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THE MUSIC OF SCHUBERT., Abraham, Gerald, editor.  (Otto Erich Deutsch, Mosco Carner, J.A. Westrup, Kathleen Dale, Alec Robertson, A. Hyatt King, Carl A. Rosenthal, Abram Loft, T.C.L. Pritchard.)
1 Abraham, Gerald, editor. (Otto Erich Deutsch, Mosco Carner, J.A. Westrup, Kathleen Dale, Alec Robertson, A. Hyatt King, Carl A. Rosenthal, Abram Loft, T.C.L. Pritchard.) THE MUSIC OF SCHUBERT.
W.W. Norton, New York, 1947, first American edition. 
342 pp, 8vo (8 9/16" H), hard cover in dust jacket. Contents: Schubert the Man; The Orchestral Music; The Chamber Music; The Piano Music; The Songs; Music for the Stage; Church and Choral Music; The Schubert Idiom; Chronology; Bibliography; Chronol ogical List of Compositions; Musical Examples. Small shallow wavy area at top edge of approx first 25 pages, light browning to edges of text block, minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has been price-clipped, has light to moderat e e dge wear, several tears and tiny chips, light browning, very light soiling. Very Good/Good 
Price: 15.00 USD
NO ESCAPE FROM ADVENTURE., Bruce, Michael, Sir.  11th Baronet of Stenhouse and Airth.
2 Bruce, Michael, Sir. 11th Baronet of Stenhouse and Airth. NO ESCAPE FROM ADVENTURE.
Hastings House, New York, 1955. 
263 pp, 8vo (8 1/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. B&w photographs. "A financial disaster prevented (Sir Michael Bruce) from following the family tradition of becoming an officer in the crack Royal Regiment known as 'The Gunners', so he enlisted i n the British South African Police. At seventeen, he shot his first man; at eighteen he hunted a double-murderer across the velds of Rhodesia. By the time he was twenty-four he had fought (and was twice wounded) at ill-fated Gallipoli and o n t h e w estern front through the Great War of 1914-19. Excitement dogged his footsteps as he sailed round the Horn in a windjammer; fought in a Brazilian revolution; crossed the Andes on foot; was nearly killed in a stampede of wild cattle; and w a s th e s ol e survivor of a gold-seeking hunt in the Amazon. Back in England, jobless, he did a stint as a reporter on a gossip 'sheet'; became a stunt actor, then press agent, in the movies; and in 1938, on the continent, established an under gro un d for J ew s f leeing from Hitler's persecution, subsequently himself falling into the hands of the Gestapo. At Dunkirk in World War II, Sir Michael ferried British soldiers across the Channel, then got into the RAF - and into more hair-rai sing in ci dent s.. .." Be quest bookplate on free front endpaper, slight browning to endpapers, light browning to edges of text block, slight browning on spine, light wrinkling at top of spine, small label from bookstore on rear pastedown. Dust jack et h as sever al s mall edge tears and creases, small chip at top of spine, creases at bottom of ront panel, minor foxing at top inside edge, minor rubbing and soiling. Very Good/Good- 
Price: 27.50 USD
London Andre Deutsch 1980 0233971963 / 9780233971964 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good Very Good Peter Rush. 
96 pp, 8 1/16" H. B&w illustrations. "Can you fall through a hole in the water? How do you make Purple Cow Pudding? Can you remember someone who doesn't exist? Why shouldn't a wool mill be run by sheep? Why isn't the sky yellow and spring flowers blue? How do you get the fattest woman in the world out of a cottage that is almost smaller than she is? You'll find all the answers in these stories about Emily, who has some strange adventures or says she does. You may not believe in what falls on her from the sky (her sisters didn't) and it surely can't be true that she shouts out Martian words in her sleep, but can you explain away that mysterious little yellow van? Or the fact that the village under the sea is really there on the map? As well as ghosts and dreams there are lots of ordinary things in this book, like building a beach bonfire or mending a car's fan-belt. Peter Rush's line drawings beautifully reflect the subtle mixture of fantasy and solid reality which is so important a part of these stories." Contents: The Extraordinary Wool Mill; Beach Menu; The Little Yellow Van; Pegglara Pellew; The Hole in the Water; Forgotten; Cold Feet; The Fattest Woman in the World; 'They're Coming!'; A Spring Walk. Small stamp mark on title page, slight color fading to top edge of boards and spine. Dust jacket has been price-clipped, has minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine and flap-folds, light browning - mostly at edges. 
Price: 15.00 USD
4 Hogarth, Grace. Illustrated by Pat Marriott. A SISTER FOR HELEN.
Andre Deutsch, (London, 1976, Ist edition. 
139 pp, 8vo, HC in dust jacket. Color jacket illustration and b&w interior drawings by Pat Marriott. "Everyone expected Helen to be happy now her mother was home from hospital; but she wasn't. Her mother was different, always tired, and not the c heerful person Helen remembered. When Charity arrived to help in the house Helen was resentful, and showed her feelings in ways that hindred her mother's recovery. But in spite of herself she grew to love Charity's three-year-old daugh t e r , K a t i e , and it was her return to the orphanage that finally made Helen change her mind about a lot of things..." Helen was first introduced to readers in 'The Funny Guy', which depicted the life of this affectionate little girl in the e ar ly y e ar s of t he t w entieth century in a small town near Boston. Interior clean and tight with no previous ownership marks. Exterior - minor edgewear to boards, top corner of boards bumped with some migration to the tips fo the first/ las t f ew pag es of t ext . Dus t j ac ket has ligth edgewear/wrinkling - nice colorful cover illustration of Helen and Katie playing in snow. VG/VG 
Price: 20.00 USD
NOTHING MORE TO DECLARE., Holmes, John Clellon.
5 Holmes, John Clellon. NOTHING MORE TO DECLARE.
Andre Deutsch, 1968, first U.K. edition. 
253 pp, 8vo (8 3/4" H), hard cover in dust jacket. " account of living and writing by one of the Beat generation, a friend of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and others less famous but no less interesting and significant - and it makes nonsense of the game of 'generationing' by speaking to everyone, anywhere. It begins with four intimate portraits: Ginseberg, Kerouac, Gershon Legman and Jay Landesman, whom John Clellon Holmes met in his early twenties and recognized at once as people he wanted to know well. It was not long before they had all been labelled 'the Beats', but a label is only what the outsider sees. Here we are shown the living reality to which it was attached and are told what it felt like to wear it - and to peel i t off, which is what, as he approached his forties, Mr Holmes discovered that he had done. He is without pomposity and doesn't tell us what we expect to read. He remebers what it was like to sigh after Carole Lombard and to long to be Hum p h r e y B o g art, as well as what it was like to learn how to write. He remembers what his friends brought home from the grocer as well as what they said about communism and sexual freedom. Summing up the sexual revolution, he digs into the ex pe ri en ce o f l iv in g it and makes generalisations seem empty. Pondering on Kennedy's assassination he produces from his personal reaction an interpretation of Oswald so preceptive that it jolts. And assessing the nature of a writer's life a nd the ro le of sp oke sma n, he comes quickly to the conclusion that 'fame, ambition, ego - more and more they seem like husks to me, sad husks housing frightened twitter'. Having made his declaration at the frontier of middle age, he is ready to go his own wa y f or his own rea sons, a wise man and an impressive writer...." Minor edge wear, very light wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has light edge wear/wrinkling - mainly at top of spine and flap-fold areas, light rubbing , mi nor b rowni ng. Ver y G ood/ Very Goo d- 
Price: 40.00 USD
FOLLOWING THE DRUM: WOMEN IN WELLINGTON'S WARS., Page, F.C.G., Brigadier.  Foreword by Elizabeth Longford.
6 Page, F.C.G., Brigadier. Foreword by Elizabeth Longford. FOLLOWING THE DRUM: WOMEN IN WELLINGTON'S WARS.
Andre Deutsch, London, 1986, first edition. 
150 pp, large 8vo (9 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0233979603 B&w illustrations. "Although the Duke of Wellington's Peninsular War and Waterloo campaigns (1808-15) have been well documented by the great military historians, biographers and diarists of the period, many general readers are unaware that it was the custom of each regiment to be accompanied by a number of wives when it left England to go to war. Now Brigadier Page has unearthed a wealth of fascinating detail a b o u t t h ese dedicated women, who made a contribution to morale, and hence to victory, that has never before been fully acknowledged. In an elegant and lively style, he describes the selection process whereby wives drew 'To-Go' of 'Not-to-Go' t ic ke ts o u t of a hat, their life on the troopships and their semi-official role as cooks and washerwomen to the invading army. He also recounts the experiences of the large entourage of Spanish, Portuguese and French women who shared the suffe rin g a nd dan ge rs en dured by their English admirers until the fighting was over, and were very often abandoned when the troops returned home. Many of the women were faithful, courageous and hardworking, others flighty and lacking in discipline , bu t th ey all cop ed with incredible harship in order to keep their families together and to bring some light and comfort into the brutal lives of the fighting soldiers. (This book weaves) authentic historical detail in accounts of individual h erois m, tr age dy a nd c ome dy, a ll of which are tremendously engaging and very well told. Culled from diaries and memoirs of the men who fought in Wellington's campaigns, and enhanced by contemporary illustrations, these stories make a genuine contri bution to schol arshi p an d prov ide a lasting tribute to the women who followed the drum." Dust jacket has been price clipped, minor wrinkle at top of spine, minor rubbing, wrinkle in laminate on rear panel. Very Good+/Very Good 
Price: 30.00 USD
A CHOICE OF ENEMIES., Richler, Mordecai.
7 Richler, Mordecai. A CHOICE OF ENEMIES.
London Andre Deutsch 1957 First Edition Hard Cover Very Good+ Very Good- Heather Standring, jacket design. 
256 pp, 7 1/2" H. Richler's third novel. Set in mid-20th century London, England, it portrays a group of expatriate Canadian and American film writers/directors who have left Hollywood during the McCarthy era and their interactions with Ernst, who has escaped from East Germany. Minor wrinkling at top/bottom of spine. Dust jacket has slight darkening to spine and flap-folds, small piece missing at top of front panel at hinge, very light edge wear/wrinkling at spine ans flap-folds. 
Price: 75.00 USD
THE SECRET OF TIPPITY WITCHIT.  AN ODD & ELSEWHERE STORY., Roose-Evans, James.  Illustrated by Brian Robb.
8 Roose-Evans, James. Illustrated by Brian Robb. THE SECRET OF TIPPITY WITCHIT. AN ODD & ELSEWHERE STORY.
Andre Deutsch, (London, 1975), first edition. 
95 pp, 8vo (8 1/2" H), hard cover in dust jacket. ISBN 0233966838 B&w illustrations. "Odd and Elsewhere set off in high spirits for Tippity House, where Elsewhere is to be crowned King of the Clowns. But by the time they arrive Elsewhere is thor oughly jittery. Will the other clowns accept him? Will he make a good king? It is Coco, the French Clown, he chiefly fears, and it is Coco and his friends who resent Elsewhere so bitterly they decide to put a stop to the crowning by kid n a p p i n g t h e old king. Odd and Elsewhere go after them, and in the Brockland Forest Elsewhere faces the first of the two challenges that he has to meet and overcome before he can accept the crown...." Dust jacket is price clipped, has ligh t ed ge w ri nk li n g/ cr easing - mainly at top of rear panel and rear flap. NF/VG 
Price: 25.00 USD
Boca Raton, Florida Ampersand 1996 Stapled in Wraps Very Good 
64 pp, 11" H, magazine format. Profusely illustrated with b&w and color photographs, drawings. Contents: Mail Sack; The Year in Preview - Special Report: Chicago; Double Takes; One from Column A & One from Column B: We give you two for one on the new DML M4A1; All Aboard (railway armor transport cars); Marder Mania: The Commander Series German Self-Propelled Anti-Tank gun; Wespe im Einsalz (Wespe in Action diorama); The Double Deutsch Bus: Azimut's answer to the Ostfront's mass transit problems (Opel); Just Your Type: The modern version Tamiya's Japanese MBT (Type 90); Shoot & Scoot: Jazzing up the old Italeri M109 with new goodies from Royal Models and KMC; Commie ack-ack: Azimut's resin shell thrower in 1:35th; Shermy with big gun: Egads! It's Azimut again with the cool M12 SPG; Teeny Tracked Trailer: An unusual one from the folks at DES Kits (Renault 36R and trailer); More Vee for your Tee: As promised, more pictures of the Czech VT-34; Mini-Men: A Look at What's New on the Figure Front. Interior - faint small bump at bottom corner of pages and tiny faint bump at top corner of pages, otherwise clean and tight with no other ownership marks. Exterior - very light edge wear - mainly on spine, minor rubbing,small faint sticker mark on front cover, faint bump at corners. 
Price: 15.00 USD

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