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Orchard, New York, 1996, 2nd printing. 
295 pp, large 8vo (9 3/16" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0531095134 "It is 1851. Thousands are fleeing the Old World for the New, desperate to reach America. Maura and Patrick O'Connell, fifteen- and twelve-year-old Irish peasants, seek to escape a country destroyed by famine and the greed of English landlords. Their emigration is a search for life itself. For Sir Laurence Kirkle, eleven and son of one such English lord, America holds the promise of justice, though he steal s a f o r tune from his fath er to get there. Colorful characters, young and old, pop up everywhere - Mr. Pickler, investigator, actor Horatio Drabble, and Fred No-name and Sergeant Rumpkin of the Lime Street Runners Association. And there are Mr . C le m sp oo l and Toby Grout, the Reverend Bartholomew, Ralph Toggs and the vile Mrs. Sonderbye. Are they helping the children or stealing from them? For Maura, Patrick and Laurence,it is often hard to know until it's too late. Indeed, how th e O' Con ne lls an d young Laurence come to share a common fate in the English city of Liverpool - embarkation port for America - makes for an adventure alive with ironic coincidence and surprise. Inspired by the Victorian novels published in seri al fo rm, whi ch w ith ev ery installment pres ented new and diverting answers to the question 'What will happen next?', (this book) offers more twists and turns of story than a nineteenth-century back alley. (The first volume) ends on a spectacul ar clif f-ha nger . Mo re s usp enseful fun awaits in 'Book Two: Lord Kirkle's Money'." Fine/Fine 
Price: 15.00 USD
THE GUNS OF EVENING., Bassett, Ronald.  Wraparound dust jacket art by Paul Wright.
2 Bassett, Ronald. Wraparound dust jacket art by Paul Wright. THE GUNS OF EVENING.
Macmillan, London, 1980, first edition. 
201 pp, + postscript, 8vo (8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0333262816 "The battle-cruiser 'Invincible', Rear-Admiral Hood's flagship at the battle of Jutland, and the pride of the Royal Navy, was hit and blew up at 6:33 p.m. on the evening of 31 May 1916 with the loss of 1026 officers and men. There were only six survivors. In his brilliant new novel, Ronald Bassett takes four fictional characters who served in her - a wealthy Australian, the son of a country parson, an ex-professio nal boxer from the East End of London and a boy from the slums of Leith - and traces their lives from before they joined up to their ultimate fate. (This) is a brilliant evocation of naval and civilian life immediately before and during the e a r l y y ears of the First World War. It reaches a terrifying climax with the battle-cruiser's action in the battle of Jutland that shattered so many illusions." Top edge of first 20 pages have been roughly trimmed - a few closed tears have b e en a rc hi va l ly taped, slight browning to text block edges, faint cigarette odor, minor edge wear. Dust jacket has been price clipped, has light browning at edges and on spine, two tiny dints on front hinge. Very Good-/Very Good 
Price: 20.00 USD
3 Bata, Thomas J. With Sonja Sinclair. BATA: SHOEMAKER TO THE WORLD.
Toronto Stoddart 1990 0773724168 / 9780773724167 First Edition Very Good Very Good 
341 pp, 9 1/2" H. B&w photographs. "In 1932, when young Tom Bata watched his father's coffin being lowered into his grave, he silently promised to abide by the wishes expressed in his father's 'moral testament': that the Bata Shoe Company was to be treated not as a source of private wealth, but as a public trust, a means of improving the liviing standards within the community and providing customers with good value for their money. At the time, Tom had no idea of the challenges he would face in fulfilling that promise. Not only was he ill-equipped, at age eighteen, to step into the shoes of an acknowledged business genius, creator of the largest shoe manufacturing and retailing organization in the world. Worse than that, fate was about to deal him a series of painful blows. The subjugation of his homeland, Czechoslovakia, by the Nazis was followed by an acrimonious family rift, the expropriation by Communist regimes of all his holdings in Eastern and Central Europe and, in other parts of the world, economic and political upheavals that threatened the survival of the newly resuscitated Bata organization. Yet Bata actually thrived on the sudden change and adversity. From his new home base in Canada he built, this side of the Iron Curtain, a global empire that employs 70,000 people and plays an important part in the economies of many developing countries. (This) is the story of the man, his family and their business." Remainder mark (dot) on bottom of text block, light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light edge wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine and at top of rear flap, very light rubbing. 
Price: 20.00 USD
THE GREENLAND FARERS., Boucher, Alan.  Illustrated by Toni Patten.
4 Boucher, Alan. Illustrated by Toni Patten. THE GREENLAND FARERS.
Constable, London, 1961, first edition. 
182 pp, 8vo (8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. B&w illustrations. Sequel to "The Path of the Raven". "When Halli Thordarson, compelled to serve the 'Raven' for a year and a day, sets sail with Thorfinn Karlsefni, he hopes - and expects - that he has left behind in Iceland the family blood feud which has led to his exile across the seas. But the 'Raven' has no sooner set sail than it is approached by a small rowing boat and a hooded figure, speared by an arrow, begs refuge from pursuers. A nd even in Greenland, home of Eric the Red, Halli is held by the same restless fate which seems somehow connected with the message foretold in the runes on his sword....(a) first-class adventure story in which the world of the early seafar e r s i s s t r ikingly recreated." Tiny faint scuff to fore-edge of textblock, minor soiling to edges of textblock, minor browning to pages, slight shallow bump to top edge of rear board, light wrinkling at bottom of spine, very light browning t o ed ge s o f t ex tb lo ck. Dust jacket has very light edge wrinkling; browning to spine, flap-folds and some edges; one very small closed tear. Very Good/Very Good- 
Price: 42.50 USD
5 Boyer, Elizabeth H. THE BLACK LYNX.
New York Del Rey / Ballantine 1993 0345375939 / 9780345375933 First Printing. Mass Market Paperback Very Good Cover art by Tim Hildebrandt. 
315 pp. " 'Master, I have failed - .' Illmuri, the apprentice wizard gave his report. The Skylding clan had been destroyed, their treasure lost forever. Only Skyla, the witch-girl, was left alive - at the mercy of her own rampant magic and a clan of vengeful enemies. The Dark Elves had triumphed. Old Eyjarr took the discouraging news calmly. Hadn't he seen defeat before, in other lives, in strand after strand of the Web of Life? But he knew that if he could thwart the curse of the Dark Elves even once, the infernal curse would finally disappear from all the strands, for all time. The trick, Eyjarr assured his astonished pupil, would be to learn from their mistakes - and to search again for the one, improbable strand where a couple of clever wizards could cheat an implacable fate." Interior - very light browning to pages and inside of covers, otherwise clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - minor edgewear. 
Price: 10.00 USD
London Arthur Barker 1966 First Edition Very Good Good+ 
196 pp, 8vo (8 11/16" H). B&w illustrations. "From the earliest time man has been fascinated by visions and dreams, and by the discovery that there were men who could, by magical powers, improve a crop or foretell the weather. As civilization grew there were demands for knowledge which would give control over other men or protection from the wiles of enemies. The study of magic and counter magic became important in the policy of states. Later magic was denounced as a work of the Devil, and then the Devil himself was demoted to become a laughing stock. Yet even nowadays there exist in the most advanced nations societies devoted to magical practices, who deal in strange rituals, and promote the interests of their membership against all enemies. A careful study shows that there is a good deal of scientific knowledge involved in the vast and complex network of 'magical' practice today. This book sets out to show some of the main lines of influence which have led to the present traditions. It treats the subject as if if were a tapestry of many strands each of which has a line of origin from which it traverses like a weft thread on the warp of universal psychological experience. This book is a short history of a complex development. It is planned as a groundwork from which the interested reader can advance to further detailed studies." Light wrinkling at bottom of spine, small slight bump at top corner of both boards. Dust jacket has light to moderate edge wear, a few small closed tears, jacket has been laminated for protection and to prevent further deterioration over the center portion (panels, spine and flap-folds). 
Price: 32.50 USD
FLOWERS FROM A CANADIAN GARDEN., Burpee, Lawrence J., editor.  (Jean Blewett, George Frederick Cameron, Wilfred Campbell, Bliss, Carman, Helena Coleman, Isabella Valancy Crawford, Charles Heavysege, Archibald Lampman, Elizabeth Roberts MacDonald, Marjorie L.C. Pickthall, et al.)
7 Burpee, Lawrence J., editor. (Jean Blewett, George Frederick Cameron, Wilfred Campbell, Bliss, Carman, Helena Coleman, Isabella Valancy Crawford, Charles Heavysege, Archibald Lampman, Elizabeth Roberts MacDonald, Marjorie L.C. Pickthall, et al.) FLOWERS FROM A CANADIAN GARDEN.
Toronto Musson 1909 Very Good 
112 pp, 24mo (5 9/16" H) - blue cloth with elaborate gold decoration/lettering on front board, gold lettering on spine. Top edge gilt. A collection of poetry by: Jean Blewett (The King's Gift / The Barley Fields / Margaret / Woman / Youth and June / She); George Frederick Cameron (Remember Thee! / My Fate / First Love); Wilfred Campbell (Wind / Sleep / Return No More / Earth / The Soul's Bath / The Humming-bee); Bliss Carman (The Gravedigger / Noons of Poppy / A Son of the Sea / A Sea Child / Outbound); Helena Coleman (In the Garden / Inaction / Candle-flame / Maturity / Mother-born); Isabella Valancy Crawford (Oh! Love Builds on the Azure Sea / Faith, Hope, and Charity / "Bite Deep and Wide, O Axe, the Tree" / The Lily / Baby's Dreams / Forget-me-not); Louise C. Glasgow (The Deeper Note); Charles Heavysege (Childhood Alone is Glad / Secrets of the Heart / The Infinite / Morn / The Cavern of Night / Beyond the Veil); Archibald Lampman (The Mystery of a Year / Good Speech / The Islet and the Palm / Snowbirds / March / Paternity / Forest Moods / A Forecast / Goldenrod / We Too Shall Sleep); Agnes Maule Mahar (Untrodden Ways); Elizabeth Roberts Macdonald (Whiteness / The House Among the Firs / At the End of the Road); Marjorie L.C. Pickthall (The Immortal / The Sea-witch / To Alcithoe); Duncan Campbell Scott (The River Town / For Remembrance / A Little Song / A Nest of Hepaticas / Song / The End of the Day); Frederick George Scott (The Laurentians / In the Woods / The Cripple / The River / My Little Son); Robert W. Service (Unforgotten / My Madonna); Arthur Stringer (Northern Pines / The Wordless Touch / On a Child's Portrait / Non Omnis Moriar / The Final Lesson); Ethelwyn Wetherald (Children in the City / In the Grass / The Sun in the Woods / Moonlight). Prize label on front free endpaper from the Witanstede School (New Brunswick) to Constance Murray, dated 1919 and signed (?) by the Principal, Jessie I. Lawson. Jessie Isabel Lawson (1879-1961) was an author and educator. Postage for this light item will be reduced to most destinations. Light wear at top/bottom of spine and at corners, very light edge wear, a few small air bubbles under cloth on rear board. 
Price: 35.00 USD
HITLER'S HENCHMEN., Capelle, Henk van, Dr. and Bovenkamp, Peter van de, Dr.
8 Capelle, Henk van, Dr. and Bovenkamp, Peter van de, Dr. HITLER'S HENCHMEN.
London Bison 1990 0861246209 / 9780861246205 Very Good Good+ 
192 pp, folio (14 1/2" H). "Created, ordered and led by Hitler, the state apparatus of Nazi Germany rigorously controlled all aspects of life in the Third Reich from cradle to grave. To maintain his iron grip on the German people through the ministries of his dictatorial government, Hitler surrounded himself with a small clique of fanatical, devoted acolytes. Men such as Heinrich Himmler, the much-feared chief of the Waffen-SS and organiser of the Holocaust, and Hermann Goering, the bombastic head of the Luftwaffe, wielded enormous power and held the fate of millions in their corrupt hands. (This book) tells the inside story of the Third Reich, looking at the personalities, roles and rivalries of Hitler's closest associates: Joseph Goebbels, the astute propaganda minister; Joachim von Ribbentrop, the Reich's chief diplomat; Rudolph Hess, Hitler's disgraced deputy; Albert Speer, the manager of the Reich's economy; Baldur von Schirach, the fanatic who moulded the thoughts of the youth of Germany; Alfred Rosenberg, the man who created the philosophical framework for the ideology of Nazisim; Martin Bormann, Hitler's enigmatic advisor; and Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress. Written by ( two) noted Dutch historians, (it) reveals the truth behind the fascade of the Third Reich and is an important contribution to the literature of the Nazi era. Illustrated with 300 photographs, many in colour, this book is a must for any student of the rise and fall of the Third Reich and its leaders." Book is slightly cocked, has light wear at top/bottom of spine and at corners. Dust jacket has light rubbing, several small edge tears with old tape repairs, light to moderate edge wear/wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, a few tiny dints on front panel, a few small faint line indentations on rear panel. 
Price: 30.00 USD
WATERLOO:  BATTLE OF THREE ARMIES., Chalfont, Lord, editor.  (William Seymour, Jacques Champagne, Colonel E. Kaulbach.)
9 Chalfont, Lord, editor. (William Seymour, Jacques Champagne, Colonel E. Kaulbach.) WATERLOO: BATTLE OF THREE ARMIES.
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1980, Ist American edition. 
239 pp, large 8vo (9 7/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 394511190 123 illustrations - 15 in full color, 9 maps. "To read the account of Waterloo in the history books of England, France and Germany is to read of three utterly different battl es. Each nation has made its own glowing tapestry of martial glory and national heroes out ot this mighty encounter. Can there be a true story of the day when Napoleon, Wellington and Blucher - three of the masters of combat - met on a comp a c t b a t tlefield to decide the fate on an Empire, and when the course of nineteenth-century history was transformed? In this book, from dawn to nightfall on June 18, 1815, hour by hour, sometimes minute by minute, we follow each twist of the a ct io n i n tu rn from: The English point of view (by William Seymour)...The French point of view (by Jacques Champagne)...The German point of view (by Eberhard Kaulbach)...As the action unfolds, each country's writer gives his own view (plus the won der fu ll y imm edi ate voices of his countrymen who survived to write of their experience) of the day that called forth some of the most brilliant tactical maneuvering - and the bloodiest and fiercest fighting - in the history of warfare." Sli ght fadi ng to to p ed ge o f boards, small area of browning at top edge of free endpapers. Dust jacket has been price clipped, has areas of browning on inside surface, large corner crease on front flap, curling at top edge of flaps. Very Good/Ver y Go od- 
Price: 20.00 USD
POLLYANNA'S PROTEGEE., Chalmers, Margaret Piper.
10 Chalmers, Margaret Piper. POLLYANNA'S PROTEGEE.
Grosset & Dunlap, New York, c1944, reprint. 
322 pp, small 8vo (7 5/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. Pictorial endpapers. "Friendly, cheerful Pollyanna is back again in this delightful new story, busier and more helpful than ever before. An this time she introduces to us a new heroine - ch arming Rosemary Lane, orphan daughter of a French mother and an American father. Discouraged and depressed, Rosemary is taken into Pollyanna's home, and under the loving guidance of her new friend changes from a sad, unhappy girl, to a fa s c i n a t i n g young woman. How this comes about; how Rosemary finds a long-lost relative; how she and the Pendletons mend broken hearts and lives; and what is the fate of the young men who fall in love with Rosemary, are all part of this story o f wo rt h- wh il e an d gallant people...." moderate browning to pages, Christmas gift inscription on free front endpaper, edges of textblock browned, one tiny corner crease, light edge wear, light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket ha s lig ht edg e w ear /w rin kl ing - moderate at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, a line of rubbing down spine - light color loss, very small faint lquid watermark on spine, a few closed tears - some with creases, a few very small chips at to p/bo tt om o f s pine , li ght rub bing . Very Good/Good 
Price: 20.00 USD
Boston Little Brown 1977 0316145955 / 9780316145954 First American Edition Very Good Very Good- 
271 pp, 8 1/2" H. B&w photographs. "(T)ells the story of William Friedman, the master cryptographer who solved the 'unbreakable' Japanese cipher system, 'Purple', used by the Imperial navy and the Japanese embassy in Berlin. (This) is the first full-scale, authorized biography of the attractive but driven leader of the only wartime enterprise as top secret as the manufacture of the first atomic bomb. (It) provides a sober account of how America's early, scattered intelligence agencies burgeoned steadily without foresight into a modern bureaucracy characterized by pathological secrecy and ethical ambiguity - and how such expansion took a severe toll on Friendman's mental and physical health. Clark discloses how much the Purple decipherments contributed to the Allied offensive in Europe and, most of all, influenced the outcome of the war in the Pacific: how the Battle of Midway and the ambush of Yamamoto's plane over Bougainville were decided by decoded Purple messages; and how, tragically, circumstances prevented the deciphered warnings of an impending attack from being understood in time at Pearl Harbor. A thoughtful biography of a dapper figure who transformed cryptography from a remote craft 'run by guess and by God' to a complex science, (it) triumphs in its recreation of those agonizing hours when the fate of our fleet in the Pacific, and its officers and men, was determined by a handful of men with only small strips of paper sitting in a room thousands of miles away." Light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light edge wear/creasing - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, crease down front flap at fore-edge, one small edge tear with crease, protected in a mylar sleeve. 
Price: 20.00 USD
12 Cortesi, Lawrence. VALOR IN THE BULGE.
Zebra, (New York, 1986), Ist Zebra printing. 
270 pp, paperback. "For five days Hitler's luck and the weather held as the Germans, catching the Allied High Command by surprise, overran American lines and advanced inexorably forward. But stubborn and courageous resistance by scattered U.S. uni ts and the heroic defense of Bastogne by the 101st Airborne in some of the fiercest fighting of the war would seal the fate of the Nazi juggernaut..." B&w photos and maps. Interior - pages browning lightly, otherwise clean and tight wit h n o p r e v i o us ownership marks. Exterior - light/moderate edgewear, soft crease to top corner of back cover, spine flat and uncreased. VG- 
Price: 8.00 USD
Nottingham Black Library / Games Workshop 2002 Very Good Clint Langley, cover art. 
The first two volumes of the Orfeo Trilogy. 1. Zaragoz - 250 pp, 6 3/4" H, ISBN 0743443039. "Riven by political intrigue, the countless petty kingdoms of Estalia are a dangerous land to travel through. When he rescues a mysterious priest from brigands, the minstrel Orfeo is drawn into a deadly power struggle for the citadel of Zaragoz. He is forced to use all the power of his wits and skill at arms to survive enemies fair and foul, human and monstrous." 2. Plague Daemon - 242 pp, 7" H, ISBN 1841542539. "In the wildest reaches of the Border Princes, the kingdom of Khypris is thrown into turmoil when barbarian tribes descend upon its rich, fertile lands. Soldier of fortune Harmis Detz finds himself fighting more than mere human enemies when a cruel twist of fate sucks him into a far more desperate endeavour - to find the real source of the evil that threatens Khypris. Can Harmis and his companions possibly triumph against such a foul and unnatural adversary as a servant of Nurgle, lord of pestil-ence?" Interiors - old price in ink and bookstore stamp on first page, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exteriors - very light edge wear, Zaragoz has a small bump at bottom of front hinge, Plague Daemon has some thin faint indentation lines on front cover. 
Price: 15.00 USD
14 Davis, William C. THE BATTLE OF NEW MARKET.
Harrisburg, PA Stackpole 1993 0811705765 / 9780811705769 Second Hard Cover Edition. Near Fine Near Fine 
249 pp, 8vo (8 1/2" H). B&w illustrations. "On May 15, 1864, at a little crossroads hamlet in Virginia, the fate of the Shenandoah Valley may have been decided and, with it, the ability of the Confederacy to survive in Virginia for another season. (This) is the story of one of those seemingly incredible hair's-breadth miracles that now and then dot the Civil War landscape. A scratch force of hastily assembled Confederates, outnumbered up to the last minute, meets and decisively overcomes a superior Yankee army. A former vice president and one-time candidate for the presidency commands the Rebel forces. The Corps of Cadets of Virginia Military Institute - some of them boys no older than fourteen - march to battle with the veterans, commencing a tradition and a legend that persist to this day. All these and more make up the dramatic story of New Market, and are told here in the most thoroughly researched and clearly presented book ever written on this legendary battle. Courage and heroism, youth and manhood, North and South - all meet compellingly in these pages, just as they met in the pelting rain on the battlefield that may have saved Virginia." Tiny dint at top edge of rear board. Dust jacket has minor wrinkling at top of spine. 
Price: 12.50 USD
TAPPING THE DREAM TREE., de Lint, Charles (Delint).
15 de Lint, Charles (Delint). TAPPING THE DREAM TREE.
New York TOR 2002 0312874014 / 9780312874018 First Edition Very Good+ Very Good+ Charles Vess, dust jacket art. 
541 pp, 8 1/2" H. "The city of Newford could be any contemporary North American city - except that magic lurks in its music, in its art, in the shadows of its grittiest streets, where mythic beings walk disguised. And its people are like you and me, each looking for a bit of magic to shape their lives and transform their fate. Now, in this latest volue, we meet a bluesman hiding from the Devil; a Buffalo Man at the edge of death; a murderous ghost looking for revenge; a wolf man on his first blind date; and many more. We're reunited with Jilly, Geordie, Sophie, the Crow Girls, and other characters whose lives have become part of the great Newford myth. And de Lint takes us beyond Newford's streets to the pastoral hills north of the city, where magic and music have a flavour different but powerful still." Contents: Author's Note; Ten for the Devil; Wingless Angels; The Words That Remain; Many Worlds Are Born Tonight; The Buffalo Man; Second Chances; Forest of Stone; Embracing the Mystery; Masking Indian; Granny Weather; The Witching Hour; Pixel Pixies; Trading Hearts at the Half Kaffe Cafe; Making a Noise in This World; Freak; Big City Littles; Sign Here; Seven Wild Sisters. Very tiny soiling mark on bottom of text block. Dust jacket has very light wrinkling at top/bottom of hinges. 
Price: 20.00 USD
THE ARROW., Dow, James.
16 Dow, James. THE ARROW.
Toronto James Lorimer 1997 1550285548 / 9781550285543 Fine 
166 pp, 9" H. B&w photographs. "Here is the fascinating story of the rise and fall of the Arrow, the legendary interceptor jet aircraft developed by A.V. Roe Canada in the fifties. The Arrow was an unprecedented success story for Canada's fledgling aviation industry. It was conceived by its builders as the culmination of an impressive string of world firsts. Faster than any previous aircraft, it represented the leading edge of technology and an achievement of the highest calibre. Then came the dramatic decision whose rationale was not made public at the time and which remains hard to fathom even today. The Diefenbaker government cancelled the Arrow, and everything was destroyed, including the planes themselves. Nothing was to remain. Working from official documents, archives, interviews and a wide range of unofficial sources, James Dow presents the authoritative story of A.V. Roe Canada and its projects. He describes how the Arrow was developed and why it was killed. Dow takes us behind the scenes to the real dynamics and rivalries which were a part of the Arrow from the beginning and which explain its fate. This edition of the definitive books on the subject has been updated with a new introduction." 
Price: 15.00 USD
Toronto Macmillan Canada 1961 First Edition Very Good Very Good- 
195 pp, 8 3/4" H. "A brilliant intelligence is brought to bear on the vital issues of Canadian defence and foreign policy, on Canada's relations with the U.S. and the British Commonwealth and the Communist bloc. Canadians do not always look at these problems in the same way as their North American neighbours. This book considers the Canadian 'style' in approaching such questions. (Discusses) difficult and frightening issues such as the location of the Great Deterrent, the acquisition of nuclear weaons, the fate of the Avro Arrow, civil defence. (Eayrs) examines the 'Nostrum of Neutralism' and while he concedes its appeal, concludes that the arguments in its favour are not valid at present. Commonwealth concerns, the monarchy, America's ill-fated intervention in Cuba, the role of the United Nations, the non-recognition of Communist China - all these questions and others of the kind are fearlessly and realistically discussed." Light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has beem price-clipped, has very light soiling/rubbing, light edge wear - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, a few tiny edge tears archivally taped. 
Price: 15.00 USD
New York Ace 1st Printings. Very Good Cover art by Larry Elmore (1-3) and Angus McBride (4). 
The first 4 books in the Night-Threads series - 6 7/8" H - all are first printings. 1. The Calling of the Three - 248 pp, 1990, ISBN 0441580858. "Magic bright and dark swept through the land of Zelharri, claiming the Duke's life in a pool of Hell-Light. Now his son Aletto and daughter Lialla fear for the future of their people. Their murderous uncle has married their mother to steal the throne from Aletto. His only hope to reclaim it is by gathering powerful allies through the magic of the Night-Threads. A magic his sister barely controls. Three ordinary people have been summoned from a place called Earth, in a land known as California: Jennifer, a hard-working junior lawyer who doesn't believe in magic - Robyn, her hard-drinking, hard-living sister - and Robyn's son, Chris, a high school senior with a level head and a smart mouth. These three have been chosen to fight in a dangerous battle of unbelievable magic. A magic they must believe in - or die." 2. The Two in Hiding - 294 pp, 1991, ISBN 0441580866. "Strange and wondrous rumors spread through the kingdom of Rhadaz concerning the young duke Aletto and his sister Lialla, fled from the household of their uncle Jadek, who had ruled the land of Zelharri since the suspicious death of his brother years before. They traveled, it was said, with three outlanders who claimed to be from a place called Earth: a beautiful woman named Jennifer, who had become apprentice to Lialla in the use of the magic of the Night-Threads; the young man known as Chris, who was teaching the weakling Aletto odd but effective ways of fighting. And, it was whispered, the third was an older woman who had the gift of shapeshifting. A talent rare - and dangerous." 3. One Land, One Duke - 324 pp, 1992, ISBN 0441580874. "Whispers of magic and intrigue reached Podhru, grand capital of Rhadaz. It was said that Aletto, rightful duke of Zelharri, sought to reclaim the throne stolen from him. And that the warrior Dahven had escaped the doom prepared for him by his treacherous brothers. For too long has the Emperor stood apart from the conflict, but now the people cry out for 'One Land, One Duke'. The time for hiding is over. At last, the healing power of the Night-Threads stands against demonic Hell-Light while the destiny of all who live hangs in the balance. And three ordinary visitors from Earth must use their newfound talents - as sorceress, shapeshifter, and soldier - to rescue a world that is now even their own. 4. The Craft of Light - 280 pp, 1993, ISBN 0441580882. "Four years have passed, and the three (visitors from Earth) have settled into a comfortable routine. But for Lialla, the outcast duchess of Zelharri, life is a maze of unseen dangers and deadly perils. Her secret powers of Hell-Light are fierce and fearsome; yet they are the very powers that will determine her fate." Interiors - one book with heavy browning to inside of covers, books have either very light or light browning to pages, otherwise clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exteriors - three books with very light creases on spines, one book with three very small corner creases, slight lean to spines, light browning to some edges of text blocks, light edge wear to most covers, one book with a tiny number stamped on bottom of text block. 
Price: 20.00 USD
New York Richardson & Steirman 1987 09319334200 First American Edition Near Fine Very Good 
474 pp, large 8vo (9 1/4" H). B&w photographs. "In 1945 seven men, once among the most powerful on earth, were locked away in a vast prison built to hold more than 600 inmates, surrounded by every conceivable escape-proof precaution. Tried and convicted for attempting to enslave the world, they were the last of what Winston Churchill had called 'the Hitler gang'. Their sentences, meted out by the court at Nuremberg, represented a gigantic step forward in the recognition of international justice. They stood condemned for their part in a campaign of organized cruelty such as history had never seen before. (This book) is the outcome of years of dedicated research. It examines the seven men themselves - their private lives, their motivation, their machinations inside Spandau, their relationships with each other and their attitudes to their crimes. Built up from conversations with their families, lawyers, friends and enemies, and, in some cases, the men themselves, from visits to Berlin made with their wives, from letters written in prison, both authorized and smuggled, and from authentic conversations between the prisoners, this aspect of the book is in itself a gripping study of human corruption. Equally extraordinary are the book's revelations about the hitherto secret diplomatic and political infighting that went on between the four Powers over the welfare and fate of the seven prisoners. The events and intrigues surrounding the jail are as spellbinding as those that occurred inside." Very minor foxing on top of text block. Dust jacket has light rubbing, tiny foxing marks at top inside edge, light browning at top of flaps, one 1" tear at bottom of rear flap-fold - archivally taped. 
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20 Forward, Robert L. 1. CAMELOT 30K. 2. TIMEMASTER. 3. SATURN RUKH. 3 VOLUMES.
Tor, New York, (1996, 2nd/1993, Ist/1998, Ist printing). 
308 pp + notes, 304 pp, 323 pp + "Technical Background for Video Game - Climbing Saturn's Rings" by Pete Stewart. Cover art by Shigemi Numaza, Vincent Di Fate and Bob Eggleton. Three books by author/physicist Robert Forward. Interiors - clean an d tight with no previous ownership marks. Exteriors - minor edge wear, spines flat and uncreased. VG+ 
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