light browning to pages - several have moderate browning, the inside of the covers range from light to moderate browning with one or two having heavy browning, vol. 13 has a few pages with a very small crease at the top corner, otherwise volumes are clean and tight. Exteriors - vol. 13 has a small bump at bottom of front hinge, vol. 8 has a 1" dent/light scuff on rear cover, vol. 7 has a 1" edge tear on rear cover archivally taped, vol. 3 has a very small edge tear on rear cover archivally taped, vols. 3 & 13 have a slight crease on front hinge, light edge wear, vol. 17 has date stamp on bottom of text block, 5 vols. have light lean to spine, vol. 10 has two spine creases, vol. 1 has light fading to spine colour, volumes have very light exterior soiling and rubbing. 
Price: 95.00 USD
THE ROYAL SCOTS GREYS (THE 2nd DRAGOONS).  FAMOUS REGIMENTS SERIES., Blacklock, Michael.  Introduction by Lieut.-General Sir Brian Horrocks.
2 Blacklock, Michael. Introduction by Lieut.-General Sir Brian Horrocks. THE ROYAL SCOTS GREYS (THE 2nd DRAGOONS). FAMOUS REGIMENTS SERIES.
Leo Cooper, London, 1971, first edition. 
126 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0850520886 B&w photographs, reproductions. Music for Regimental Quick March (The Garb of Old Gaul), Bugle Charge, and Regimental Quick March for Pipes & Drums (Highland Laddie). "At Waterlo o they charged the French shouting 'Scotland for ever!' and Sergeant Ewart captured the Eagle of the 45th French Regiment. As Napoleon exclaimed, 'Qu'ils sont terribles, ces chevaux gris', and he spoke from the heart: he was referring to t h e R o y a l Scots Greys. As it was at Waterloo, so it was at Balaclava where the Greys, as part of the Heavy Brigade, went through the Russians like a knife through butter; in South Africa, where they scattered the Boers like grass in the path of a sc yt he . T h e grey horses gave way to tanks in 1941 but the spirit of Sergeant Ewart lived on in the Second World War, and in no 'Grey' more so than Lt.-Col. Geoffrey Keyes, posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his daring raid on R omm el' s He adq uar te rs in North Africa. The story of the Royal Scots Greys - whether they are charging French, Russians or Germans as cavalry, or fighting in North Africa, Italy or North-West Europe in tanks - will stir the blood of every man who has e ver sold iere d a nd man y civilians besides." Very light cigarette odor, very light browning to edges of text block and in margins of pages, small bump to bottom ofspine. Dust jacket has wrinkling at bottom of spine, minoe edge wrink ling, very li ght brown ing a t ed ges . V ery Good/Very Good 
Price: 35.00 USD
Dundurn, Toronto, 1995. 
367 pp, large 8vo (9 1/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 1550022423 B&w maps, illustrations. "In 1839 fifty-eight men left Montreal for the penal colony of New South Wales. They were unimportant men outside their own parishes, ordinary people who had been caught up in the political whirlwind of the 1838 rebellion. Even though they were all civilians, they had been tried by court martial. Convicted of treason, their properties forfeited to the crown, they paid a heavy price for rebellion. And as convicts in Australia, they were considered the lowest of a bad lot. During their years there, however, they earned the respect of Sydney's citizens. (This) is an intimate, grass-roots history, based largely on surviving legal records and on the writings of some of the individuals who lived the story. We follow the men from the confusion of battle, to the court martial, and then to lonely exile in a land half a world away. Their anguish and dignity will resonate today." Light waviness to top/bottom of text block. Dust jacket has light rubbing, a few small areas of light edge wrinkling. Very Good+/Very Good 
Price: 25.00 USD
LOYALIST VIGNETTES AND SKETCHES., Bousfield, Arthur and Toffoli, Garry, editors.
4 Bousfield, Arthur and Toffoli, Garry, editors. LOYALIST VIGNETTES AND SKETCHES.
Governor Simcoe Branch, The United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, 1984. 
183 pp + Index, 4to (11" H), hard cover (simulated red leather with gold lettering on spine and front cover, decorative emblem in gold on front cover) - no dust jacket (as issued). B&w illustrations. "This book is the principal bicentennial project of the Governor Simcoe Branch of the United Empire Loyalists' Association of Canada. Its purpose is to gather and preserve a collection of anecdotes, biographies and achievements of the United Empire Loyalists and their descendants." Contains over 80 pieces on various United Empire Loyalists, families, incidents, etc. Minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Very Good+ 
Price: 50.00 USD
FLOWERS FROM A CANADIAN GARDEN., Burpee, Lawrence J., editor.  (Jean Blewett, George Frederick Cameron, Wilfred Campbell, Bliss, Carman, Helena Coleman, Isabella Valancy Crawford, Charles Heavysege, Archibald Lampman, Elizabeth Roberts MacDonald, Marjorie L.C. Pickthall, et al.)
5 Burpee, Lawrence J., editor. (Jean Blewett, George Frederick Cameron, Wilfred Campbell, Bliss, Carman, Helena Coleman, Isabella Valancy Crawford, Charles Heavysege, Archibald Lampman, Elizabeth Roberts MacDonald, Marjorie L.C. Pickthall, et al.) FLOWERS FROM A CANADIAN GARDEN.
Toronto Musson 1909 Hard Cover Very Good 
112 pp, 24mo (5 9/16" H) - blue cloth with elaborate gold decoration/lettering on front board, gold lettering on spine. Top edge gilt. A collection of poetry by: Jean Blewett (The King's Gift / The Barley Fields / Margaret / Woman / Youth and June / She); George Frederick Cameron (Remember Thee! / My Fate / First Love); Wilfred Campbell (Wind / Sleep / Return No More / Earth / The Soul's Bath / The Humming-bee); Bliss Carman (The Gravedigger / Noons of Poppy / A Son of the Sea / A Sea Child / Outbound); Helena Coleman (In the Garden / Inaction / Candle-flame / Maturity / Mother-born); Isabella Valancy Crawford (Oh! Love Builds on the Azure Sea / Faith, Hope, and Charity / "Bite Deep and Wide, O Axe, the Tree" / The Lily / Baby's Dreams / Forget-me-not); Louise C. Glasgow (The Deeper Note); Charles Heavysege (Childhood Alone is Glad / Secrets of the Heart / The Infinite / Morn / The Cavern of Night / Beyond the Veil); Archibald Lampman (The Mystery of a Year / Good Speech / The Islet and the Palm / Snowbirds / March / Paternity / Forest Moods / A Forecast / Goldenrod / We Too Shall Sleep); Agnes Maule Mahar (Untrodden Ways); Elizabeth Roberts Macdonald (Whiteness / The House Among the Firs / At the End of the Road); Marjorie L.C. Pickthall (The Immortal / The Sea-witch / To Alcithoe); Duncan Campbell Scott (The River Town / For Remembrance / A Little Song / A Nest of Hepaticas / Song / The End of the Day); Frederick George Scott (The Laurentians / In the Woods / The Cripple / The River / My Little Son); Robert W. Service (Unforgotten / My Madonna); Arthur Stringer (Northern Pines / The Wordless Touch / On a Child's Portrait / Non Omnis Moriar / The Final Lesson); Ethelwyn Wetherald (Children in the City / In the Grass / The Sun in the Woods / Moonlight). Prize label on front free endpaper from the Witanstede School (New Brunswick) to Constance Murray, dated 1919 and signed (?) by the Principal, Jessie I. Lawson. Jessie Isabel Lawson (1879-1961) was an author and educator. Postage for this light item will be reduced to most destinations. Light wear at top/bottom of spine and at corners, very light edge wear, a few small air bubbles under cloth on rear board. 
Price: 35.00 USD
THE MYTHIC WORLD OF THE ZUNI., Cushing, Frank Hamilton.  Edited by Barton Wright.
6 Cushing, Frank Hamilton. Edited by Barton Wright. THE MYTHIC WORLD OF THE ZUNI.
Albuquerque University of New Mexico Press 1994 0826313876 / 9780826313874 Second Printing Soft Cover Very Good - Barton Wright. 
167 pp, 10" H. B&w illustrations. "First recorded over a hundred years ago by Frank Hamilton Cushing (the first participant observer of a native American Indian population), these tales have remained buried in an 1891 Bureau of American Ethnology report. Barton Wright has collected twenty-five of them, edited them, and provided extensive annotation. He shows how each myth compares to its parallel among other pueblos, glosses native terms, and illustrates each story with excellent scratchboard drawings. Within the Zuni world of myth and legends lies tales of adventure, epic journeys, and tragedy, which relate history, teach moral values, explain ceremonies, and offer amusement as well. Representing just a sampling of what is available in Zuni oral tradition, these twenty-five myths present Zuni thought on the origins of the cosmos, the deities, the earth, and the all important food, corn. They explain social organization, the Kach'ina Cult, and the early wanderings of the Zuni or A'shiwi around the Southwest." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - small bump to bottom corner of front cover - migrates into pages, small crease at top corner of front cover, minor wear at bottom of spine. 
Price: 20.00 USD
Toronto University of Toronto Press 1993 0802074618 / 9780802074614 First Paperback Edition. Soft Cover Very Good+ 
275 pp, 8vo (9" H). "Anne Shirley is the best known of a memorable group of heroines created by Lucy Maud Montgomery, a group that includes Emily Byrd Starr, Valancy Stirling, and Pat Gardiner. These characters are at the centre of Epperly's book, the first full-length critical study of all L.M. Montgomery's fiction. Epperly contends that Montgomery was a master of the romance genre, and through her use of literary allusions, repetitions, irony, and comic inversions she deftly manipulated the normal conventions of romance novels. By studying the fictional biographies of the heroines and their pursuit of romance, Epperly question the ways romance shapes what we consider valuable in our imaginings and experience. A book written for L.M. Montgomery fans and scholars." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - very minor edge wear, clean and bright. 
Price: 20.00 USD
New York Robert M. McBride 1915 First Edition Hard Cover Good 
383 pp, 8 3/8" H. Reddish brown cloth with gilt lettering on spine, gilt lettering & black/red/gold illustration on front board. 16 colour plates (including frontispiece and one plate with two examples), 64 b&w plates - all present. Contents: General Key to the Families; Ferns and Fern Allies; Trees; Reeds, Grasses, Sedges and Rushes; White to Green and Brown Flowers; Pink to Red Flowers; Blue to Purple Flowers; Yellow to Orange Flowers; Glossary; Index to Scientific Names; Index to English Names. In spring, "the snow-crowned mountains rule over an enchanting land of foliage, ferns and fungi, and the alpine meadows are ablaze with bright-hued flowers that grow luxuriantly beneath the broad blue tent of the sky. From the mountains of the Yukon and Alaska to the hills of Nova Scotia and New England, in the Rockies, the Selkirks and the mountain ranges of Montana, Dakota, Washington, Oregon, California and the other States, you will find that the same miracle has been wrought. On the lower levels white-flowered scarlet-fruited shrubs mingle with the Wintergreens, Larkspurs, Violets and Columbines; flaming Indian Paint Brushes, Gentians, Queen-cups and purple Vetches cover many a slope ---." Old repair to inside front hinge - gluing of split in paper, 1917 school presentation notation in ink on free front endpaper, a 1" tear archivally taped at top of title page, some slight separation between some page gatherings but holding firmly, light toning to pages, moderate browning to edges of text block, light to moderate edge wear to baords, light rubbing to illustration on front board, wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, three small scuffs/dents on rear hinge with some loss of cloth, tiny dent on fore-edge of both boards. Book is protected in a rubbed stiff mylar sleeve. 
Price: 35.00 USD
HOW EDWARD SAVED ST. GEORGE., Huddy, Delia.  Illustrated by Dorothy & Douglas Hall.
9 Huddy, Delia. Illustrated by Dorothy & Douglas Hall. HOW EDWARD SAVED ST. GEORGE.
Delacorte, New York, (1966), first American edition. 
Unpaginated, large 8vo (9 3/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. Profusely illustrated in black, white and red. "Edward lived on a street called St. George's Gardens, although not a blade of grass nor a flower grew there. But there was a green park at the top of the street, and Edward went there often. He especially liked the Park Keeper's dump, with its collection of strange junk - twirly park benches, old-fashioned lampposts, ornamental horse troughs and hundreds of other things wonderful to look at. One day an enormous crate appeared. With the help of his friends, Edward discovered the contents of the crate and devised a clever plan to save it from the junk heap." Light edge wear and at corners and top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light to moderate edge wear/wrinkling, small chips and tears - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, slight browning to edges, small closed tear on rear hinge. VG/VG- 
Price: 12.50 USD
Mountain Press, Missoula, Montana, 1995 - Tumbleweed Series. 
242 pp, large 8vo, hard cover in dust jacket. B&w illustrations by Will James. "Welcome to 'Cow Country' and the world of Will James - a place where 'there's not a fence as far as you can see, nothin' but blue grass ripplin' in the sun.' First published in 1927, these stories and drawings showcase Will James's great talent for capturing the essence of cowboy life on the open range." Minor wrinkling at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has very light edge wrinkling, slight fading to upper part of spine, minor rubbing. VG+/VG 
Price: 25.00 USD
SCENERY TIPS AND TECHNIQUES FROM MODEL RAILROADER MAGAZINE.  MODEL RAILROAD HANDBOOK NO. 26., Johnson, Greg; Short, Brad; Hughes, Bernard; Kuchar, Bob; Curren, Art; Holtz, Brian; Furlow, Malcolm; Bronsky, Eric; Van Wickel, J.F.; Foster, Dean; Nehrich, Joh; Holland, Gail M.; et al.
11 Johnson, Greg; Short, Brad; Hughes, Bernard; Kuchar, Bob; Curren, Art; Holtz, Brian; Furlow, Malcolm; Bronsky, Eric; Van Wickel, J.F.; Foster, Dean; Nehrich, Joh; Holland, Gail M.; et al. SCENERY TIPS AND TECHNIQUES FROM MODEL RAILROADER MAGAZINE. MODEL RAILROAD HANDBOOK NO. 26.
Waukesha, WI Kalmbach 1996 0890240957 / 9780890240953 Fifth Printing Soft Cover Very Good+ 
116 pp, 10 3/4" H. Profusely illustrated with b&w and colour photographs, drawings/diagrams. Contents: Forms and shells; Rocks; Ground textures; Bushes and trees; Water; Scenic detailing; Buildings; Backgrounds and backdrops. "Over 100 pages of hints and ideas to bring your layout to life! From the experts - for all scales and gauges." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - minor rubbing on rear over, minor soft crease at corners of front cover. 
Price: 15.00 USD
WILDFLOWERS OF CHURCHILL AND THE HUDSON BAY REGION., Johnson, Karen L.  Foreword by Diane Erickson.  Illustrated by Linda Fairfield.  Photographs by Robert R. Taylor.
12 Johnson, Karen L. Foreword by Diane Erickson. Illustrated by Linda Fairfield. Photographs by Robert R. Taylor. WILDFLOWERS OF CHURCHILL AND THE HUDSON BAY REGION.
Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, Winnipeg, 1987. 
400 pp, 8vo (8 1/2" H), soft cover. ISBN 0920704158 Colour photographs and watercolour drawings, b&w map, drawings. Contents: Introduction; A Brief Natural and Human History of the Churchill Region: Natural History / Geography / Climate / Geology / Water - Tides and Other Effects - Plants of the Region / Origins and Distribution / Habitats and Communities / Human History: Notes on the Prehistory and History of The Hudson Bay Region and Churchill; A Note on Names; Explanation of Basic T e r m s ; Flowers and Their Structure; Glossary; How the Key System Works; The Locator Keys; Descriptive Accounts and Illustrations of the Wildflowers; References: Further Information on the Hudson Bay Region; Index; Appendix: A Checklist of the Va sc ul ar P la nts of Churchill; Figure 1: Geography of Churchill; Figure 2: Common plant communities of the Churchill region and their relationship to landforms; Table 1: Climatic Data for Churchill. Interior - clean and tight with no previous own ers hip ma rks . Exterior - minor curl at corners of covers. Very Good+ 
Price: 25.00 USD
13 Kennett, Frances. With Caroline MacDonald-Haig. ETHNIC DRESS.
New York Facts on File 1995 0816031363 / 9780816031368 Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good 
192 pp, 4to (11 1/4" H). "The immensely rich diversity of folk costume throughout the world is brought together in a unique and superbly illustrated volume. (It) introduces the reader to contemporary costume from every corner of the globe, country by country, region by region. The book explores a succession of styles and fashions, which cover everything from the dashing tartan ensembles of the Scottish Highlands to the softly rustling grass skirts of the Pacific Islands. It shows the many-hued regional splendors of the Indian sari, the beautiful ceremonial robes of the North American Indian, the colorful togas of the African Berbers and the exquisitely embroidered clothes of the hill tribes that live in Southeast Asia. (It) discusses how social history, climate, dictates of religion and other factors have affected how people dress and how their costumes have been adapted over the years. (This) is an essential reference book on folk costume for both the professional and the interested amateur. Never before has such a detailed text been combined with informative maps and about 500 glorious full-color photographs in one book." Minor wrinkling at top of spine, minor edge wear, one tiny corner bump. Dust jacket has light rubbing - faint rub lines on rear panel, very light edge wrinkling with minor wear, wrinkling at top of spine with tiny tears. 
Price: 27.50 USD
Orangeville, Ontario Westminster United Church 1979 First Edition Hard Cover Near Fine Very Good 
466 pp (plus ten additional pages that are numbered, but blank), 10" H. Maroon simulated leather covers with gold lettering on spine and front board. B&w photographs, floor plans, reproductions, map. "Bess Marshall's recounting of the spiritual and temporal struggles of Orangeville's forefathers and their descendants is pure homespun. Their joys and sorrows, their ambitions and attainments, their unwavering faith in God, and the homely grass roots events of their lives are more meaningful history than battles, politics and treaties." Dust jacket has very light edge wear, light edge wrinkling, light wrinkling on hinges, minor rubbing/soiling. 
Price: 35.00 USD
15 McKay, Stuart. TIGER MOTH: A TRIBUTE.
Orion, New York, 1988. 
160 pp, small 4to (10 13/16" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0517568640 Profusely illustrated with colour and b&w photographs. "A pictorial history of one of the world's greatest airplanes. Great not only in terms of numbers built and surviv ing, but in the affection generated by this amalgam of wood, wire and tube which has been responsible for training unknown thousands of airmen during more than half a century of uninterrupted operations. The Tiger Moth was born from the neces s i t y t o continue development of de Havilland's ubiquitous Moth family. Legends surrounding the development of the first DH82 have been embellished with the passage of time. In a Stag Lane shed, stagger and sweep were said to have ben determin ed b y pe n ci l calculations on the proverbial envelope while DH60G rear spars were shorteded with a handsaw. Following taxi trials, lower mainplane dihedral was added, adjusted to the length of the grass. The Tiger Moth has been privy to fifty yea rs of av ia tio n development. During her operational life she has seen wooden biplane airliners evolve into stainless steel projectiles carrying passengers faster than a rifle bullet. The Tiger Moth was conceived as a training aircraft, a ro le t o w hic h sh e w as a nd continues to be admirably suited, but as the photographs in this book illustrate, she has been adapted to almost every aviation situation possible to imagine. The aim (of this book) has been to present a balanced revie w of the life and time s of the Tiger Moth, from the early thirties to the present day, with a hint of the future added for good measure." Heavy creasing at top of spine. Dust jacket has very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, ligh t ru bbing , sli ght b rowni ng a top edge of flaps. Very Good/Very Good 
Price: 20.00 USD
JACK SHADBOLT., Watson, Scott.  (Jack Shadbolt.)
16 Watson, Scott. (Jack Shadbolt.) JACK SHADBOLT.
Vancouver Douglas & McIntyre 1990 0888946139 / 9780888946133 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good+ Jack Shadbolt. 
243 pp, 12 1/2" H. "In this first full study of the renowned (Canadian) painter, Scott Watson explores Shadbolt's personal struggles to be an artist and to resolve conflicting drives - between spontaneity and restraint, order and chaos - in the context of shifting trends in art as well as social change. Shadbolt also struggled to be understood in a culture that, when he began, was not ready for modern art. From (his) early love of nature and awakening artistic sensibilities to his coming of age while studying in New York, London and Paris, Watson explores the evolution of an artist who has an international perspective but who is also a unique regional painter with a profound sense of place. In chronicling Shadbolt's development, the author has created a portait that gives an insightful look at the nature of the artistic sensibility, enriched with liberal excepts from the painter's own writings on art and the life of the artist. Lavishly illustrated with the art of Jack Shadbolt - 220 illustrations, including 110 in colour." Tiny dent on rear board and on fore-edge of front board, minor wrinkling at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has bery light rubbing. 
Price: 45.00 USD
THE FAIRY RING:  A NEW EDITION OF A CLASSIC COLLECTION, INCLUDING TALES FROM FIFTEEN LANDS., Wiggin, Kate Douglas and Smith, Nora Archibald, editors.  Revised by Ethna Sheehan.
17 Wiggin, Kate Douglas and Smith, Nora Archibald, editors. Revised by Ethna Sheehan. THE FAIRY RING: A NEW EDITION OF A CLASSIC COLLECTION, INCLUDING TALES FROM FIFTEEN LANDS.
Garden City, New York Doubleday 1967 Revised Edition Hard Cover Very Good - Good+ Warren Chappell. 
414 pp, 9 7/16" H. 8 colour plates, including frontispiece (collated), plus b&w drawings. "Here is a beautiful new edition of a well-loved collection of folk and fairy tales from many countries, reselected for children today by Ethna Sheehan, a specialist in folklore and storytelling. Stories from Scandinavia, England, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Russia, and India have been retained from the original collection; now, in addition, Italy, Portugal, Arabia, Japan, China, and the American Indian are represented in tales chosen from Miss Wiggin's other popular books in the 'Library of Fairy Literature'. The result is the best of Kate Douglas Wiggin in one handsome volume, redesigned and illustrated in full color and black-and-white by Warren Chappell." Contents: Introduction; East o' the Sun and West o' the Moon; The Golden Lantern, Golden Goat, and Golden Cloak; Mother Roundabout's Daughter; The Golden Bird; The Doll in the Grass; The Clever Prince; Dapplegrim; The Princess on the Glass Hill; The Wild Swans; Master Tobacco; The History of Tom Thumb; Tattercoats; The Buried Moon; Cap o' Rushes; Hookedy-Crookedy; The Bee, the Harp, the Mouse, and the Bum-Clock; The Long Leather Bag; The Table, the Ass, and the Stick; The Little Brother and Sister; Longnose the Dwarf; The Three Feathers; The Water of Life; The Nose-Tree; Snow-white and Rose-red; The Goose Girl; Brier Rose; Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle; The Iron Wolf; The Young Head of the Family; Yvon and Finette; The Little Good Mouse; Drakesbill and His Friends; The White Cat; Prince Cherry; The Story of Coquerico; The Bird-Cage Maker; The Lucky Coin; The Storks and the Night Owl; The Months; Schippeitaro; The Matsuyama Mirror; The Ants that Pushed on the Sky; The Brahman, the Tiger, and the Six Judges; Tit for Tat; Muchie Lal; The Valiant Chatteemaker. Small name notation blacked-out on free front endpaper, remainder spray on bottom of text block, light edge wear, light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, slight rubbing and a tiny bump at top corner of front board. Dust jacket has light to moderate edge wear/wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine, minor edge browning, tiny edge tear with crease. Short gold colored band label printed on spine and front panel with "A Doubleday Reinforced Library Edition" - this book is NOT an ex-library book. 
Price: 20.00 USD
CAPTAIN COOK'S VOYAGES, 1768-1779., Williams, Glyndwr, selected and introduced by.  (Captain James Cook.)
18 Williams, Glyndwr, selected and introduced by. (Captain James Cook.) CAPTAIN COOK'S VOYAGES, 1768-1779.
London Folio Society 1997 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good Denys Baker, maps. 
552 pp, 10" H. Medium blue cloth with black & gilt lettering/decoration on spine and front board, blue & black map endpapers. Colour plates, b&w illustrations, maps. Contents: The First Voyage 1768-1771 - Introduction; England to Tierra del Fuego; Tahiti; The Survey of New Zealand; The East Coast of Australia; Batavia and the Homeward Voyage. The Second Voyage 1772-1775 - Introduction; England to the Antarctic; Wintering in New Zealand; New Zealand to the Society Islands; The Tongan Islands; New Zealand and Easter Island; Tahiti Again; The New Hebrides (Vanuatu); New Caledonia; Homeward Bound. The Third Voyage - Introduction; Preparations; Passage to New Zealand; The Cook Islands, Tonga and Tahiti; The Hawaiian Islands; The North-West Coast of America; North to Bering Strait; Encounters with the Russians; Return to the Hawaiian Islands; The Death of Cook; Return to the Bering Strait. Afterword; Further Reading; Glossary; Index. Small soft crease/faint soiling mark at fore-edge of approx. pages xxx to 14, two tiny areas of colour loss on top of text block, very small soft bump at top corner of rear board. Slipcase has a bump at one top rear corner. 
Price: 35.00 USD
Presidio, Novato, CA, 2001. 
360 pp, 8vo (8 11/16" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0891417249 "It was the age of Aquarius. It was the Vietnam era. The Greensboro Four sat in and Martin and a few hundred thousand others marched on Washington. In Birmingham Bull Connor t urned out the dogs and turned on the fire hoses. Rock 'n' roll was definitely here to stay. The Beatles made their final American public appearance with the decade barely half past. Camelot died in Dallas. The Great Society foundered on t h e s h o a ls of the Tonkin Gulf. Free speech at Berkeley and not so free speech in Chicago. We didn't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore and then he won the presidency. Grass wasn't just mowed, it was smoked rolled up in sheets of Zig-Zag. L on g h ai r an d hard hats. The Mets lost more games in one season than any team in the history of baseball and won a World Series. Broadway Joe guaranteed a victory by his upstart Jets over Johnny Unitas's seemingly invincible Baltimore Colts (Y es, m y c hil d, on ce upon a time the Colts belonged to Baltimore) - and delivered. And I haven't even mentioned sex - the pill, summer of love, free love. (The author) tackles the decade in which America changed forever, for better or for wors e. The 60s wer e s o re cent that even if you are a part of the post-baby-boom generation and didn't live through them, you feel like you did. Yet, the 60s ended over thirty years ago. Upon close examination, memories of those halcyon days, whic h s eem so pi cture -per fect in our mind's eye, have acquired the patina, and dust, of history. (Wright) breathes life into our nation's history while spotlighting little-known events and 'rest of the story' details, and always with a fine e ye for the hum an ele ment." One page with tiny crease at top edge. Dust jacket has minor edge wear. Near Fine/Very Good+ 
Price: 15.00 USD

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