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University of California Press, Berkeley, 1996. 
244 pp, 8vo (9" H), soft cover. ISBN 0520203240 "What does it mean to worship beings that one believes are completely indifferent to, and entirely beyond the reach of, any form of worship whatsoever? What are the implications of such a relationsh ip with sacred beings for the religious life of a community? Using these questions as his point of departure, Babb explores the ritual culture of image-worshiping Svetambar Jains. Jainism is, aside from Buddhism, the only surviving exampl e o f I n d i a's ancient non-Vedic religious traditions. It is known and celebrated for its systematic practice of non-violence and for the rigor of the asceticism it promotes. 'Absent Lords' sheds light on a little-known religious tradition an d d em on s tr at es t hat divine 'absence' can be as rich as divine 'presence' in its possibilities for informing a religious response to the cosmos." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - light waviness to book a t top an d bot tom , t iny dint on front cover. Very Good+ 
Price: 20.00 USD
Mystic, Connecticut Mystic Seaport Museum 1996 0913372366 / 9780913372364 Reprint Soft Cover Very Good+ Jane Beck, photographs. 
545 pp, 8 7/8" H. B&w photographs, music notation. The American Maritime Library: Volume VI. "Everything you always wanted to know about sea lore but didn't know where to ask: shipbuilding; names and language; weather and navigation; songs and arts; seals, muckle men and mermaids; monsters, sea serpents and enchanted isles; reavers, privateers and smugglers; legends and tales; "spectre" ships - cooked up and served well salted by a first-rate writer who combines the knowledge of a sailor and a college professor." Oceans. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - clean and bright. 
Price: 15.00 USD
THE RAILWAYS PAINTINGS OF DON BRECKON., Breckon, Don.  Introduction by Roger Malone.
3 Breckon, Don. Introduction by Roger Malone. THE RAILWAYS PAINTINGS OF DON BRECKON.
Greenwich Editions, London, 1995. 
80 pp, oblong 8vo (8 7/16" H x 10 1/2" D), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0862880505 Profusely illustrated with colour reproductions, b&w drawings. "Admirers of Don Breckon's unerring blend of a faultless eye for detail and an irresistible nosta lgia for the era of steam will need no prompting to acquire and treasure this beautifully produced book. It is all here: the shapely majesty of the locomotives (with the emphasis on the Great Western, but with all the Big Four well repres e n t e d ) , s e t in landscapes of a 'classical Constable calmness'; the stations, accurate in every evocative period detail; the hidden rituals of the engine shed; the porters, signalmen and passengers who were privileged to play their part in t hi s gl or io us p a no ra ma. The artist himself has provided the commentary, and Roger Malone has written an introduction full of delightful revelations of the life and work of a painter who, he says, 'reminds us of what we are missing in a worl d t ha t h as dis mis sed c har act er and individuality in favour of streamlined efficiency'." Previous owner's small stamp on front pastedown. Dust jacket has very minor rubbing, small area of delamination at bottom edge of front panel. Very G ood+ /Ve ry G ood 
Price: 20.00 USD
San Francisco Weiser 2010 1578634679 / 9781578634675 Soft Cover Very Good 
205 pp, 9" H. B&w illustrations. "Weaving together lore, legend, and practices, (this book) revives the beliefs, spell-craft, and healing wisdom of the Romani people. From hexes and healing to tea leaves and tarot, the circle of the family and the rituals of death, this enchanted volume will delight witches, folklorists, and history lovers alike. Discover the shuvani's secrets for love, craft a talisman for vitality, and cast the Gypsy Seven tarot spread. Learn how to: Pay down the Devil to prevent an unhappy marriage; Use a traditional breadboard to divine the future; Bring your lover to you across land and sea; Maintain harmony in your home; Recognize weather omens and predict coming storms; Cure headaches with a ritual, prevent baldness with rosemary, and dozens of other healing secrets. Join Raymond Buckland around the campfire to hear stories of werewolves and vampires, mistaken identity, persecution and perseverance. Learn how the gypsy people have for centuries used wisdom and enchantments to ensure good health, happy families, and heart's desire." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - light crease down spine, tiny corner crease on front cover. 
Price: 16.00 USD
London Arthur Barker 1966 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Good+ 
196 pp, 8vo (8 11/16" H). B&w illustrations. "From the earliest time man has been fascinated by visions and dreams, and by the discovery that there were men who could, by magical powers, improve a crop or foretell the weather. As civilization grew there were demands for knowledge which would give control over other men or protection from the wiles of enemies. The study of magic and counter magic became important in the policy of states. Later magic was denounced as a work of the Devil, and then the Devil himself was demoted to become a laughing stock. Yet even nowadays there exist in the most advanced nations societies devoted to magical practices, who deal in strange rituals, and promote the interests of their membership against all enemies. A careful study shows that there is a good deal of scientific knowledge involved in the vast and complex network of 'magical' practice today. This book sets out to show some of the main lines of influence which have led to the present traditions. It treats the subject as if if were a tapestry of many strands each of which has a line of origin from which it traverses like a weft thread on the warp of universal psychological experience. This book is a short history of a complex development. It is planned as a groundwork from which the interested reader can advance to further detailed studies." Light wrinkling at bottom of spine, small slight bump at top corner of both boards. Dust jacket has light to moderate edge wear, a few small closed tears, jacket has been laminated for protection and to prevent further deterioration over the center portion (panels, spine and flap-folds). 
Price: 32.50 USD
ROBES OF THE REALM:  300 YEARS OF CEREMONIAL DRESS., Campbell, Una.  Foreword by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.  Introduction by Michael W. Middleton.
6 Campbell, Una. Foreword by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. Introduction by Michael W. Middleton. ROBES OF THE REALM: 300 YEARS OF CEREMONIAL DRESS.
Ede and Ravenscroft / Michael O'Mara, London, 1989, first edition. 
112 pp, 4to (12" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0948397616 Profusely illustrated in colour and b&w with photographs and reproductions. ISBN 0948397616 "(This book) marks (Ede and Ravencroft, royal robemakers of Chancery Lane)'s tercentenary , celebrates a unique history of service to the State, Church and Law, as well as describing some of the many ceremonies at which their robes are displayed to such magnificent effect....Coronations provide the robemakers with their greatest chall e n g e. Royal coronation robes are truly spectacular, being made of the finest and richest materials, elaborately embroidered in gold, while the officers of Church and State are arrayed in the full panoply of their ceremonial dress in honour of th e So ve reign. The Peers in robes of crimson velvet with ermine trimming and cape, the Knights of the Orders of Chivalry in richly coloured robes and insignia, the Officers of Arms in their tabards and the great Officers of State are massed in rank s of rar e and unforgettable splendour. There are many other occasions on which ceremonial robes are regularly worn, and seen and admired by millions. The State Opening of Parliament brings together the Peers and Judges, the Officers of State and t he Bish ops to hear the Queen's Gracious Speech from the Throne. The annual Garter Ceremony at Windsor is an opportunity to see the Queen and other members of the Royal Family in their blue silk velvet Garter robes, accompanied by the Knights of th e Garte r and the Heralds of the College of Arms. At the Lord Chancellor's Breakfast in October, marking the beginning of the legal year, the most senior Judges wear their splendid black and gold gowns - made of black damask elaborately trimmed wit h gold l ace and handmade gold ornaments - and the High Court Judges their scarlet robes trimmed with ermine, as they process with black-gowned barristers between the House of Lords and Westminster Abbey. The annual election of the Lord Mayor of Lo nd on give s rise to a whole series of events at which civic robes are worn, and also sees the gathering together of the members of the livery companies, whose officers wear a great variety of ceremonial dress. In the summer, degree ceremonie s take pl ace all over the country, and an extraordinary number of variations on the basic theme of the academic gown and hood can be seen. (This book) contains a full account of Ede and Ravenscroft's central role in these occasions as makers of robes a nd w igs for three centuries. They enter their fourth century determined to uphold and maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship and skill in keeping with the ancient traditions of which they are so much a part." Book is slightly coc ked, has plac e and da te in pencil at top of free front endpaper. dust jacket has light rubbing, very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, very soft diagonal crease on rear panel. Very Good/Very Good 
Price: 24.00 USD
CORNELL CAPA: PHOTOGRAPHS., Capa, Cornell and Whelan, Richard, editors.
7 Capa, Cornell and Whelan, Richard, editors. CORNELL CAPA: PHOTOGRAPHS.
Boston Bulfinch Press / Little, Brown 1992 0821217771 / 9780821217771 First Edition. Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good+ Cornell Capa. 
216 pp, 4to (11 1/4" H). Profusely illustrated in b&w. "Cornell Capa, world famous for his photo-journalism as well as for his founding of New York's International Center of Photography, has had a long an d productive working life. His career has spanned several key decades of the twentieth century, and his work has taken him around the globe to cover political events and chronic social problems, to photograph the famous and the unsung. As a self-described concerned photographer, Cornell Capa has always been led by his instincts to photograph people - all kinds of people - with a humanitarian commitment. This book reflects that commitment in unforgettable pictures of missionaries in Central and South America; religious and tribal rituals; the presidental campaigns of Adlai Steven-son and John F. Kennedy; political upheavals, refugees, and wars; the historic and the marginal. Here, too, are moments of whimsy and joy, from Harlem to London to Peru, and memorable images of celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Alec Guiness, Grandma Moses, Billy Graham, and Boris Pasternak. Despite the wide recognition of Cornell Capa's achievements, and the fact that he has spent his lifetime furthering the art of photography, this book is the first retrospective collection of his work to be published in the United States. All these photographs transmit crucial aspects of the political, social, cultural, and religious history of our times." Very minor cocking to book. Dust jacket has very light edge wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds. 
Price: 45.00 USD
Pantheon, New York, 1976, first American edition. 
215 pp, large 8vo (9 5/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0394496647 B&w photographs, map, diagrams. "(A) masterfully detailed reconstruction of what life was like for millions of men who lived and died in the trenches of World War I. Contin uing his trail-blazing approach to the study of war and militarism, Ellis reveals the physical and spiritual environment of this unique world, the rituals of battle, the habits of daily lfie, and the constant struggle of men to find meaning i n a w o r ld of excruciating boredom and impending death. (He) beings with a description of the physical construction of the trenches, their size and shape, their peculiarities and characteristics. The soldiers' daily life is succinctly portraye d: ho w t he y ate, drank, slept, joked, fought off rats and lice, how their sexual needs were met, and how they endured the marches and patrols. But it is in the ways men sought meaning in their daily lives that Ellis reveals the true nature of war f are . In an al yzing how the habits and regulations so dear to the military mind became entrenched in the organization of the battlefield, (this book) brilliantly depicts the instinctive desire of men in battle to create order out of chaos. Thr ou gh a n expl orat ion of the personal reflections of soldiers and the letters they wrote home, Ellis discovers a literature of compassion, courage, and a capacity to endure which arose from an environment of filth, decay, and death. It capt ures a w orld in whic h men fou ght, for reasons they hardly understood, for a future most had ceased to believe in by the end of the war." Small faint erased pencil marks on free front end paper, slight fading to boards edges, small area of colo r fad ing on re ar board. Dust jack et has been price-clipped, has minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, light fading to color on spine, faint small water mark on inside surface of rear panel. Very Good/Very Good- 
Price: 12.50 USD
THE WAY OF WITCHES., Epstein, Perle.
9 Epstein, Perle. THE WAY OF WITCHES.
Doubleday, Garden City, New York, 1972, first edition. 
175 pp, large 8vo (9 7/16" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0385078773 B&w illustrations. "Witchcraft is believed to have originated as far back as the paleolithic period. People have always held witches in awe and feared them at the same tim e. From their earliest beginnings and through the Biblical period, the Middle Ages, and the early history of the United States, witches were isolated from the community by their extraordinary powers for good and evil. The earliest witch trials t o o k place in southern France around 1245, and the Salem witch trials are a notorious chapter in our country's history. Witches were the first doctors and the first spiritual advisers and still maintain these roles in primitive societies. (The au th or ) has written a fascinating history of witches. Emphasizing the practical procedures of witchcraft, she describes their paraphernalia, rites, spells, and recipes; their habits and appearance; and the contrasting practices of witches from d iff ere nt parts of the world, from the Middle Ages to the present. And she writes of famous witches such as Zoroaster, Bluebeard, and Hartley, the kissing magician. This is a book for all those young readers who delight in the supernatural." S ma ll a rea of old glue residue at top of front free endpaper, very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, very light edge wear. Dust jacket has been price-clipped, has light edge wrinkling, moderate edge wear at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds , v ery l ight ru bbing. Very Good/Good 
Price: 15.00 USD
Toronto Robin Brass 1999 1896941095 / 9781896941097 First Edition Soft Cover Fine 
198 pp, 8vo (8 1/2" H). B&w illustrations. "The formal duel, with its elaborate ritual and code of conduct, was once considered the 'honourable' way for self-styled gentlemen to settle disputes involving character and integrity. The law made no special provisions for duelling - the winner in a fatal contest was a murderer. But the prevailling sentiment that a duel was 'fair', and the fact that upper-crust combatants in the thinly populated 19th-century Canada were well-connected with the judiciary, meant that duellists usually escaped with little or no punishment. What is surprising is that so many came from the ranks of those whose job it was to uphold the law - lawyers, judges and politicians, including at least two future Fathers of Confederation and several chief justices. Hugh Halliday not only describes some of the most interesting duels that took place in Canada but looks at duelling in light of our human tendency to ritualize conflicts with codes of acceptable and unacceptable practice. He also examines the steps that often led to a duel, including the public 'posting' of allegations, or insults, that was frequently a part of the process." Appendix: The Irish Duelling Code. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - clean and bright. 
Price: 14.00 USD
McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, 1986, first edition. 
96 pp, 8vo (8 3/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0771042523 Beautifully illustrated throughout in b&w by the author. "Kungo's people - the Inuit on the coast in the Far North - are starving because the summer run of fish has failed them and the caribou herds have not returned. A hot-headed young Inuit hunter accuses the inland Indians of deliberately setting fires to prevent the caribou migration. Kungo journeys inland with the falcon bow and discovers the truth of the car i b o u ' s d i s appearance. The Indians are also starving, he finds. It is up to Kungo to prevent a bloody feud from breaking out between these neighboring peoples. With the help of his sister, Shulu, Kungo is able to explain to the Indians wh y th e fi sh h a ve n ot come up the river and to convince them that the Inuit, as well, have no food. In a dramatic and moving conclusion, Kungo and his sister manage to bring about a new understanding between the Inuit and Indians that results i n l as tin g p eac e. " Ver y s light bowing to boards, minor fading to top edge of boards. Very Good+/Near Fine 
Price: 12.50 USD
Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, 2001, reprint. 
374 pp + Additions and Corrections, 8vo (8 1/2" H), soft cover. ISBN 8120815785 B&w illustrations. "The religious tradition of the Jainas, unique in many respects, presents a fascinating array of doctrinal and social structures that stem from the anti-vedic movements of ancient times. Drawing extensively on primary sources, Professor Jaini provides a comprehensive introduction to the Jaina experience. Beginning with the Life of Mahavira, the author elucidates the essentials of Jain a c o s m o logy and philosophy as well as of the 'path of purification' through which the soul may escape from its Karmic defilements and attain eternal salvation. This path constitutes the integral elements within the broader framework of Jaina li t er at ur e, l ay ritual and the sociohistorical factors which enabled Jainism to survive and prosper to the present day. In particular, the author has examined the cardinal doctrine of 'ahimsa (non-harming), both in its impact upon Jaina reli gio us co nsc iou sne ss and as a standard in applying its sacred principles to the conduct of everyday life." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - faint small number indent on front cover. Very Good+ 
Price: 15.00 USD
THE SAAMI: PEOPLE OF THE SUN AND WIND., Kuoljok, Sunna and Utsi, John E.  Foreword by Inga-Maria Mulk.  English translation by Thomas Rutschman.
13 Kuoljok, Sunna and Utsi, John E. Foreword by Inga-Maria Mulk. English translation by Thomas Rutschman. THE SAAMI: PEOPLE OF THE SUN AND WIND.
Ajtte, Swedish Mountain and Saami Museum, Jokkmokk, Sweden, 1993. 
59 pp, 8 5/8" H, soft cover (stapled in wraps). ISBN 9187636077 B&w and colour photographs, b&w maps, drawings. A brief history of the Saami people of northern Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia, with information on their customs, traditions, clo thing, hunting, trapping, fishing, reindeer-herding, etc. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - very light edge wear, tiny dint on front cover, very small bump on fore-edge of text block, very light rubbing on r e a r cover. Very Good 
Price: 17.50 USD
New York W.W. Norton 2012 0393070212 / 9780393070217 First Edition Hard Cover Fine Very Good+ 
238 pp, large 8vo (9 1/2" H). B&w and colour photographs. "For millenia, fresh olive oil has been one of life's necessities - not just as food but also as medicine, a beauty aid, and a vital element of religious rituals. Medical researchers today continue to confirm the remarkable, life-giving properties of true extra virgin olive oil. But this symbol of purity has become deeply corrupt. Most of what appears in supermarkets falls short of the high standards that define extra virgin oil, and some of it isn't even made from olives. Smelly, rancid, and downright fake olive oils are everywhere, from corner pizzerias to top restaurants. Tom Mueller takes us on a journey through the world of olive oil, meeting the hardworking artisan producers who struggle to conserve ancient, local traditions in the face of an increasingly globalized marketplace; fraudsters and multinationals who control the flows of fake products; chefs, researchers, military police, and oil sommeliers who celebrate the extraordinary oils that truly deserve the name 'extra virgin'. Superbly written, rich with fascinating forays into olive oil's uses throughout time, (this book) unveils the sacred history and profane present of a substance seen for millennia as the essence of health and civilization." Very minor rubbing on boards. Dust jacket has some minor edge wrinkling and minor rubbing. Near 
Price: 25.00 USD
JOURNEY TO THE ICE AGE: MAMMOTHS AND OTHER ANIMALS OF THE WILD., Poortvliet, Rien.  Translated from the Dutch by Karin H. Ford.  Calligraphy by Diane Lynch.
15 Poortvliet, Rien. Translated from the Dutch by Karin H. Ford. Calligraphy by Diane Lynch. JOURNEY TO THE ICE AGE: MAMMOTHS AND OTHER ANIMALS OF THE WILD.
Harry N. Abrams, New York, 1994. 
224 pp, oblong (10 1/4" H x 12" D) hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0810936488 Beautifully illustrated throughout in colour by the Dutch artist well known for his books on gnomes and Holland. "Starting in present-day Holland, Poortvliet observes a nd illustrates, the many animals who inhabit this earth, in great detail. He may catch a rabbit, lynx, or partridge sauntering by, or admire a doe with her young right beneath him. He takes notice of foxes, deer, and wolves, and portrays them r e a l istically and convincingly. (He) continues on his journey to the sixteenth century, a time when humans coexisted with such predators as bears, lynx, and wolves, and other wild animals. His journey ends with the people and animals of the Ic e Ag e, a nd he imagines the now-extinct mammoth and other creatures in their natural habitat - the giant deer, the wooly rhinoceros, the wild horse, the auroch, and the cave lion. Exploring the boundaries of time travel and studying the wild anim al s a t c los e range, (he) documents their daily habits and rituals. His colorful account unfolds before us to reveal the many interesting facts about the mammals: How much bigger is an elk than a deer or a doe? How do you subdue a rhinoceros? How man y po unds is a mammoth's daily food intake?" Previous owner's signed bookplate on front free endpaper, tiny dint on bottom edge of each board. Dust jacket has minor edge wear, light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, one ve ry s mall edge tear - archivally taped, light rubbing. Very Good/Very Good 
Price: 75.00 USD
THE SATANIC MILL., Preussler, Otfried.  Translated by Anthea Bell.
16 Preussler, Otfried. Translated by Anthea Bell. THE SATANIC MILL.
New York Macmillan 1972 0027751708 / 9780027751703 3rd Printing Hard Cover Very Good Very Good Murray Tinkelman, jacket iIllustration. 
250 pp, 8vo (8 7/16" H). "(In seventeenth-century Germany), Krabat, a fourteen-year-old Wendish beggar boy, is summoned in a dream to a mysterious mill. When he awakens, an irresistible force makes him seek out a mill near the village of Schwarzkollm where he becomes apprenticed to the master. He soon discovers that the mill is actually a school for black magic and that he and the mill's journeymen are virtual prisoners. During the week they do the normal work of the mill, but on Friday nights the master initiates them into the strange rituals of the Art of Arts. The very first Friday, the master turns Krabat into a raven, a trick the boy quickly learns to do himself. Krabat completes his apprenticeship, becomes a journeyman and the master's star pupil in necromancy. But the power his new skills endow him with does not compensate for his loss of freedom. And the more he learns of the mill's dark secrets, the more determined he becomes to escape from the master's bondage. Called a masterpiece by reviewers in Germany, 'The Satanic Mill' was awarded the 1972 German Children's Book Prize." Light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, taped 3" tear at bottom of page 149/150, tiny light stain on top of text block. Dust jacket has very light wear/wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, corner crease on rear flap-folds, very light rubbing/soiling. 
Price: 65.00 USD
THE ROAD OF LIFE AND DEATH:  A RITUAL DRAMA OF THE AMERICAN INDIANS., Radin, Paul.  Foreword by Mark van Doren.  (Jasper Blowsnake.)
17 Radin, Paul. Foreword by Mark van Doren. (Jasper Blowsnake.) THE ROAD OF LIFE AND DEATH: A RITUAL DRAMA OF THE AMERICAN INDIANS.
Princeton, New Jersey Princeton University Press 1991 0691019169 / 9780691019161 Reprint Soft Cover Very Good+ 
345 pp, 9" H. "In this transcription of the Medicine Rite, the most sacred ritual of the now vanished Winnebago Indians, anthropologist Paul Radin captured a poetic source of profound importance to the understanding of mystical experience. Performed by medicine men upon the initiation of a member to their cult, this secret rite recapitulated the mythic origins and heroes of the Winnebago while integrating those present with the ancestral forces. The rite imparted not only knowledge about life, death, and rebirth within the community, but also insights into our potential, as human beings, of living with genuine dignity on this earth. (This book) offers an authentic rendering of these prayers and ceremonial procedures and guides readers in appreciating their rich symbolism. This text, recorded in 1908 through an interpreter, is the recollection of Jasper Blowsnake, a former medicine man hesitant to commit the once mortal sin of repeating the Medicine Rite. In the introduction Radin describes the events surrounding Blowsnake's recitation and sets the rite within its historical context. We learn that Winnebago medicine men attempted to find in the rite a refuge place for their tribe members, disoriented by their obsession with war and threatened with annihilation." Inside - previous owner's chop mark (stamp) on free front endpaper, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - tiny scuff on rear cover. 
Price: 20.00 USD
Regency Press, London, 1991. 
266 pp, large 8vo (9 3/16" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0721208061 Pictorial endpapers, b&w photographs, reproductions. "The Raj and the Empire are endlessly interesting, but unappreciated is how great a part in the Imperial drama was play ed by the English public school, the gentlemen's clubs, and the Masonic lodges. 'The real secret of the Empire', P.J. Rich claims, 'was its passionate love of secrets and ritual - and of the splendid Imperial mumbo jumbo that owed more to Eto n t h a n Waterloo ever did'. His provocative discussion of the old boys' totems and taboos should infuriate both the schools' critics and defenders. This entertaining and highly original book explores why and how the British ruled a large part o f t he w or ld . Dr. Rich relates the history of education to developments in the sciences, such as theories of chaos and Rupert Sheldrake's hypothesis about morphic resonance. He is interested as well in the study of 'ritology' and in reconsider at io ns of Imp eri alism, which he views as a surrogate for an old boy 'religion' employing a symbolism 'that would make any High Churchman blush'. Those puzzled as to why 'so few governed successfully so many for so long' will find that Paul Rich ha s s urp ris ing answ ers." Book very slightly cocked, small bump at corners of boards and at top of rear hinge area, light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, very light edge wear, tiny dint on bottom edge of front board, tiny light stain on fore -edg e of fre e fr ont endpa per. Dust jacket has light edge wear/wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, two tiny chips. Very Good-/Very Good 
Price: 45.00 USD
London Century 2006 0712620168 / 9780712620161 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
448 pp, large 8vo (9 7/16" H). B&w illustrations. "Much has been written about the work of William Blake and some of the religious beliefs that influenced him, but there is a secret history which, until now, has been kept deep beneath the surface in the mystical underground of England in the eighteenth century. Here, leading Blake scholar Marsha Keith Schuchard reveals an altogether more intriguing and controversial picture of the poet and artist. The discovery of Blake family documents took (her) on a journey of detection that led her to a cast of radical characters including Cagliostro, Zinzendorf and the mystic Swedenborg, and to a world of waking visions, sexual-spiritual experimentati on, kabbalistic magic, tantric sex and free love. (This book) offers a new insight into the work of Blake and takes us on an extraordinary journey through secret societies and ancient rituals." Light wrinkling at bottom of spine, very light browning on top of text block. Dust jacket has very light edge wear/wrinkling at top/bottom of hinges and flap-folds, two small edge tears archivally taped. 
Price: 25.00 USD
JAINISM: THE WORLD CONQUERORS.  2 VOLUME SET.  (VOLUME I & VOLUME II), Shah, Natubhai.  Forewords by S.R. Banerjee and Dr. L.M. Singhvi.
20 Shah, Natubhai. Forewords by S.R. Banerjee and Dr. L.M. Singhvi. JAINISM: THE WORLD CONQUERORS. 2 VOLUME SET. (VOLUME I & VOLUME II)
Motilal Banarsidass, Delhi, 2004. 
330 pp + 322 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H), hard covers in dust jackets - 2 volume set. ISBN 8120819381 B&w illustrations. Volume I Contents: Introduction; History; Teachings of Mahavira; The Jain Community; Popular Jainism; Jainism in the Modern World; Cur rent Trends and Conclusions; Appendices; Glossary; Bibliographies; Index. Volume II Contents: Introduction; Sacred Literature; The Jain View of the Universe; Jain Philosophy; Jain Logic; Science and Jainism; Jain Heritage; The World's Spirit u a l Q u e st; Conclusions; Appendices; Glossary; Bibliographies; Index. Small bump at bottom corners. Dust jackets have light to moderate edge wear/wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, some faint indentation lines on panels. Very G oo d/ Ve r y Go od - 
Price: 45.00 USD
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