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1 Bell, Caroline and Bell, Eddie. Edited by Alden Hatch. THANK YOU TWICE, OR HOW WE LIKE AMERICA.
New York Harcourt, Brace 1941 Second Printing. Good+ Poor 
112 pp, 8vo (8 3/16" H). "This is the unvarnished narrative of the adventures of Caroline and Eddie Bell, aged twelve and ten, who were among the first children sent from England to America in the summer of 1940. The man who asked them to write their own book said: 'Tell about the things you like and the things you don't like. Don't pull any punches. Americans can take it.' Americans can not only take it, but will love it. It is a gorgeous, high-spirited document. The impact of our daily routine, with its excitements and it disappointments too, seems just as diverting to us as it is to them." Some areas of light discoloration on boards, endpapers are browned, several tiny ink/dye marks on pages 30/31 and at edges/margins of a few other pages, light browning on edges of text block, slight scuff across fore-edge of text block. Dust jacket has pieces missing at edges and some tears (text is complete on flaps and most of title), moderate browning - heavier on spine and flap-folds, now in a mylar sleeve. 
Price: 35.00 USD
2 Chapman, Eddie. Foreword by Frank Owen. THE REAL EDDIE CHAPMAN STORY.
London Tandem Good 
253 pp, 7 1/8" H. c1966. In 1940, safecracker Eddie Chapman offered his services to the German High Command as a spy. His first mission was to blow up the de Havilland works in Hatfield. "What is now revealed for the first time is that Chapman had immediately upon landing made contact with senior officials of the Air Ministry who listened with stunned silence to his story. Shortly after, a German reconnaissance plane which was allowed over to photograph the results of his mssion, reported that the buildings were in ruins and smoke was still rising. At Hatfield, the camouflage experts quietly congratulated themselves on having made it look as though an explosives expert had been at work! Chapman was working for his own country at the risk of his life. Soon after he was shipped back to Germany through Lisbon, where Hitler, grateful for the blow struck against England, awarded him the Iron Cross. For two years, Chapman, behaving like a hero of the Third Reich, spied on the Germans and constantly fed information back to British Intelligence, before being parachuted in for a second time to report on the range of the V-bombs. His true story makes incredible reading." Rear cover advertises the movie "Triple Cross", starring Christopher Plummer as Eddie Chapman and Yul Brynner as Colonel von Grunen. Interior - very light browning to pages, tiny bump to top corner of pages 1 to 75, tiny crease at top vorner of page leaf 167/168, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - spine is lightly cocked, is concave and has two light creases; covers have small soft creases at corners and soft wrinkling; rear cover has very small edge tear with soft crease - archivally taped, small scuff and small faint stain; small tear at bottom of front hinge; very light edge wear/wrinkling; light rubbing. 
Price: 30.00 USD
New York Oxford University Press 1983 0195033566 / 9780195033564 First Edition Very Good+ Very Good+ 
177 pp, 9 1/2" H. B&w photographs, reproductions. "(R)econstructs America's first era of manned flight and brings back to life the famous and less-known aviators who became the nation's heroes: Charles Lindberg, whose achievement was the great event of the 1920s - Amelia Earhart, one of the many women 'aces' (the aviation industry encouraged women because, as pilot Louise Thaden put it, 'If a woman can handle a plane, the public thinks it must be 'duck soup' for men.') - Calbraith P. Rogers, who made the first transcontinental flight, surviving a dozen crashes, a broken arm and collarbone, and a score of wounds caused by the metal fragments of an exploded engine - and many others. The book provides a vivid picture of America in the first half of the century - its aspirations and concerns - as expressed in the exuberant and often utopian response to a major new technology." Dust jacket has very minor edge browning. 
Price: 15.00 USD
WORKING THE LIGHT: A LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERCLASS., Cornish, Joe; Waite, Charlie; Ward, David.  Edited by Eddie Ephraums.
4 Cornish, Joe; Waite, Charlie; Ward, David. Edited by Eddie Ephraums. WORKING THE LIGHT: A LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERCLASS.
London Argentum 2008 1902538463 / 9781902538464 Third Printing Very Good+ 
160 pp, small 4to (10 1/4" H). Profusely illustrated with colour photographs. "(O)ffers readers a unique chance to participate in a masterclass with three of Britain's leading practitioners and teachers of landscape photography. Alongside a portfolio of their latest work, Charlie Waite, Joe Cornish and David Ward write about the genre for which they are best known: how they came to it, what inspires them, their current projects and the directions in which they see their work developing - for example, what role might digital play for any of these lovers of film? Each of the three sections of the book explores the theme of 'working the light' - surely the most critical and challenging aspect of landscape photography - with Joe Cornish writing about Wild Places, Charlie Waite discussing Inhabited Landscapes and David Ward concentrating on Inner Landscapes. Each section also contains a Gallery Workshop in which the trio critique images submitted by clients of the renowned travel photography company Light & Land, offering the kind of constructive comment and positive advice that one would normally only expect to get in the field." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - minor edge wear and wrinkling. 
Price: 20.00 USD
Very Good Jim Burns (1,2,5,7,8), Jean Pierre Targete (3), Eddie Jones (4) & Walter Velez (9), cover art. 
The first 9 volumes of the Stainless Steel Rat series (following the in-series chronology). 6 7/8" H. 1. A Stainless Steel Rat is Born - 219 pp, Bantam 1985 6th printing, ISBN 0553247085 - "(Explores the) humble beginnings (of the Stainless Steel Rat) as a petty criminal on the backward planet of Bit O'Heaven, and his rapid rise to the most wanted man on a dozen worlds. (C)ontains the never-before-told story of the fabled archcriminal known as The Bishop, who tutored young Jim in the higher arts of crime and gave him his legendary nickname." 2. The Stainless Steel Rat gets Drafted - 262 pp, Bantam 1988 1st printing, ISBN 0553273078 - "The Stainless Steel Rat is seeking revenge for the murder of his mentor-in-crime, The Bishop. His trail leads to Nevenkebla and the iron-fisted dictator General Zennor - the kind of man who'd sell his own mother into slavery just to see the expression on her face. Now in the uniform of a Nevenkeblan soldier, Jim discovers Zennor's vile plan to enslave a defenseless planet. Only a man with a special code of honor - only a Stainless Steel Rat - can save the world from the invading horde." 3. The Stainless Steel Rat Sings the Blues - 244 pp, Bantam 1995 1st printing, ISBN 0553569392 - "In exchange for his life (for robbing the Mint on Paskonjak), Slippery Jim must retrieve a missing alien artifact from the planet Liokukae - a dumping ground for the Galactic League's misfits, murderers, maniacs, and the incurably obnoxious. Under cover as the leader of the rock band The Stainless Steel Rats, (he) violates every law of the land - including musical ones. He has thirty days to bring back the artifact - or the slow-acting poison the League has fed him will kick in, and (he) will be history." 4. The Stainless Steel Rat - 158 pp, Sphere 1976 reprint, ISBN 0722144091 - "(He's a) cosmic criminal, the smoothest, sneakiest con-man in the known Universe. He can take any bank in the Galaxy, con a captain out of his ship, start a war or stop one - whichever pays the most. So when the law finally catches up with the Stainless Steel Rat, there is only one thing to do - make him a cop. And turn him loose on a villainous lady who is building herself a battleship." 5. The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge - 196 pp, Bantam 1988 reprint, ISBN 0553173952 - "It was totally impossible for Cliaand to wage interstellar war - but the crazy little planet was winning, whatever the odds. And there wasn't much the peaceful galaxy could do - except send Slippery Jim diGriz - the Stainless Steel Rat - to wage his own kind of guerrilla campaign against the gray men of Cliaand and their leader, the indomitable Kraj. But then the Rat was aided by a band of liberated Amazons and his own beloved, murderous Angelina - and they had to swing the odds in his favour." 6. The Stainless Steel Rat Saves the World - 160 pp, Berkley 1973, ISBN 42502475X - "Someone is meddling with time. People are fading from existence first, members of The Special Corps which (reluctantly) employs him, then Jim's wife and sons. The source of the meddling is located in the distant past - the year 1984 - in an ancient, forgotten nation called 'the United States of America'. If he is to save his family and himself, (the Stainless Steel Rat) must go there, through time, and save the world!" 7. The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You! - 155 pp, Bantam 1988 10th printing, ISBN 0553276115 - "Loathsome, mindsucking creatures from an unknown star are closing in on Earth. Once again it's up to the Stainless Steel Rat to save humanity. In a daring caper packed with action and laughs, the Rat goes undercover to stop the invasion - disguised as a hideous, bugeyed extraterrestrial!" 8. The Stainless Steel Rat for President - 185 pp, Bantam 1988 8th printing, ISBN 0553276123 - "The Special Corps has given the Rat a daring assignment - liberate a backward tourist planet from the clutches of an aging dictator. With his lovely but lethal wife Angelina and his two stalwart sons James and Bolivar, diGriz pits ballots against bullets in the fight for freedom. He's vowed to restore truth, justice and democracy to the world of Paraiso-Aqui, if he has to lie, cheat and steal to do it!" 9. The Stainless Steel Rat goes to Hell - 253 pp, Tor 1997 2nd printing, ISBN 0812551079 - "DiGriz is strenously fighting boredom on a ritzy pleasure planet when his beloved wife disappears while visiting the Temple of Eternal Truth, an enigmatic institution that promises its patrons a sneak peek at Heaven - for a price. Determined to get his wife back, he takes on the Temple. He thinks he's ready for anything, but he never expects to find himself banished to Hell, complete with pointy-tailed devils. Has divine judgment caught up with the Rat at last? Of course not." Interiors - most volumes have very light or light browning to pages, three volumes have a small gift inscription in ink on first page, clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - two volumes have a light spine lean - one with spine creases, very light to light edge wear, one volume with very small bump at top of front hinge, a few small soft corner creases/curls. 
Price: 27.50 USD
6 Haywood, Carolyn, written and illustrated by. EDDIE AND THE FIRE ENGINE.
William Morrow, New York, 1949, 15th printing. 
189 pp, 8vo, HC in dust jacket. Charming b&w vintage drawings by author. " old fire engine, recently retired by the fire department, and a goat, which catch (Eddie's) fancy...feature largely in the amusing incidents which comprise this thorou ghly enjoyable story..." Book is clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Dust jacket has light edgewear/wrinkling, light browning to rear panel/flap edges, three closed tears, two 'pinprick' perforations to front hinge, minor s o i l i n g , s i lver Morrow Eagle Library Edition label (3" x 3/4") across bottom of spine (NOT a library book). Wonderful cover illustration (blue/black/white/orange) shows Eddie in fire engine with goat - now protected in mylar sleeve. VG+ / G+ 
Price: 20.00 USD
EVER-READY EDDIE., Haywood, Carolyn, written and illustrated by.
7 Haywood, Carolyn, written and illustrated by. EVER-READY EDDIE.
New York William Morrow, New York, (1968), 45 printing. 1968 Very Good Good+ 
192 pp, large 8vo (9" H). Charming b&w vintage drawings by author. "Never are (Eddie's) talents more needed than the time his school first holds an election for student council. With unrestrained gusto, the children jump into the campaign , and for two weeks electoral madness sweeps the classrooms. Athough Carolyn Haywood is at her funniest as she writes of these doings, the story is also one of character. Voting for the right (person) is more important than voting for a friend, and Eddie discovers the truth the hard way. Readers will love him and his creator all the more." Minor bumping to edges of boards, light wrinkling to top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light edge wear/rubbing, minor soiling, light to moderate wrinkling at edges, three small closed tears, silver Morrow Eagle Library Edition label (3" x 3/4") across bottom of spine (This is NOT a library book - no stamps, pockets, etc.), protected in mylar sleeve. 
Price: 15.00 USD
8 Hennessey, Thomas. A HISTORY OF NORTHERN IRELAND, 1920-1996.
New York St. Martin's Press 1997 0312211120 / 9780312211127 Very Good+ Very Good 
347 pp, 8vo (8 13/16" H). Book club edition. "Founded upon the partition of Ireland in 1920, Northern Ireland experienced fifty years of nervous peace under the rule of a devolved government in Belfast. This government was representative only of the majority Protestant unionist community while the Catholic minority sought union with the rest of the island. The Protestant fortress held firm until the emergence of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Movement in the late 1960s, following which the province subsided into the civil unrest widely known as 'the Troubles'. Hennessey's even-handed history attempts to understand the reasons for the long history of communal division, mutual suspicion, Catholic alienation, and Protestant siege mentality. It traces the sequence of events, decade by decade, in the history of the troubled province. The great value of the book, however, is in providing an overview of events since the outbreak of the Troubles up to and including the present uncertain peace process. It is the first comprehensive history of Northern Ireland for over fifteen years and brings a contemporary perspective to historical events, taking account of the scholarship which has developed in Northern Ireland studies over the last twenty years." Minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has minor rubbing, very light edge wrinkling. 
Price: 25.00 USD
KICKSTART:  HOW SUCCESSFUL CANADIANS GOT STARTED., Herman, Alexander; Matthews, Paul; Feindel, Andrew.
9 Herman, Alexander; Matthews, Paul; Feindel, Andrew. KICKSTART: HOW SUCCESSFUL CANADIANS GOT STARTED.
Toronto Dundurn 2008 1550027832 / 9781550027839 First Edition Fine 
204 pp, 9" H. B&w illustrations. " 'Kickstart' profiles Canadians who have found success in a wide variety of fields, including business, (entrepreneur Jim Pattison), science (astronaut Roberta Bondar), the arts (ballerina Karen Kain), pop culture (cartoonist Lynn Johnston), the law (Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin), politics (former prime minister Brian Mulroney), humanitarianism (James Orbinski), and journalism (June Callwood). Some launched businesses as teenagers, while others pinballed from job to job before locating their cause or passion. Some travelled the world in search of purpose, and some only found themselves upon returning home. Their collective wisdom, offered in their own words, just might help you 'kickstart' something of your own." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - clean and bright. 
Price: 15.00 USD
PEE WEE SPEAKS:  A DISCOGRAPHY OF PEE WEE RUSSELL.  STUDIES IN JAZZ, NO. 13., Hilbert, Robert.  In collaboration with David Niven.  Preface by Dan Morgenstern.
10 Hilbert, Robert. In collaboration with David Niven. Preface by Dan Morgenstern. PEE WEE SPEAKS: A DISCOGRAPHY OF PEE WEE RUSSELL. STUDIES IN JAZZ, NO. 13.
Metuchen, N.J. Scarecrow Press 1992 0810826348 / 9780810826342 First Edition Very Good No Jacket - (as issued) 
377 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H). "This discography includes all known recorded performances by Russell, including films, radio and television broadcasts, concerts and private recordings, although no claim of completeness can be made for these types of non-commercial recordings." Includes 8 pages of b&w photos/record labels. Indexed by personnel and titles. Very light rubbing/soiling to boards - mainly on rear board, minor wrinkle at top of spine. 
Price: 25.00 USD
PEE WEE SPEAKS:  A DISCOGRAPHY OF PEE WEE RUSSELL.  STUDIES IN JAZZ, NO. 13., Hilbert, Robert.  In collaboration with David Niven.  Preface by Dan Morgenstern.
11 Hilbert, Robert. In collaboration with David Niven. Preface by Dan Morgenstern. PEE WEE SPEAKS: A DISCOGRAPHY OF PEE WEE RUSSELL. STUDIES IN JAZZ, NO. 13.
Metuchen, N.J. Scarecrow Press 1992 0810826348 / 9780810826342 First Edition Near Fine No Jacket - (as issued) 
377 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H). "This discography includes all known recorded performances by Russell, including films, radio and television broadcasts, concerts and private recordings, although no claim of completeness can be made for these types of non-commercial recordings." Includes 8 pages of b&w photos/record labels. Indexed by personnel and titles. Minor wrinkling at bottom of spine. 
Price: 30.00 USD
TAB / McGraw-Hill, Blue Ridge Summit, PA, 1991, first edition. 
168 pp, 9 3/16" H, soft cover. ISBN 0830635939 B&w photographs, drawings. "The introduction of the Boeing 247 in 1933 is widely regarded as the beginning of modern air transport. With an all-metal, stressed-skin design and a cruising speed of 17 0 miles an hour, the 247 marked the end of the slower, flimsy wood-and-dope frame biplanes used by the military and mail service. Though quickly overshadowed by its competitors, the 247 proved to the American public that commercial air travel c o u l d be both safe and efficient. In fact, this innovative airplane determined the direction of aircraft design for nearly the next two decades. (This books) traces the evolution of the 247, describing the technological and social circumstan c es d ur in g and after World War I that led to its development. You'll find fascinating descriptions of William Boeing's struggle to implement his unique designs, the public's reception of the 247, the aircraft's commercial and military uses, an d the 24 7's ul ti mate impact on aviation." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - very light edge wear, minor rubbing. Very Good 
Price: 30.00 USD
13 Hunter, Douglas. (Tim Horton.) OPEN ICE: THE TIM HORTON STORY.
Toronto Viking, (Toronto, 1994), Ist edition. 1994 0670854050 / 9780670854059 First Edition Near Fine Very Good+ 
456 pp, 9 1/4" H. B&w photographs. "From his Nickel Belt adolescence, mixing it up on the ice with all the other young hopefuls, to the pinnacle of his career with the Maple Leafs, to the final game of a self-proclaimed 'tired old man', Then there was Tim Horton the business man, hustling for an off-season living like the rest of his fellow Maple Leafs in the days when salaries rarely broke $20,000. (He) eventually found donuts (but) when faced with the choice of building a business empire or playing the game, he chose the game every time, in a professional career that spanned an incredible twenty-five seasons - and ended only on the night of his death." Dust jacket has very minor wrinkling at top of hinges. 
Price: 20.00 USD
London Hodder & Stoughton 1959 First Edition Very Good Fair Stead. (Leslie Stead.) 
158 pp, 7 1/2" H. Red covers with black lettering on spine, black illustration on front board. Dust jacket bears price of 8s 6d net on bottom of front flap. Small b&w illustration on title page and 6 colour plates (all present). "In this adventure with some Interpol colleagues Biggles, of the Special Air Police, cleans up a dope racket threatening the United States." Small light foxing mark at fore-edge of 3 page leaves and one illustration page, slight lean to spine, faint foxing on edges of text block, very small bump to fore-edge of front board, very minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light to moderate edge wear/wrinkling, several edge tears - most with creases, very small edge chips at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, light rubbing and soiling, a few very small scuff marks, small area of partially erased pencill notation at top of rear panel, protected in a mylar sleeve 
Price: 60.00 USD
Calgary, Alberta T. Edwards Thonger 1952 First Edition Good 
236 pp, 12" H. Profusely illustrated with b&w photographs. Alternate pages are advertising for local and/or related businesses/services/etc. Contents: The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth; The Stampede Is Born; "Let 'Er Buck"; The Victory Stampede 1919; Prince of Wales Cowboy; Midnight, Hell On Hooves; Clem Gardner, Cowman; Four Of A Kind; 1924 To 1934. Prosperity and Depression; 1935-1952. The Lush Years; The Livestock Show; Royal Winter Stampede 1951; The Corral The Stampede Built; L'Envoi; The Record Tells The Story; Do You "Savvy The Burro"?; Banff Indian Days; Square Dance Glamour; Calgary, Canada's Oil Capital. Interior - covers have pulled away from their glue-down area exposing staples and glue residue, area of excess glue residue and surface paper loss on last page and inside of rear cover, very soft crease at top corner of approx. page 165 to end of book. Exterior - minor browning to top of text block, spine and front cover; two tiny ink marks and one small corner crease on front cover; very light edge wear; small area of soiling on bottom of text block. 
Price: 35.00 USD
Cleveland, Ohio World Publishing 1965 Limited Edition Very Good - 
82 pp, large 8vo (9 3/16" H) - brick-colored cloth spine with gold lettering, green paper covered boards with gold lettering and small green decorative device - no dust jacket/slipcase. "A limited, numbered edition privately printed for friends of Lang, Fisher and Stashower, Inc. Number 164" A collection of inspirational, heart-warming, and humorous messages by John Steinbeck, George Washington, Virginia O'Hanlon, Francis Church, Robert Scott, Calvin Coolidge, Eddie Rickenbacker, John F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, Robert Louis Stevenson, Charles Dickens and others. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - very light edge wear at top/bottom of spine, light rubbing/scratches on rear cover, very light browning to edges of boards. 
Price: 15.00 USD
17 Leonetti, Mike. Forward by Frank Mahovlich. THE GAME WE KNEW: HOCKEY IN THE SIXTIES.
Vancouver Raincoast 1998 1551921987 / 9781551921983 First Edition Very Good+ Very Good Harold Barkley, photograpy. 
118 pp, 11 1/4" H. Profusely illustrated with colour photographs. "The 1960s was a decade of major transition for the National Hockey League. Bitter rivalries were the order of the day, especially between Canada's two teams, as the Leafs and the Canadiens accounted for nine of the decade's Stanley Cup winners. The league doubled in size as new teams in St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Oakland brought hockey to new fans throughout North America. Aging superstars like Maurice 'Rocket' Richard passed the torch to the next generation of stellar players such as Bobby Orr. Hall of Famers like Johnny Bower, Dave Keon, Bobby Hull, Gordie Howe, Jean Beliveau, Terry Sawchuk and Glenn Hall were at their peak. Through it all, innovative action photographer Harold Barkley was rinkside, recording for posterity the greatest moments of hockey in the sixties. To his stunning colour photographs, accomplished hockey writer Mike Leonetti adds intriguing, fact-filled captions and comments. (A) treasure trove for dedicated hockey fans as well as newcomers to the game." Previous owner's place, Christmas date and signature on free front endpaper. Dust jacket has very light edge wear, some light creasing at top edge, light rubbing. 
Price: 27.50 USD
18 Martin, Lawrence. MARIO.
Toronto Lester Publishing 1993 1895555450 / 9781895555455 First Edition Very Good+ Very Good+ 
275 pp, 9 1/4" H. B&w photographs. "He journeyed from the west-end of Montreal to the Igloo in Pittsburgh. He carried the Penguins from the NHL basement to the Stanley Cup. He has struggled with severe, chronic back problems and fought back in his battle with cancer. He's the pre-eminent force in hockey today (1993). Now, in the first full-scale biography of Mario Lemieux, Lawrence Martin takes the reader behind the mystique, examining the human and the superhuman sides of an athlete who dominates the game, as a coach once said, like a man playing pond hockey with kids." Very light wrinkling at top of rear hinge and at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light wrinkling at top of rear hinge. 
Price: 15.00 USD
Toronto Stoddart 1999 077373189X / 9780773731899 First Edition Very Good+ Very Good+ Inscribed By Author
238 pp, large 8vo (9 1/4" H). B&w photographs. Inscribed on half title page: "To D__ a longtime Bruins fan yours in hockey Brian Mcfarlane". "In 1924, Charles Adams of Brookline, Massachusetts, journeyed to Montreal to see the Stanley Cup finals and fell in love with the game. When two new NHL franchises became available that same year, Adams snapped one up for $15,000 and set up shop in Boston. The new team was dubbed the Boston Bruins. The Bruins have been one of the most intimidating and most successful NHL teams ever since. They won their first Stanley Cup in 1928, four short years after their initial game, and have since won another four Cups. Dozens of Hall of Famers and fan favorites have donned the brown, black, and gold, legends like Eddie Shore, Fern Flaman, Dit Clapper, Milt Schmidt, Phil Esposito, Brad Park, Derek Sanderson, Ray Bourque, and the incomparable Bobby Orr. From the lunch bucket teams of the World War I era to Don Cherry's Big Bad Bruins of the 1970s, to the recent Bruin resurgence under Pat Burns and his stable of young stars, the Bruins have endured as one of the more popular of the Original Six teams, and one of the most successful hockey franchises of all time." Minor wrinkling at bottom of spine; previous owner's small Christmas notation and signature in ink on half-title page. Dust jacket has minor rubbing and minor edge wrinkling. 
Price: 75.00 USD
Macfarlane Walter & Ross, Toronto, 1989, first edition. 
Unpaginated, 4to (11 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0921912013 51 b&w and colour photographs with text on opposing page. "(A) collection of remarkable images, drawn from over one hundred and fifty years of photographic history, that hav e shaped our perceptions of the world, even influenced the course of history. Unforgettable images such as Robert Capa's 'Death of a Loyalist Soldier', Eddie Adams's Saigon street execution, the shootings at Kent State recorded by student J o e F i l o , and 'Buzz' Aldrin on the moon, snapped by fellow astronaut Neil Armstrong are included here, along with classics of the art by acknowledged masters such as Julia Margaret Cameron, Lewis Hine, Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Margaret Bo ur ke - Wh il e, a nd Eugene Smith. There are portraits that forever fix a public figure in memory: Yousuf Karsh's arresting photograph of Winston Churchill; the ubiquitous official portrait of Mao Tse-tung; William Notman's commanding picture of Ch ief S itt ing Bu ll; th e publicity photograph of Garbo that created the legend; and the movie still of Charlie Chaplin as the Little Tramp. There are the achievements of photographic pioneers that amazed and delighted earlier generation s: D ague rre' s B oule vard du Temp le, catching the first image of a human being on film; Nadar's view of Paris from a balloon, the first aerial photograph; Eadweard Muybridge's landmark study of a galloping horse; and Harold Edgerton's drop of m ilk, one o f the fir st hi gh-sp eed, stop -act ion photographs. Each photograph is accompanied by an illuminating essay, describing the events surrounding the moment when the shutter clicked, offering details on the life and career of the photog raphe r, and invit ing t he rea der on a jo urney of di scovery." Slight waviness to edges of textblock. Dust jacket has minor edge wrinkling, minor rubbing. Very Good/Very Good+ 
Price: 25.00 USD
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