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FROM THE HEART., Cash, June Carter.
1 Cash, June Carter. FROM THE HEART.
St. Martin's, New York, 1988. 
244 pp, mass market paperback. ISBN 0312911483 B&w photographs. "She is a veteran of the Grand Ole Opry since the heyday of the Carter family; wife of the 'Man in Black', Johnny Cash; mother not only to her own children, but to her 'babies' as we ll - Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, and Hank Williams, Jr. June Carter Cash is a survivor who has triumphed over the turnabouts of a career in music and risen to face some of the most devastating challenges life has to offer. From t h e t e r r o r of being held prisoner to her son's brush with death to the rewards of seeing her daugher and husband overcome a dependency on drugs, June Carter Cash recounts her life with all the poignant beauty of a ballad. It is a stirring so ng w i th m an y a ha unting very light browning to pages, otherwise clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - very light edge wear. Very Good 
Price: 25.00 USD
THE WASHINGTON STING., Conconi, Charles and House, Toni.
2 Conconi, Charles and House, Toni. THE WASHINGTON STING.
Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, New York, 1979, second impression. 
255 pp, 8vo (8 5/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. B&w illustrations. "Here is the dramatic and only inside account of the undercover police-FBI fencing operation - featuring cops in the guise of syndicate soldiers - whose stunning success put the 'Washington Sting' in headlines across the nation. Word was out on the street in Washington, D.C., that one of the best fences in years was working out of a warehouse on 25th Place, NE. PFF Inc., run by 'mob-connected' Italians, was buying up stolen guns, office equipment, anything with resale value. Thieves all over the Washington area were soon submitting to the hard dealing of the gun-wielding Mafiosi, looking for quick cash and an association with the mighty aristocracy of crime. As the fence's main man, Pasquale Larocca, critically examined the typewriter or rifle offered across his bulletproof counter, and in one corner Mike Franzino cradled his shotgun in casual warning, there was no suspicion of a weapon deadly in a different way: a videotape machine which recorded every transaction from behind an unnoticed one-way mirror. 'Pasquale Larocca' and 'Mike Franzino' were the aliases of two of the undercover team of police and FBI men organized to fight Washington's high larceny statistics down at the underworld source. And five months after the opening of 'Police-FBI Fencing, Incognito' - five months of tense bargaining with suspicious professionals and comic encounters with fawning flunkies and prostitutes - the fence closed around more than 200 criminals invited to meet a New York 'Don' at a party hosted by Larocca. They met, instead, with police. The single account of the caper written with the cooperation of the police and FBI and with full access to the incriminating videotapes, here is a true story of police politics and mayhem, streetwise ingenuity and volatile temperaments, told to authentic narrative effect with complete, uncensored detail." Very light browning to edges of textblock, light wrinkling at top of spine, minor rubbing. Dust jacket has very light edge wear/wrinkling, slight fading to spine color, very light browning on flap-folds and edges of rear panel, minor soiling. Very Good/Very Good - 
Price: 15.00 USD
3 Datlow, Ellen & Windling, Terri, editors. Tanith Lee, Delia Sherman, Esther Friesner, Russell Blackford, Neil Gaiman, Greg Costikyan, Jane Yolen, Debra Cash, Brian Stableford, Michael Cadnun, Scott Bradfield, Charles De Lint, Leah Cutter, et al. BLACK HEARTS, IVORY BONES.
New York Avon 2000 0380786230 / 9780380786237 Very Good+ Very Good+ Thomas Canty, cover art. 
369 pp, 8vo (8 7/16" H). Book club edition. "(S)howcases twenty beguiling tales for the child-that-was and the adult-that-is, penned by twenty of the most creative artists in contemporary American literature. Here dissected are the darker anatomies of the timeless, seemingly simple stories we have long loved. Here wonder and truth have serious bite. A lovelorn prince seeking his father's blessing concocts a fantastic tale of a witch, a tower, and lustrous long hair - A pair of accursed red boots punishes a beautiful dancer for her pride - A troll-killing, princess-rescuing warrior is compelled to consider events from his adversaries' point of view - In a blistering tell-all memoir, Goldilocks reveals the sordid truth about her brutal foster parent, Papa Bear - . Rich, surprising, funny, exotic, and unsettling, these twenty new yarns and poems offer exceptional new treasures - as they brilliantly reveal lusts and jealousies, foibles, hatreds, and dangerous obsessions, the things that slyly lurk in the midnight interior of oft-told tales." Contents: Introduction; Rapunzel; The Crone; Big Hair; The King with Three Daughters; Boys and Girls Together; And Still She Sleeps; Snow in Summer; Briar Rose and Witch; Chanterelle; Bear It Away; Goldilocks Tells All; My Life as a Bird; The Red Boots; Rosie's Dance; You, Little Match-girl; Dreaming among Men; The Cats of San Martino; The Golem; Our Mortal Span; Mr. Simonelli or the Fairy Widower; Recommended Reading. Minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, minor browning to edges of text block. Dust jacket has very minor edge wear, two tiny edge tears, small crease at top edge of rear flap, very soft crease down rear panel. 
Price: 25.00 USD
4 Einstein, Charles. Cover art by Robert Schulz. WIRETAP!
Dell, New York, 1955, a Dell First Edition Original Novel. 
158 pp, mass market paperback. "Men with a golden ear. In the city of Aimerly they were the cops, the city prosecutor, the rackets boss. Their electronic spies recorded the intimacies of boudoir and office - intimacies later priced, and paid for. cash or blood. Then a judge who knew where all the bodies were buried got himself murdered. And Sam Murray, State Crime Commission, walked into a maze of tapped phones, secret cameras, hidden mikes. Various people tried to sidetrac k S a m , w i th the help of two ladies who were specialists at their work. But when Sam kept pushing, they gave him a choice - rot in jail, or send the last honest man in town to do it for him." Interior - two pages with very small corner creas e, ve ry l ig h t br owning to pages, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - very light edge wear, spine is lightly concave. Very Good 
Price: 10.00 USD
New York Ace Very Good Cover art by Vito DeVito (1,2,4-6), F. Gambino (3, 7), Paul Robinson (9), Jamie Murray (Quincey Morris). 
The first seven volumes of "The Vampire Files", plus volume 9, plus "Quincey Morris, Vampire" (not part of this series, but vampire-related) - 9 books in total. 6 3/4" H. Book 1. Bloodlist - 200 pp, 1990 1st printing, ISBN 0441067956 - "I've always had a weak spot for strange ladies. One very beautiful girl had even warned me that she was - get this - a vampire. But did I listen? No. Well, before you know it, I'm being chased by an ugly thug with a gun, and a bullet blasts its way through my back, and - believe it or not - nothing happened. I survived! How? You guessed it. I, Jack Fleming, ace reporter, had been transformed into - a vampire! Which has its advantages. You never die, you never grow old, you sleep all day, and best of all - you can hunt down your own murderer." Book 2. Lifeblood - 202 pp, 1990 5th printing, ISBN 0441847765 - "As nosferatu go, I'm basically a nice guy. Sure, I need a little blood now and then, but I never meant to hurt anyone. Too bad some people don't feel the same about me. Now I've got a bunch of crazy vampire-hunters on my trail, armed with crosses, silver bullets, and sharp wooden stakes. How did they find out about me? Why are they - pardon the expression - out for my blood? I don't know, but I'm going to get some answers even if it kills me - again." Book 3. Bloodcircle - 202 pp, 1990 6th printing, ISBN 0441067174 - "As a vampire, I have a number of handy skills - I can hypnotize mortals, walk through walls, and shrug off bullets like insults. The one thing I haven't been able to manage, so far, is to find the woman who made me what I am. Until now. Her trail has led me to the palatial estate of a wealthy widow - and a two hundred-year-old gigolo with a taste for young blood. He claims not to know where my long-lost lady is - or who is trying to kill me - but then again, you can never trust a vampire." Book 4. Art in the Blood - 195 pp, 1991 1st printing, ISBN 0441859453 - "(W)hen the career of a talented young artist is fatally cut short, I know I won't sleep easy in my coffin until I find the killer. But the world of high art - with its big money, bigger egos, and expensive forgeries - makes even bloodsucking seem simple. And safer. Dead artists can live forever. An undead detective may not be so lucky - ." Book 5. Fire in theBlood - 198 pp, 1991 3rd printing, ISBN 0441859451 - "Even the dead have to work for a living. This time, a priceless heirloom bracelet's been stolen from the wealthy Sebastian Pierece. And guess who's been hired to find it? Pierce has plenty of hard cash, a soft heart - and a hot-blooded daughter named Marian. Marian has big eyes for yours truly - and a very jealous boyfriend. And me? I have a night job I can really sink my teeth into." Book 6. Blood on the Water - 199 pp, 1992 2nd printing, ISBN 044185947X - "There's a new crime boss in town and he's gunning for a vampire. So are the police. Lucky me. What's worse, my thirst for the red stuff is getting out of control. I'm not sure what scares me mroe: the mob - or the darkness gnawing at my gut. When Chicago gets this hot, even a vampire can get burned." Book 7. A Chill in the Blood - 327 pp, 1999 1st PB printing, ISBN 0441006272 - "(B)eing a vampire with morals is no midnight stroll on the streets of post-prohibition Chicago. In the city of sin, the gangs still rule - and they're on the brink of an all-out war. Neither crooks nor cops care how much blood, innocent or otherwise, flows during the fight. But Jack does. Caught between the local hoods and the boys from New York, Jack has to stop the battle before it starts. But how much of his remaining humanity will he have to give up to do it?" Book 9. Lady Crymsyn - 410 pp, 2001 1st PB printing, ISBN 0441008739 - "(Jack) has made a good bit of money cleaning up the streets of post-prohibition Chicago - enough to realize his long-time dream of owning a nightclub where a man can get a legal drink, and where Jack's songbird girlfriend can headline the floor show. But renovations on the speakeasy come to a crashing halt when workmen discover the skeletal remains of a woman's body - clad in a distinctive red dress - walled up in the basement. Jack may have become a creature of the night, but he's still a man with a strong sense of justice. And he won't rest until he finds out who killed the lady in red - even if it means resurrecting secrets the mob would kill to keep buried." Plus: Quincey Morris, Vampire - 336 pp, Baen Publishing 2001 first printing, ISBN 0671319844 - "Rough and ready Texan Quincey Morris thrust his Bowie knife into Dracula's heart, bringing an end to the quintessential battle between the living and the Un-Dead. It also brought an end to Quincey as he bled his life away into the chill earth of Transylvania. Or so he thought. Waking to the night, surrounded by ravenous wolves, he finds himself plunged into his greates adventure yet: life beyond life - as a vampire. To survive, he must quickly adapt to his dark change. At the hands of his savage mentor it's a hard, painful process, but Quincey is determined to escape the wilderness and return to his grieving friends. However, Professor Van Helsing has convinced them that the only good vampire is a dead one. Seen as an acolyte of their greatest enemy, can Quincey persuade them to accept his change, or will a lifetime of friendship end in bloody betrayal? And for whom?" Interiors - one book with a large stamp from bookstore on first page, two books with light browning on inside of covers, three books with very light browning on inside of covers and one book on pages, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exteriors - edge wear varies from minor to light, two books with a very light spine crease, three books with slight spine lean, one book with light rubbing on covers. 
Price: 45.00 USD
IN MY SHOES:  A MEMOIR., Mellon, Tamara.  With William Patrick.
6 Mellon, Tamara. With William Patrick. IN MY SHOES: A MEMOIR.
New York Portfolio / Penguin 2013 1591846161 / 9781591846161 First Edition Very Good Very Good 
275 pp, 9 1/4" H. Colour photographs. "(Tamara) Mellon's business savvy, creative eye, and flair for design built Jimmy Choo into a premier name in the competitive fashion industry. Over time, Mellon grew Jimmy Choo into a billion-dollar brand. She became the British prime minister's trade envoy and was honored by the Queen with the Order of the British Empire - yet it's her personal glamour that keeps her an object of global media fascination. 'Vogue' photographed her weddig. 'Vanity Fair' covered her divorce and the criminal trial that followed. 'Harper's Bazaar' toured her London town house and her New York mansion, right down to the closets. In creating the shoes that became a fixture on 'Sex and the City' and red carpets around the world, Mellon relied on her own impeccable sense of what the customer wanted - because she 'was' that customer. What she didn't know at the time was that success would come at a high price - after struggles with an obstinate business partner, a conniving first CEO, a turbulent marriage, and a mother who tried to steal her hard-earned cash. Now Mellon shares the whole larger-than-life story, with shocking details that have never been presented before." Minor lean to spine, remainder mark on bottom of text block, very light waviness to edges of text block. Dust jacket has very light rubbing, very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds. 
Price: 15.00 USD
Bank of Toronto, Toronto, 1915. 
146 pp, 8vo (8" H), hard cover (dark red cloth with gold lettering on front board) - no dust jacket. Several updates have been glued in or attached with straight pins. Main section headings: General Rules; Staff; Vault and Safe - Cash, etc.; Drafts, Collections, etc.; Deposit Business; Correspondence; Loans and Discounts; Business with Municipalities and School Boards; Advances under Section 88; Expense Account; Clearing House Conventions and Rules respecting Endorsements. An interesting business and social history - for example, Article 49 in the Staff Section states: "It must be clearly understood that the marriage of an officer in receipt of a salary of less than $1,000 per annum, exclusive of city or Western allowances, is not sanctioned by the Bank, and the resignation of any officer infringing this rule may be demanded." and Article 52 that: "Every officer should cultivate a readable signature and initials, and avoid a careless and illegible style of writing. In arranging for promotion, an officer who writes plainly and legibly will be given the preference, other claims being equal, while a marked deficiency in this respect will prove a serious barrier to advancement." Previous owner's name slip tipped in on front endpaper, cigarette odor, very small light bump to top corner of half the pages, light browning to edges of textblock - darkening and soiling to top of textblock, wear at corners and top/bottom of spine, wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, several small cup-rings and liquid marks on front board, darkening to board edges/spine. Good- reading copy only. 
Price: 50.00 USD
WHERE THERE'S A WILL..., Phillips, Edward.  Inscribed by author.  Dust jacket art by Tibor and Peter Kovalik.
8 Phillips, Edward. Inscribed by author. Dust jacket art by Tibor and Peter Kovalik. WHERE THERE'S A WILL...
McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, 1984, first edition. 
224 pp, 8vo (8 5/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR ON TITLE PAGE: "FOR ___ AND ____ ________ - WHO KNEW ME WHEN - MUCH LOVE - EDWARD O. PHILLIPS, APRIL 13/84. ISBN 0771069994 When an elderly man decides he needs a great deal o f money for a project to immortalize his name, he uses a power of attorney to "systematically liquidate his ailing mother's sizeable estate. The plan is foolproof, and Frank begins peddling his mother's diamonds, her Royal Doulton china, s i l v e r G e o rgian tea service, and her stocks and bonds for cash. But when an unforeseen event threatens the success of his grand swindle, Frank suddenly finds himself in the midst of a sinister plot of concealment and false identities. Surel y on e of f i ct io n' s most dastardly rogues, Frank's chameleon qualities and irresistible charm have always got him what he wants. But this time he lands in a fix which tries his cleverest schemes, and he soon finds himself besieged by a nosy a un t, a mor all y upr igh t s ister, a lusty ex-wife, and his Cousin Estelle, an aging operatic diva who pays an unexpected and ill-timed visit...." Book slightly cocked, light edge wear. Dust jacket has light to moderate edge wear - mainly at top /bo tto m of s pine a nd f lap- fold s including tiny chips/tears, light edge wrinkling. Very Good/Very Good- 
Price: 20.00 USD
Toronto University of Toronto 1990 0802027202 / 9780802027207 First Edition Very Good+ Very Good+ 
319 pp, 9 1/4" H. B&w photographs. "In 1869, when Timothy Eaton opened his small dry goods store on Yonge Street in Toronto, the term 'department store' was unknown in North America and in Europe. By the 1890s the phrase had entered the language. In Canada, the biggest factor in that change was Eaton himself, an Irish immigrant with little formal education. Twenty years after it opened, his Toronto store was unquestionably the largest and most successful department store in Canada. (This is) a biography of Timothy Eaton which is at the same time a history of the first forty years of the Eaton store in Toronto and an account of the revolutionary changes in the way goods were sold during this period. There were enormous improvements in transportation, communication, and the mass production of goods. Urbanization grew at a tremendous rate; so did the population. This revolution imposed new demands on the retail industry, demands that many merchants at both the wholesale and retail levels chose to ignore. Timothy Eaton did not make that mistake. He used competitive and sometimes hostile markets as tools, rather than obstacles, in his search for sales." Minor wrinkling at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light wrinkling at bottom of spine - minor elsewhere. 
Price: 15.00 USD
10 Taylor, Russ, arranged by. ALL-ORGAN CAVALCADE OF HITS. 50 GREAT SONGS OF THE 70'S, 60'S, 50'S, 40'S 30'S, 20'S.
The Big 3 Music Corporation, New York, n.d. 
97 pp, 4to, soft cover. Words, chords and music for 50 hit songs from the movies, rock musicals, and the radio. Includes: Aquarius, Blue Moon, Crying in the Chapel, Groovin', Knock Three Times, The Letter, Let the Sunshine In, Never on Sunday, Pu t a Little Love in Your Heart, Spinning Wheel, Sunny, Three Coins in the Fountain, Arrivederci, Roma, etc.,etc. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - light edgewear/rubbing, minor soiling to rear cove r / s p i n e , s p i n e flat and uncreased. VG- 
Price: 15.00 USD
11 Teltser-Schwarz, Susan, compiler. MONEY TALKS.
White Plains, New York Peter Pauper Press 1988 0880884428 / 9780880884426 Very Good+ Very Good Thomas Sperling. 
64 pp, small 8vo (7 1/2" H). Black, white, yellow & green illustrations. "A compilation of quotations and proverbs, both witty and wise, on the subject of money, filthy lucre, and just plain cash." With "Money Glossary; To Coin a Phrase" at rear. Very light wear at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has very light edge wear at bottom of front panel, three small closed tears with soft creases, minor wear on rear flap-fold. 
Price: 10.00 USD

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