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Hanover, NH University Press of New England 1986 0874513626 / 9780874513622 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good 
273 pp, large 8vo (89 1/4" H). B&w photographs, tables. "Athough we know much about Shaker furniture, dance, textiles, and various artifacts, few books tell us about the Shakers as real people and the inner social workings of their sect. Who were the Shakers? What were their social, economic, and religious backgrounds? Why did they join this celibate, communal sect, and why did some leave while others stayed? What did they think of life inside the communities and the rapidly changing world outside? And, perhaps most important, when and why did the sect begin to decline, and how did Believers adjust to this decline? These are some of the questions Priscilla Brewer addresses in this engaging social history. Her highly readable general introduction to the Shakers challenges basic assumptions about the timing and reasons for the group's decline. Brewer studies the Shaker movement from its founding in 1774 to its last major public statement in 1904, restricting her work to the eleven Shaker communities in eastern New York and New England. (She) provides an inside look at Shaker life by recounting the group's social organization, the occupational roles of its members, the composition of its communities, and the operation of the Shaker hierarchy. Far from being a dry, sociological study, this book is filled with anecdotes and revealing stories related by the Shakers through the many writings they left behind." Minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, tiny foxing mark on fore-edge of text block. Dust jacket has minor edge wear and light edge wrinkling - mainly at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, slight fading to spine color. 
Price: 15.00 USD
RHODESIA: CRISIS OF COLOR.  (COLOUR)., Bull, Theodore.  Introduction by Gwendolen M. Carter.
2 Bull, Theodore. Introduction by Gwendolen M. Carter. RHODESIA: CRISIS OF COLOR. (COLOUR).
Chicago Quadrangle Books 1968 Hard Cover Very Good Very Good- 
184 pp, 8 1/2" H. "Mr. Bull, editor of the 'Central African Examiner' (one of Salisbury's leading magazines before it ceased publication late in 1965 as a result of rigid censorship by the Rhodesian government), presents the first authoritative explanation of the Rhodesian situation. Most of his book is a factual account of the important political, social, and economic changes in Britain's colony from the first European settlement to the present day (1967), with particular attention to the separate develop-ment of the racial communities. The second part of the book is an assessment of British policy before and after Rhodesia's Universal Declaration, and the likely outcome of the present deadlock." Light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, tiny faint water mark on top of text block; previous owner's signature, name and date on free front endpaper. Dust jacket has been price-clipped, has light to moderate wear/wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, light fading/browning on spine, very small tear at top of front panel - archivally taped, some light rubbing with color loss on rear panel. 
Price: 20.00 USD
3 Dene Wodih Society, compiler. Edited by Patrick Moore and Angela Wheelock. WOLVERINE MYTHS AND VISIONS: DENE TRADITIONS FROM NORTHERN ALBERTA.
Edmonton University of Alberta Press 1990 0888641486 / 9780888641489 First Edition Hard Cover Good- Very Good- Dia Thurston. 
259 pp, 9 1/4" H. Ex-libary. B&w drawings, maps. "The Dene Dhaa traditionally believe that long ago all the animals talked and lived like humans. Two Animal People stand out in their stories: Wolf and Wolverine. Wolf often helps people in Dene myth and is respected by many traditional Dene who will not trap wolves for fur. Wolverine is a trickster and cultural transformer. Although the relationship between humans and wolverines may often be antagonistic since wolverines destroy traps and ruin belongings, in these stories, Wolverine also has great powers of healing and transformation. Historically, stories were considered as valuable possessions and Dene storytellers are part of a well established oral tradition. These stories collected by the Dene Wodih Society come from religious leaders, respected elders, and authorities on Dene tradition. The Dene Dhaa, a group of Athapaskan-speaking natives, also known as the Slave or Slavey Indians, occupy three reserves in northwestern Alberta. Because their settlements were until recently dispersed and isolated, they have maintained their language and traditions. Recorded in the Dene language with literal interlinear English gloses and in a free English translation, this collection of stories represents a major contribution to the documentation of the Dene language, ethnography and folklore." This is an ex-library book with library stamps on top/bottom of text block and on title-page, large areas of surface paper loss and glue/paper residue on three endpapers from removal of library protective jacket and card pocket. Dust jacket has light edge wrinkling - mainly at top of spine, small surface paper pull on inside of each flap, soft wrinkling on rear flap, label glue residue at bottom of spine. 
Price: 30.00 USD
TALES OF THE ELDERS OF IRELAND.  (ACALLAM NA SENORACH.), Dooley, Ann and Roe, Harry, translated with introduction and notes by.
4 Dooley, Ann and Roe, Harry, translated with introduction and notes by. TALES OF THE ELDERS OF IRELAND. (ACALLAM NA SENORACH.)
Oxford Oxford University Press 1999 0192839187 / 9780192839183 Soft Cover Very Good 
245 pp, 7 3/4" H. "This is the first complete translation of the largest literary text surviving from twelfth-century Ireland, and the most comprehensive early collection of Fenian stories and poetry. Three parallel worlds interact in the 'Tales': the contemporary Christian world of Saint Patrick, with his scribes, clerics, occasional angels, and souls rescued from Hell; the earlier pagan world of the ancient, giant Fenians and an array of Irish kings; and the timeless Otherworld, peopled by ever-young, shape-shifting fairies. The 'Tales' dwell in detail on the inhabitants of the Irish Otherworld and provide an extensive account of their music and magic, their internicine wars and their malice toward, and infatuation with, humankind - themes that still feature in the storytelling of present-day Ireland. This excellent new translation is based on existing manuscript sources and is richly annotated, looking at the 'Acallam's' place in Irish tradition and its wider literary impact." Inside - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - very minor edge wear, very light browning to edges of text block, old price label on rear cover. 
Price: 12.00 USD
Centennial Committee, First Presbyterian Church, Port Colborne, Ontario, [1969]. 
56 pp, 11 3/4" H, hard cover. B&w photographs, reproductions, drawings. Contents: Acknowledgements; God Endures Amidst the Changing Years; Ministers of First Presbyterian Church; The Beginning; Initial History; Second Phase History; Depression Years; Ye Olde Treasurers Report; Our Benefactors; In Memoriam, A New Era; The Church of the Future. Slight pulling at staples at inside hinges, minor browning to page edges. Light browning to edges of textblock, light wear at corners of boards and at top/bottom of spine, slight bump at top/bottom of spine, small scuff mark and slight line indentation on rear board, tiny dint at top edge of both boards. Good+ 
Price: 20.00 USD
THE WORLD OF ODYSSEUS., Finley, M.I.  Introduction by Simon Hornblower.
6 Finley, M.I. Introduction by Simon Hornblower. THE WORLD OF ODYSSEUS.
London Folio Society 2002 Hard Cover Very Good+ 
193 pp, 10" H. Bound in full brick-red cloth printed with a design by Grahame Baker in black and white. Map endpapers, colour plates. "This edition follows the text of the second revised edition (of 1978) with minor emendations." Contents: Introduction; Author's Preface; Homer and the Greeks; Bards and Heroes; Wealth and Labour; Household, Kin, and Community; Morals and Values; Appendix I: The World of Odysseus Revisited; Appendix II: Schliemann's Troy - One Hundred Years After; Biblio-graphical Essay; Index of Passages Quoted; General Index. Light wrinkling at bottom of spine. Slipcase has a very tiny dent on one front edge, very minor rubbing. 
Price: 25.00 USD
Etobicoke Prospero 1999 1552678458 / 9781552678459 Hard Cover Near Fine Very Good 
128 pp, 10 1/4" H. Colour and b&w photographs, drawings. "In Ojibway tradition, mothers and grandmothers netted tiny circular cobweb-like charms from willow and sinew. These delicate charms were not meant to last but were intended to protect newborn children from 'everything evil, just as a spider's web catches and holds everything that comes in contact with it'. The beauty of dreamcatchers is reflected in their symmetry and natural accents. For generations, they have been crafted by making a hoop out of fresh wood, and then weaving a web inside the circle of deer sinew or colored thread. The unbroken strand of web/sinew is symbolic of eternity. Good dreams are also helped into the sleeper's dream world by feathers and colored beads that are attached at the bottom of the web. Careful attention is paid to leaving a hole in the middle of the web; if this is neglected, healthy dreams cannot find their way through to the dreamer." Contents: The Ojibway People; The Legend of the Dreamcatcher; Dreamcatchers and Children; The Dream Quest; Contemporary Issues - The Spiritual Legacy of Dreamcatchers; How to Make a Dreamcatcher; Notes and Bibliography; Index. Tiny dint on top edge of rear board. Dust jacket has light edge wrinkling, one very small edge tear archivally taped, a few tiny dints on hinges. 
Price: 22.50 USD
VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE. 6 BOOKS FROM THE CLAN NOVEL SERIES: TZIMSCE / GANGREL / SETITE / RAVNOS / GIOVANNI / ANTHOLOGY.  (WORLD OF DARKNESS.), Griffin, Eric; Fleming, Gherbod; Ryan, Kathleen; Achilli, Justin; Wieck, Stewart (editor); Baugh, Bruce; Hatch, Robert; Dansky, Richard.
8 Griffin, Eric; Fleming, Gherbod; Ryan, Kathleen; Achilli, Justin; Wieck, Stewart (editor); Baugh, Bruce; Hatch, Robert; Dansky, Richard. VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE. 6 BOOKS FROM THE CLAN NOVEL SERIES: TZIMSCE / GANGREL / SETITE / RAVNOS / GIOVANNI / ANTHOLOGY. (WORLD OF DARKNESS.)
Clarkston, GA White Wolf Mass Market Paperbacks Very Good+ John Van Fleet, cover art. 
Five assorted Clan Novels from the World of Darkness "Vampire: The Masquerade" series plus the Anthology - six books in total, each approx. 7" H. 1. Tzimisce - 273 pp + excerpts of two other novels, 1999 first printing, ISBN 1565048024 - "For hundreds of years Camarilla vampires have preserved the Masquerade - an intricate dance of deception, misdirection and manipulation that conceals their nocturnal predations from mortal eyes. Now, the Sabbat are about to crash their party." 2. Gangrel - 271 pp + excerpts, 1999 second printing, ISBN 1565048032 - "Ramona and her friends have learned this much: What they don't know can kill them - and will, if given a chance. Their watchword: beware! Beware of other vampires - the Sabbat's conscienceless killers. Beware the unknown - a monstrous creature with the oozing, pulsating Eye. Beware supernatural terrors that stalk the wild places. Beware even themselves, for in the blink of an eye their own bloodlust can take control." 3. Setite - 278 pp + excerpts, 1999 first printing, ISBN 1565048040 - "In an antique shop in Manhattan Hesha finds a clue to a prize that has eluded him for lifetimes - the Eye of Hazimel. By dawn, all he has fought to achieve over centuries of vampiric existence is slipping from his grasp. Little does the Setite realize that his chance encounter in New York is a strand of the same web that bring the Eye into the hands of one of his own agents, only to be lost again. But is anything truly chance in the shadowy world of the Kindred?" 4. Ravnos - 265 pp + excerpts, 2000 first printing, ISBN 1565048083 - "Khalil Ravana has always been a lightweight, a drifter, a thief with not status and no power - until now. Chance saved him from a storm in Calcutta that annihilated his clan, and now chance has placed him in the center of another storm - this one in New York City, near the deadly Kindred battles for possession of the Eastern United States. For once, Khalil's sticky fingers give him the upper hand. Armed with secrets, a hidden ally, a burning thirst for revenge, and a hostage he saves from death, this Rom is going to take everyone else in New York City - Camarilla and Sabbat alike - for all he can get, including the blood of his elders." 5. Giovanni - 287 pp, 2000 first printing, ISBN 1565048261 - "Benito Giovanni has disappeared. Enter Chas Giovanni Tello, Mob strong-arm and part of the New World Giovanni. Chas finds himself ordered to Las Vegas, where he meets the Old World scion of the necromancers' clan, Isabel, who shares his interest in locating the missing Benito." 6. Anthology - 288 pp, 2000 first printing, ISBN 1565048768 - "More fascinating than the events of the Clan Novel series are the characters. The wily Victoria; the cool and calculating Hesha; the new Prince of New York, Calebros; the mad prophet Anatole; the brooding and dedicated Theo; and all the other characters featured in the original series. These thirteen characters form the basis of the all-new stories of this anthology. And who better to tell their stories than the authors of the Clan Novels? All of the authors of the original series have contributed to this anthology. With the addition of fine stories by two other authors as well, readers may peer even deeper into the shadows of the World of Darkness and find answers to some of the mysteries not resolved in the series itself." Interiors - "Gangrel" has approx. 1" piece missing from bottom of last page, "Setite" has corner crease on pages 39 to 42, otherwise all books are clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exteriors - very minor edge wear, a few tiny light corner creases on some books - "Anthology" has crease at top corner of rear cover that migrates into the last few pages. 
Price: 50.00 USD
A PAINTBRUSH IN MY HAND., Odjig, Daphne.  Through R.M. Vanderburgh and M.E. Southcott.
9 Odjig, Daphne. Through R.M. Vanderburgh and M.E. Southcott. A PAINTBRUSH IN MY HAND.
Toronto Natural Heritage 1992 092047473X / 9780920474730 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good 
174 pp, 10 3/4" H. B&w photographs, colour and b&w reproductions. "Throughout (this book) Daphne Odjig's story has been told by herself as related through R.M. Vanderburgh and M.E. Southcott. As a product of an oral tradition that was still flourishing during her childhood in the village of Wikwemikong on Manitoulin Island in Georgian Bay, Daphne became a superb storyteller, in the tradition of her elders. It is this inheritance that she has built on as she told her stories to her two collaborators. Odjig's skills as a storyteller are reflected in the impressionistic introductions to many of the chapters. Her lively expresion of events and activities in her life come vividly alive for Vanderburgh who has maintained as much as possible the authenticity of Odjig's narratives and tried to pass these impressions along to the reader. Odjig's skill in visual communication is evident in the paintings reproduced here. Southcott has tried to pass on to the reader the thoughts and emotions the artist experienced in the creation of these paintings." Tiny repaired tear at bottom of front inside hinge, very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, small bump to bottom corner of each board. Dust jacket has very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, very light rubbing, small tear on front panel near hinge - archivally taped, tiny dent on front hinge, tiny sticker removal mark on front panel. 
Price: 100.00 USD
HOPI POTTERY SYMBOLS., Patterson, Alex.  (Alexander M. Stephen.)
10 Patterson, Alex. (Alexander M. Stephen.) HOPI POTTERY SYMBOLS.
Boulder, Colorado Johnson 1994 1555661203 / 9781555661205 Soft Cover Very Good 
272 pp, 8vo (9" H). Profusely illustrated with b&w drawings, color plates. "Alexander M. Stephen, a self-taught anthropologist and an associate of Indian trader Thomas Keam, lived among the Hopi during the late nineteenth century. Having excellent rapport with the tribal elders, Stephen asked them the meaning of symbols on the pots he was collecting for Keam and recorded these interpretations in a catalogue entitled 'Pottery of Tusayan: Catalogue of the Keam Collection'. This manuscript is printed here in its entirety for the first time and is illustrated from the Keam collection, which is now housed at the Peabody Museum, Harvard University. Alex Patterson then incorporates Stephen's interpretations and cultural stories into a unique alphabetically arranged guide to the eighty-four symbols on the collected pots." Interior - clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - small bump/crease with tiny tear at fore-edge of rear cover - archivally taped. 
Price: 30.00 USD
Oakville, Ontario Knox Presbyterian Church 1984 First Edition Hard Cover Poor No Jacket 
148 pp. B&w photographs. A history of the Knox Presbyterian Church, its ministers and congregation, choir and church fabric, struggles and finances, etc., etc. Interior - bookplate on free front endpaper, otherwise clean and tight. Exterior - minor edge wear, light rubbing, light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine, small brown stain on fore edge of textblock, tiny white stain on front board, slight fading to spine color. 
Price: 15.00 USD
12 Siegel, Robert. Foreword by Richard Eberhart. THE BEASTS & THE ELDERS.
University Press of New England, Hanover, New Hampshire, 1973, Ist edition. 
66 pp, 8vo, hard cover in dust jacket. "Robert Siegel's poems show a wide range of feelings and are lighted with brilliant intellectual perceptions under sensitive controls of form, rhythm, and diction...He can be narrative, anecdotal, or lyrical by turns, as those poems drawn from the Civil War demonstrate. He has a fine grasp not only of situations and things but of persons and their relationships..." Very light browning to pages, light edge wear to boards. Dust jacket has moderate rubbing, small chips at top of spine area, several small tears/creases - two archivallty taped. VG/Fair 
Price: 15.00 USD
Lake Geneva, WI TSR 1989 First Printings Mass Market Paperbacks Very Good Jeff Easley, cover art. 
3 volume set - 7" H. Volume One: Darkness & Light - 377 pp, ISBN 088038722X - "(T)he story of Sturm's search for his father and Kitiara's years of wanderlust. Five years before war engults Krynn, Sturm (Brightblade) and Kitiara hitch a ride on a flying ship piloted by a band of professional gnomes and find themselves crash-landed on, of all place, Lunitari. The red moon of neutrality is a desolate place of wonder and danger - of tree-people ruled by a mad monarch; giant ants formed of living crystal; and a mysterious brass dragon dwelling in an obelisk. Together, the honor-bound Solamnic Knight and the remarkable warrior-woman must overcome magic and power - and love." Volume Two: Kendermore - 346 pp, ISBN 0880387548 - "Tasslehoff Burrfoot is snared by a lady bounty hunter, whose assignment it is to ensure the return of the light-fingered escape artist to his homeland. Beloved Uncle Trapspringer is being held prisoner by the venerable council of elders until Tas honors Kender marriage traditions. But Tasslehoff's betrothed pulls a disappearing act of her own. The race is on to see who gets dragged to the altar first. Not only must Tas dodge matrimony, but he must elude a capricious wizard set on pickling one of every creature in Krynn, cheer up the last existing woolly mammoth, foil a most determined and deadly assassin, and - in the end - save Kendermore. Volume Three: Brothers Majere - 349 pp, ISBN 0880387769 - "Cats are disappearing. What happened to them? And why has their disappearance sent the city of Mereklar into a panic? A beautiful noblewoman persuades Raistlin, Caramon, and their kender companion, Earwig Lockpicker, to search for the cats. But what starts out as an intriguing mystery turns sinister when the town's leading citizens are murdered - by what appears to be a gigantic feline! A ball of string, an ancient legend, and three magically glowing lines lead the twins to the truth - and a confrontation with a dealy foe. On the fabled Night of the Eye, Raistlin will supposedly acquire great magical power. He'll need it." Interiors - light to moderate browning to inside of covers, light browning in page margins, otherwise clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exteriors - light browning to edges of text blocks, minor edge wear, a few faint creases on spines. 
Price: 15.00 USD
Stone Mountain, GA White Wolf 2003 1588468208 / 9781588468208 First Printing Mass Market Paperback Very Good+ John Bolton, cover art. 
269 pp + preview, 7" H. "The situation in Constantinople has degenerated into sheer chaos, as vampires of every stripe prey on the ruined metropolis. Lucita, the young envoy of Clan Lasombra, is caught in the middle and cut off from her elders in Europe. Alone, she faces the impossible task of making the city her own, lest she become another victim in the War of Princes." Interior - small stamp form bookstore on first page, one page leaf has a small corner crease, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - very minor rubbing on covers. 
Price: 20.00 USD

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