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Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1998, reprint. 
312 pp, 8vo (8 3/8" H), soft cover. ISBN 0521457270 "On 18 March 1314, Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Templars, was burned at the stake. For almost two centuries the knights of the Order of the Temple had flourished during the Crusades in Palestine and Syria, and in the West, notably in France. But in 1307, the Templars in France were arrested by King Philip IV's officials in the name of the Inquisition, their property seized and the men charged with serious heresies, including the denial of Christ, homosexuality, and idol worship. Confessions, extracted under torture, were brought before royal and papal tribunals, but in 1310 a number of Templar brothers mounted a defence of their Order, refuelling the controveries which cont inued for a further four years before the final executions. Malcolm Barber's fascinating account, assessing the charges brought against the Order, once again puts the Templars on trial." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownersh i p m a r k s . Exterior - clean and bright. 
Price: 10.00 USD
Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 1965, second printing. 
372 pp, 4to (12 1/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. "Faber Birren, the noted color authority, surveys the color theories of the past and analyzes the paletes and techniques of painters from the Renaissance to the present. Showing the relationship between color theory and practice, he sets forth a new art of color based on modern scientific research in human perception. The first part of the books traces the development of color theory, presenting the views of such thinkers as Leonardo da Vi nci, Newton, Goethe, Brewster, Hering, Chevreul, Rood, Ostwald, and Munsell. The palettes used by many of the great painters are described and listed in detail. Modern color theory and color effects based on human perception are fully expl a i n e d a n d illustrated. A unqiue chart of artists' color samples duplicates visually the palettes of da Vinci, El Greco, Rembrandt, Turner, the Impressionists, and the Abstract Impressionists, enabling the painter of today to match the color ef fe ct s of th es e painters. The second part offers a comprehensive history of painting as seen through the discerning eyes of a color specialist; it contains a wealth of reference material which supports the creative principles outlined in the fi rst se ct ion . T his book is richly illustrated with 32 handsome color plates showing great paintings and more than 500 black-and-white illustrations, including 80 reproductions of paintings depicting famous artists and their palettes." Th e tw o pa ge " Col or C ha rt o f Pi gments and Palettes" is complete. Small scuff to cloth on bottom edge of front board. Dust jacket has four edge tears - two larger (one with creases) - all archivally taped, light edge wear/wrinkling, light rub bing. Ver y Goo d+/G ood 
Price: 60.00 USD
3 Bloch, Marc. Translated from the French by L.A. Manyon. Preface by Jacques Le Goff. FEUDAL SOCIETY.
London Folio Society 2012 Hard Cover Very Good+ 
624 pp, 10" H. Black cloth, blocked with a gilt design by Adam McCaulay, red endpapers, colour plates & frontispiece. Red slipcase. Chapter headings: Moslems and Hungarians; The Northmen; Some Consequences and Some Lessons of the Invasions; Material Conditions and Economic Characteristics; Modes of Feeling and Thought; The Folk Memory; The Intellectual Renaissance in the Second Feudal Age; The Foundations of Law; The Solidarity of the Kindred Group; Character and Vicissitudes of the Tie of Kinship; Vassal Homage; The Fief; General Survey of Europe; The Fief Becomes the Patrimony of the Vassal; The Man of Several Masters; Vassal and Lord; The Paradox of Vassalage; The Manor; Servitude and Freedom; Towards New Forms of Manorialsim; The Nobles as a De Facto Class; The Life of the Nobility; Chivalry; Transformation of the Nobility into a Legal Class; Class Distinctions Within the Nobility; Clergy and Burgesses; Judicial Institutions; The Traditional Powers: Kingdoms and Empires; From Territorial Principalities to Castellanies; Disorder and the Efforts to Combat It; Towards the Reconstruction of States: National Developments; Feudalism as a Part of Society; The Persistence of European Feudalism. Small slight bump to bottom edge of front board. Slipcase has a small bump on one bottom side edge, a tiny bump on one front side edge, minor rubbing. 
Price: 45.00 USD
NAPOLEON ON NAPOLEON: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF THE EMPEROR., Bonaparte, Napoleon.  Edited by Somerset de Chair.
4 Bonaparte, Napoleon. Edited by Somerset de Chair. NAPOLEON ON NAPOLEON: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF THE EMPEROR.
Brockhampton, London, 1998, reprint. 
288 pp, small 4to (10" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 1860198767 B&w and colour illustrations. "During the six years of exile on St Helena, between Waterloo and his death, Napoleon dictated momoirs, notes, letters and battle commentaries to the generals who shared his captivity. He then corrected the material himself. Napoleon used his time in captivity to explain the motives, beliefs and doubts that drove him; to analyse strategies which turned France's Revolution into the French Em pire and examine the tactics that made the Grand Army masters of Europe. He recorded his birth at Ajaccio in 1769, and his genteel but impoverished Corsican childhood. He notes his entry at the age of 10 to the military school in Briennes, a n d h i s own early enthusiasm for the Revolution, which lessened in the face of the Terror...In this book, (the editor) has incorporated much new material from three further volumes of notes and miscellanies dictated by Napoleon at St Helena, i n ad di t io n to the four volumes of Memoirs published in 1823. As before, he has let Napoleon speak in the first person throughout, rather than in the more formal third person of the original text. The result is a fascinating account of Napoleo n' s l ife i n h is ow n words, from his childhood in Corsica to his defeat in Waterloo in 1815. Private concerns, such as feuds with his brothers and divorce from Josephine, are mixed with such matters of state as the rebellion of Toussaint-Louv ert ure and the ret rea t fr om Moscow. Over 90 carefully selected illustrations make this a superbly illustrated, detailed autobiography of one of history's great characters." Fine/Near Fine 
Price: 20.00 USD
5 Caprio, Joseph. Introduction By Jean-Luc Massoni. MEN.
Lausanne, Switzerland Pierre-Marcel Favre 1986 2828902218 / 9782828902216 Hard Cover Very Good+ Good+ 
Unpaginated, oblong large 8vo (9 1/2" H x 11 1/4" D). B&w photographic studies of men, many nude. The limited text is in French, German and English. "Joseph Caprio was born in Grenoble. He discovered photography about fifteen years ago. He was a pupil of 'masters' such as C.R. Dityvon, Fulvio Roiter and J.F. Bauret who gave him advice and encouragement. Convinced that black and white fully recreated his visions, he essentially works using these tones. His favourtie themes work well in black and white, particularly natural settings, architectural details, choreographic shows, portraits and nudes, particularly male nudes." Light edge wear/wrinkling - mainly at top bottom of spine and flap-folds, edge creases at top of rear panel and rear flap, areas of browning around spine and edges, light rubbing. 
Price: 40.00 USD
WATERLOO:  BATTLE OF THREE ARMIES., Chalfont, Lord, editor.  (William Seymour, Jacques Champagne, Colonel E. Kaulbach.)
6 Chalfont, Lord, editor. (William Seymour, Jacques Champagne, Colonel E. Kaulbach.) WATERLOO: BATTLE OF THREE ARMIES.
Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1980, Ist American edition. 
239 pp, large 8vo (9 7/8" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 394511190 123 illustrations - 15 in full color, 9 maps. "To read the account of Waterloo in the history books of England, France and Germany is to read of three utterly different battl es. Each nation has made its own glowing tapestry of martial glory and national heroes out ot this mighty encounter. Can there be a true story of the day when Napoleon, Wellington and Blucher - three of the masters of combat - met on a comp a c t b a t tlefield to decide the fate on an Empire, and when the course of nineteenth-century history was transformed? In this book, from dawn to nightfall on June 18, 1815, hour by hour, sometimes minute by minute, we follow each twist of the a ct io n i n tu rn from: The English point of view (by William Seymour)...The French point of view (by Jacques Champagne)...The German point of view (by Eberhard Kaulbach)...As the action unfolds, each country's writer gives his own view (plus the won der fu ll y imm edi ate voices of his countrymen who survived to write of their experience) of the day that called forth some of the most brilliant tactical maneuvering - and the bloodiest and fiercest fighting - in the history of warfare." Sli ght fadi ng to to p ed ge o f boards, small area of browning at top edge of free endpapers. Dust jacket has been price clipped, has areas of browning on inside surface, large corner crease on front flap, curling at top edge of flaps. Very Good/Ver y Go od- 
Price: 20.00 USD
7 Chegodayev, Andrei, compiled and with introduction by. (Rockwell Kent.) ROCKWELL KENT. MASTERS OF WORLD PAINTING SERIES.
New York / Leningrad Harry N. Abrams / Aurora Art Publishers 1979 0810920824 / 9780810920828 Soft Cover Very Good Rockwell Kent. 
Unpaginated, 12 3/4" H. 15 tipped-in colour reproductions (many double-page) and 3 b&w illustrations in text. As well as the Introduction by Andrei Chegodayev, the book includes a section entitled "Rockwell Kent on Art: Excerpts from 'It's Me O Lord' ", and a Biographical Outline. Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - minor wear at top of rear hinge, small punch hole and very small soiling mark on rear cover 
Price: 25.00 USD
8 Christopher, Matt. Illustrated by Leslie Morrill. DESPERATE SEARCH.
Little, Brown, Boston, (1973), Ist edition. 
116 pp, 8vo (8 3/16" H), hard cover in dust jacket. B&w illus. "When the back door of the truck slams shut on Whitey, a snowy Persian cat, and Ginger, a high-spirited young dog, a hair-raising adventure begins for their two masters. Tommy and Jamie have grown up in the same town but have never gotten to know each other well. Now, in panic, they ride out together on the back of Tommy's horse and into a raging blizzard. What follows is an unforgettable winter night, and the blossoming of two new friendships: for Whitey and Ginger, who learn to rely on each other for protection and comfort through their ordeal; and for Tommy and Jamie, who share the pains and perils of their desperate search." Tiny soiling mark on bottom edge of front board. Dust jacket is price clipped, has light rubbing, small tear/creases at top of spine - archivally taped, small closed tear across spine and rear flap-fold, a few tiny edge nicks elsewhere, very light browning to spine and flap-folds. VG/ G+ 
Price: 10.00 USD
Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver, 1997. 
270 pp, large 8vo (9 1/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 1550545884 B&w photographs, maps. "Through James Davis's eyes, we see the real face of Canada's army: efficient, technologically advanced - sometimes brutal. The uncompromising opinio ns Davis has about the strengths and weaknesses of our present-day military are backed up by his own first-hand experience at 'the sharp end' as a frontline soldier. The bungling and politically motivated actions of the Forces' senior ranks a n d t h e ir government masters, he states, chronically compromise the effectiveness of our fighting forces. Davis was at the defence of Sarajevo as centuries-old ethnic emnity between Serbs and Croats exploded into house-by-house guerilla warfa re . H e w as i n Rwanda as Hutus and Tutsis struggled for dominance. A former member of Canada's famed Airborne Regiment, Davis relives its emotional, controversial last days following revelations of misconduct by a handful of members in Somali a. T he st ory of hi s active duty is chilling but leavened with poignancy - hardened soldiers moved by the slaughter of children and innocents in the former Yugoslavia; an inspiring visit to a gorilla sanctuary in Rwanda, mere miles from horrifi c b loo dle tti ng. Dav is a lso portrays the daily challenges of making-do in Canada's diminished military forces and tells shocking anecdotes such as one about the 'Remembrance Day Massacre', when a poorly planned field exercise went terribly wro ng." Ti ny l ight soi ling speck on top of text block, light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, rubbing on fore-edge of rear board. Dust jacket has minor wear and very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds. Very Good/Very Good+ 
Price: 12.00 USD
PRAGUE.  GREAT CENTERS OF ART SERIES., Denkstein, Vladimir and Kotalik, Jiri, edited and with an introduction by.   Jarmila Brozova, Jarmila Jindrova, Emanuel Poche, Jaromir Neumann, Jan Durdik, Emma Urbankova.
10 Denkstein, Vladimir and Kotalik, Jiri, edited and with an introduction by. Jarmila Brozova, Jarmila Jindrova, Emanuel Poche, Jaromir Neumann, Jan Durdik, Emma Urbankova. PRAGUE. GREAT CENTERS OF ART SERIES.
Montclair, N.J. Abner Schram 1979 0839002254 / 9780839002253 First American Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
252 pp, 13 1/2" H. Brown cloth with gilt lettering on spine, pictorial endpapers. In publisher's original plain cardboard slipcase. B&w and colour reproductions. "(A) stunning exhibition of the city's mag-nificent art treasures. Compiled by the directors of Prague's National Museum and National Gallery, this important and eye-filling work is a rich cornucopia which art historians, students of central Europe, and travelers to the historic city may sample with profit and pleasure. Itself an art treasure with its ancient buildings, historic monuments, and panoramic views, 'the city of a hundred towers' is home to notable collections of paintings, drawings, sculpture, and objects d'art dating from Charles IV and even earlier. Reflecting Prague's position at the heart of Europe along centuries-old trade routes, these collections encompass the continent's many schools of art, architecture, and handicrafts and repre-sent a distillation of Prague's turbulent thousand-year history. Modern scholarship, including some extraordinary scholarly detective work on the Prague Castle Gallery collection, has uncovered, restored, and made available to experts and public alike many little-known treasures. Equally impressive are collections of early art, coins, astronomical instruments, and Bohemian and modern Czechoslovak glass and porcelain. History of church and state can be glimpsed in the art of stone-cutters, goldsmith and silversmiths, weavers and embroiderers, and masters of illuminated manu-scripts." Contents: Introduction; National Museum; National Gallery; Museum of Decorative Arts; Museum of the City of Prague; Treasury of St. Vitus' Cathedral; Prague Castle Gallery; State Jewish Museum; Military Museum; Illuminated Manuscripts in Prague Libraries. Slight toning to edges of text block, light toning in margins of illustration pages. Dust jacket has a small faint water mark at the bottom of the spine, very light browning at edges, very small stain on rear panel. Slipcase has minor edge wear, light browning at edges. 
Price: 50.00 USD
Toronto Fitzhenry & Whiteside / City of Toronto 1983 0889027129 / 9780889027121 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good 
199 pp, 11 1/4" H. (B)rings together reproductions of over 170 paintings, drawings, watercolours and prints, in which 130 individual artists have interpreted aspects of the city of Toronto, from its incorporation in 1834 right up to the present day. Although organized in five chronological sections, it is not simply an illustrated history of the city. Rather it is a gallery of pictures accompanied by explanatory texts. Special emphasis has been given to new and unfamiliar material, and over 100 of the pictures in the book have never been reproduced before. Care has also been taken to reflect the ethnic, religious, social and cultural diversity of the city. The big names are here, among them such figures as Paul Kane, Sanford Fleming and Robert Harris from the Victorian period, several members of the Group of Seven, and more recent masters such as Jack Bush and David Milne. But here also are a host of less famous artists: some city residents, some passing visitors, some anonymous, some amateurs whose enthusiasm was greater than their talent. All, however, in their own ways, have made a vital contribution to our record of Toronto as it was and is." Minor scuff on bottom edge of front board, book slightly curved. Dust jacket has been price-clipped, very light edge wrinkling, three small edge tears archivally taped, slight waviness to back panel. 
Price: 50.00 USD
New York Penguin 2011 159420229X / 9781594202292 4th Printing Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good+ 
307 pp, large 8vo (9 1/2" H). "On average, people squander forty days annually compensating for things they've forgotten. Joshua Foer used to be one of those people. But after a year of memory training, he found himself in the finals of the U.S. Memory Championship. Even more important, he found a vital truth we too often forget: In every way that matters, we are the sum of our memories. (This book) draws on cutting-edge research, a surprising cultural history of memory, and venerable tricks of the mentalist's trade to transform our understanding of human remembering. Under the tutelage of top 'mental athletes', Foer learns ancient techniques once employed by Cicero to memorize his speeches and by medieval scholars to memorize entire books. Using methods that have been largely forgotten, he discovers that we can all dramatically improve our memories." Light wrinkling at bottom of spine. Dust jacket has minor wear and tiny tear at top of front flap-fold. 
Price: 15.00 USD
MARY BARTON:  A TALE OF MANCHESTER LIFE., Gaskell, Elizabeth.  Introduced by Jenny Uglow.
13 Gaskell, Elizabeth. Introduced by Jenny Uglow. MARY BARTON: A TALE OF MANCHESTER LIFE.
London Folio Society 2004 Hard Cover Fine Very Good Alexy Pendle. 
391 pp, 9 1/2" H. Green and buff coloured cloth in a design by Frances Button, gold title block on spine with black lettering, dark green endpapers. Nine b&w illustrations, plus colour frontispiece, by Alexy Pendle. Originally published in 1848, "(t)his edition follows the text of Macdonald Daly's edition, published by Penguin Books in 1996, with minor emendations." "(T)he first novel to have a truly working-class girl as its heroine, and it let middle-class readers into her home and into her heart. It was a Manchester melodrama, a tale of the desperate 'Hungry Forties', with breath-stopping scenes of drama and excitement - a fire, a murder, a trial. It was a love story, and a tight, entangled portrayal of conflicting loyalties. But it was also a thoroughly sympathetic depiction of the lives of mill-workers, and of the gulf between them and their masters, uncovering an abyss of incomprehension and lack of communication that would lead inevitably to tragedy." Slipcase has very tiny scuff on one side panel, very small bump at top edge of rear panel. 
Price: 32.50 USD
LAKEFIELD COLLEGE SCHOOL.  THE FIRST 100 YEARS., Harris, Andrew, editor.  Introduction by I. Norman Smith.
14 Harris, Andrew, editor. Introduction by I. Norman Smith. LAKEFIELD COLLEGE SCHOOL. THE FIRST 100 YEARS.
Toronto Pagurian 1979 0889321124 / 9780889321120 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good- 
240 pp, 10" H. B&w photographs, reproductions. "In 1879 Lakefield College School opened its doors to fifteen boys betwen the age of nine and fourteen. The staff consisted of headmaster Sparham Sheldrake, a well-educated Englishman unsuited to farming, and his two part-time assistants. The Grove, as it was then called, comprised 'a large private house, some cow barns, and a square in front where wood was piled for the furnace,' according to an early report. In 1979, masters and Old Boys of Lakefield College School are celebrating both the school's centennial and its successful evolution from a primitive backwoods school to one of the most respected institutions of learning in Canada." Minor wrinkle at top of spine. Dust jacket has very light rubbing, several small areas of delamination at bottom edge of rear panel. 
Price: 20.00 USD
KNIGHTS OF THE AIR: CANADIAN ACES OF WORLD WAR I.  GREAT STORIES OF CANADA SERIES NO. 18., Harris, John Norman.  Illustrated by William Wheeler.
15 Harris, John Norman. Illustrated by William Wheeler. KNIGHTS OF THE AIR: CANADIAN ACES OF WORLD WAR I. GREAT STORIES OF CANADA SERIES NO. 18.
Macmillan, Toronto, 1960, reprint. 
160 pp, 8vo (8 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. Pictorial endpapers, B&w and black, white & green illustrations. "High above the mud and slaughter of the trenches, the little wood-and-fabric airplanes looped, rolled, banked, in mortal duel. So me of the soldiers who stared at them in the skies of France and Flanders in 1915 were Canadians. They had not dreamt that they would ever leave the ground. Yet within three years Canadians had proved themselves masters of this new form of f i g h t i n g and a dozen Canadians ranked among the top aces of the world. This book is about those Canadian masters of the aerial dogfight. Barker of Manitoba is here - incredibly daring hero of the French and Italian fronts who, with both legs a nd o ne a rm s hattered by enemy bullets, shot down four attackers and drove off the rest before he crashed behind his own lines: crowning exploit of a flying career in which he had destroyed 50 enemy aircraft. Collishaw of Vancouver is here, wi th his sc ore of 60 . Only half-a-dozen aces of all nations surpassed him - and only Bishop among the Canadians with his tally of 72. For Billy Bishop was most famous of all. In his first six weeks of flying he scored 17 victories and won the DSO and the MC. Fo ur w eeks later he added the VC. Many other aces are here - McKeever, MacLaren, Claxton, McCall, Quigley, Carter, Burden, Milne, Bell-Irving. Flying without parachutes in machines which burnt like torches when they caug ht f ire, thes e air men t ook f right ful risks. Below them, men lived in muddy trenches under shell-fire; they depended on the work of the airmen above and the airmen did not let them down. This is their story." Written for the younger reader. Pre vious owner 's nam e on f ront f ree en d paper, light browning to edges of text block and top/bottom edges of boards, light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, slight browning on spine. Dust jacket has been price-clipped has very small chips and te ars - mainly at top/ bottom of spin e, ligh t edge wear/wrinkling, several small tears with creases, light fading to spine color, slight browning. Very Good-/Good- 
Price: 15.00 USD
Bantam, Toronto, (1981, 3rd/1981, 2nd/1981, Ist). Mass Market Paperbacks 
199 pp, 181 pp, 198 pp, - 3 volumes. "Jan Kulozik is one of Earth's privileged elite. A brilliant engineer, he enjoys all the blessings of a 23rd-century civilization which survived global collapse and conquered the stars. Then he meets Sara, the beautiful, desirable agent of a rebel underground dedicated to smashing the iron rule of Earth's masters. She shows him a sordid world he never dreamed existed! And suddenly Jan has to choose - between slaves and masters. His choice plunges him into a web on intrique, assassination and betrayal that will lead him to death - or to the stars." Interiors - approx. last thirty pages of Book 3 have waviness to edges and light watermark to margin, otherwise books are clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exteriors - minor edge wear, light soiling to rear cover/spine of Book 3, spines are flat with some minor wrinkling (not affecting text). VG/VG/G+ 
Price: 15.00 USD
New York Popular Library Mass Market Paperbacks Very Good - Dave Mattingly, cover art. 
Seven books from Simon Hawke's 'Wizard Series', 6 3/4" H. *The group on offer here does not include the prequel (The Wizard of Camelot), the final volume (The Last Wizard) or the spinoff (The Nine Lives of Catseye Gomez).* 1. The Wizard of 4th Street - 247 pp, 3rd printing, ISBN 0445208422 - Wyrdrune (a less-than-competent student wizard) and Kira (a beautiful cat burglar) have "managed to pull off the heist of the 23rd century. The place was a posh Fifth Avenue gallery. The room was full of sorcerers bidding their heads off - and Wyrdrune and Kira made off with three invaluable jewels. Now, they've got hired killers, Arab magnates, and every punk magician in New York after them. The real trouble is that the stones are enchanted. Which means they keep coming back to Wyrdrune, and he can't get rid of them - or Kira - for love or money. It's going to take serious thaumaturgic research to unravel a mysterious spell that goes back to the dawn of time." 2. The Wizard of Whitechapel - 215 pp, 2nd printing, ISBN 0445203048 - "A telephathic dream shared by (Wyrdrune and Kira); a dream that called them to England to save the last survivor of Camelot. Only when they awoke, the nightmare became real. An enchantment from the dawn of time united (them) with a shady French witch, a 300-pound fairy, and a feisty thirteen-year-old English punk street urchin named Billy Slade - who is a lot more than what he seems. But can this unlikely team prevail over the awesome, ancient power that is loose in London, stalking the mist-enshrouded streets at night and savaging its victims? Can anything defeat the necromancy of the Dark Ones?" 3. The Wizard of Sunset Strip - 202 pp, 2nd printing, ISBN 0445207027 - "A devil haunts the City of Angels - a fiend who is carving his own Hollywood legend on the bodies of young women. Is the killer a psychopath? Or a relentless evil from the dawn of time? Only (Wyrdrune, Kira and Billy Slade) can tackle the case that baffles the police. Why are people disap-pearing? Why was the only suspect torn to pieces in his jail cell? From the glitz and glamour of Tinsel-town to movie sets where ominous shadows leave footprints in the ground, Wyrdrune and his band must find a way to stop the murders - before a fantasyland of eternal horror is created in a temple of innocence." 4. The Wizard of the Rue Morgue - 201 pp, 1st printing, ISBN 0445207043 - "Responding to an ally's plea, the bearers of the runestones must outwit the gendarmes to free an innocent man. Meanwhile, Parisian street children are disappearing as a chain of bizarre slaughters brings a new horror to the Rue Morgue. And beneath the streets, in the seweres and Catacombs, the immortal Dark Ones prepare a gruesome trap to destroy the runestones. Their plan: unleash a bestial army on Paris and drown the city in a sea of blood." 5. The Samura Wizard - 214 pp, 1st printing, ISBN 0446361321 - "Tokyo, Japan, a thriving metropolis powered by a blend of technology and magic. But some inhuman entity is murdering women and Inspector Akiro Katayama, sorcerer agent in charge of crimes involving magic, has just one clue to work with - a dragon's scale. Enlisting the aid of Japan's greatest wizard and a streetwise homicide detective, he tries desperately to solve the case - but he has no idea of the awewome power he is dealing with. (Wyrdrune, Kira, Billy Slade & Modred are the only ones who) know the identity of the beautiful necromancer behind the killings - but can they stop her before she unleashes the most deadly spell of all?" 6. The Wizard of Santa Fe - 349 pp, 1st printing, ISBN 0446361941 - "The Pueblo Indians called it the Dancing Ground of the Sun, but now an evil force from the dawn of time threatens to turn this peacful city into a place of eternal darkness. With the coming of the Second Thaumaturgic Age magic has returned to the city, and it is here that adept Paul Ramirez hopes to pass on the old knowledge he has gained from the legendary Merlin Ambrosius. Soon, however, he'll find himself tracking down a vicious killer - in league with (Kira, Wyrdrune, Billy Slade) and a tough-talking one-eyed cat named Gomez. He'll need all the help he can get - on a Santa Fe trail of necromancy fast turning into a blood-soaked Festival of the Damned!" 7. The Wizard of Love-craft's Cafe - 210 pp, 1st printing, ISBN 0446365173 - "Undercover cop John Angelo had enough to worry about, posing as a contract killer to infiltrate the mob. Then a necromantic ambush results in his death, and Angleo comes back as something more than what he was - a blend of his own personality with that of a two-thousand-year-old sorcerer - Modred. His wizard half is needed to help Wyrdrune and Kira defeat the ancient Dark Ones now united to destroy the mystic Runestones, whose magic spell has pursued evil from the dawn of time. But his undercover cop half has lost his memory and thinks he's the lethal hit man Johnny Angel. And now Johnny is being stalked by an immortal killer - one who makes even the mob look like a bunch of amateurs!" All volumes have a slight lean to the spine, light edge wear - a little more on '...4th street' and '...Whitechapel', light browning to edges of text block; '...Samurai' and '...Sante Fe' have light creases on spine; ...Whitechapel has a looped ink line at top of front cover and water stains/waviness at bottom of book. 
Price: 25.00 USD
Boulder, Colorado Roberts Rinehart Publishers in cooperation with The Chrysler Museum of Art 1996 1570980799 / 9781570980794 Soft Cover Very Good 
242 pp, 4to (11 1/2" H). Profusely illustrated in color and b&w. "A stunning achievement, 'Myth, Magic, and Mystery' brings together the work of nearly every prominent children's book illustrator of the twentieth century. Developed for a nationwide, touring exhibition beginning at The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia in June 1996, this book stands alone as a portable encyclopedia of the 'masters' of the genre. Included here are the works of such popular illustrators as N.C. Wyeth, Chris Van Allsburg, Maurice Sendak, Dr. Seuss, Edward Gorey, Tomi Ungerer, and others; a special feature of the book is a complete 'alphabet' created from a selection of the classic ABC books by the likes of Richard Scarry and 'Curious George' creator H.A. Rey. (This) will be a volume to be treasured alongside the classics themselves, a book to be sought after for moments of quiet contemplation or recollections of sheer joy." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - very light edge wear, light rubbing on covers, tiny dent on fore-edge of text block, tiny stain on bottom of text block. 
Price: 40.00 USD
London Routledge & Kegan Paul 1960 4th Impression Hard Cover Good+ 
215 pp, small 8vo (7 1/2" H), dark blue boards with gold lettering on spine - no dust jacket. Contents: The Deva Initiate; Suspense; The Blow Falls; "The Sound of a Voice That is Still"; Krishnamurti - A Problem; "A Pioneer of the New Morality"; David Anrias - Astrologer and Occultist; The Telegram; A Master's House; The Master Discourses; The Truth About Krishnamurti; J.M.H. on Many Subjects; The Future of the British Race; A Soul in Darkness; Master Koot Hoomi's Messenger; Two Himalayan Masters. Interior - previous owners names on front endpapers, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - light browning to edges of textblock, light soiling/discoloration on boards, very light edge wear, light wrinkling at bottom of spine, slight fading to gold lettering on spine. 
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J. W. WATERHOUSE.  (J W), Hobson, Anthony.  (John W. Waterhouse.)
20 Hobson, Anthony. (John W. Waterhouse.) J. W. WATERHOUSE. (J W)
Phaidon, Oxford, (1989). 
126 pp + index, 4to (11 1/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. Profusely illustrated with color and b&w reproductions. "John W. Waterhouse (1849-1917) was acclaimed during his lifetime as one of England's finest painters. This judgment has been endorsed in recent years as the painter's reputation - and the value of his work - have reached new heights...He began to exhitit in the 1870s and from then on his career unfolded steadily; he was elected a full Royal Academician in 1895, and his Diploma painting, 'The Mermaid', remains one of the best-loved of all Victorian paintings. Waterhouse was a master of narrative painting, and in his historical and mythological works he displayed an unerring feeling for the dramatic moment, combined with a fine sense of composition and superb painting technique. But above all it is the haunting beauty of his wistful female models that has ensured his lasting popularity...Anthony Hobson brings a painter's eye to the appreciation of Waterhouse, and with its outstanding colour reproductions this new study will finally establish the artist as one of the great masters of Victorian painting." Faint erased pencil mark on free front endpaper, minor edge wear. Dust jacket has light rubbing, light edge wrinkling, very light edge wear at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds. VG/VG- 
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